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Water woes: upper riparian States blamed 28.7.2017 Hindu: National
Minister promises expeditious completion of HNSS canal- widening work
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Heavy inflow to Almatti continues 25.7.2017 Deccan Herald - News
A total of 9,222 cusecs of water flowed into the Almatti reservoir in just two hours on Tuesday. The water level stands at 517.8 metres, while the storage was 94.919 tmcft, with a total inflow of 1,42,953 cusecs on Tuesday. The outflow was 33,100 cusecs. The maximum level is 519.6 metres.

The receding rains and decrease in inflow of water from Maharashtra into River Krishna and its tributaries led to the resurfacing of six low-lying bridges that had been submerged on Tuesday. The bridges were reopened for traffic. Water inflow from Rajapur barrage in Maharashtra into River Krishna came down to 82,149 cusecs on Tuesday, while inflow and outflow of water from Hippargi barrage was 1.27 lakh cusecs.
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Rain recedes, but inflow to dams continues 24.7.2017 Deccan Herald - State
The rains have receded in the state, but the dams continue to receive heavy inflow. The inflow to River Krishna and its tributaries decreased in Belagavi district as the showers are on the wane. But the rivers continued to flow near the danger mark in the taluks of Chikkodi, Raibag and Athani in the district on Monday. Inflow from Rajapur barrage into River Krishna came down to 1.04 lakh cusecs. Inflow to and outflow from Hippargi barrage was 1.75 lakh cusecs. Six low-lying bridges in Chikkodi taluk remained submerged. However, a record 9.445 tmcft of water flowed into the Almatti dam on a single day. The water level was 517.1 metres against the maximum level of 519.6 metres. On Sunday, the inflow was 1.3 lakh cusecs, the outflow was 1.42 lakh cusecs. The inflow to the Tungabhadra reservoir in Hosapete taluk, Ballari district, decreased from 51,162 cusecs on Sunday to 34,540 cusecs on Monday. The outflow decreased from 2,359 cusecs to 1,897 cusecs. The water stored in the reservoir, however, increased ...
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Good inflow in reservoirs following heavy rain 21.7.2017 Deccan Herald - News
Most reservoirs in the state continued to receive good inflow following incessant rain in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and Malnad region. The Almatti reservoir received a whopping 7 tmcft water on Friday alone. The reservoir ha a storage of 61.30 tmcft as on Friday. According to Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigama Ltd, about 34,000 cusecs of water was let out of the Lal Bahadur Shastri reservoir on Friday. Krishna river has come alive following copious rain in its catchment in Maharashtra and Belagavi district. Following heavy showers for the past few days, six low-lying bridges, including Kallol-Yadur, Karadga-Bhoj, Sidnal-Akkol and Mallikwad-Dattawad in Chikkodi taluk have submerged with the rise in water level of the Krishna river. A portion of Shingalapur bridge on the outskirts of Gokak town is under water. Inflow to Hippargi barrage was a staggering 1.34 lakh cusecs on Friday while Hidkal dam received 26,461 cusecs. A total of 73 houses suffered partial damage in Belagavi district owing to heavy showers ...
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Water being released from Almatti dam as inflow rises 21.7.2017 Hindu: News
Heavy rain in Krishna Basin and in the Western Ghats
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Good inflows expected into TS, AP reservoirs 21.7.2017 Hindu: Home
Flood forecast to reservoirs in upper reaches improves hopes
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Almatti inflow increases, water being discharged from dam 21.7.2017 Hindu: Home
Following increased inflow into the Almatti dam, owing to heavy rain in the Krishna basin and in the Western Ghats, Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam Ltd. authorities have started discharging water from the da...
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All of Karnataka set to get bountiful rain in next 3 days 19.7.2017 Deccan Herald - News
The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast rainfall for the next three days across Karnataka. If it rain the same intensity as Wednesday over the next three days in the catchment areas of various rivers, all the reservoirs will be filled to the brim. This, in turn, will improve the power and water situation. L Ramesh Babu, director-in-charge, IMD, Bengaluru, said the monsoon had become active now. "This time, rainfall has been good in North Interior Karnataka because of the depression over Odisha and central Bay of Bengal. This depression has now become well-marked, due to which bountiful rainfall has been forecast for the entire state," he said. Bountiful rainfall in the next three days will help address power and water shortage, said officials from the IMD and the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC). But overall rainfall for the entire state is poised to be deficient. Rain deficit in the Western Ghats is a staggering 66% and in the southern plains 50%. According to ...
