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Power scenario 18.5.2007 The Assam Tribune
Power scenario
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BJP to oppose religion-based quota: Rajnath 18.5.2007 Hindu: Kerala
Says UPA Government trying to communalise poverty and unemployment
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Burns will only come to India for final pact 17.5.2007 Doordarshan
India and the US are doing some spirited last-minute negotiations to reach a final 123 bilateral nuclear agreement before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President George Bush meet on the sidelines of the G-8 summit in Germany next month.
India needs USD 150 billion to meet power requirements 17.5.2007 New Indian Express
India needs USD 150 billion to meet power requirements
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Setting up of new costal nuclear power stations 17.5.2007 New Kerala: India News
Burns will come to India to seal the pact 17.5.2007
"US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns is expected to come here later this month, but he will come to Delhi only to seal the final pact," reliable sources told sources.
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Energy sector needs $150 bn in five years: KPMG study 17.5.2007 Indian Express
Energy sector needs $150 bn in five years: KPMG study
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Energy needs $150 bn to fuel economy: KPMG 17.5.2007 Financial Express
Energy needs $150 bn to fuel economy: KPMG
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Abe visit to boost trade with Japan 17.5.2007 Financial Express
Abe visit to boost trade with Japan
123 as countdown to CTBT by the backdoor 17.5.2007 Hindu: Opinion
No matter how it is cushioned or phrased, the U.S. insistence on a "right to require the return" of exported material if India conducts a nuclear test will convert India's voluntary moratorium into a bilateral, and eventually multilateral, undertakin g with legal consequences.
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Energy awaits cash current 17.5.2007 Telegraph: Business
The energy sector needs between $120 billion and $150 billion (about Rs 6,50,000 crore) over the next five years to support a targeted 9-10 per cent growth in the economy.
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`Nuclear deal not in jeopardy' 17.5.2007 Hindu: National
123 accord has to adhere to PM's commitments, says Pranab
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Power needs access to long-tenure funds 17.5.2007 HBL: Industry & Economy
Currently, power sector projects are financed by a mix of long-term debt and equity. Innovations such as mezzanine finance and quasi-equity structures have helped make the bids more competitive.
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123 accord will stick to PM's commitments: Mukherjee 16.5.2007 New Kerala: India News
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123 accord will stick to PM's commitments: Mukherjee 16.5.2007 India eNews: Top Headlines
As India and the US brace for hard bargaining on their bilateral civil nuclear pact next week, the government Wednesday said that the final 123 agreement will have to adhere to 'commitments' made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in parliament.
Power? India needs $150 bn in 5 yrs 16.5.2007 Rediff: Top Stories (India)
India will need $120-150 billion of investment in the next five years in its energy sector to meet the rapidly expanding economy's power requirements -- expected to grow four fold in the next 25 years, a KPMG report revealed.
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Do we really have a nuclear deterrent? 16.5.2007 Rediff: Top Stories (India)
'India has had seven years after the 1998 tests, what has it done on the weapons front?'
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India's energy sector needs USD 120 - 150 billion over next 5 years to fuel economy: KPMG Report 16.5.2007 India eNews: Business
India to exhaust extractable coal reserves in next 45 years; Only 10.6% of installed electricity capacity in private sector; India has the world's lowest per capita Natural Gas consumption; Theft, pilferage, non collection result in losses of over USD 6b p.a.; Increase in Railway share in freight and mass transportation in cities can contribute in major energy savings
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Indian energy industry needs $150 bn investment: KPMG 16.5.2007 India eNews: Business
India's power and upstream energy sectors such as coal, oil, gas and nuclear power need funds to the tune of $120-$150 billion over the next five years, says a study released Wednesday by KPMG, a leading consultancy.
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Power crisis will affect growth: PM 16.5.2007 Indian Express
Power crisis will affect growth: PM
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