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Do Engineering Managers Need To Be 'Technical'? 20.1.2020 Slashdot
Will Larson has been an engineering leader at Digg, Uber, and Stripe, and last May published the book An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management. Recently he wrote a thoughtful essay asking, "Do engineering managers need to be technical?" exploring the industry's current thinking and arriving at a surprisingly thoughtful conclusion: Around 2010, with Google ascendant, product managers were finding more and more doors closed to them if they didn't have a computer science degree. If this policy worked for Google, it would work at least as well for your virality-driven, mobile-first social network for cats... [N]ow the vast majority of engineering managers come from software-engineering backgrounds. This is true both at the market-elected collection of technology companies known as FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) and at the latest crop of technology IPOs, like Fastly, Lyft, and Slack. While engineering management has not prioritized its own measurement, there is evidence that expert ...
NBA: Harden scores 35 as Rockets beat Nuggets; George, Leonard guide Clippers to big win over Kings 1.1.2020
Harden scored 35 points and Westbrook finished with 28 as the Houston Rockets beat Denver Nuggets 130-104.
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Unintended Perk of the Online Mattress Boom: Never-Ending Free Trials 30.12.2019 Slashdot
Dozens of bedding venders such as Casper and Tuft & Needle offer generous return policies. Life hackers are taking advantage. From a report: Over the course of 15 months, Mr. Bir slept on five different mattresses, each one purchased and returned consecutively using the free-trial policies of dozens of bed-in-a-box startups. It all began in 2016, when Mr. Bir, a new arrival to New York City, was uncertain about how long he would stay, and in need of a cheap short-term sleeping surface. "I didn't have the intention of churning through so many," said Mr. Bir, 31, a technical architect at Slack Technologies. What began as a makeshift solution soon grew into an elaborate scheme, calculated to stretch the trials as far as they would go. "You could literally do this and never pay for a mattress," he realized. Online mattress sales are booming in the U.S. The success of direct-to-consumer services like Casper Sleep Inc. and Tuft & Needle, which deliver neatly boxed mattresses to consumers' doors, has spawned ...
New Linux Vulnerability Lets Attackers Hijack VPN Connections 6.12.2019 Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: Security researchers found a new vulnerability allowing potential attackers to hijack VPN connections on affected *NIX devices and inject arbitrary data payloads into IPv4 and IPv6 TCP streams. They disclosed the security flaw tracked as CVE-2019-14899 to distros and the Linux kernel security team, as well as to others impacted such as Systemd, Google, Apple, OpenVPN, and WireGuard. The vulnerability is known to impact most Linux distributions and Unix-like operating systems including FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, iOS, and Android. A currently incomplete list of vulnerable operating systems and the init systems they came with is available below, with more to be added once they are tested and found to be affected: Ubuntu 19.10 (systemd), Fedora (systemd), Debian 10.2 (systemd), Arch 2019.05 (systemd), Manjaro 18.1.1 (systemd), Devuan (sysV init), MX Linux 19 (Mepis+antiX), Void Linux (runit), Slackware 14.2 (rc.d), Deepin (rc.d), FreeBSD (rc.d), and OpenBSD (rc.d). This security ...
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Slack's New Rich Text Editor Shows That Markdown Still Scares People 25.11.2019 Slashdot
Slack just updated its longtime editor for its primary interface -- and the rich-text result hints at a longstanding tension over how much of a helping hand users need from their text editors and communication programs. From a report: Power users, like programmer Arthur O'Dwyer, make the case that they don't really need any -- and the rich-text interface they added just gets in the way. "I wish Slack would provide a way to disable the WYSIWYG rich-text-input box," he wrote in a viral blog post. "I don't think it's useful, and it's extremely annoying to have to keep backspacing to fix mistakes." After the decision was criticized by O'Dwyer and others (and after this article was published), Slack told Motherboard that it would switch gears and provide an option to bring the old interface back. It noted that it was trying to make the app more palatable to the broader audience of users it's gained in recent years since. But concerns from older users who liked the prior Markdown-driven interface led the ...
