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Why #GambiaRising matters to Americans 30.5.2016 Daily Kos
Few things stir the passions of most Americans more than the struggle of oppressed people fighting for their freedom against a tyrant, a dictator, an authoritarian government, or a totalitarian regime. And to be sure, those feelings are greatly amplified when the uprising represents a potential blow to a rival whose rulers constitute a clear danger not just to their own people, but to the United States. Every Prague Spring, Tiananmen Square and Green Movement, an Arab Spring in North Africa and the Middle East, a Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, or an Orange Revolution in Ukraine will touch the mystic chords of American memory. That’s why iconic images like one man stopping a column of Chinese tanks in Beijing, fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi setting himself on fire in Tunis, thousands of Egyptians in Tahrir Square, and the fallen Neda Agha-Soltan bleeding to death on a Tehran street seized Americans’ imaginations—and heartstrings. But right now in a tiny country on the west coast of Africa, a nascent ...
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Closing the world’s largest refugee camp in Kenya could fan the flames of terrorism 27.5.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Upending the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people living there will only make things worse.
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Gawker’s Nick Denton to billionaire Peter Thiel: Let’s take it outside (of court) 27.5.2016 techCrunch
 Tech investor, billionaire and Donald Trump-backer Peter Thiel has been locked in a legal battle by proxy with Gawker Media that amounts to a First Amendment test which could potentially put Gawker out of business. The media company that consistently challenges and pokes at the powers that be in technology and venture capital has, according to The Wall Street Journal, “hired an… Read ...
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Taliban will still pursue an agenda of violence: Obama 27.5.2016 Hindu: International
U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday he expects the Taliban to continue a strategy of violence following the appointment of a hardline leader, adding that the United States aims to uphold Afg...
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The Debate Over Whether Families Of 9/11 Victims Should Be Able To Sue Saudi Arabia 26.5.2016 Think Progres

Saudi has come under heavy criticism after the Senate unanimously approved legislation that would allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue.

The post The Debate Over Whether Families Of 9/11 Victims Should Be Able To Sue Saudi Arabia appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Russia accuses Turkey of supplying Islamic State extremists 26.5.2016 Washington Post: World
Russia is accusing Turkey of supplying the Islamic State extremist group with components for improvised explosive devices.
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How big were the changes Tunisia's Ennahda party just made at its national congress? 26.5.2016 Washington Post
How big were the changes Tunisia's Ennahda party just made at its national congress?
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Meet the British doctor who left his hospital job to join the Islamic State 25.5.2016 Washington Post: World
The fact that someone who previously made his living caring for people has joined the Islamist group has proved especially galling for some.
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Did a billionaire Silicon Valley investor fund Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker? 25.5.2016 L.A. Times - Technology News

Peter Thiel, whose early stakes in companies like PayPal Holdings Inc. and Facebook Inc. made him a billionaire, has reason to hate online media company Gawker.

Thiel compared Gawker's sardonic tech blog Valleywag to the terrorist group Al Qaeda in 2009. Valleywag had taken every opportunity to...

House simmers with criticism for Saudi Arabia 25.5.2016 The Hill
Lawmakers appear eager to approve legislation opening the door for 9/11-related lawsuits.
Pakistan warns that U.S. airstrike against Taliban leader could hurt peace efforts 23.5.2016 Washington Post
The Foreign Office said last weekend's strike breached a U.N. charter ensuring "territorial integrity" and said it could hurt efforts to negotiate with Afghanistan and the Taliban.
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Thanks to Obama, the terrorist cancer is growing 23.5.2016 Washington Post
Thanks to Obama, the terrorist cancer is growing
In Syria, Va., support for a ban on Muslims 23.5.2016 Washington Post
In Syria, Va., support for a ban on Muslims
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'Go Back To Bed, Hillary': Fox Wingnut 'Judge' Pirro Says Trump's The One To Keep Us Safe 22.5.2016 Crooks Liars
Fox News legal genius "Judge" Pirro went on an epic Hillary Clinton bashing rant last night. She had the chutzpah to say that Donald Trump is the only person who can keep us safe. Yes, the same Trump who threatened to use nuclear weapons on everyone, including Europe because "why take anything off the table" and feels that the way to foster friendships with our neighbors is to build YUGE walls, keeping them all out. Sure, Judge Pirro. Here is her rant" "Only one person who can keep Americans safe Although *it* may have happened in another part of the world, *it* has crystallized a compelling issue confronting us and will ultimately determine who moves into 1600 Pennsylvania avenue in 2017. The ripples from the crash of EgyptAir flight 804 have reached our shores and teed up the question: who will keep *us* safe. Take a listen to the contenders: Now, to be clear, the cause of the flight's demise is yet undetermined. But both of the contenders have said the probable cause is terrorism. Trump tweets at ...
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Airstrike on Taliban leader escalates U.S. involvement in Afghan war 22.5.2016 Washington Post: World
The offensive against Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was the most aggressive U.S. military action in Pakistan since the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
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Human rights abuse: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa not behind any other Pakistani provinces 22.5.2016 New Kerala: World News
Islamabad, May 22 : Khyber Pakhtunkhwa meaning the "Khyber side of the land of Pakhtuns" is one of the four provinces of Pakistan, and located in the north western region of the country. This frontier province that borders Afghanistan is divided into seven divisions - Bannu, Dera Ismail Khan, Hazara, Kohat, Malakand, Mardan and Peshawar (the last being its capital) and is further subdivided into 26 districts, comprising of 21 Settled Area Districts (SAD) and five Provincially Administered Tribal Area (PATA) Districts.
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Morning Joe Corrects One Trump Lie Under Pressure, Leaves Others Unchallenged 21.5.2016 Crooks Liars
Donald Trump phoned in to Morning Joe today and showed his usual regard for the truth: Scarborough asked Trump if he would have stayed out of Libya. Trump answered, “I would have stayed out of Libya. I would have stayed out of Iraq too.” At the time, Trump’s lie generated no pushback from Joe Scarborough. The Clinton campaign contacted the show to challenge Trump's claim regarding Libya, and a correction was issued on air after the interview: Kudos, to @Morning_Joe for doing later correction of Trump on Libya. Took a response from Clinton campaign. — andrew kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) May 20, 2016 However, no correction was issued regarding Trump's claim that he "would have stayed out of Iraq," which is a lie: ... in a 2002 interview with Howard Stern, Donald Trump said he supported an Iraq ...
Ex-Pak president Zardari questions US commitment to Pakistan's security needs 21.5.2016 New Kerala: World News
Islamabad, May 21 : Former Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari in a rare letter to the editor of the New York Times, has questioned the United States' commitment to the security needs of Pakistan.
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Drone blowback in Pakistan is a myth. Here's why. 21.5.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
What do the people who actually live in targeted areas think about drone strikes? You might be surprised.
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Beinart on CNN: 'Dangerous' To Use 'Ill-Defined' Term 'Radical Islam' 20.5.2016 NewsBusters
The Atlantic's Peter Beinart ripped Donald Trump on Thursday's AC360 on CNN over his repeated use of the phrase "radical Islam" to attack Hillary Clinton. When Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany defended the billionaire for this criticism, Beinart retored, "If you're talking about ISIS, we know what that is. If you're talking about radical Islam, I don't think, with all due respect, you have any idea what that is....the Saudi a regime that is based on sharia; the regime in Pakistan has elements...the point is, it's a completely ill-defined term; and that's what makes it ...
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