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China Eats Crow Over Photo 22.2.2008 Wall St. Journal: Page One
Earlier this week, Xinhua, China's state-run news agency, issued a public apology for publishing a doctored photograph of Tibetan wildlife frolicking near a high-speed train. The deception has brought on a big debate.
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China's Panchen Lama makes rare appearance, meets with top Chinese legislator 1.2.2008 Star Tribune: World
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Asia briefs 22.1.2008 The Statesman
Asia briefs
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Quake hits tremor-plagued Tibet: report 17.1.2008 Hindustan Times: News
A rural area of Tibet that was only recently hit by the region's worst earthquake in a decade was struck by yet another powerful tremor.
Tibet under strain as visitors surpass locals 14.1.2008 The Guardian -- World Latest
Number of tourists who visited Tibet last year soared by 60%
'India, China relations getting better and better' 11.1.2008 Rediff: News
South Asian expert Professor Ma Jiali speaks on Sino-Indian relations and what Dr Singh visit to China means.
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China, India still suspicious of each other 11.1.2008 Rediff: News
If one concentrates solely on areas of concern, one will develop an unduly pessimistic attitude. If one looks only at the galloping trade and proliferating exchanges of visits, there could be unwarranted over-optimism. There is a need for a balanced perspective.
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An occasion for India to think big 11.1.2008 Hindu: Opinion
The strategic community in India should rise above getting bogged down in contentious issues on the eve of the Prime Minister’s visit to China.
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Good timing for PM's visit to China 9.1.2008 Rediff: News
For reluctant optimists like me, there are still some inconvenient truths. I believe that the time has come for India to follow the example of China who, in Sonia Gandhi's words, has 'shown the world how much could be achieved with pragmatism, clarity of vision.'
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Why the PM gets a rare Chinese honour 3.1.2008 Sify News
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India-China relations to get a boost 20.12.2007 Central Chronicle
India-China relations to get a boost
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The battle over the new Dalai Lama 14.12.2007 Rediff: News
Choosing the next Dalai Lama is too profound a tradition to be controlled by the Communists in Beijing.
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Tibet train carries China troops 1.12.2007 BBC News: AsiaPacific
China's high-altitude railway to Tibet carries troops to the region for the first time, state media reports.
Chinese media reports Tibet riot 29.11.2007 BBC: World
Chinese state media carries a rare report of disturbances in Tibet with almost 200 people involved in the riot.
Dalai Lama challenges China to referendum 28.11.2007 The Guardian -- World Latest
Exiled leader fights Chinese attempt to control Buddhist selection process by suggesting vote for successor
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‘In China, restrictions can easily be ignored using pocket money’ 23.11.2007 Mint: Latest
The Dalai Lama says regulations imposed on businesses by the Chinese government don’t provide enough protection against environmental damage in Tibet
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China Tests Mt. Everest Cell Station 14.11.2007 SFGate: Top Stories
China's largest cell phone service provider successfully tested a transmission station on Mount Everest on Tuesday, making it possible for people in the area for next year's Olympic torch relay to make calls, a state news agency reported. China Mobile... ...
Delhi's Tibetan glitch 9.11.2007 India Together
Tibet lies at the heart of Indo-Chinese disputes. To focus on Arunachal or Tawang alone is not only to miss the wood for the trees, but also to play in to the hands of China. India must bring Tibet back into focus, and this can be done without provocation or confrontation, writes Brahma Chellaney.
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Fight the dragon 3.11.2007 TOI: Editorial
China has intensified its attack on the Dalai Lama, accusing him of indulging in separatist activities in spite of his statements to the press that he is not seeking independence for Tibet.
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Skirting the border 1.11.2007 Hindustan Times: Views
Hu Jintao’s push for increased trade with India should not be seen as dilution of the Communist Party’s stand on border issues, writes Ravni Thakur.
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