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HT Media Limited acquires 51% stake in Next Mediaworks Limited 24.4.2019
MUMBAI: HT Media Limited (HTML) has acquired 51% majority stake in Next Mediaworks Limited (NMW), which operates seven FM radio stations across major metros [through its subsidiary Next Radio Limited (NRL)], under the brand Radio One, including some in international genre. NRL’s FM stations across Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and one more have now come into HTML fold.  This has positioned HTML as the strongest radio player, with three stations each in the biggest metro markets of Delhi & Mumbai and two stations each in Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. Apart from the above, key metro market of Pune has also got added to the network. HT Media Limited, along with Next Radio Limited, now has 22 stations, and a national footprint spanning 15 cities. HTML Radio and Entertainment Business CEO Harshad Jain has been named as CEO of NMW/NRL. He will lead all the three brands of Fever FM, Radio Nasha and Radio One. Talking about the development, Harshad Jain said, “This acquisition aims to ...
Radio City imbibes Mumbai Indians vibe as official radio partner for eighth year 23.4.2019
MUMBAI: The entire nation is glued to the on-going nail-biting cricket season, with all the teams contending to make space in the top charts. Radio City has associated with Mumbai Indians as the official radio partner for the eight consecutive years. Radio City amplifies Mumbai Indians’ core theme of ‘One Family’, to drive loyalty and establish an impeccable connect with the fans. As part of the association, Radio City enhances the city connect with the listeners through various innovative on-ground, on-air and social media activities.   Commenting on the latest association and programming initiatives, Radio City Chief Creative Officer Kartik Kalla said, “The frenzy around cricket has been spreading far and wide year on year, and with eight years of strong partnership with Mumbai Indians, we at Radio City can proudly say we are ‘One Family’ with a common goal of entertainment. Radio City has always been at the forefront in spearheading initiatives that invoke city pride which resonates with the passion ... completes two years! 11.4.2019
MUMBAI: completed two years of operations with a celebration that spanned three days, and saw 4,500 people in attendance.   From 5-7April, the online community radio took over two venues in Delhi, Summer House Café and Auro Kitchen and Bar to give a platform to show hosts and rising Indian talent.   The radio, over the last two years, has helped discover a pool of talent and Boxout Weekender saw some standout sets from Spryk, whose show Skip-A-Beat has become a discovery platform for new Indian music, and Coven Code’s Pia Collada on Friday night; London-based DJ, SUCHI and Delhi-based techno artist Drum Attic on Saturday night while London-based Indian percussionist and jazz musician Sarathy Korwar – who performed music from his soon-to-be-released album with appearances by reggae artist Delhi Sultanate and Mumbai’s MC Mawali – had the crowds clamoring for more on Sunday. In fact, such was the buzz around Boxout Weekender that on Saturday night, both venues reached capacity at 11.30 ...
Suno India's intriguing podcasts on Lok Sabha Elections 2019 1.4.2019
MUMBAI: While radio is playing a major role in the promotion of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and campaigns, be it of political parties or on voting, Podcasts are no way behind when it comes to covering one of the most important topics of discussion, the nation is currently struck it. Suno India, which is a four months old podcast, has a lot of shows released on elections. They have collaborated with Radioactive – a community radio station, Wire Urdu and Thaeruthal – a Tamil podcast for different shows on elections respectively. For their show, Every Vote Matters. Suno India has teamed up with Radioactive. Speaking about it, Suno India founder Padma Priya says, “We have already released five episodes of Every Vote Matters, which we have syndicated with Radioactive so that they can re-broadcast them on their community radio station, thereby reaching to a newer audience. The episodes will be broadcasted every Thursday.” Every Vote Matters is collaboration between Suno India and Factly. Further talking about the ...
Property tax collection touches 94% 30.3.2019 Hindu: Fitness
East Zone tops the list with 95 % collection
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DRM Enterprise Award winner to be declared 'Social Media Influencer' 2019 19.3.2019
MUMBAI: The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium is launching its fifth DRM Enterprise Award to be presented to an individual or an organisation that has promoted Digital Radio Mondiale successfully, has convincingly explained how DRM can be applied innovatively and can be actively introduced. The winner will be a remarkable individual or organization, a true social media influencer, who has used for this purpose communications methods like, though not exclusively, social media. The aim in awarding this prize is to spread the word about DRM, stimulate interest and take-up, bring more knowledge and interest to new territories and consolidate interest in existing DRM countries. To qualify for the award an individual or organisation needs to be nominated by two credible endorsers, aware and ready to testify about the good work of the nominee. The latest DRM annual prize was aimed at South-East Asia and was awarded in January 2018 to the DRM Stakeholders’ Group led by the Indian network operator ...
