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TWA rallies in support of Hong Kong 1.9.2019
Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA), the primary non-governmental women’s association in exile, held a rally this morning in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala, in solidarity with H
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Tibet lawsuit to approach European Court of Human Rights after Spain buries the case 28.8.2019
The team that fought the Tibet Lawsuit in the Spanish Constitutional Court prepares to approach the European Court of Human Rights in the next few months after a ruling in late Fe
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Reincarnation not “religious-only issue or personal right": CPC official in Tibet 27.8.2019
In what is seen as yet another claim by the Chinese government asserting authority over the reincarnation of Buddhist lamas, a regional official of the Chinese People's P
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Tibetan, supporters rally in Melbourne for Hong Kong 26.8.2019
Expatriate Tibetans, Hong Kongers, Uighurs and Chinese came together on steps of Victoria’s state library with flags and placards to show their support for democracy in Hong Ko
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Hardliner Chinese leader Li Peng responsible for Martial Law in Tibet dies aged 90 24.7.2019
One of the most conservative Chinese communist leader known as the “butcher of Beijing” for his role in the massacre of hundreds of Chinese students at the Tiananmen square,
Pizza Hut opens first outlet in occupied Tibet’s Lhasa city 4.7.2019
Fast food chain Pizza Hut has opened its first outlet in occupied Tibet’s Lhasa city last month. The fast food giant owned by the Yum Brands corporation also opened its
No amount of Tiananmen censorship can conceal the facts: Ai Weiwei 4.6.2019
The Chinese contemporary artist Ai Wei Wei decried the 30-year cover-up of Tiananmen massacre in an article in Guardian where he wrote, “even if the lives of an entire generation are wiped out, no prisons and no amount of lies or censorship can expunge or concea
Tibetan exile capital discusses upcoming Tiananmen Massacre's 30th anniversary 31.5.2019
A forum of several key exile Tibetan activists along with a Chinese human rights lawyer spoke to a packed gathering in Dharamshala yesterday about where China is 30 years after t
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Monks of Sera monastery told to show loyalty to Communist party 30.3.2019
Monks at one of the prominent Tibetan monastic universities in Lhasa city in occupied Tibet were instructed to show loyalty to the Communist party of China and stand against separatis
Tibet's GDP rose 191% since Dalai Lama fled: China 27.3.2019 The Assam Tribune
Tibet's GDP rose 191% since Dalai Lama fled: China
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China’s claim over reincarnation of Dalai Lama disregards tradition, violates religious freedom: Pro-Tibet group 21.3.2019
China's latest claim over the reincarnation of the foremost Buddhist figure, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has been rubbished by pro-Tibet group, International Campaign for Tibet. The
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No widespread support for Dalai Lama in Tibet: CCP Chief in occupied Tibet 7.3.2019
Exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has no widespread support in Tibet and that the Tibetan people there are prosperous and happy under the Chinese Communist P
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Huawei sets up three 5 G stations in occupied Tibet’s TAR bordering India 4.3.2019
Chinese internet service provider and telecom giant Huawei has set up three 5 G stations in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, the latest in the telecom and internet technology near the In
Satellite detects construction, expansion of more gulags in Tibet 15.2.2019
Contrary to the Communist Party of China (CPC) third plenum decision announced at the end of 2013 to abolish Re-education Through Labor (RTL), more RTLs, renamed “Political education training camps” have been cropping up in Tibet, now employing mon
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China closes its Everest base camp to tourists 15.2.2019 BBC: World
China says the base camp on its side of the mountain needs to be cleared of rubbish left by visitors.
CPC expels officials for secretly maintaining contacts with Dalai Lama 2.2.2019
In a heightened crackdown on its officials not adhering to party’s ideology, Communist Party of China (CPC) expelled three officials who were found secretly maintaining religious faith and contact with Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama while warning
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Monasteries banned from teaching Tibetan language in Kham Nangchen 31.1.2019
In yet another incident of restriction on the Tibetan language by the Chinese government, monasteries in Kham Nangchen in occupied Tibet’s eastern region are threatened with
China launches 5G services in Qinghai-Tibet region 28.1.2019 Sify Finance
China launched 5G network services in the high-altitude plateau of Qinghai-Tibet as a state telecom company opened a 5G base station in the city of Xining.
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European Parliament hosts session on religious freedom in China 25.1.2019
Members of European Parliament hosted a session on ‘Freedom of Religion in China’ in the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday. Senior MEPs Bas Belder (ECR), Christian Dan Preda (EPP) and Josef Weidenholzer (S&D) headed the two- hour long ses
45 reporters for online magazine arrested in China 24.1.2019
More than 45 reporters from mainland China working underground for an Italy-based online daily magazine were arrested, interrogated, and accused of espionage in China since August 2018, announced Marco Respinti, a journalist and Director-in-Charge
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