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Mulawad, Chimmalagi projects in final stages: Patil 15.7.2017 Hindu: National
203 tanks and lakes to be filled up by September 30
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Dismay as water-starvedAP, TS bypass KRMB 15.7.2017 Hindu: National
It will only weaken State’s case, say officials
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Drop in inflow into Almatti, TB reservoirs 10.7.2017 Deccan Herald - State
The inflow into Almatti reservoir in Bagalkot district came down to 22,837 cusecs on Monday from a high of 41,901 cusecs recorded on July 3. The dam was getting copious water following heavy rain in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra in the first week of this month. However, rain has receded in the past four days and there have been no showers in major catchment areas of River Krishna in the last 24 hours. None of the major reservoirs in the Krishna basin has filled up. The water level in Almatti dam stood at 512.10 metres on Monday, against the maximum of 519.60 metres. The reservoir, which can impound 123 tmcft of water, has only 41.53 tmcft of water at present. Similarly, the inflow into Tungabhadra reservoir in Hosapete has also come down. It received 8,456 cusecs of water on Monday against 9,757 cusecs on Sunday and 11,979 cusecs on Saturday. However, the water storage in the dam increased to 12.069 tmcft on Monday. Meanwhile, there was fresh landslide near Bedti bridge between Yellapur and Sirsi on ...
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Water level of major dams across the State remains low 10.7.2017 Hindu: Home
‘Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar reservoirs receive fresh water of only 2.75 TMC ft’
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Heavy rain in Bagalkot, Badami 9.7.2017
Rain receded in Uttara Kannada district while there were widespread showers in Bagalkot district on Sunday. The monsoon, which gained momentum in Uttara Kannada district last week, has weakened in the past two days. While there was drizzle in Honnavar and Karwar, the sky remained overcast in most parts of the district on Sunday. Bagalkot and the surrounding areas received rain for around 30 minutes. The much-awaited rain has brought cheers to farmers. Badami also received copious showers. The inflow into the Almatti reservoir came down for the fourth consecutive day. According to the sources in the Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Limited, the dam received 2.070 tmcft of water in the last 24 hours. It had water up to 511.78 metres against the maximum of 519.60 metres. Similarly, the inflow into the Tungabhadra dam also came down from 11,979 cusecs on Saturday to 9,577 cusecs on Sunday. The dam received more than a tmcft of water in the last 24 hours. The water level in the dam is on the rise following discharge ...
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Rain in Koppal, Hosapete 7.7.2017 Deccan Herald - State
Heavy showers lashed Hampi, Kamalapur, Nallapura, Chinnapura and Kaddirampur in Hosapete taluk for an hour from 4 pm. Rainwater accumulated in several monuments at Hampi. The premises of Virupakeshwara temple was inundated. However, tourists visited the monuments even as it rained heavily. The storage at Tungabhadra reservoir has increased by more than two tmcft in the last two days. The dam had 7.67 tmc feet of water on Wednesday which went up to 9.56 tmc feet on Friday. However, the inflow has come down to 10,873 cusecs from Thursday's 11,506 cusecs. The water level has been increasing following discharge from the Tunga reservoir in Shivamogga district. Meanwhile, the inflow into Almatti reservoir has come down to 27,988 cusecs from 29,319 cusecs. The water level in the dam stood at 511.05 metres against the maximum of 519.60 metres. A farmer, was washed away in an overflowing stream near Karavinala village in Sindagi taluk of Vijayapura district. The deceased has been identified as Saibanna Naykodi of ...
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BSY released Almatti water to Jindal, says M B Patil 6.7.2017
Water Resources Minister MBPatil on Thursday accused BJPstate president BS Yeddyurappa of giving consent to the release of five tmcft of water annually to Jindal factory during his tenure as chief minister.

