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Child Migrants Around the World Are Being Denied Their Human Rights 25.5.2019
The US is the only nation not to have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Alabama Doesn’t Value Its Own Residents’ “Sanctity of Life” 24.5.2019
The state has adopted a raft of cruel policies calculated to make life tougher and shorter for its residents.
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Discriminatory housing practices linked to higher pollution and asthma rates, new report finds 23.5.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
Communities subjected to discriminatory lending and mortgage practices decades ago now have higher rates of asthma, according to new research out Wednesday. These predominately low-income communities and communities of color also suffer from increased exposure to pollutants. Redlining — the practice of denying loans or insurance to certain groups or neighborhoods over concerns that they […]
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Democrats! DRACARYS 22.5.2019 Crooks Liars
It’s time for the Democratic Party to put away their playthings, take off their kid gloves and tackle the narcissistic tyrant that inhabits the Oval Office. Full Stop. Better yet, burn his corrupt administration to the ground, Drogon-style. Robert Mueller’s report paves the way for an impeachment hearing all by itself. Initially holding Congressional investigations was a smart way for Dems to begin their takeover of the House, but since Trump is refusing and blocking every avenue of oversight, enough is enough. Trump acts like a whiny, juvenile wretch running amok through the halls of Congress; through the Constitution, and through the dignity of the presidency, all in an effort to glorify his ego and his warped sense of entitlement. All the while lining his and his family member's pocketbooks full of gold. The time for calculating, slow playing and finding safe paths against an uncontrollable and corrupt imbecile are over. The Trump administration consistently tramples on the rights of the poor, the ...
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Poll: Many rural Americans struggle with financial insecurity, access to health care 21.5.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
A new poll from NPR, Harvard and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gives a glimpse into rural life in America today, finding that many people living in rural communities live on the edge financially.
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The other reasons kids aren't getting vaccinations: poverty and health care access 21.5.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
Religious and ideological opposition to vaccines has fueled the current measles outbreak. But there's another factor driving low vaccination rates in some communities: poverty.
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The abortion debate is not about the sanctity of life — it’s about corporate capitalism 20.5.2019 Raw Story
On Wednesday, the day it was announced that the U.S. birthrate fell for the fourth straight year, signaling the lowest number of births in 32 years, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law the most draconian anti-abortion lawin the country. That the two developments came at the same time could not hav...
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Will Democratic Party Elites Dictate Its Primaries Again? 18.5.2019
The Democratic elite will fight any real threat to their status quo, as they did in the 2016 primaries and caucuses.
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Johns Hopkins Hospital has been hounding the poor for a rounding error’s worth of revenue 18.5.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
Johns Hopkins Hospital sicced collections attorneys on thousands of patients over the past decade, often taking extraordinary measures to extract payment from patients who probably owed no money at all under the state laws governing the non-profit medical provider. According to a new report from union researchers with National Nurses United (NNU), the hospital’s outside […]
Alabama governor’s belief in sanctity of life doesn’t seem to extend beyond the womb 17.5.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
After signing the country’s strictest abortion ban into law Wednesday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) explained her reasoning in a statement, citing “Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.” But that belief is not reflected in the state’s abysmal statistics when it comes […]
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The US could have ended up with a British-style health care system: Here is why it didn’t 17.5.2019 Raw Story
The role of government in the U.S. health care system has been contentious long before the recent emergence of Medicare-For-All proposals among Democratic presidential candidates. Advocates of so-called free-market health care have long described government intervention as “un-American” and “sociali...
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Donald Trump: King of white welfare 16.5.2019 Raw Story
This is King Trump's great "innovation": He has melded his unapologetic white identity politics with authoritarianism, naked corruption and poorly designed welfare policies for white people....
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Right-wing conservatives promote shirking and freeloading using these 5 methods 16.5.2019 Raw Story
Early in high school my daughters learned a lesson about group projects: some people don’t like to pull their weight. It wasn’t the kids who struggled to produce quality work that the girls found most frustrating. As fiery Ohio State Senator Nina Turner says, “We don’t all run the race at the same p...
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Newsom’s tough sell on healthcare: persuading public on fines for those without coverage 15.5.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Five months after unveiling a sweeping plan to lower health insurance costs for middle-class Californians, Gov. Gavin Newsom now must sell the politically unpopular part of his proposal — hefty fines on those who do not have medical coverage.

On Tuesday, he launched his pitch by highlighting how...

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Pat Robertson Warns God Will Smite America If Equality Act Passed 15.5.2019 Crooks Liars
Pat Robertson called his 700 club viewers to rise up in opposition to the Equality Act , which protects LGBTQ folks by prohibiting discrimination in housing and employment on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel had just wrapped up an interview with Robertson, pronouncing the proposed law "the biggest threat to religious freedom and freedom in general and the sanctity of human life" to ever be considered. As if the gay and trans people are more of a threat to human life than the forced birth zealots who think nothing of forcing women to give birth at grave risk to their health, while making sure the poor women have no access to prenatal care or healthcare in general. Oh yes, please tell me about how much any of these arrogant white men care about human life, or freedom in general, or even religious freedom. Drawing on his warped interpretation of Christian teachings, Robertson called his viewers to action. “If you want to bring the judgment of God on this ...
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What's the holdup? 4 issues keeping DFL, GOP from a deal at the Capitol 15.5.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Minnesota lawmakers are bumping up against a deadline to end the 2019 legislative session — and they've spent a week hustling in and out of negotiations — but there's still no deal on the next two-year state budget.
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David Cay Johnston: How the Trump administration plans to cut Social Security benefits 13.5.2019 Raw Story
The Trump administration, continuing its assaults on the most vulnerable Americans, is now going after disabled people with limited English proficiency. Dependent children of people who become disabled are among those likely to be hurt by the new rule. The rule, not yet in effect, would deny Social ...
Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Myth Connecting Poverty to Person's Character 12.5.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
The congresswoman took the common tropes about being poor to task in a thread on Twitter Saturday.
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Amid GOP Hypocrisy, Alabama Advances US’s Strictest Abortion Bill 10.5.2019
Anti-choice activists hope to see this bill land in front of the Supreme Court.
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Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to double spending on homelessness — to $1 billion 10.5.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Insisting that a fiscally responsible state government can also aid those in need, Gov. Gavin Newsom sent California lawmakers a revised budget Thursday that builds on his earlier efforts to address poverty and homelessness while forecasting the largest tax revenue windfall in state history.


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