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Delhi nursery admission age fixed at four years 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The Delhi government fixes four years as the minimum age for children's admission to nursery classes, and five years for class one.
Govt pushing "US agenda" through nuclear deal: CPI-M 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The CPI-M comes out with a series of pamphlets accusing the government of pushing the "US agenda" and demanded that the deal's operationalisation be halted.
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BMW case: Nanda, four others give fingerprints to police 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
Prime accused in the BMW hit-and-run case and four others on Monday gave their fingerprints to the police in a court in New Delhi.
UK-bound Indians to get biometric visas 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
Outgoing High Commissioner Michael Arthur says getting the new biometric visa would be a painless procedure, reports Amit Baruah.
Don't blame US for N-deal failure: Kux 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
As the parleys proceed between the Govt, its allies and opposition, US Foreign policy expert Dennis Kux says New Delhi cannot blame Washington if the deal fails to take off.
India hopeful of convincing Pakistan on Tulbul project 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
Water Resources Minister Saifuddin Soz says, India is hopeful of convincing Pakistan that the project is for the general good of all people including those living in Pakistan.
India wants blasts suspect arrested in Bangladesh 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The authorities in India have begun efforts to get the key suspect of the Hyderabad blasts extradited to India.
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14-day jail for teacher, new arrest 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The police have traced the girl who alleged on television that Uma Khurana had pushed her into prostitution, reports Abhishek Bhalla.
The drivers of death 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
Blueline buses have killed at least 275 Delhiites every year since 2003, report Nagendar Sharma and Yashwant Raj.
Clash of ideas at J&K panel meet 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The emerging divided opinion on the center-state relations in respect to Jammu and Kashmir is likely to make the going tough for the panel working on the subject which began its fourth meeting in New Delhi on Sunday.
‘People must add muscle to war against terror’ 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
India has one policeman for 700 people and one police station for 87,000 people. In such situation no war against terrorism can succeed unless people join hands with security agencies, reports Aloke Tikku.
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CBI to probe Chhattisgarh coal ‘cartel’ 3.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
Fresh CBI probe have been ordered into the illegal practices of a “cartel” operating in Asia’s largest open cast coal mining facility at Chhattisgarh, reports Srinand Jha.
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N-deal: no decision on calling Ronen yet 2.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The privileges committee of Parliament will meet soon to decide the fate of India's ambassador to America.
KK Paul gets Z-category security 2.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The former Delhi Police chief has been allocated Z-category security as he faces a threat not from a terrorist or criminal but from an "absconding" inspector.
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Promotion rule for BSF officers struck down 2.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
The Delhi High Court strikes down a BSF recruitment rule which required officers to serve two years in a "duty battalion" to be eligible for promotion.
BJP in poll mode 2.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
Despite the temporary truce between the UPA and the Left over the controversial N-deal, the BJP is going ahead with poll preparations, reports Hemendra Singh Bartwal.
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Why won’t Blueline buses reform? 2.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
HT looks at the reasons in a three-part series. The first part examines the ownership pattern: who owns these killers, who runs them?
A short film that’s big on ambition 2.9.2007 Hindustan Times: India
Nitin Das, an IIM graduate left his corporate career for filmmaking. His eight-minute film is an inspiring story about a Buddhist boy who finds the solution to global warming, writes Sachin Kalbag. See video
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World outside: How superpowers view India? 15.8.2007 ndtv.national
Just after attaining freedom, India opted to follow a path of Non-Alignment.The country's first Prime Minister and the architect of India's foreign an
Vox Populi: Have Indian youth finally come of age? 14.8.2007 ndtv.national
The nationwide awareness crated by them proved to be a positive weapon in the hands of the youth. Together, they became a face to reckon with in India
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