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Why Obama's Hiroshima visit is so important 26.5.2016 Rediff: News
'Obama's visit to Hiroshima must generate a fresh debate in the international community about how to reduce the salience of nuclear weapons in international politics and how to disarm the world from these monstrous weapons forever,' says Sanjeev Shrivastav..
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Iran: Nuclear sanctions may have been eased but primary US embargo to stay 26.5.2016 FirstPost: World

Adam Szubin, the acting under secretary of the Treasury Department, said the embargo long pre-dates Washington's concerns with Iran's nuclear programme

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Regardless of N-deal, primary American embargo on Iran to stay: US Treasury Department 26.5.2016 Zee News : World
The US will continue to prohibit Americans from investing in Iran, importing or exporting to Iran most goods or services, or otherwise engaging in commercial or financial dealings with Iranian persons or companies.
China signs deals with Sudan to build nuclear reactor 26.5.2016 Hindu: Home
China already is having a long standing nuclear cooperation with Pakistan as it has built several nuclear power reactors and is currently building two 1100 mw reactors in Karachi.
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Primary US embargo on Iran to stay: official 26.5.2016 All News-IANS Stories
The US has lifted all nuclear-related sanctions as promised in the nuclear deal with Iran, but has not changed the primary US embargo on Tehran, said an official of the US Treasury Department on Wednesday.
Obama Admin defends decision to back India's NSG membership 25.5.2016
The Obama Administration has strongly defended its decision to back Indias membership in the NSG, rebutting a known anti-India Senator who opposed the move. "The President (Barack Obama) has reaffirmed that US views that India meets not only the missile technology control regime but also it is ready for NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) membership," Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday. She was responding to a question from Senator Ed Markey, who opposed the move of India becoming a member of the NSG, arguing that it is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Markey said that the NSG has "agreed to a set of factors that must be taken into account when considering whether to accept a new member. Among those factors is that the State must be a party to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty or an equivalent nonproliferation agreement". "And that it must accept full scope safeguards from ...
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Modi may sign Logistics Agreement on US visit 25.5.2016 Rediff: News
'Of all the areas that define the future for a strong US-India partnership, none is more important than our defence and security ties.'
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Indian steps addressed key concerns of US nuclear industry 25.5.2016 Zee News : India National
The steps taken by the Indian government, including the insurance pool, have largely addressed the key concerns of the US nuclear industry, the Obama Administration has told its lawmakers.
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Indian steps address key concerns of our nuclear industry: US Govt 25.5.2016 All International Stories
Says it is now over to US firms to make the commercial determinations
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'India has addressed US nuclear industry concerns'  25.5.2016 TOI: Home
"We believe the steps taken by India has addressed by and large key concerns of the US (nuclear) industry. It is now for US companies to make commercial determinations," assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal told members of Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
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Obama regime to lawmakers: India’s steps addressed key nuke concerns 25.5.2016 Hindu: International
It is now for the U.S. companies to make the commercial determinations, says Nisha Desai Biswal
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President Mukherjee leaves for China visit 24.5.2016 All Current Affairs Stories
He is likely to raise issue of China blocking India's bid to get a UN ban on Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar and its insistence on India signing NPT
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President Pranab boards the flight to China 24.5.2016 Rediff: News
This will be the first visit of Mukherjee to China as President though he has visited the country a number of times in different capacities. The last Presidential visit to China was by Pratibha Patil in 2010.
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Counter-terrorism, NPT on President's China visit agenda 24.5.2016 TOI: India
President Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday embarked on a four-day visit to China with an aim to bolster economic ties between the two countries and seek cooperation for combating designs of terror groups.
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Things the Left needs to do right 24.5.2016 Hindu: Home
Communism’s slide worldwide is due to its ambivalence towards globalisation and democracy. The Indian Left has shed that ambivalence, but it has no concrete alternative development strategy
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India, Iran to combat terror; ink Chabahar, 11 other pacts 23.5.2016
India and Iran today pledged to combat terrorism and radicalism as the two nations signed 12 agreements including a "milestone" pact on developing the strategic Chabahar port, giving a boost to economic partnership in the post-sanctions era. India committed around USD 500 million for the important port in Irans southern coast, which will serve as a "point of connectivity" between India, Afghanistan, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and East Europe. "We have agreed to consult closely and regularly on combating threats of terrorism, radicalism, drug trafficking and cyber crime. We have also agreed to enhance interaction between our defence and security institutions on regional and maritime security," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here. Modi, who is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the Islamic nation after 15 years on a bilateral visit after Atal Bihari Vajpayee, was addressing a joint press conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani after one-on-one talks. His visit ...
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PM Narendra Modi’s Iran visit aims to firm up political, commercial ties 22.5.2016 FirstPost: World

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is heading to Iran on Sunday on a two-day visit, a country many believe he should have travelled to earlier.

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Iran calls for 'more concrete' US action on sanctions 21.5.2016 Zee News : World
Iran's foreign minister today said the United States must take concrete steps to encourage investors to engage with Tehran, a day after Western powers said they back legal business with Iran.
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Iran calls on US for concrete steps to encourage investors 21.5.2016 FirstPost: World

Iran's Foreign Minister on Saturday said the United States must take concrete steps to encourage investors to engage with Tehran.

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U.S.-Iran rapprochement far from a settled matter 21.5.2016 Hindu: Home
The thaw in the U.S.-Iran ties has been beneficial for India, but relations with Tehran are far from a settled question in Washington.Stephen Mull, U.S. lead coordinator for Iran nuclear deal implem...
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