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WBIDC to set up office at Singur 16.6.2006 The Statesman
WBIDC to set up office at Singur
Tatas to train farmers 16.6.2006 Telegraph: Nation
Tata Motors will set up training centres to teach Singur's displaced farmers skills they would need to work at the company's proposed small-car factory.
Tata to set up centre to train workforce for West Bengal car plant 16.6.2006 New Kerala: Business India
Kolkata, Jun 15: Faced with controversy over land acquisition for its 'people's car' project at Singur in West Bengal's Hooghly district, the Tatas will soon set up a centre for training locals for employment in the factory.
Profit v livelihood 9.6.2006 The Statesman
Profit v livelihood
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No derailment possible 7.6.2006 The Statesman
No derailment possible
Changing times & market climes 6.6.2006 The Statesman
Changing times & market climes
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Land rites 5.6.2006 Telegraph: Opinion
In economic terms, farming is hardly the best use of land. Even farmers who depend on land for their livelihood are compelled to do so because they know no better use of land. Land being the most limited of economic resources, its most profitable use must be at the heart of all plans for economic development. This larger logic is being ignored in the debate over the Bengal government's decision to acquire agricultural land for the Tata group's proposed automobile unit at Singur. For all the advances it made in agriculture in recent decades, Bengal's economy did not grow fast or large enough mainly because of the state's inability to move toward industrialization. Land cannot sustain the economic needs of an expanding population. And ...
No derailment possible 5.6.2006 The Statesman
No derailment possible
Singur: CPI wing says it 3.6.2006 The Statesman
Singur: CPI wing says it
on record 3.6.2006 The Statesman
on record
Farmers declare 'war' 2.6.2006 The Statesman
Farmers declare 'war'
Briefs 2.6.2006 The Statesman
Mamata threatens agitation against agri land acquisition 2.6.2006 Sify News
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Left attempts much worse than collectivisation 1.6.2006 The Statesman
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Left attempts much worse than collectivisation
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Land grab okayed 1.6.2006 The Statesman
Land grab okayed
Bengal plans standard rehab package 1.6.2006 HBL: Industry & Economy
The West Bengal Government has decided to formulate a standard rehabilitation package for people who will have to part with their agricultural land for industrial purposes. Nine regions spread across the State -- such as ...
The Left school of management 1.6.2006 Rediff: Columns
The Singur incident showed there is no alternative to listening to people.
Left's contact programme 31.5.2006 The Statesman
Left's contact programme
Sen sells Tata car project to farmers 31.5.2006 Telegraph: Front Page
Before the cabinet sits tomorrow to ratify the compensation package to acquire land for setting up industries, senior CPM leader and minister Nirupam Sen visited Singur to talk to farmers.
End of road for landless farmers 30.5.2006 The Statesman
End of road for landless farmers
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