Slack's Response to New Microsoft Teams Ad? 'Ok Boomer' 24.11.2019 Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes Business Insider: Slack tweeted a video on Thursday comparing a Slack ad and a Microsoft ad, showing the similarities between them and implying the Microsoft ad copied Slack's concept. The video was captioned "ok boomer," a phrase that has turned into a meme for millennials and Gen Z to voice their gripes with the baby boomer generation... Slack is leaning into its status as the young, hip startup by calling out its older, more established competition: Microsoft... On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Teams hit 20 million daily users, while Slack most recently announced just 12 million users. Slack's stock took a dive after the announcement. Although it has fewer users, Slack points to its user engagement, saying that users enjoy using the app. Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said that Microsoft sees the company as an "existential threat." The Verge notes that "a lot of businesses will opt for Teams simply because it's bundled as part of Office 365." And ZDNet reports that ...
Microsoft Teams Hits 20M Daily Users, Up 50% in 4 Months 19.11.2019 Slashdot
Microsoft Teams now has more than 20 million daily active users, a 50% spike in four months that puts the tool well ahead of its chief rival Slack. From a report: Microsoft revealed the number of Teams users for the first time in July, about a year after it first started offering a free version of the service. Teams has the advantage of being part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with a pool of millions of users to pull from, setting it up for rapid growth. Last month, Slack said it had more than 12 million daily users, a 37 percent increase over the prior year. Despite trailing Microsoft in the number of users, Slack has said its high level engagement -- the average paid customer spends 9 hours a day on Slack and more than 90 minutes actively using it -- gives it an advantage in shaping the future of work. The two companies are in the midst of a fierce, multi-year rivalry for dominance of the competitive market for chat-based collaboration tools, which also includes tech giants Google and Facebook. ...
NBA: Harden scores 44 points as Rockets beat Pacers; Lakers, Hornets post close wins 16.11.2019 - News that matters
Houston Rockets defeated Indiana Pacers 111-102 to stretch their winning streak to six games.
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Premier League: Manchester United’s mini-revival comes to a halt with defeat at Bournemouth 2.11.2019 - News that matters
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men fell to their fourth defeat this season to end a run of three straight away wins in all competitions.
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WhatsApp, Slack or Telegram: What does India’s startup community use to communicate? 24.10.2019
A Twitter poll revealed the answer.
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WeWork’s failed IPO shows that tech startups can no longer take the inflated valuation road 16.10.2019 - News that matters
From Uber and Lyft to Slack and Peloton, most companies that posted IPOs are now trading at far below their offer prices.
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Thousands witness idol immersion 9.10.2019 The Assam Tribune
Thousands witness idol immersion
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Pakistan slack in implementing FATF measures, grey to stay? 8.10.2019 The Assam Tribune
Pakistan slack in implementing FATF measures, grey to stay?
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SoftBank Bet Big on Disruptive Companies. Many Have Not Paid Off. 27.9.2019 Slashdot
Anyone who has taken an Uber, sent a Slack message or enjoyed a free beer at a WeWork owes a little something to Masayoshi Son. The New York Times: Through his Japanese conglomerate SoftBank and a $100 billion investment fund, Mr. Son plowed huge sums into these and other companies that aim to change how people work, travel and live. His investments enabled the young companies to throw caution to the wind and run up big losses as they expanded at a breakneck pace in recent years. Even in the start-up world, where idealism is abundant and losses are a badge of honor, Mr. Son's approach and ambition stood out. His early bet on the Chinese technology giant Alibaba earned a return of more than $100 billion and cemented his reputation as a farsighted investor. He has outlined a 300-year plan to make SoftBank a leader in artificial intelligence, robotics and other advanced technologies. But this year, his grand designs collided with reality. In what may turn out to be a reckoning for Mr. Son, Wall Street has ...
Google Postpones Shutdown of Hangouts For G Suite Users 22.8.2019 Slashdot
Google will let G Suite customers continue to use Hangouts until next year, delaying a shutdown of the service that was supposed to begin in October. Hangouts will now stay around for business customers until at least next June. The Verge reports: The shutdown will move customers of Google's business-focused G Suite subscription over to a pair of new chat services: Hangouts Chat, a Slack competitor; and Hangouts Meet, a video conferencing service. While the services generally include the same functionality (and more), people are pretty used to Hangouts, and Google says it's heard from companies' IT teams that they'd "like more time to migrate [their] organizations from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Chat." Google says it now plans to start transitioning all G Suite users over to the new services by the end of next year. To make the transition easier, Google says it's going to work on adding more features to classic Hangouts. Right now, classic Hangouts users can only directly message a Hangouts Chat ...
