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Exclusive: Radio Industry in India is under-utilised, says Nisha Narayanan on National Radio Day 20.8.2019
MUMBAI: RED FM and Magic FM COO and director Nisha Narayanan, who has always been vocal about the current scenario of radio industry in India, brings to light some key pointers on the occasion of National Radio Day.  Speaking exclusively to Radioandmusic, Narayanan says, “My only submission on National Radio Day is that radio industry in India is under-utilised and we are way too regulated. Also, FM radio in India is still governed by the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885, Marconi was just 11 at that time (laughs).” “I don’t think, we fully utilise the potential of radio as we speak. The potential is much much more especially when we are talking about FM technology, of being hyper-local in nature, we reach to different parts of the country and are far more interactive and free. We are easy to carry as radio stations etc.,” she further adds.  The boss lady had some suggestions to share for the radio industry. She says, “We just need to move out of the archivial, old laws that govern radio. I just hope that in ...
‘Akashvani FM Mahabahu’ to be aired from today 8.8.2019 The Assam Tribune
‘Akashvani FM Mahabahu’ to be aired from today
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RJ Rishi Kapoor thanks BMC for quick action against pothole issue 31.7.2019
MUMBAI:  Potholes are a big nuisance and a topic of concern in our country. The true essence of this pain can be felt only while we are travelling. Mumbaikars top the misery that follows with this severe issue. While RED FM’s Malishka has been on the forefront to fight potholes, haunting the city’s roads, her radio station mate, RJ Rishi Kapoor also recently addressed the issue when he heard about water clogging near Veera Desai through actress Parineeti Chopra. The RJ went on to tweet BMC about the issue, on which the Corporation took immediate action. Their efforts have made a huge difference and the RJ has thanked the governing body on the same.  <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Waterlogging is a issue that affects one and all. <a href=" ">@ParineetiChopra</a> told me about this happening at veera desai road, andheri. <a href=" ">@mybmc</a> has joined hands with ...
Pioneering efforts of Radio Mewat yield positive results for Haryana students 19.7.2019
MUMBAI: With a pass percentage of 57.4, Mewat ranks fifth in the state of Haryana, in the 2019 Class 10 exams, held by the Haryana Board of Secondary Education. The first community radio station of Mewat, Radio Mewat conceived a program - Radio Tuition to take quality education to students. This was in August 2017.    In 2017, the state of Haryana, in comparison to other states, performed abysmally in the same examinations conducted by the Haryana Board of Secondary Education. The performance of the children of the district of Mewat and neighbouring district Faridabad was the worst. Out of every 10 students that appeared for the exam, only three to four passed. No place epitomized it more than the government schools of Mewat, where just two out of ten students passed in many schools and in some, all failed. Angry parents protested against the school authorities, schools were stoned and the children had wasted a year.   Why do these government schools in Haryana’s small towns and villages perform so badly ...
Radio City Lucknow's jock swap campaign enthralls Lucknowites 18.7.2019
MUMBAI: Radio City recently executed, ‘Rashi Ko Manao’, a jock swap campaign, in the city of Nawabs. Spanned for a period of two weeks, ‘Rashi Ko Manao’ created quite a stir of inquisitiveness amongst Lucknowites, finally putting a break to the curiosity by revealing a twist to the daily programming of the station. Radio City chief creative officer Kartik Kalla said, “Radio City has always been flag bearers in providing content that is innovative at the same time engaging. We are proud to be the vibe, the adrenaline, the Rag Rag of Lucknow city for more than 17 years and the support that we have received from our listeners is a testimony to the same. With this campaign, we are certain that our award winning jock RJ Rashi and RJ Mayank will continue to entertain Lucknowites in their new time bands and will receive double the love from their listeners.” As a part of the jock swap campaign, Radio City Lucknow’s award winning jock, RJ Rashi will now rejuvenate Lucknow mornings by hosting, Morning Masala, ...
Saree is bae for women at Radio Active 90.4MHz 16.7.2019
MUMBAI: Bangalore based community radio station, Radio Active 90.4MHz is not just known for catering to various social issues, creative idea exchange, and promoting local talent etc., but has a very enthusiastic yet stylish team. The fearless women, who work here, are also known for their style quotient as they don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to dressing up to celebrate any occasion. Recently, these ladies donned colour coordinated sarees as they posed for the cameras. The official twitter handle of the radio station shared a picture of women, from the radio station, colour coordinating. The caption read, “At @RadioActive90_4, #Saree is bae! We colour coordinate often and mark every celebration by wearing glorious drapes to the radio station. TBH, though, we don't need an excuse! :)” It is essential to have a sporty and enthusiastic work environment in order to make employees feel welcoming and adorning stylish clothes does add to the mood of the place. Biz ... launches travelling event series 8.7.2019
MUMBAI: New Delhi-based online community radio station paints a diverse and accurate portrait of music tastes in India and around the world. More than 88 resident radio hosts have presented 120+ shows that span the length and breadth of contemporary music. In addition,’s flagship event series Boxout Wednesdays is now the longest-running midweek nightclub residency in the country, and their annual festival - Boxout Weekender - has gone from strength to strength, seeing more than 3000 fans in attendance at its most recent edition in New Delhi. Beginning July, announces its first travelling event property in association with local promoters, venue owners and music collectives across the country. Showcase will explore new sounds, visuals, and mixed-media, and will provide a platform for the wide variety of musical genres that radio hosts champion across their radio shows. In addition, the Showcase will shine a light on from all over India across ...
