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Extorting Ukraine is bad enough, but Trump has done much worse 20.10.2019 Raw Story
Recently a friend who follows the news a bit less obsessively than I do said, “I thought George W. Bush was bad, but it seems like Donald Trump is even worse. What do you think?” “Well,” I replied, “in terms of causing death and destruction, I suspect Bush still has the edge.” In fact, the […]
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Column: Why Daryl Morey's infamous tweet struck such a raw nerve in China 16.10.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Kenneth Pomeranz, a professor of modern Chinese history at the University of Chicago, explains the current Chinese outrage at the NBA.

Trump’s high crimes: Why impeachment fever is catching on — and could stop a historically destructive president 16.10.2019 Raw Story
Recently a friend who follows the news a bit less obsessively than I do said, “I thought George W. Bush was bad, but it seems like Donald Trump is even worse. What do you think?” “Well,” I replied, “in terms of causing death and destruction, I suspect Bush still has the edge.” In fact, the U.S.-led […]
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I Went to Syria and Met the People Trump Just Gave Turkey Permission to Kill 9.10.2019 Mother Jones
This story is part of Shane Bauer’s investigation into what Americans—troops, militia volunteers, ISIS recruits, and others—are doing in Syria. Bauer, who lived in Syria in the late 2000s, traveled to the Kurdish and Syrian rebel-controlled parts of the country in 2018. The area he visited is where Kurdish fighters are now preparing to make […]
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Africa Roundup: CcHub’s iHub acquisition, Andela’s $50M run-rate and layoffs, Transsion’s IPO 3.10.2019 TechCrunch
Two of Africa’s powerhouse tech incubators joined forces in September. Nigerian innovation center and seed-fund CcHub acquired Nairobi based iHub. The purchase amount was undisclosed, but CcHub will finance the deal out of its real-estate project to build a new 10-story HQ in Lagos, CcHub CEO Bosun Tijani told TechCrunch. Details are emerging on how the […]
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India-Pakistan nuclear war could kill 100 million, trigger global cooling 3.10.2019 Raw Story
The year is 2025 and militants have attacked India’s parliament, killing most of its leaders. New Delhi retaliates by sending tanks into the part of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan. Fearing it will be overrun, Islamabad hits the invading forces with its battlefield nuclear weapons, triggering an escalating exchange that becomes the deadliest conflict in history […]
‘Eindstation Auschwitz,’ Soon for All to Fathom 30.9.2019 The Moderate Voice

“We know that there is only one ending to this, only one liberation from this barbed wire hell: death.” - Eddy de Wind in 'Last Stop Auschwitz,'

The post ‘Eindstation Auschwitz,’ Soon for All to Fathom appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

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Nigeria’s CcHub acquires Kenya’s iHub to create mega Africa incubator 26.9.2019 TechCrunch
Two of Africa’s powerhouse tech incubators will join forces. Nigerian innovation center and seed-fund CcHub has acquired Nairobi based iHub — CcHub CEO Bosun Tijani confirmed to TechCrunch. The purchase amount is undisclosed, but Tijani said CcHub will finance the deal out of its real-estate project to build a new 10 story innovation center to […]
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India’s Darwinbox raises $15M to bring its HR tech platform to more Asian markets 26.9.2019 TechCrunch
An Indian SaaS startup, which is increasingly courting clients from outside of the country, just raised a significant amount of capital to expand its business. Hyderabad-based Darwinbox, which operates a cloud-based human resource management platform, said on Thursday it has raised $15 million in a new financing round. The Series B round — which moves […]
Column: If you want to save money on healthcare, get sick in some other country 24.9.2019 LA Times: Business

Citizens of nearly every other developed country live longer than we do and pay less for healthcare. That alone says we could be doing much better.

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Fearing deportation, immigrants are dropping Medicaid over misinformation about Trump’s new policy 24.9.2019 Raw Story
When she came to Texas from India in 2015 after marrying a U.S. citizen in her home country, the 41-year-old woman said, she spoke little English and had no knowledge of life in America. Within a week, she said, her new husband began calling her names, beating her, and installing cameras and sensors in their […]
Five (more) reasons to come to Disrupt SF next week 24.9.2019 techCrunch
Disrupt SF will light up on San Francisco on Oct. 2-4, and as usual we’ve designed the show to be unmissable for founders, investors and just about anyone in the global startup scene. In a post two weeks ago, we spelled out five of the best reasons to attend, including the amazing speaker agenda, the […]
EXTREME: MSNBC Hypes Simulated Hangings By Climate Protesters 21.9.2019 NewsBusters
No climate protest is too extreme for MSNBC. The network has been pushing global warming activism all week and on Friday featured, without any critical commentary, a simulated hanging. The network also touted the climate protests featuring far-left Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, anti-Semite Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Senator Bernie ...
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An Indian startup that uses WhatsApp to serve thousands with chronic disease raises $5.5M seed round 20.9.2019 TechCrunch
Another startup in India is cashing in on the popularity of WhatsApp, the most popular app in the country with more than 400 million users, to build a business around it. Digi-Prex is a seven-month old startup that runs an eponymous online subscription pharmacy in Hyderabad and serves patients with chronic diseases. Patients share their […]
The emergence of super apps in Latin America 20.9.2019 techCrunch
Because of its vast population distributed in more or less similar countries regarding language, culture and religion, Latin America is an especially compelling region for the emergence of super apps.
Negative interest rates are real, but don't expect to get paid to borrow money 13.9.2019 LA Times: Business

Trump wants the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates "to zero, or less." It's happening in other countries.

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Justin Trudeau Sets Canadian Elections For October As Scandal Continues To Linger 12.9.2019 Outside the Beltway
Canada is headed for a new election at the end of October as Justin Trudeau finds his government daling with a scandal.
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Vaccines: Trends, mistrust and consequences 12.9.2019 Raw Story
Vaccines have saved tens of millions of lives but immunization rates have stagnated in recent years due in part to fake news stories claiming vaccinations can cause measles, autism or sterility. Here are some key facts about vaccinations: – Trends – Immunization prevents two to three million deaths every year, and could prevent another 1.5 […]
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Nigerian online-only bank startup Kuda raises $1.6M 11.9.2019 techCrunch
Nigerian fintech startup Kuda — a digital-only retail bank — has raised $1.6 million in pre-seed funding. The Lagos and London-based company recently launched the beta version of its online mobile finance platform. Kuda also received its banking license from the Nigerian Central Bank, giving it a distinction compared to other fintech startups. “Kuda is […]
Africa’s Catholic churches face competition and a troubled legacy as they grow 10.9.2019 Raw Story
Pope Francis has completed his seven-day tour of three East African countries: Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius. It was a significant trip for a number of reasons. During his visit, the pope spoke on issues of peace and ecological sustainability that these countries are facing. Mozambique recently signed a peace accord with longtime rebels, and the […]
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