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The choice is yours, really! 4.3.2006 Hindu:Metro Plus: Delhi
The trend is about differentiating between ideal healthy food and avoidable food
AP to encourage organic farming 4.3.2006 HBL: Agri-Biz & Commodities
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Retail shop to sell organic produce opened 3.3.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
UDUMALPET: With an aim to promote organic farming, P. Selvaraj, a progressive farmer, on Thursday opened a retail shop here to sell organic produce. After having successfully practicing organic farming for the last six years at his farm in ...
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For an easy way of getting bumper harvest of amla 3.3.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
TIRUNELVELI: If you own a farm or at least have one or two cents of land suitable to establish a kitchen garden, you can contact this innovative Horticulture Officer of Radhapuram S. Raja Mohamed, who can teach you the easiest way of getting ...
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Fact Sheet on India - us knowledge initiative on Agriculture Education, Research, Services and Commercial Linkages 3.3.2006 Govt of india: PIB
Fact Sheet on India - us knowledge initiative on Agriculture Education, Research, Services and Commercial Linkages
Spices Board launches `Flavourit` 3.3.2006 Business Standard
Spices Board launches `Flavourit`
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For Punjab, if not Bush, Prince Charles will do 2.3.2006 New Kerala: Punjab
By Jaideep Sarin, Chandigarh: Punjab might have missed its date with US President George W. Bush owing to a trivial anomaly - inadequate runway length for his massive Air Force One Boeing jet - but the state is not giving up its efforts to host a celebrity.
Global pepper prices remained low despite drop in output 2.3.2006 HBL: Agri-Biz & Commodities
Large carryover stock, lower exports were also to blame
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Spice it up 28.2.2006 New Indian Express
Spice it up
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Surinder Sud: Weeds of fortune 28.2.2006 Business Standard
Surinder Sud: Weeds of fortune
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Farmers continue to face tough times 27.2.2006 Hindu: Kerala
Farm income remains low; investment negligible
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Kerala to begin organic pineapple farming 27.2.2006 HBL: Agri-Biz & Commodities
Project highlights Growers to get Rs 25,000 subsidy a hectare APEDA to fund packing house at NAPC Organic pineapple to be priced 30% higher
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How to be a 21st-century smallholder 25.2.2006 The Guardian -- Front Page
Family: Paul Waddington on the tiny city garden that gives his children a taste of the country.
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Gently does it 25.2.2006 The Guardian -- Front Page
Travel: You don't have to be a card-carrying hippy to be an eco-friendly traveller. Simon Mills reports on the new wave of 'light green' holidays.
Fashionably organic! 25.2.2006 Hindu:Metro Plus: Delhi
The world is going organic. And organic food is no fad
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Go in for bivoltine variety, sericulture farmers told 24.2.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
`These silkworms improve quality, maximise profit'
Kerala Cabinet nod for organic farming 24.2.2006 HBL: Agri-Biz & Commodities
The Cabinet gave its formal approval to the Organic Farming Policy. It states that organic farming will be introduced in 5,000 hectares every year. The Department of Agriculture will be the nodal agency ...
UK bird flu plans 'in disarray' 23.2.2006 The Guardian -- Front Page
Bird flu: British preparations consist of finger-crossing and "prayers to the Almighty", a top virologist said today.
Bird flu vaccination in France and Netherlands approved 22.2.2006 The Guardian -- World Latest
Leading European veterinary officials agree to allow France and Netherlands to vaccinate flocks against bird flu.
Organic farming for high yield 22.2.2006 New Indian Express
Organic farming for high yield
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