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What's open and closed this weekend? Trails, parks, beaches in Southern California 3.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Amid coronavirus restrictions, tips for walking, hiking, cycling, running near home

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Colorado records 97 coronavirus-related deaths as COVID-19 hospitalizations push past 700 3.4.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
The announcement of 3,728 confirmed cases in the state -- and 17 new deaths -- comes as top health officials scramble to get enough beds, ventilators and other medical supplies before a feared surge in COVID-19 cases overwhelms the health care capacity.
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Asian countries impose new restrictions as coronavirus infections come roaring back 3.4.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong are imposing social restrictions they had avoided until now as COVID-19 infections continue to rise.

Watch: Coronavirus task force to hold briefing amid record unemployment numbers 3.4.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Roughly 10 million people have filed for unemployment in the last two weeks, the Labor Department reported on Thursday. Watch the briefing live at 5 p.m. ET.
Lost to coronavirus: El Paso County sheriff’s deputy Jeff Hopkins dies 3.4.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
A 41-year-old El Paso County sheriff’s deputy died Wednesday after contracting the novel coronavirus. 
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Q&A: Gov. Jared Polis on the supply shortage, his stay-at-home order and when the coronavirus peak will hit 3.4.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
It's been four weeks since Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced the state's first known case of the new coronavirus.
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A coronavirus immunity test is essential for the U.S. But will it work? 3.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Coronavirus immunity tests are key to returning to 'normal.' But there are concerns that the problems with detection testing may also slow immunity testing.

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Column: Flesh-eating apocalyptic films and shows didn't prepare us for this pandemic's horror 3.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Viruses, rage, zombies — those wildly popular films and shows about the apocalypse don't give a road map for this real-life crisis.

Amid coronavirus outbreak some red states move to restrict abortion, spurring legal fight 3.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Republican governors have ordered abortions to stop because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Cruise ships with sick people to dock in Florida 3.4.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Florida relents and will allow a Carnival cruise ship with sick passengers and crew to dock in Fort Lauderdale. The Zaandam has been at sea for weeks after leaving Argentina.
1 million coronavirus cases have now been reported worldwide 3.4.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: News
"This virus, which was unknown to us three months ago, has exposed the weaknesses and inequities in our health systems and societies," World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says.
Ad says economic hit is worse than the threat of COVID-19. Is that true? 3.4.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A newspaper ad reiterates the idea that the economic hit from using social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19 is worse than letting the virus run its course with less stringent mitigation efforts. But is that true? We talked with the ad’s author, Kevin Roche, and experts about the claim and some of his other statements about the virus.
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Coronavirus concerns prompt Democrats to move convention from July to August 2.4.2020 LA Times: Health

The move comes after prospective nominee Joe Biden said he didn't think it would be possible to hold a normal convention in mid-July.

Former Angels outfielder Jim Edmonds feeling better after coronavirus diagnosis 2.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Former Angels and St. Louis Cardinals standout Jim Edmonds was hospitalized after testing positive for the coronavirus, but he says he is feeling better.

1st coronavirus death in Santa Barbara County; overall case count jumps to 111 2.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Public health officials said the North County resident who died Wednesday was in their 60s and had underlying health conditions.

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FBI investigating whether suspect in train derailment near ship has ties to extremist groups 2.4.2020 LA Times: Health

The FBI looks into whether a suspect in a train derailing near the ship Mercy, docked in San Pedro to help with coronavirus crisis, is tied to extremists.

Blood centers begin collecting coronavirus antibodies from COVID-19 survivors 2.4.2020 LA Times: Nation

Blood centers are ramping up efforts to collect plasma from people who recovered from COVID-19 in hopes their coronavirus antibodies could save lives.

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Think you've got COVID-19? Here's what doctors say about when to seek help 2.4.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Many people can ride the disease out at home, but doctors are getting a better idea of who should seek medical attention and when.
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Patriots team plane transports more than a million N95 masks from China to U.S. 2.4.2020 LA Times: Health

The New England Patriots' team plane is transporting 1.2 million N95 masks, desperately needed during the coronavirus pandemic, from China to the U.S.

Face masks could provide coronavirus protection, California health officials say 2.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Face masks could help against the coronavirus but shouldn't be an excuse for leaving your home for nonessential business, health officials say.

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