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Will the Democrats Catch a “Blue Wave”? 1.9.2018
Analysts say Democrats will likely benefit from anti-Trump disgust in November, but what wing of the party will win?

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Truth Is Indeed Truth As Cohen Fingers Trump & Manafort Faces Life In Prison 22.8.2018 The Moderate Voice

August 21, 2018 will long be remembered as a spectacularly huge day for truth, justice and the rule of law as the tide finally turned against Donald Trump and, one by one, all of the president’s men began to go down. Michael Cohen, the president’s longtime fixer and personal lawyer, entering a guilty plea in […]

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Rick Santorum Gets Shot Down While Arguing Mueller's Job Is To Prosecute Hillary Clinton 19.8.2018 Crooks Liars
Former Republican presidential candidate and current Trump apologist Rick Santorum got shot down on Sunday after he tried to convince three women panelists on CNN that special counsel Robert Mueller should be investigating Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. During a panel discussion on Sunday morning, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) noted that Donald Trump recently compared Mueller to Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R), who was responsible for hyping the so-called "red scare" in the 1950s. Trump argued that Mueller made McCarthy "look like a baby." Study the late Joseph McCarthy, because we are now in period with Mueller and his gang that make Joseph McCarthy look like a baby! Rigged Witch Hunt! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 19, 2018 "Comparing him to Joseph McCarthy when Mueller is the total hero," Granholm said. "One wonders who is the real McCarthy." Santorum disagreed: "If Bob Mueller wanted to avoid claims of McCarthyism, he should be investigating what's going on within [the ...
The Democratic Party’s Progressive Wing Falls Short 10.8.2018 Outside the Beltway
Tuesday's election results were a defeat for the progressive effort to remake the Democratic Party in their image.
Rosie O'Donnell: 'Come November, We Will Save Democracy Or Lose It' 7.8.2018 Crooks Liars
In an extended interview yesterday, Rosie O'Donnell spoke truth to Ari Melber -- who didn't exactly warm up to what she was saying about Trump and the media. After a clip of Trump attacking O'Donnell, she responded. "The worst part of that is this huge response. The huge response. He's like a really bad comic in the Catskills who gets one schlocky line out and talks about it for four months, told everyone 'They laughed at that, that was the funniest thing.' He was allowed to, with help from the mainstream media and MSNBC, all you have to do is look at the tapes from Morning Joe, they had him on once a week, Willie Geist was very anti-Rosie O'Donnell. So was Joe Scarborough and every reporter on Fox. It went on and on. When he lied, and said the show was canceled. The show was not canceled my friend, I left the show and $100 million, money on the table, to go home and ...
Rad Girls Are Bold and Empowered 26.7.2018
An excerpt from "Rad Girls Can: Stories of Bold, Brave, and Brilliant Young Women."

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Yes, Democrats Need to Run Left -- on Economics 24.7.2018 American Prospect
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana Senator Bernie Sanders with Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous at a campaign rally in Silver Spring Have you noticed the irritating spate of articles in the mainstream press expressing alarm that the Democratic Party may be moving too far to the left? This has  become a trope among commentators.  The  lead piece  in Sunday’s New York Times, for instance, is headlined, “Democrats Brace as Storm Brews to Their Left.” So right from the headline, the progressive energy that is bringing new people into politics and challenging Republican incumbents is condemned as some kind of threat to “Democrats.” The reporter, Alexander Burns, goes on to quote party leaders warning of the possible ill-effects: “‘There are a lot of moderate and even conservative Democrats in Michigan,’ Mr. Brewer (the former state party chair) cautioned.” Note the use of the loaded verb, cautioned. This is a classic sort of piece in which the writer has a point of view that he wants to get across, but as ...
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Democrats Already Gearing Up For 2020 Battles 16.7.2018 Outside the Beltway
The midterm elections are still four months away, but Democrats are already making moves to prepare for the race for their party's Presidential nomination in 2020.
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Spain’s majority-female cabinet embodies women’s global rise to power 15.7.2018 The Moderate Voice

Susan Franceschet, University of Calgary and Karen Beckwith, Case Western Reserve University Gender-equal governments, which include the same number of men and women as ministry heads and in other cabinet posts, used to be the purview of woman-friendly Nordic countries and highly progressive societies like Canada and Costa Rica. No longer. Mexico’s president-elect Andrés Manuel […]