Digital Radio Mondiale Annual General Assembly: Success and new opportunities examined 18.3.2019
MUMBAI: Under the banner, Digital Radio Mondiale Drives Forward, the 2019 General Assembly of the DRM Consortium will take place on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th of March, at the Palma Bellver Bay Meliá Hotel on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Click  here  for more information.  The DRM General Assembly is where the past year is being reviewed in detail and the strategy and working plan for the next year is set. The DRM members and invited guests will have a chance to receive more updates than ever before from country representatives and specialists about the various activities in key DRM countries like: India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and many more. A full session on the March 27th will be devoted to receivers, as 2018 marked a step change in the development of DRM receiver and receiver solutions. On 26 and 27 March 2019, there will be three special DRM broadcasts occasioned by the General Assembly: Encompass Digital Media will broadcast BBC content from Woofferton UK at 1200 ...
Jorhat poll officer lends voice to jingles for voters’ awareness 14.3.2019 The Assam Tribune
Jorhat poll officer lends voice to jingles for voters’ awareness
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International Women's Day: MY FM's female RJs motivate female listeners’ on-air, while male RJs help in daily chores 8.3.2019
MUMBAI: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, popular radio station MY FM planned a lot of stuff for their female listeners. Both female and male RJs left no stone unturned to motivate the local ladies, both, from studio and in person. To start with, all the female RJs of MY FM hosted shows, where they motivated women by telling them how proud one should be for being a women. They encouraged women for their choices be it if we want to go right while driving cars, or for shopping like crazy, getting late while getting ready for party or even bitching about someone etc. While our female RJs were having super fun on-air speaking their heart out, the male RJ clan of MY FM took on the task to help their female listeners by doing something really applaud worthy. They went to homes and helped ladies in their daily chores. From washing clothes, cleaning utensils, taking care of kids or any other work etc, they ensured to make their female listeners were happy. The idea was to give holiday to all those ...
We don't want to be in metros as we enjoy tier-2, tier-3 markets: Rahul Namjoshi, MY FM Business Head 28.2.2019
MUMBAI: While radio stations would opt for top metros like Mumbai and Delhi to expand their branches, MY FM is happy in the tier-2 and tier-3 market cities. This firm revelation was made by MY FM Business head Rahul Namjoshi. Speaking about the same, Namjoshi exclaimed, “We don’t want to be in metros as we are happy in our strength. We enjoy tier-2, tier-3 markets and we are having a good moolah over these markets.” Besides, he also commented on the restrictions faced by Private FMs when it comes to content (news in specific). On this Rahul Namjoshi said, “Most of us come from the newsprint background. Our mother companies are having a good media background. So, we should be trusted. We are also equally responsible for the content. We want the liberty of airing news in our own way.” MY FM has always ensured to deliver quality content and their RJs have played a pivotal role in the same. The radio station is currently investing in the education of their RJs. Revealing about the same, MY FM Business Head ...
ECI conducts Systematic Voter Electoral Education Programme to train 33 Community Radio stations across India 23.2.2019
MUMBAI: For the first time in the last many years, the Election Commission of India has reached out to Community Radio Stations to engage in the voter electoral education Programme. Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora, who was formerly the Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, is aware of the potential of Community radios. It is under his leadership that ECI partnered Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation, (SMART) a not for profit organization to train and sensitize 33 community radio stations from over 20 States with the primary objective of building a participative and strong democracy. In a first of its kind effort, the Systematic Voter Electoral Education Programme team from the ECI conducted a day-long session with the 33 stations. The stations flagged a number of issues that voters face in their communities. They talked about the problems that prevent voters from voting from free and fair elections at places. These ranged from lack of access to disabled persons, ...
Radio is better medium to spread awareness: Pushpendra Pal Singh 18.2.2019 Central Chronicle
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, Radio has traveled long and significant way so far and in the present time, the relevance of radio is continued in the form of communication medium. In today’s era, radio is the best way to spread awareness among people. Radio is a medium that has geographically access to 99 percent of the country’s […]
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The voice of unheard, community radio, restrictions on Private FMs and podcasts formed the major highlights of The Radio Festival 2019 15.2.2019
MUMBAI: The Radio Festival, which was held on 13 February 2019 was a gathering of noteworthy people from the world of radio business, both All India Radio (AIR) an Private FM stations. Noteworthy names like Anju Nigam - Joint Secretary Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India, RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan, BIG FM CFO Asheesh Chatterjee, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Secretary Amit Khare and some popular Radio Jockey from the country. Organised by UNESCo on the occasion of World Radio Festival, this year’s festival shouted loud of the theme of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - Leaving No One Behind. Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Amit Khare spoke addressed the audience with his powerful speech on how radio still remains the cheapest tool to reach the weaker sections of the society. He also about the importance of community radio stations at the event. The various panel discussions, held throughout the day, had industry leads questioning as well ...
