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Don't get swayed by the euphoria 30.8.2014 All Specials Stories
Not all good performing funds will be able to sustain returns for long. So, select the right mix of funds
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SBI Mutual files papers for retirement benefit fund 14.8.2014 HBL: Markets
Seeks tax benefit under Section 80 (C)
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SEC examining 'alternative' mutual funds 13.8.2014 Sify Finance
Federal regulators are scrutinizing a type of mutual fund that's potentially riskier than conventional funds and is growing in popularity, prompting concerns over possible harm to ordinary investors.
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Domestic MFs can offset moderating FII inflows into Indian markets 12.8.2014 TOI: All Headlines
Domestic MFs can offset moderating FII inflows into Indian markets
Warning! Be wary of a December sell-off 3.8.2014 HBL: Home
Global funds may cash out by year-end, preparing for the US to increase rates in the summer of 2015, says Geoff Lewis, Executive Director and Global Market Strategist, JP Morgan Asset Management
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India sees steepest output expansion in BRICS: SABB/HSBC Emerging Markets Index 14.7.2014 Top Headlines
While India output jumped, Brazil registered a further flat trend in activity.
One for the bravehearts 15.6.2014 HBL: Home
Spice up your portfolio with hedge funds, if you can stomach the risk and have deep pockets to match
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UTI MF prefers to be ‘engaged’ investor than ‘activist’ 11.6.2014 HBL: Stock Markets
UTI MF will play the role of an ‘engaged’ investor rather than an ‘activist’ investor, said Leo Puri, Managing Director, UTI Asset Management Company. Identifying opportunities
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Hong Kong shares slip from 5-month high, China edges lower 11.6.2014 ET: Global Markets
One factor weighing on them was the decision of equity index provider MSCI not to add China's A-shares to its benchmark emerging markets index.
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Bond funds worldwide attract $4.3-bn inflows over week: BofA 7.6.2014 Latest News
Stock mutual funds posted $8 billion in outflows, while stock exchange-traded funds attracted $6 billion in inflows, according to the report, which also cited data from fund-tracker EPFR Global
India Most Loved Mkt in Asia; FIIs Pour In $7.8 Bn YTD: HSBC 28.5.2014
India most loved market in Asia: HSBC 28.5.2014 HBL: Stock Markets
Foreign institutional investors continued to focus on Indian equities as the markets have seen net inflow of $2.3 billion in May, taking the total to $7.8 billion so far this year, says an HSBC re...
Will FIIs continue to power market rally? 18.5.2014 HBL: Home
Over the long term, more investments are likely, though temporary upheavals because of profit booking cannot be ruled out
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When FIIs play Pied Piper 18.5.2014 HBL: Opinion
FIIs own nearly half of all freely traded stock in the Indian market. That isn’t wholly cause for celebration
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Michael Steinhardt, Wall Street's Greatest Trader, Returns 10.4.2014 Forbes India

  Michael Steinhardt forged the model for making hedge fund billions before exiting the game. With WisdomTree, he's back to upend Wall Street againâe”this time, with the little-guy investor at his side Read more

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Access to low-cost funds to help infra lender, says IDFC 4.4.2014 Rediff: Business
Most infra projects have hit a road block due to high cost of funds.
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IDFC: Access to low-cost funds to help infra lender 3.4.2014 Latest News
Gains might take a while to show up in the balance sheet, believe experts
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Hedge Yourself Against The Risks 1.4.2014 Outlook Money
Hedge funds offer benefits that MFs don’t, but then double-edged swords are not meant for the rookie swashbuckler. Be on guard
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Enjoy The Bull Market Ride 1.4.2014 Outlook Money
Stock market sentiments are on a high this election season, but play it right
Regulators clamp down on Mutual Funds' assets window-dressing efforts 28.3.2014 Top Headlines
Issue relates to a year-end phenomenon of large redemptions and re-entry by same investors.
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