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Kimberly Guilfoyle Poses With Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorist Flashing White Nationalist Sign 7.7.2018 Crooks Liars
Before Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle went to the White House  with Donald Trump Jr.  on July 4th, she agreed to take a photograph with a Pizzagate conspiracy theorist who flashed a white nationalism sign for the camera. Guilfoyle encountered the right-wing extremist while she was helping the Trump family cash in a bit more via a visit to the  glaring conflict of interest  known as the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. prior to her July 4th visit to the White House. It turns out he's also a Guilfoyle fan. But, hey, anyone who dates a guy who  met with Russians  offering dirt on Hillary Clinton during the presidential election is obviously not someone with high moral standards. And let’s not forget that Guilfoyle also insists that sexual predator Roger Ailes is a “ champion of women ...
Outrage Over Minority Rule 30.6.2018 Outside the Beltway
There is a frustration and a growing sense that the American political system is illegitimate.
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Fake editing (Cartoon, Column and Video) 26.6.2018 The Moderate Voice

Even before the major reasons why Donald Trump should not have been seriously considered for the presidency, I had a few that may appear petty but point to larger problems with the guy. Trump’s inexperience, stupidity, sexism, and racism are all great reasons why the man shouldn’t have gotten farther than the rent-is-too-damn-high guy. But […]

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A Call to Bring Julian Assange Home 18.6.2018
The Australian government has an obligation to free Julian Assange, John Pilger told a rally in Sydney on June 16, marking Assange’s six years’ confinement in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. By John Pilger The persecution of Julian Assange must…Read more →
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The Equal Rights Amendment Is One State Away as Women’s Rights Move Forward 13.6.2018
The current political climate has re-energized the push to include gender equality in the US Constitution.

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Honorifics, Gender, and Journalism 12.6.2018 Outside the Beltway
A seemingly innocuous change to a newspaper style guide has some significant implications.
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At Long Last, The ERA Passes In Illinois 31.5.2018 Crooks Liars
From the Chicago Tribune: Illinois approves Equal Rights Amendment, 36 years after deadline The Illinois House voted Wednesday night to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment more than 45 years after it was approved by Congress, putting it one state away from possible enshrinement in the U.S. Constitution amid potential legal questions. The 72-45 vote by the House, following an April vote by the Senate, was just one more vote than needed for ratification. It does not need the approval of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who has said he supports equal rights but was faulted by Democrats for not taking a position on the ERA. “I am appalled and embarrassed that the state of Illinois has not done this earlier,” said Democratic Rep. Stephanie Kifowit of Oswego, a Marine veteran. “I am proud to be on this side of history and I am proud to support not only all the women that this will help, that this will send a message to, but I am also here to be a role model for my daughter.” Helping to propel momentum for the ...
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Thank you, Secretary Clinton 28.5.2018 BuzzMachine

Friday at Radcliffe — in a tent wonderfully filled with 80 or 90 percent women, from the class of ’41 on— I had the privilege of seeing Hillary Clinton receive the Radcliffe Medal. I left ever-more impressed with her wisdom, experience, and civility — with her leadership — and, of course, ever-more depressed that what should be is not what is. As […]

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Reports of a Democratic party rift are greatly exaggerated 25.5.2018 The Moderate Voice

WASHINGTON — To peruse the coverage of the Democratic primaries of 2018, you’d think there was a battle royale within the Democratic Party: insurgent vs. establishment, Bernie vs. Hillary, progressive vs. moderate, grass roots vs. party bosses. There’s been mention of a “battle between progressives and moderates” (the Guardian), a Democratic “identity crisis” (The Washington […]

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Democrats Dodged A Bullet 25.5.2018 The Moderate Voice

Democrats dodged a bullet when Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. If Democrats think that Trump has a huge ego, then they haven’t taken a close look at Hillary Clinton’s ego. “No, I’m not over it. I still think about the 2016 election.” That is what Clinton told Yale’s 2018 graduating class. Jim […]

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Jeanine Pirro Has a Direct Line Into Trump’s Brain 25.5.2018 Mother Jones
On a Saturday night in February, three days after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, President Donald Trump tweeted out his latest theory of the massacre: “Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter,” he wrote. “They are spending too much time trying to prove […]
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