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So, it is time to shut this down. The internet world in 2020 is vastly differently from 2003 when I first conceptualized this service. Thanks for using this all these years.

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Hundreds of Thousands of Students Traveled Home This Week Amid COVID Spike 26.11.2020 Truthout.com
Hundreds of Thousands of Students Traveled Home This Week Amid COVID Spike
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Biden’s COVID Plan Is Better Than Trump’s, But Still Far From Sufficient 22.11.2020 Truthout.com
The pandemic is a structural problem. To truly fight it, we must take on capitalism, agribusiness and racial ...
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Rape, worker abuses are common in palm oil fields linked to top beauty brands and everyday household products 21.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Palm oil is found in everything from potato chips and pills to pet food, and also ends up in products from L’Oréal, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Avon, Johnson & Johnson.
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COVID-19 update: Vaccine progress, health officials' biggest worries and which countries are hit hardest 20.11.2020 LA Times: Nation

The United States, India and Brazil have the most infections and the most deaths.

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American voters’ victory against Trump should not be wasted 10.11.2020 The Moderate Voice

Joe Biden’s character and decency are the needs of this time not only in the US but also for Europe and most of the world. His skills when he occupies the Oval Office next year will be sorely tested because restoring trust in US leadership requires crossing mountains of distrust within and outside the US. […]

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Sorry Woke-Rouge: We’re *Not* That Racist in America. 3.11.2020 The Moderate Voice

The incredibly misguided 1619 Project and the new religious movement of “wokeism” has finally jumped the shark. Yes, fellow liberals: we have our own deplorables now. The whole “White Fragility” nonsense has its own original sin, its saints (St. Di Angelo, St. Kendi, St. T.-N. Coates and other grievance grifters), its own dogma, its metaphoric […]

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A California Proposition Could Reinstate Affirmative Action. Why Are Some Asian Americans Against It? 3.11.2020 Mother Jones
Prop 16 in California would overturn the state’s ban on affirmative action programs in public institutions. The opposition to the measure has been led by a familiar constellation of people in the long-running, multi-front push to undermine affirmative action programs. And like a lot of other recent efforts, the opposition also includes a number of […]
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War Wasn’t a Campaign Issue. What Does That Mean for the Next Presidency? 29.10.2020 Truthout.com
It is an indication that the U.S. war industry has flourished regardless of who occupies the White ...
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India passes eight million coronavirus cases 29.10.2020 Raw Story
India on Thursday passed eight million coronavirus cases, with the world’s second-worst-hit country bracing for a possible second wave ahead of winter and a series of religious festivals. There have now been 8,040,203 cases and 120,527 deaths across the country of 1.3 billion people, according to the latest government figures. The United States has seen […]
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Seeking to expand their influence, China and Russia market coronavirus vaccines around the world 29.10.2020 L.A. Times - World News

It could be a while before U.S. efforts to develop coronavirus vaccines benefit the developing world. China and Russia are trying to fill the void.

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‘The opposite of exceptional’: Foreign journalists stunned by dysfunction of America’s 2020 election 27.10.2020 Raw Story
Veteran foreign correspondents covering America’s 2020 presidential election say that the United States is acting much more like a banana republic than a stable democracy. In interviews with The New Yorker, some of the reporters even gloated about how far America had fallen, as they were used to receiving lectures from the United States about […]
To Defeat Fascism, We Must Recognize It’s a Failed Response to Capitalist Crisis 25.10.2020 Truthout.com
To resist the forces of fascism, we need an alternative approach to the crisis that’s based on a social justice ...
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An Effective Green New Deal Must Be Global. This Is What It Could Look Like. 25.10.2020 Truthout.com
Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin's latest book gives us a concrete plan to deal with this truly existential ...
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Column One: What this West African village's Ebola fight can teach the U.S. about COVID-19 23.10.2020 L.A. Times - World News

A reporter who covered an Ebola outbreak in West Africa discovers troubling parallels in the U.S. over the coronavirus, including conspiracy theories and denial.

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As Myanmar prepares to vote, a COVID-19 outbreak is exposing the country's meager progress 23.10.2020 LA Times: Nation

Five years after emerging from military rule, optimism over Myanmar's future is sinking over a troubled economy, a tarnished international image and an election that observers say won't be free or fair.

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Spain becomes first EU nation with one million virus cases 21.10.2020 Raw Story
Spain has become the first European Union nation to surpass a million coronavirus infections, official data showed Wednesday, as the government mulls fresh restrictions on public life to curb the spread of the disease. The country recorded 16,973 confirmed cases of Covid-19 over the past 24 hours, the health ministry announced Wednesday, taking the total […]
23 Million US Homes Remain Lead-Contaminated Years After Flint Made Headlines 15.10.2020 Truthout.com
Data from Fannie Mae shows that the U.S. government is complicit in placing low-income people in lead-tainted ...
Nearly 5.2 million Americans will be disenfranchised in 2020 election due to felony convictions: study 15.10.2020 Raw Story
Despite reforms in many states aimed at restoring ex-felons’ voting rights, an estimated 5.2 million Americans will remain disenfranchised and unable to vote in the 2020 elections, according to a study released Wednesday by The Sentencing Project. “Laws that exclude people from voting have destabilized communities and families in America for decades by denying them […]
19 Years After US Invasion, Afghanistan’s Civil War Rages Despite Peace Talks 7.10.2020 Truthout.com
After 19 years and $2 trillion, the U.S. has little to show by way of peace but the amount of bloodshed is ...
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Coronavirus Today: Why Trump's battle isn't over 6.10.2020 LA Times: Nation

President Trump left the hospital on Monday, though his battle with COVID-19 is far from over.

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