The government has to weigh the pros and cons of any decision, says Anju Nigam, Joint Secretary Ministry of Information Broadcasting on why private news isn't allowed in its own form 15.2.2019
MUMBAI: At the recently held Radio Festival, Joint Secretary Government of India Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Anju Nigam spoke spoke about the importance of radio and why it still remains one of the most easily accessible, cheap medium and a key role in connecting various communities in the country through community radio. She also gave a diplomatic answer on news (political) news not being allowed to broadcast in an unadulterated format on private FMs. On being asked during the panel that the government has already allowed news on FM radio, but why is it not allowing private news in its own form, she exclaimed, “That’s a debatable question. I would not like to comment on that. The government has to weigh the pros and cons of any decision that is taken. So, this decision has a lots of pros and lots of cons. So, one has to have a balance.” On being further questioned at the panel, if one can accuse the government of deliberating sabotaging radio by not allowing a lively current affair ...
RED FM mellows down today to show solidarity to the victims of Pulwama attack 15.2.2019
MUMBAI: The recent suicide bomb attack on CRPF convoy that killed around 40 CRPF personnels in Pulwama district of Jammu and kashmir has shook the entire nation. While world nations, Indian singers and celebs are supporting India in this testing time, RED FM radio network is no way behind. RED FM has mellowed down, both, its on-ground and on-air activities to show solidarity to the victims as well as to condemn the attack. Popular campaign Be Bauaa, led by RJ Raunac has been postponed in Chandigarh and Dehradun to support victims of the attack that has brought global nations together to support India. Meanwhile, the private FM has always been at the fore to support all social issues in the country and their mellowing down today is indeed a noteworthy step. We at Radioandmusic greet RED FM for their remarkable step and also hope the Pulwama attack victims get justice. Biz ...
Q3 2019: BAG Films Television and Radio Dhaamal profits up 15.2.2019
BENGALURU: The Anurradha Prasad-led BAG Films and Media Ltd (BAG Films) reported 38.1 per cent higher year-on-year (y-o-y) consolidated revenue for the quarter ended 31 December 2018 (Q3- 019, period or quarter, under review) at Rs 48.67 crore as compared to Rs 33.94 crore in the corresponding prior year quarter. BAG Films radio segment, Radio Dhamaal, which operates 10 FM radio stations in the country, reported 17.2 per cent y-o-y increase in operating revenue at Rs 3.06 crore for Q3 2019 as compared to Rs 2.61 crore for Q3 2018. The radio segment’s operating profit in Q3 2019 was more than double (up 131.7 per cent) y-o-y at Rs 1.64 crore as compared to Rs 0.71 crore in Q3 2018. Note: (1) 100,00,000 = 100 lakh = 10 million = 1 crore (2) All numbers are consolidated numbers unless stated otherwise. BAG Films reported more than eightfold increase (up 743.9 percent) in consolidated Profit after Tax (PAT) and Total Comprehensive Income (TCI) for the quarter under review at Rs 9.3 crore as compared to a ...
We need allowance on affordable licensing even if it is in the form of auctions so that more players come into the picture: Red FM CEO Nisha Narayan 14.2.2019
MUMBAI: A hoard of discussions about radio players struggle with licensing has been the major topics of discussion. To talk on the same, Red FM CEO Nisha Narayanan spoke openly on it at The Radio Festival, which took place yesterday on 13 February in New Delhi. Speaking at the panel discussion, Nisha said, “Media and entertainment sector is about 58,ooo crore while Radio constitutes only about four to five per cent in the entire sector, she further quotes, “That is a very small component, putting this number to grow we need to grow in terms of more licensing, opening up more news and current affairs. We need to allowance on affordable licensing even if it is in the form of auctions, so that more and more regional players come into the picture. This whole divide between commercial versus community radio has to stop, it is radio after all and there should be space in the spectrum.” She said, “We have indented entering into smaller markets where radio is actually needed. Where a base price would be really ...
Prestigious national award to GU’s Dr Ankuran Dutta 14.2.2019 The Assam Tribune
Prestigious national award to GU’s Dr Ankuran Dutta
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World Radio Day observed for the first time in the State 14.2.2019 Manipur: E-Pao
World Radio Day observed for the first time in the State
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World Radio Day 2019: Pillars of a radio show 13.2.2019
MUMBAI: We all tune into radio-while commuting, relaxing or travelling long distance. With the advent of technology, the introduction of newer mediums hasn’t slowed down the demand for radio. Initially, All India Radio or Akashvani was the only radio station for India. However, since 1993, private FM channels have taken a forefront. With this privatisation, came in the creation of more jobs in the Radio industry. Let's have a look at the pillars who run a radio show. Radio Jockey/Anchor The one that takes the most limelight. The original poster boy of Radio anchors were legends like Ameen Sayani and Harish Bhimani. However, with the privatisation of FM channels, the need and the subsequent popularity of anchors caught up. A new term, Radio Jockey was coined. Ever since then, we have witnessed RJs become no less than celebrities of this country with a massive following and influencing capacity. Show Producer A radio show producer is the main person to conceptualise a show.  A producer thinks through the ...
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