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Meet on organic farming begins in Bangalore today 4.11.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
BANGALORE: `India Organic-2005,' a four-day national meet on organic farming to bring all stake holders in the field on a single platform and to thrash out modalities to provide a good market for organic farming products at the national and ...
Organic farming to be extended to 175 taluks in Bangalore 31.10.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Good results from trial on 100 hectares in each district
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Board Meetings Today & Tomorrow 31.10.2005 HBL: Breaking News
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National organic trade fair from Nov 4 30.10.2005 Deccan Herald
National organic trade fair from Nov 4
Experiment in organic farming to be extended 30.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
Good results from trial on 100 hectares in each district
Accent on promotion of organic farming 29.10.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
`Green sentiment' gaining momentum in the world
Board Meetings Tomorrow 28.10.2005 HBL: Breaking News
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Around the City 27.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
Dr. M.C. Modi Charitable Eye Hospital will organise a free diabetic camp Sunday at Dr. M.C. Modi Road, MLP Layout. The camp will include free blood sugar test. For details, call 23492233. Application sought Telugu ...
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Agriculture is an art, Dr Veeresh 25.10.2005 Deccan Herald
Agriculture is an art, Dr Veeresh
Just say 'no' 23.10.2005 The Guardian -- Front Page
We eat, shop and drive too much ... Lucy Siegle meets the moral minority aiming to mend our ways.
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Seminar on composting from Wednesday 23.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
Meet to discuss ways of popularising the use of compost
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Farmers persist with organic, see results 21.10.2005 India Together
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Genetically engineered groundnuts a boon to diabetics: Minister 21.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
`Grown by scientists of UAS, they will help in meeting the insulin requirement'
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Farmers warned free range poultry may be barred 19.10.2005 The Guardian -- Front Page
UK: NFU advice on bird flu angers organic movement.
`India Organic 2005' from November 4 19.10.2005 ET: Jobs
`India Organic 2005' from November 4
Farming without harming the land 14.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
BIDAR: While most farmers across the State are faced with a severe scarcity of urea and other inorganic fertilizers, organic farmers remain insulated from the crisis. The Natural Farmers' Association of Bidar strongly advocates the use of ...
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Resort to lost paradise 9.10.2005 Hindu: Sunday Magazine
In Pondicherry, experience simple beachside shack living turned into one of pampered luxury.
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Tsunami-hit land being reclaimed in Karaikal 8.10.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
'Green barrier' to be established to prevent ingress of seawater
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Massage idioms 8.10.2005 Hindu:Metro Plus: Delhi
It is not everyday that one gets to meet people who do not have the otherwise ubiquitous Monday-morning blues. Among those lucky few who manage to strike a deal between their pockets and their hearts is Nini Trobaugh, a masseuse with so many ...
A month in Tescoland 7.10.2005 The Guardian -- Front Page
How is Tesco affecting the way we live? Lucy Mangan spent a month shopping for everything at the company's stores.
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