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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Pushes Pro-Abortion Propaganda: Don’t ‘Force Poor Mom’ to Give Birth ‘Against Her Will’ 8.11.2019 NewsBusters
In the November 7 episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, titled “Papa Don’t’ Preach,” 25-year-old Cassidy Gardner (Hayley Chase) is brought to the emergency department of Pacific Northwest General Hospital after a fall on her basement stairs. Tests show that she is bleeding in her spleen and also that she is 8 – 10 weeks pregnant. Cassidy is disappointed to learn that the baby survived her ...
Newsletter: Who's undecided on impeachment? 1 in 4 7.11.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Here are the stories you shouldn't miss today: TOP STORIES Who's Undecided on Impeachment?

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Overturning the ACA Would Be a Massive Tax Cut for the Wealthy 5.11.2019
A federal appeals court will soon rule on a challenge to the ACA filed by 18 GOP-led states and the Trump ...
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Uprooted: The 1950's plan to erase Indian Country 4.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
In the 1950s, the United States government came up with a plan to solve what it called the "Indian problem." It would assimilate Native Americans by moving them to cities and eliminating reservations. The 20-year campaign failed to destroy Native cultures and tribal sovereignty, but its impact is still felt today.
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Anyone opposed to Medicare For All ain’t got the sense God gave a goose. The Republican refrain that America can’t afford it can be found in Chapter two of their disinformation handbook entitled: “But Her Emails”. The healthcare industry is but one of the major business sectors in America to experience what is called disintermediation. Disintermediation means cutting out the middleman, and that, among many other things, is what Medicare For All does.

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Elizabeth Warren outlines $20-trillion 'Medicare for all' plan at pivotal point in the campaign 1.11.2019 LA Times: Nation

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren proposes a $20-trillion 'Medicare for all' plan funded by hefty taxes on the rich and corporations.

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Decades neglecting an ancient disease has triggered a health emergency around the world 30.10.2019 Raw Story
New extensively drug-resistant variants of an ancient and deadly disease – typhoid fever – are spreading across international borders. Cases have been reported in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iraq, Guatemala, UK, US, and Germany, as well as more recently in Australia and Canada. In recent years, drug resistant and travel-associated typhoid variants have also […]
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Patients Eligible for Charity Care Instead Get Big Bills 28.10.2019
A woman holds her head in her hands as she looks at a pile of bills
Nonprofit hospitals admit they sent $2.7 billion in bills over the course of a year.
Pink Ribbon Awareness Campaigns Will Never Deliver Public Health 23.10.2019
Pink Ribbon Awareness Campaigns Will Never Deliver Public Health
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Letters to the Editor: Price competition won't fix healthcare. More cooperation might 23.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

A doctor says it's no surprise that high-deductible health plans are not pushing down prices.

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‘This is just cruelty and exclusion’: Amid Trump’s attack on poor, one million fewer kids receiving Medicaid and CHIP 22.10.2019 Raw Story
“This is not people reaching self-sufficiency,” warned Rep. Pramila Jayapal. The Trump administration’s aggressive efforts to monitor who is benefiting from government assistance programs have had what critics say is their desired effect—pushing more than a million children off Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program in less than two years. Between December 2017 and […]
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For Immigrants, Trump Is Making America Crueler Again 22.10.2019
For Immigrants, Trump Is Making America Crueler Again
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The View’s Joy Behar nails ‘sad truth’ about spiteful Trump voters: ‘They don’t want health care if you get it also’ 21.10.2019 Raw Story
Joy Behar nailed the “sad truth” about spiteful supporters of President Donald Trump. “The View” co-host pointed to a New York Times column written by University of Florida professor Darlena Cunha, who spoke with some of her neighbors about their support for the scandal-plagued Republican president. One man who struck up a conversation with the […]
Minimum wage workers win big union victory in anti-union Texas 21.10.2019 Raw Story
While Donald Trump’s Labor Department works to diminish employee rights, organized workers have scored an important victory deep in the heart of anti-union Texas. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner signed an executive order raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2021 for 8,000 people at the city’s two airports. That’s a 65% increase for […]
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British Parliament Forces Boris Johnson to Request Another Brexit Delay 20.10.2019
Boris Johnson speaks at a press conference to the European Commission
A disorderly Brexit would hit Britain’s poor the hardest.
No health insurance? California will help, but you'll pay if you're not covered 17.10.2019 LA Times: Business

California will offer aid to middle-class people who make too much to get Obamacare tax credits, but uninsured Californians will owe a penalty.

CNN's Cooper Exonerates the Bidens: Trump 'Falsely Accused' Your Son, 'No Evidence' 16.10.2019 NewsBusters
CNN devoted the first 20 minutes of the 2020 Democratic primary debate to impeachment and actually asked the candidates some tough questions on whether the process makes any sense. Yet, moderator Anderson Cooper made sure to exonerate the Bidens, telling Joe Biden that your son has been “falsely accused” and there’s “no evidence” of any wrongdoing. Cooper began by repeating Democratic talking ...
Denver Post listening tour: Aurora, home to powerful institutions, wants to harness its diversity 13.10.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
It's easy to pigeonhole the city on Denver's eastern flank as just another sprawling suburb full of subdivisions, chain restaurants and low-rise office parks, but in the last two decades Aurora has developed a rich complexity.
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Fox Backfires Again: Asking Audience About Restaurant Tips 12.10.2019 Crooks Liars
You'd think everyone on Fox News would know better than to continue to ask their audience about anything. Remember the backfire when they asked a live audience to proclaim love for private insurance? It happened again, this time about tipping waitstaff at restaurants. The Fox and Friends hosts disagreed with the title of a Washington Post column: "You still have to tip 20 percent, no matter what." Syndicated columnist Michelle Singletary wrote a really good column on "tipping 20% no matter what." I highly recommend you go read it. Singletary says she used to feel that as a customer she had a "right" to deduct from a restaurant tip if the service or food was low quality. She's come around to believe that (a) no other worker has their pay deducted when they have a bad day, and (b) that it's the restaurant industry that shifts the burden of wages onto the customer that is at fault. Singletary also had advice for how to deal if you have poor service or a problem with the food. (Short answer: speak ...
‘Repugnant to the American Dream’: Judge slaps down new Trump policy of banning poor immigrants 12.10.2019 Raw Story
A federal judge has just issued an order blocking President Donald Trump’s new policy of banning poor immigrants, calling it “repugnant to the American Dream.” President Trump has ordered that immigrants must prove they have enough money to buy health insurance or prove they already have access to health insurance so they do not become […]
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