Slackware, the Longest Active Linux Distro, Finally Has a Patreon Page 18.8.2019 Slashdot
"Slackware is the longest active Linux distribution project, founded in 1993," writes TheBAFH (Slashdot reader #68,624). "Today there are many Linux distributions available, but I've remained dedicated to this project as I believe it still holds an important place in the Linux ecosystem," writes Patrick J. Volkerding on a new Patreon page. He adds that Slackware's users "know that Slackware can be trusted not to constantly change the way things work, so that your investment in learning Slackware lasts longer than it would with a system that's a moving target... Your support is greatly appreciated, and will make it possible for me to continue to maintain this project." TheBAFH writes: The authenticity of the Patreon page has been confirmed by Mr. Volkerding in a post in the Slackware forum of "I was going to wait to announce it until I had a few more planned updates done in -current that would be getting things closer to an initial 15.0 beta release, but since it's been spotted ...
Skype, Slack, Other Electron-Based Apps Can Be Easily Backdoored 8.8.2019 Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Electron development platform is a key part of many applications, thanks to its cross-platform capabilities. Based on JavaScript and Node.js, Electron has been used to create client applications for Internet communications tools (including Skype, WhatsApp, and Slack) and even Microsoft's Visual Studio Code development tool. But Electron can also pose a significant security risk because of how easily Electron-based applications can be modified without triggering warnings. At the BSides LV security conference on Tuesday, Pavel Tsakalidis demonstrated a tool he created called BEEMKA, a Python-based tool that allows someone to unpack Electron ASAR archive files and inject new code into Electron's JavaScript libraries and built-in Chrome browser extensions. The vulnerability is not part of the applications themselves but of the underlying Electron framework -- and that vulnerability allows malicious activities to be hidden within processes that appear ...
Capital One Breach Said To Also Affect Other Major Companies 1.8.2019 Slashdot
The data breach at Capital One may be the "tip of the iceberg" and may affect other major companies, according to security researchers. From a report: Israeli security firm CyberInt said Vodafone, Ford, Michigan State University and the Ohio Department of Transportation may have also fallen victim to the same data breach that saw over 106 million credit applications and files stolen from a cloud server run by Capital One by an alleged hacker, Paige Thompson, a Seattle resident, who was taken into FBI custody earlier this week. Reports from Forbes and security reporter Brian Krebs indicating that Capital One may not have been the only company affected, pointing to "one of the world's biggest telecom providers, an Ohio government body, and a major U.S. university," according to Slack messages sent by the alleged hacker. Krebs posted a screenshot of a list of files purportedly stolen by the alleged hacker. The stolen data contained filenames including car maker "Ford" and Italian financial services ...
GitHub Confirms it Has Blocked Developers in Iran, Syria and Crimea 29.7.2019 Slashdot
An anonymous reader shares a report: The impact of U.S. trade restrictions is trickling down to the developer community. GitHub, the world's largest host of source code, is preventing users in Iran, Syria, Crimea and potentially other sanctioned nations from accessing portions of the service, chief executive of the Microsoft-owned firm said. Over the weekend, GitHub CEO Nat Friedman wrote on Twitter that like any other "company that does business in the US," GitHub is required to comply with the U.S. export law. The confirmation comes months after work collaboration service Slack, too, enforced similar restrictions on its ...
Slack's Desktop App Now Launches 33% Faster, Uses 50% Less Memory 22.7.2019 Slashdot
Slack today announced it's deploying an under-the-hood upgrade for its desktop app to boost performance for companies and teams using the app for workplace collaboration. From a report: The latest version of Slack for desktop and internet browsers is due out in the coming weeks and promises a 33% faster launch time, 10 times faster launch of VoIP calls, and roughly 50% less memory usage. The news comes a month after Slack became a public company, listed as WORK on the New York Stock Exchange. Slack product architect and lead of desktop client rewrite Johnny Rodgers said the upgrade takes advantage of changes to Slack's underlying technology, like modern JavaScript tools and techniques and the React UI ...
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