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Americans stick with health insurance despite Trump's push to dismantle Obamacare 22.5.2018 LA Times: Business

Americans kept up their health insurance last year despite President Trump's all-out push to dismantle the Obama-era coverage expansion. That's the counterintuitive conclusion from a major government survey released Tuesday.

After nearly a full year of Trump’s presidency, the uninsured rate was...

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Why has the personal savings rate declined so dramatically? 22.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Why has the personal savings rate declined so dramatically?
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Why these 2 California Republicans just keep winning 22.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary
For years, Reps. Jeff Denham and David Valadao have been targeted to no avail by Democrats who have looked to the regions they represent and seen winnable odds.
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Key GOP state senator reaches compromise with Va. House on Medicaid 22.5.2018 Washington Post
Key GOP state senator reaches compromise with Va. House on Medicaid
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Hillary Clinton is Now a Victim of ‘Socialists’ 21.5.2018
Hillary Clinton is incapable of coming to terms with her loss and now finds fault with greedy capitalists who are turning young people into socialists, as Paul Street explains. By Paul Street Special to Consortium News Hillary Clinton’s take on…Read more →
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Two doctors with opposing views on expanding Medi-Cal to immigrants here illegally 20.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: We can all agree that in a civilized society, access to quality healthcare should be a right. Far more complicated is determining how to pay for it.

The analysis in your stellar editorial, “Now Is Not the Time to Expand Medi-Cal to Undocumented Adults,” points out that offering “free”...

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Millions of U.S. drivers may have lost licenses over traffic debt 20.5.2018 Washington Post
More than 7 million people nationwide may have had their driver’s licenses suspended for failure to pay court or administrative debt, a practice that advocates say unfairly punishes the poor, a Washington Post analysis found.
The Health 202: These Republicans may pay a political price for their health-care votes 18.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
And Democrats know it.
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The tax plan didn't do what it promised, but here's what might 17.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
The tax plan didn't do what it promised, but here's what might
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Scott Walker and the Failure of Trickle Down 17.5.2018 American Prospect
Governor Scott Walker speaks with reporters on February 1, 2018, in Madison, Wisconsin.   In January 2011, two new governors took office in the neighboring states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Minnesota’s new governor, Democrat Mark Dayton, had campaigned largely on a platform of taxing the rich to provide the services the state needed. By contrast, Wisconsin’s new governor, Republican Scott Walker had pledged to cut taxes in order to create jobs. Over the course of the past seven years, these two governors have taken their states on vastly different trajectories: Minnesota to the left, and Wisconsin to the right. How these two diametrically opposed approaches have played out has been chronicled before, including by the Prospect, where in 2015, as the governors embarked on their second terms, Ann Markusen wrote how “Minnesota and Wisconsin offer something close to a laboratory experiment in competing economic policies.” Now, nearing the completion of those second terms, the merits and problems of these two ...
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If House Republicans Get Their Way, Rural Americans Are Screwed 16.5.2018 Mother Jones
Back in 2016, the Republican Party won the presidency and both chambers of Congress with strong support in rural areas, particularly among farmers. But since that triumph, the Grand Old Party hasn’t exactly been a champion of rural interests. As I’ve written in recent months, President Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration is essentially an attack […]
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The Health 202: Here are three big ways the Trump administration could put its mark on Medicaid 16.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
I interviewed Seema Verma yesterday.
Now is not the time to expand Medi-Cal to undocumented adults 16.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Advocates of a single-payer healthcare system in California have struggled to come up with a realistic and feasible way to pay for it, so this year they’re pushing for more incremental steps toward universal health insurance coverage. The most far-reaching of these would be to expand Medi-Cal,...

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Rev. William Barber Is Reviving MLK’s Poor People’s Campaign. He Got Arrested the First Day of Protests. 15.5.2018 Mother Jones
Fifty years after the first Poor People’s Campaign, organized by Martin Luther King Jr. shortly before his assassination and carried out after his death, activists have launched a new campaign for economic and social justice. Modeled after the original movement, where thousands of people descended on the National Mall in Washington, DC to protest poverty, the […]
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Fatal pedestrian crashes increasingly involve SUVs, study finds 15.5.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Pedestrian deaths have spiked in the U.S. since 2010. SUVs have surged in popularity, but their design can be especially deadly for those on foot.
How not to blow California's $8.8-billion windfall 15.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

In January, when Gov. Jerry Brown released his initial spending proposal for the next fiscal year, the state’s budget experts were projecting about $6.1 billion in extra revenue. That was very good news.

Now the news is even better. The expected surplus has grown to a whopping $8.8 billion, which...

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Activists kick off new Poor People's Campaign, echoing MLK in 1968 15.5.2018 LA Times: Nation

Callie Greer, a community organizer from Selma, Ala., on Monday stepped on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, a strip of sackcloth fastened around her upper left arm to signal she was willing to go to jail.

Greer lost her daughter Venus, who could not afford health insurance, to breast cancer in 2013....

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Stock indexes end the day with small gains 15.5.2018 LA Times: Business

The major U.S. stock indexes ended with small gains Monday after an afternoon pullback weighed on small-company shares.

The market had been broadly higher earlier in the day on hopes that trade tensions between the United States and China were easing. But much of that rally faded, leaving decliners...

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Echoing MLK in 1968, activists kick off new Poor People's Campaign 14.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Carolina Alas, a fast-food worker from Richmond, Calif., does not meet official definitions of poverty.

The 48-year-old immigrant from El Salvador has a full-time job working 40 hours a week, cooking hamburgers at a Jack in the Box. But Alas, a U.S. citizen, struggles to pay her $700 rent, phone...

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Bus drivers, allies make a case for putting D.C. Circulator under city control 14.5.2018 Washington Post
Bus drivers, allies make a case for putting D.C. Circulator under city control
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