Budget 2019: FM proposes liberalisation of FDI for media industry 5.7.2019
MUMBAI: “An up-splurge was been observed in 2018-19 when India’s FDI investments grew by six per cent to USD 64.37 billion,” stated union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the Budget speech 2019, while proposing to boost FDI investments in media, AVGC and aviation sectors. She announced, “I propose to further consolidate the gains in order to make India more attractive FDI destination. The government will examine suggestions of further opening up of FDI in aviation, media, AVGC (Animation, Visual effects, Gaming, and Comics) and insurance sector in consultation with stakeholders.” RED FM and Magic FM COO and director Nisha Narayanan said, “Indian economy is all set to become a $3 trillion economy and the first Budget by the Modi government has introduced several benefits. It proposes more foreign investment in media. Currently, FDI stands at 49% for the private FM radio industry, which we now hope will be opened up to 100% like DTH and Entertainment. Liberalization of same will also majorly help in ...
GU teacher’s book released in Melbourne 14.6.2019 The Assam Tribune
GU teacher’s book released in Melbourne
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Carta releases original debut on Musical Freedom 10.6.2019

MUMBAI: With a slew of releases already under his belt this year including, Zhong on Axtone, Better Not and Savage on Spinnin’ If Only on Heldeep as well as remix of Grapevine for Tiesto himself, China’s finest Carta makes his well overdue debut with original single, Bring It Down on Musical Freedom.

RAM Week 20: Radio City Mumbai dips 5.6.2019
MUMBAI: In Week 20 of RAM ratings, Radio City dropped to fifth place in Mumbai with 12.2 share per cent and 5.13 T.S.L. But, the radio station did continue ruling in Bengaluru with 25 share per cent and 9.49 T.S.L. While Fever FM topped in Mumbai and Delhi with 19.1 and 19.2 share per cents and 6.45 and 5.01 T.S.L.s respectively, Radio Mirchi ruled in Kolkata with 19.6 share per cent and 4.52 T.S.L. In metros, Fever FM stood second in Kolkata with 18.7 share per cent and 6.58 T.S.L. But, the radio station had to settle at fourth place in Bengaluru with 14.8 share per cent and 7.53 T.S.L. respectively. Radio Mirchi claimed the second place in Mumbai with 13.3 share per cent and 4.15 T.S.L. The radio station stood third in Bengaluru with 16.8 share per cent and 7.02 T.S.L. while it had to settle at fourth place in Delhi with 11.5 share per cent and 3.21 T.S.L. respectively. Lastly, Radio City stood second in Delhi with 13.6 share per cent and 4.2 T.S.L. respectively. The radio station, as usual, couldn’t ...
Ishq FM's new show narrates story of a band 27.5.2019
MUMBAI: 104.8 Ishq FM has launched a new digital property called Ishq Jam with Sarthak, which has an unique concept. The show is hosted by RJ Sarthak, who explains theidea behind it, “The show aims to narrate story of a band through its music. We sit with a band and make them jam. Every band appearing on the show will share about how they started and their songs and its evolution. They will later play their songs as well.” “It’s a half an hour segment, which we are not only doing digitally, but also promoting on radio,” he further adds.  The first episode of the show is already live on Ishq FM’s YouTube channel. “Nok Nok is the first Delhi based blues band that appeared on our episode. The second episode is almost ready. We are going to have another band from Delhi called Faridkot,” Sarthak informs. Watch first episode here The radio jock doesn’t want to stop here and has more plans around the show. He reveals, “We aim to do Seasons of Ishq Jam with Sarthak and are planning to have about four to six ...