Addressing reporters in Bengaluru, Patil said, "Jindal factory is closer to Tungabhadra reservoir than Almatti. Why did Yeddyurappa allow release of water from Almatti? He has to give an explanation."

The minister was countering recent accusations of corruption made by Yeddyurappa against him. Yeddyurappa had charged Patil with selling seven tmcft of water from the dead storage of Almatti to Jindal.

Patil charged that Yeddyurappa was jealous of the fact that he was emerging as a prominent leader with an "excellent political and administrative record."
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Water level continues to rise in Tungabhadra dam 6.7.2017
With the monsoon playing hide and seek in the state, the inflow into the dams has been varying every day. While water level in the Tungabhadra dam near Hosapete in Ballari district has been increasing, the Harangi and the Almatti dams are depicting a dismal picture. In the last 24 hours, more than 1 tmcft water has flown into Tungabhadra dam. On Thursday, the water level stood at 8.664 tmcft, while the inflow was 11.506 cusecs. With release of water from the Tunga dam in Shivamogga district, the inflow into the Tungabhadra dam in Hosapete has increased. In the last four days, at least 4 tmcft of water has flown into the dam. Water upto 3 tmcft can be filled in the Tunga dam in Shivamogga. Even a small amount of rainfall helps fill the Tunga dam and thus, additional water is let out from the dam continuously, thereby increasing the water level in the Tungabhadra dam, said an official of the Tungabhadra Dam Adminsitrative Board. For the last couple of years, farmers in Hospate region were unable to ...
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Almatti dam level up by 1 metre for 3rd day 4.7.2017 Deccan Herald - State

The water level in the Lalbahadur Shastri Sagar reservoir at Almatti near here rose by almost one metre for the third consecutive day on Tuesday.

This follows release of huge volume of water to River Krishna from the dams in Maharashtra.

The water level which was 508.4 metres on Monday increased to 509.35 metres on Tuesday.

The water stored in the dam increased to 26.886 tmc feet from 22.92 tmc feet, a rise of 3.996 tmc feet.

The inflow to the reservoir was 41,901 cusecs on Monday and rose to 45,825 cusecs on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, intermittent rain lashed some parts of Shivamogga district on Tuesday. But the intensity was very low.

Shivamogga, Sagar, Hosanagar, Thirthahalli and Bhadravathi received moderate rain.

The water level in Linganamakki dam rose to 1,760.10 feet against maximum level of 1,819 feet as the catchment area received rainfall of 38mm. The inflow of water was 16,664 cusecs.

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Continuous rain in Western Ghats helps increase inflow at Almatti 3.7.2017 Hindu: Home
On Saturday, inflow was recorded at the rate of 35,708 cusecs
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This year kharif under projects likely to be delayed 3.7.2017 Hindu: Hyderabad
Storage in major reservoirs in both Krishna and Godavari basins remains low as fresh flood is yet to arrive in this season
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Water level up by 3.2 feet in a single day in Almatti 2.7.2017 Deccan Herald - News
Heavy rain in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra has increased the volume of water flowing into River Krishna. This has increased the water level in the Almatti reservoir by one metre (3.2 feet) on a single day.Water is flowing from the downstream of the dams in Maharashtra. The water level which was 506.4 metres on Saturday rose to 507.4 metres on Sunday. The maximum level of the reservoir is 519.6 metres. The storage of water increased to 19.307 tmc feet on Sunday from 16.22 tmcft. The water level was above the dead storage of 506.87 metres. The inflow has brightened the hopes of farmers who are looking forward to a good crop. The water storage in the dam was 19.307 tmcft against the maximum storage capacity of 123 tmcft. The inflow into the dam is 35,708 cusecs with nil outflow. Rain has receded in Bhatkal, Honnavar and Karwar taluks of Uttara Kannada district. Inflow to the Supa reservoir increased following rain in the Castle Rock area. Moderate showers were experienced in Shivamogga city, Sagar, ...
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