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Nothing Says Christmas Like a Used Bicycle 18.12.2008 Family Finance
This year, times are tough. But when Neal Templin and his wife discuss having a modest Christmas, the idea falls flat with her family.
How to Fix 401(k)s 13.12.2008 WSJ: Most Emailed Today
Has the 401(k) failed? In the wake of the stock-market meltdown, that question is on the minds of a growing number of policy makers, academics and corporate leaders -- not to mention the account holders staring in disbelief at their quarterly ...
Gift cards: Everything you need to know 11.12.2008 News: All credit card news
A collection of stories and resources on gift card shopping -- from comparing gift cards to finding gift card discounts and presenting them with finesse.
Should your kid work in college? 11.12.2008 College savings advice -
Before you suggest your son or daughter become a barista to help fill the market-size hole in his or her college fund, consider the downsides of taking on a job in school.
College Bills Wallop Families 11.12.2008 WSJ: Most Emailed Today
As the economy shrinks, many students and their parents are struggling to make payments for the second half of the academic ...
Student credit card issuers losing their welcome on campus 8.12.2008 News: All credit card news
Despite the big money many colleges earn from making deals with card issuers, some schools and states are clamping down on giving banks access.
Surprise Health Bills Make People See Red 5.12.2008 Insurance
What to do if you're hit by balance billing, a practice that can leave insured patients with an unexpected medical bill.
Chilean credit cards 2.12.2008 News: All credit card news
Our ongoing series moves to South America where we visit Chile.
Savings Strategies 2.12.2008 Retirement Planning
The Game Plan takes a look at how some individuals and families are saving for retirement.
How to talk to creditors when you can't pay credit card bills 1.12.2008 News: All credit card news
A step-by-step guide to talking with creditors when there isn't enough cash for a complete payment.
REUTEMAN: The high price of rescuing the country from financial disaster 29.11.2008 Rocky Mountain News: Business columns and blogs
Is the war in Iraq the most significant legacy of the George W. Bush presidency? No, a Republican friend insisted Friday morning. Bush will be remembered most for the fact that no terrorist attack has hit U.S. shores since Sept. 11, 2001, he insisted. Personally, I think the most protracted legacy of the Bush Years will be the amount already pledged to rescue the country from financial disaster - $8.45 trillion, with two months to go in his second term.
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PATON: A taste of private equity at a bad time 26.11.2008 Rocky Mountain News: Business columns and blogs
Interesting idea. Awful timing.
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Cashing Out IRA May Not Pay Off 15.11.2008 Retirement Planning
If you hold a Roth IRA, you can harvest tax losses. But the strategy works only if the losses are so significant that it makes sense to close out your account entirely.
PATON: Weak economy drives more into bankruptcy 12.11.2008 Rocky Mountain News: Business columns and blogs
In a sign of the tough times, more than three Colorado companies a day, on average, are declaring bankruptcy. It's a diverse group of businesses, some bigger than others, showing up at the courthouse in Denver. The U.S. units of oil and gas producer Storm Cat Energy, home builder Village Homes, the owner of the Vail Plaza Hotel & Club, luxury office project Courtyards at Lone Tree and Irish pub Celtic Crossing are among them.
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Turkey credit cards 6.11.2008 News: All credit card news
Our series moves to Turkey, a growing nation that's struggling with astronomical credit card interest rates.
Mortgage lenders review rates 6.11.2008 The Guardian -- Front Page
Lloyds TSB today said it would pass on the 1.5% cut in interest rates to borrowers with loans linked to its standard variable rate (SVR), but customers of other lenders have been warned their rates may not be cut. The bank said it would reduce its SVR from 6.5% to 5% with effect from December 1, in a move that will benefit borrowers with mortgages from both the bank and its lending arm Cheltenham & Gloucester. A homeowner with a £150,000 mortgage who is paying the SVR will see their monthly repayments fall by £138. Lloyds TSB, which is set to take over rival lender HBOS, had little choice but to pass on the cut as its terms and conditions promise that its SVR will never be more than 2% above the Bank of England base rate. Lenders without ...
'Underwater' vs. Foreclosure 5.11.2008 Loans & Credit
Why most people who owe more than a property's worth will still keep their homes.
'Underwater' vs. Foreclosure 5.11.2008 Loans & Credit
Why most people who owe more than a property's worth will still keep their homes.

College costs rise 30.10.2008 College savings advice -
The total cost of going to a private four-year college rose to $34,132 on average for the 2008-09 academic year, according to a report released Wednesday.
Eight ways to get gift cards for less 29.10.2008 News: All credit card news
Use these techniques to pay less than face value or boost buying power of a gift card.
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