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CNN's 'KFILE' Oppo Team Follows Maddow in Ripping Trump Judicial Pick's Views 23.8.2019 NewsBusters
First, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow took a turn smearing Trump judicial pick Steven Menashi as some kind of white nationalist. Now CNN's Andrew "KFILE" Kaczynski and Em Steck are digging into Menashi's college-newspaper articles at Dartmouth to denounce him as -- gasp! -- a ...
2020 candidates tell the trans community how they will advocate for them 23.8.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
A handful of presidential candidates say the needs of transgender Americans deserve more attention, and they’re making them an issue on the 2020 campaign trail. Three candidates for the Democratic nomination spoke at length recently with the National Center for Transgender Equality Action Fund about how their policies on health care, education, and justice would […]
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400 years of black giving: From the days of slavery to the 2019 Morehouse graduation 22.8.2019 Raw Story
When African American businessman Robert F. Smith declared during a Morehouse College commencement speech that he would pay off the student loan debt of the entire 2019 graduating class of about 400 young men from the historically black school, he provoked a frenzy. Footage of the jubilant graduates immediately went viral, with an outpouring of […]
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When a Collegial Relationship Goes Too Far, How—and When—Does a Victim Speak Out? 22.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"We have made consent out to be something straightforward, as straightforward as the single word no, but we are lying to ourselves and one another about this."
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Author Donna Freitas on her Memoir, Consent on Campus and Title IX 22.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"Schools are taking better measures to protect confidentiality and make the experience less intimidating. But it's difficult to understand exactly how hard it is to come forward unless you've been through it."
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New Poll Shows Donald Trump Is In Trouble With Women Voters 21.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Among registered women voters, 62 percent in the survey opted for the Democratic candidate while just 30 percent selected Trump.
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Column: Jeffrey Epstein's so-called 'charisma' was a fairytale we tell ourselves about powerful men 21.8.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Illegitimacy only emboldens the followers of a charismatic leader. It worked for Epstein and it's working for autocrats around the globe.

Column: The 10 worst things Trump has done to harm your healthcare 21.8.2019 LA Times: Health

We've compiled a list of the 10 worst Trump actions on healthcare so the cumulative impact is clearer.

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All 84 startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1 20.8.2019 techCrunch
It’s that time of year, Silicon Valley’s investor technocrati and advice-giving Twitter celebrities descended upon Pier 48 in San Francisco to judge the latest summer batch of Y Combinator startups. TechCrunch was there, as well, and we were tapping away feverishly as co-founders pitched to woo investors. There are 197 companies in total in the […]
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Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana governor brought down by Katrina, dies 19.8.2019 LA Times: Nation

Even after Hurricane Katrina ended her political career and as cancer ate away her strength, former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco still described her life as "charmed." With strength in her faith and her family, the state's first elected female governor time and again refused to wallow in disappointment or disaster.

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Conservatives, Reactionaries, and Backlash 17.8.2019 Outside the Beltway
Is the left unwittingly fueling a reactionary moment?
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How the US created the Central American immigration crisis 16.8.2019 Raw Story
What happens in El Norte, doesn’t stay in El Norte It’s hard to believe that more than four years have passed since the police shot Amílcar Pérez-López a few blocks from my house in San Francisco’s Mission District. He was an immigrant, 20 years old, and his remittances were the sole support for his mother and siblings […]
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Hofstra Tennis Coach Accused of Being 'Obsessed With' Player's Menstrual Cycle Can Sue School Over Firing, Court Rules 15.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
The judge who wrote the ruling criticized Hofstra for using reasoning reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carrolls's "Alice in Wonderland."
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Letters to the Editor: Critics pounce on the state's draft ethnic studies curriculum 15.8.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Readers react overwhelmingly negatively to the draft of a model ethnic studies curriculum for public high schools in California.

How Important Is Today’s Racial Discrimination? 15.8.2019 NewsBusters
There is discrimination of all sorts, and that includes racial discrimination. Thus, it's somewhat foolhardy to debate the existence of racial discrimination yesteryear or today. From a policy point of view, a far more useful question to ask is: How much of the plight of many blacks can be explained by current racial discrimination? Let's examine some of today's most devastating problems of many black people with an eye toward addressing discrimination of the past and ...
Opinion: Andrew Yang on gun violence, the decline of the American worker and 'freedom dividends' 15.8.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Andrew Yang, a tech entrepreneur running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, met recently with members of the Los Angeles Times editorial board to discuss his candidacy.

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Young, educated and furious: a survey of Hong Kong’s protesters 14.8.2019 Raw Story
The vast majority of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters are university-educated, almost half are in their twenties and nearly everyone loathes the police, according to an academic survey that sheds new light on the movement. Ten weeks of demonstrations in the financial hub have seen millions of people take to the streets, increasingly violent clashes breakout […]
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WWE Monday Night RAW Results: What's Next for Seth Rollins? 13.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
The Women's Tag Team Championships are on the line tonight.
Federal Court Rules In Favor Of Transgender Student In Bathroom Access Case 12.8.2019 Outside the Beltway
A Federal Court has ruled once again in favor of a transgender student in Virginia who was prevented from using the bathroom conforming to their gender identity.
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The Truth About Student Debt: It's Bad, But That's No Reason To Avoid Loans 8.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
While there's definitely no denying that some people with student debt are having serious problems, the notion that the entire system is completely broken is just plain wrong, many experts say.
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