'Main Bhi Chowkidar' emerged big winner on social media 23.5.2019 The Assam Tribune
'Main Bhi Chowkidar' emerged big winner on social media
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6 RJs from Assam in nat’l contest 14.5.2019 The Assam Tribune
6 RJs from Assam in nat’l contest
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'Content' is the clear proposition of RED FM: Nisha Narayanan 13.5.2019
MUMBAI: RED FM app has been dishing out a variety of content, which is devoid of music, but still has managed to grab a huge audience attention and major downloads. RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan is confident about the quality of content, the radio station is creating. She exclaims, “‘Content’ is the clear proposition of RED FM and its engagement and interactivity has attracted the audience. Our app provides smackable content, humour and a lot of hub brands in the form of Malishka, RJ Raunac, RJ Ashish, RJ Krishna and RJ Rocky. Also, I don’t think music is the only driving force because if your content is good then it really doesn’t matter whether you have it or not.”  “At RED FM, as a radio station, I don’t want to focus only on audio. I think, going forward, it is a video cum audio preposition and we serve everything. As long as we are content creators, we shouldn't restrict ourselves only to music or audio programming. We take up what is relevant and interesting,” Narayanan further adds. Nisha Narayanan ...
'Childhood development' would be our theme for next Radio4Child awards: Rajeshwari Chandrasekar 11.5.2019
MUMBAI: The third edition of Radio4Child awards culminated on 10 May 2019. The awards that honored RJs for their innovative and thought-provoking programming across themes, saw big names from UNICEF and radio industry. Based on themes, Radio4Child awards 2019 included nominations for workshops, conducted in 2018, by UNICEF and Association of Radio Operators (AROI) for over 40 All India Radio (AIR) and private FM radio professionals. This initiative aimed to help them integrate radio jingles/talk shows on critical messages related to vaccination and other child issues.   Present at Radio4Child Awards was UNICEF Maharashtra chief of field office Rajeshwari Chandrasekar who lent her thoughts on radio- a powerful medium to spread awareness, “Radio is an important medium because it reaches a larger audience and duck areas where other modes of entertainment do not exist. Radio’s ‘network’ proves to be the biggest advantage.”   “The second is radio jockeys are able to translate an actual message into something ...
Winners of UNICEF-AROI Radio4Child Awards announced 10.5.2019
MUMBAI: The third edition of the UNICEF-AROI Radio4Child Awards culminated in Mumbai today with winners selected from 152 entries. The awards, this year, honored RJs for their innovative and thought-provoking programming across two themes – Routine Immunization (Measles Rubella campaign) and End Violence Against Children (Child Sexual Abuse). The event was graced by UNICEF Celebrity Advocate Kareena Kapoor Khan. “I am delighted to be associated with the #EveryChildAlive campaign initiated by UNICEF as it is using different and innovative mediums to communicate the importance of immunizing every child from life-threatening diseases. Having had personal experience with the medium of Radio I think it is an excellent channel to educate young families, the youth and marginalized communities on the importance of vaccination. Also as a mother, I understand the importance of Immunization in giving every child a healthy start and I look forward to supporting UNICEF in spreading this important message.” Kareena ...
BJP lodges complaints with EC against Kejriwal 28.4.2019 The Assam Tribune
BJP lodges complaints with EC against Kejriwal
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HT Media Limited acquires 51% stake in Next Mediaworks Limited 24.4.2019
MUMBAI: HT Media Limited (HTML) has acquired 51% majority stake in Next Mediaworks Limited (NMW), which operates seven FM radio stations across major metros [through its subsidiary Next Radio Limited (NRL)], under the brand Radio One, including some in international genre. NRL’s FM stations across Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and one more have now come into HTML fold.  This has positioned HTML as the strongest radio player, with three stations each in the biggest metro markets of Delhi & Mumbai and two stations each in Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. Apart from the above, key metro market of Pune has also got added to the network. HT Media Limited, along with Next Radio Limited, now has 22 stations, and a national footprint spanning 15 cities. HTML Radio and Entertainment Business CEO Harshad Jain has been named as CEO of NMW/NRL. He will lead all the three brands of Fever FM, Radio Nasha and Radio One. Talking about the development, Harshad Jain said, “This acquisition aims to ...
Radio City imbibes Mumbai Indians vibe as official radio partner for eighth year 23.4.2019
MUMBAI: The entire nation is glued to the on-going nail-biting cricket season, with all the teams contending to make space in the top charts. Radio City has associated with Mumbai Indians as the official radio partner for the eight consecutive years. Radio City amplifies Mumbai Indians’ core theme of ‘One Family’, to drive loyalty and establish an impeccable connect with the fans. As part of the association, Radio City enhances the city connect with the listeners through various innovative on-ground, on-air and social media activities.   Commenting on the latest association and programming initiatives, Radio City Chief Creative Officer Kartik Kalla said, “The frenzy around cricket has been spreading far and wide year on year, and with eight years of strong partnership with Mumbai Indians, we at Radio City can proudly say we are ‘One Family’ with a common goal of entertainment. Radio City has always been at the forefront in spearheading initiatives that invoke city pride which resonates with the passion ...
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