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The secret of his success: Donald Trump’s six weird tricks for authoritarian rule 4.7.2020 Raw Story
As the 2020 presidential campaign revs up, the normal ways of dealing with it seem hopeless inadequate. Fact-checking seems antiquated in the face of a president who’s closing in on 20,000 false or misleading statements and a press corps that remains hopelessly befuddled in how to respond. But there is another way the press — […]
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Here are the 7 biggest threats to Trump’s re-election: columnist 2.7.2020 Raw Story
On Thursday, writing for Slate, Jim Newell argued that there are seven main obstacles to President Donald Trump’s re-election. First is the realignment of college-educated white voters. “The recent New York Times–Siena national poll, in which Joe Biden had an overall 14-point lead, showed Biden leading white voters with college degrees by 28 points,” wrote […]
Content of Trump’s phone calls would lead to him getting booted from office: Carl Bernstein 30.6.2020 Raw Story
Following up on his CNN report about Donald Trump’s phone calls with world leaders that have been described as “disturbing,” journalist Carl Bernstein appeared on “New Day” to describe words and terms that the president used that would likely get the president booted from office if Republicans heard them. As the journalist noted, the president […]
In Bombshell Report, We Learn Just How Bad Trump Was With World Leaders 30.6.2020 Crooks Liars
CNN's Carl Bernstein came up with quite a stunning piece yesterday , detailing exactly how bad Trump is at his job of communicating with foreign heads of state. Bernstein said Trump was 'so consistently unprepared for discussion of serious issues, so often outplayed in his conversations with powerful leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and so abusive to leaders of America's principal allies, that the calls helped convince some senior US officials -- including his former secretaries of state and defense, two national security advisers and his longest-serving chief of staff -- that the President himself posed a danger to the national security of the United States." H.R. McMaster, John Bolton, James Mattis, Rex Tillerson, and White House chief of staff John Kelly, as well as intelligence officials -- concluded that the President was often "delusional," as two sources put it, in his dealings with foreign leaders. These officials' concerns about the calls, and ...
Here’s the big mistake the media is destined to make in 2020 27.6.2020 Raw Story
Here’s an easy prediction: Over the next six-to-eight weeks, dozens of columns will be published that follow the same template. They’ll begin by reviewing the polls and discussing how “daunting” Trump’s prospects look at present, usually with a focus on how poorly he’s faring in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania–and maybe Florida–and among college-educated whites in […]
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Trump can’t run against Biden — because he doesn’t know how to run without racism or sexism: MSNBC guest 25.6.2020 Raw Story
On Wednesday’s edition of MSNBC’s “All In,” Atlantic staff writer Adam Serwer broke down the unique challenge President Donald Trump faces in running against former Vice President Joe Biden. “He can’t even do it,” said Serwer. “I mean, this is what is so amusing about it. Part of what is hampering the president here is […]
‘Expect Trump to go ballistic’: Biden opens massive lead in new poll 24.6.2020 Raw Story
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 14 points in a New York Times/Siena poll released Wednesday as the president’s approval rating continues to plummet. Biden tops Trump 50-36 with 14% of voters undecided, according to the poll, which surveyed more than 1,300 registered voters. While Trump leads among white voters with no college […]
Biden’s Massive Lead 24.6.2020 Outside the Beltway
President Trump is behind 14 points in the latest NYT poll.
Salon: Investigative journalist predicts how Trump will steal the 2020 electionPalast's new book, "How Trump Stole 2020," outlines a nightmare: Trump loses the electoral vote and wins anyway 16.6.2020
The GOP has refined its strategy of voter suppression, voter intimidation and vote theft in elections across the country, and the planned chaos during the recent Georgia Democratic primaries is a preview of how they intend to steal the 2020 presidential election... READ MORE
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Biden’s Record Gender Gap 14.6.2020 Outside the Beltway
If the Democrats win back the White House in November, it'll be no thanks to men.
Trump’s re-election odds tumble as number of female voters fleeing him takes a huge jump: pollster 14.6.2020 Raw Story
According to polling analyst Harry Enten, Donald Trump’s chances of being re-elected in November are growing worse every day as women increasingly say they won’t vote for him. Writing for CNN, Enten said the president is on the verge of losing the female vote by a “historic margin.” After reviewing polling over the last 70 […]
Older voters put Donald Trump in the White House. Now some are having second thoughts 10.6.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Seniors are the country's most reliable voters. A shift away from Trump in key states like Arizona could cost the president reelection.

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With $100 million, Magic Johnson pays it forward 21.5.2020 LA Times: Health

When Magic Johnson saw that minority- and women-owned businesses were being deprived of coronavirus stimulus relief, he took matters into his own hands.

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Trump’s Purging Pentagon of Perceived Enemies? 20.5.2020 Outside the Beltway
Presidents have appointed loyalists since time immemorial. Has this one gone too far?
NBC Groans About Calls to Investigate Biden: No ‘Huge Appetite’ for It 4.5.2020 NewsBusters
Tucked into the final minutes of Sunday’s Meet the Press, NBC political director Chuck Todd led a panel discussion, featuring Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter and NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt, where they groaned about calls to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for an allegation of rape. One even claimed there was no “huge appetite” for it. Meanwhile, the call they were whining about was designed to rig the investigation in Biden’s favor, and that wasn’t their ...
Six months from the election, six states are poised to decide Trump-Biden race 3.5.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Toss-up contests from Arizona to Florida hold the key for President Trump and Joe Biden.

Trump campaign ducking pushing Biden #MeToo allegations over fears it will blow up in the president’s face: report 3.5.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump’s history with women has made it difficult for his 2020 reelection campaign to capitalize on Tara Reade’s allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden, according to a new analysis published in The Washington Post. “Purely politically speaking, this couldn’t have come at a better time for President Trump: He’s behind in the […]
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Column: Whatever happened with Tara Reade in 1993, Biden is still infinitely better than Trump 2.5.2020 LA Times: Commentary

Joe Biden is a flawed individual with a penchant for unwanted touching. Here's why I'll vote for him anyway.

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden for US president 29.4.2020 Raw Story
Hillary Clinton, the first woman to become a major party’s presidential nominee, endorsed Joe Biden’s White House bid on Tuesday, continuing Democrats’ efforts to coalesce around the former vice president as he takes on President Donald Trump. Clinton made her announcement during a Biden campaign town hall to discuss the coronavirus and its effect on […]
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Mitchell Hails ‘Predictably Wonderful’ Albright Trashing Trump 22.4.2020 NewsBusters
During a fawning interview with former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Tuesday, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell touted her guest’s new memoir and thanked the “predictably wonderful” Democrat for spending much of the segment trashing President Trump. At one point in the interview, Albright claimed “the Statue of Liberty is weeping.” ...
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