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Doctors and experts warn against the risks of using malaria drugs off-label to treat COVID-19 28.3.2020 LA Times: Nation

The prospect that malaria drugs will become go-to medications in the treatment of COVID-19 before they've been rigorously tested is prompting safety warnings.

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Op-Ed: We weren't ready for coronavirus. Now we know what Washington has to do before the next outbreak hits 27.3.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The U.S. needs integrated, all-of-government disease preparedness and international collaboration to fight the globalized reality of infectious disease.

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For many Indians, the biggest concern isn't coronavirus. It's hunger 27.3.2020 LA Times: Nation

A three-week lockdown affecting 1.3 billion people has unleashed chaos as stranded migrant workers sleep in streets and police beat curfew-breakers.

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Like a biblical plague, locusts swarm East Africa, laying waste to crops and livelihoods 26.3.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Billions of locusts have swarmed over at least eight East African countries, consuming crops so rapidly that experts fear widespread famine.

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Spain's coronavirus deaths leap, now second only to Italy 25.3.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The death toll in Spain from the coronavirus shot up by more than 700 on Wednesday, surpassing China and is now second only to Italy as the pandemic spread rapidly in Europe.
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World's biggest lockdown: 1.3 billion Indians ordered to stay home to fight coronavirus 24.3.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a 21-day nationwide curfew as experts warned that India could become an epicenter of the pandemic.

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Britain orders lockdown as WHO warns pandemic ‘accelerating’ 24.3.2020 Raw Story
Britain ordered a three-week lockdown on Monday in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus as world health officials warned that the pandemic is “accelerating” around the globe. As Britain joined other nations in imposing strict stay-at-home orders, the number of virus deaths worldwide surged past 16,000 and the number of confirmed cases surpassed […]
Beyond the Economic Chaos of Coronavirus Is a Global War Economy 23.3.2020
In the face of excessive capital accumulation, war and repression have become profit centers for the capitalist ...
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Global markets sink as pandemic deaths soar 23.3.2020 Raw Story
Stock markets suffered a further hammering Monday despite massive economic stimulus efforts worldwide, with investors spooked by a mounting death toll from the coronavirus pandemic. The negative mood was fuelled by the failure of US lawmakers to agree on a trillion-dollar emergency package to help the reeling American economy, analysts said. European equities tanked four […]
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Casual lockdowns and self-isolation aren’t working to stop coronavirus and doctors are overwhelmed 23.3.2020 Raw Story
Coronavirus deaths soared across Europe and the United States on Sunday despite heightened restrictions, as Germany banned gatherings of more than two people and Chancellor Angela Merkel went into quarantine. In the US, President Donald Trump ordered emergency medical stations for hotspots, hospitals scrambled to find ventilators, and a trillion-dollar proposal to rescue America’s reeling […]
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Virus deaths surge past 13,000 as one billion confined to homes 22.3.2020 Raw Story
Nearly one billion people around the world were confined to their homes on Sunday, as the coronavirus death toll crossed 13,000 and factories were shut in worst-hit Italy after another single-day fatalities record. The raging pandemic has forced lockdowns in 35 countries across the globe, disrupting lives, travel and businesses as governments scramble to shut […]
Nearly 1 billion people have been confined to their homes in response to COVID-19 coronavirus 22.3.2020 Raw Story
Almost one billion people were confined to their homes worldwide Saturday as the global coronavirus death toll topped 12,000 and US states rolled out stay-at-home measures already imposed across swathes of Europe. More than a third of Americans were adjusting to life in various phases of virtual lockdown — including in the US’s three biggest […]
'A mess in America': Why Asia now looks safer than the U.S. in the coronavirus crisis 21.3.2020 L.A. Times - World News

In a clear sign that the U.S. botched its coronavirus response, some Americans are relieved they stayed in countries closest to the outbreak's origin.

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Letters to the Editor: Stay home. Do it for the generation that sacrificed everything to win World War II 20.3.2020 LA Times: Opinion

People in their 90s today who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus sacrificed greatly during World War II. They deserve our help now.

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Italian death toll overtakes China's as virus spreads 20.3.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The death toll in Italy from the coronavirus overtook China’s on Thursday in a stark illustration of how the outbreak has pivoted toward Europe and the United States.
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Coronavirus death toll in Italy overtakes China’s after rising to 3,405 19.3.2020 Raw Story
Italy passed a grim milestone on Thursday when it overtook China as the country with most reported deaths from the new coronavirus sweeping the planet. The world has stepped up its war to try to contain the rapid spread of COVID-19, with several countries imposing lockdowns that are keeping tens of millions of people trapped […]
No soap, no water: billions lack basic protection against virus 19.3.2020 Raw Story
As nations around the world fight the coronavirus pandemic with mass lockdowns and travel bans, UN experts warn that some three billion people lack even the most basic weapons to protect themselves: soap and running water. The outbreak has infected some 200,000 people and killed 9,000, scorching through populations across the globe after emerging in […]
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Congress Is Gearing up to Give Corporations a Ton of Bailout Cash. Progressives Hope They Learned Lessons from the Last Time. 19.3.2020 Mother Jones
When I reached Sara Nelson on Wednesday morning, there’s an anxious sharpness to her usual no-nonsense delivery. The president of the Association of Flight Attendants—a major figure in organized labor, who is expected by many to someday helm the AFL-CIO—has been living with the gravity of a global pandemic for much longer than most Americans. […]
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Italy virus deaths hit record as Trump goes on war footing 19.3.2020 Raw Story
Italy on Wednesday reported nearly 500 new deaths from the novel coronavirus, the highest one-day official toll of any nation, as Donald Trump ordered sweeping new action against the pandemic and declared himself a war president. With the number of global coronavirus infections shooting past 200,000, governments announced new containment measures and the US Congress […]
Global virus infections top 200,000 as nations tighten clampdowns 18.3.2020 Raw Story
The number of global coronavirus infections shot past 200,000 on Wednesday, as governments across Europe, North America and Asia rolled out tough measures to put the brakes on the ferocious spread of the deadly pandemic. Worldwide fatalities topped 8,000 and more deaths have now been recorded in Europe, the new virus epicentre, than in Asia […]
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