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Nigerian military ‘mistake’ kills at least 50 in attack on safe haven camp 18.1.2017 Washington Post: World
The area was a refugee for people fleeing Boko Haram militants
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An Afghan agenda for Trump 17.1.2017 Hindu: Opinion
The U.S. President-elect must address Pakistan’s treacherous role in Afghanistan at full tilt
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Playing Politics with Terrorism List 16.1.2017
Congressional Republicans continue to push Islamo-phobic bills, now seeking to put the mostly political Muslim Brotherhood on the foreign terrorist list, notes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar. By Paul R. Pillar Legislation introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Rep.…Read more →
Syria Says Israel Attacked Military Airport, Warns Of 'Repercussions' 13.1.2017 NPR News
The Syrian government says Israel also attacked the airport, west of Damascus, in December. The Israeli military has declined to comment.
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President Obama, who hoped to sow peace, instead led the nation in war 13.1.2017 LA Times: Nation

Before he took office in 2008, Barack Obama vowed to end America’s grueling conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his second term, he pledged to take the country off what he called a permanent war footing.

“Our systematic effort to dismantle terrorist organizations must continue,” he said in...

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Trump Secretary of State Pick Compares Muslim Brotherhood to Al-Qaeda 12.1.2017 Truthout - All Articles
Rex Tillerson, chief executive of Exxon Mobil and President-elect Trump's choice for secretary of state, testifies at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill, in Washington, on January 11, 2017. (Photo: Doug Mills / The New York Times) Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of State hit out at the Muslim Brotherhood in the opening statement that he delivered on Wednesday to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. At the onset of his confirmation hearing, Rex Tillerson called the group "an agent for radical Islam like al-Qaeda…and certain elements within Iran." The assessment raises the possibility that the Trump administration will not eschew the sort of Islamophobia and authoritarianism that Trump himself promoted during the presidential campaign. Republican advisers and lawmakers have, in recent years, pushed bizarre theories about the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, calling, at times, for crackdowns on the organization, modeled after dictatorial governments ...
The Daily 202: Rex Tillerson’s struggles show the risk of a president and secretary of state with no government experience 12.1.2017 Washington Post: Politics
Rubio still on the fence after raking him over the coals
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Fox, Glenn Beck, others cleared in 'clock kid' Ahmed Mohamed's defamation suit 12.1.2017 Washington Post
Fox, Glenn Beck, others cleared in 'clock kid' Ahmed Mohamed's defamation suit
How an obscure U.S. policy effort could hurt American Muslims 12.1.2017 Washington Post
An effort to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group could have a far-reaching impact on American Muslims, whose leaders say are facing the worst harassment they have seen since 9/11.
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Trump and Worldwide Nationalist Movements 10.1.2017 The Moderate Voice
Much as we fixate on the Trump phenomenon in America, it’s important to see it as part of a worldwide nationalist turn. Like other nationalist movements, it builds on internal currents, structures and cultural elements and takes form through idiosyncratic leaders capable of breaking through existing political frameworks. There is nobody else just like Donald ...
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Osama Bin Laden's Son Hamza Added To U.S. Terror Blacklist 6.1.2017 NPR News
The State Department on Thursday announced that Hamza bin Laden has been added to its Specially Designated Global Terrorist list. The action also imposes sanctions on the son of Osama bin Laden.
U.S. designates Osama bin Laden's son a 'Specially Designated Global Terrorist' 6.1.2017 New Kerala: World News
U.S. designates Osama bin Laden's son a 'Specially Designated Global Terrorist'
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Indian-American to join Team Trump 6.1.2017 Hindu: News
Indian-American Raj Shah has been named deputy assistant to the President and deputy communication director and research director in the incoming Donald Trump administration.Mr. Shah has been leading...
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US imposes terrorism-related sanctions against bin Laden son 5.1.2017 AP Top News
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration imposed sanctions Thursday on a son of Sept. 11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, saying the younger bin Laden poses a risk to U.S. national security....
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Give John Walker Lindh, the "American Taliban," a Chance to Tell His Story 5.1.2017
John Walker Lindh's ordeal is instructive for what it says about the US government's conduct of the war on terror. It tells us a lot about how a US citizen can be treated by the US military forces and US legal system after being captured in a war zone. (Photo: Erika Wittlieb ; Edited: LW / TO) In November 2001, 20-year-old John Walker Lindh was captured by Northern Alliance forces in Afghanistan and imprisoned at the Qala-i-Jangi fortress. Once identified as an American, Lindh was transferred to US military forces and subjected to harsh interrogation (in his initial statements, he claimed he was tortured). He was then successfully prosecuted by his own government on two criminal counts, resulting in a 20-year federal prison sentence. The road to that prison cell was fraught with misadventure. The young man grew up in Northern California, converted to Islam in his teens, made a brief trip to Yemen and then joined the Taliban forces. In Afghanistan, he hoped to end the atrocities Northern Alliance soldiers ...
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Indian-American, once a rival, now to join Trump 5.1.2017 Hindu: International
Indian-American Raj Shah has been named deputy assistant to the President and deputy communication director and research director in the incoming Donald Trump administration.Mr. Shah has been leading...
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Running into the Chinese wall 4.1.2017 Hindu: Op-Ed
The Masood Azhar case is a piece in the fragmenting jigsaw of global terror consensus
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Pulitzer Prize-winner Joby Warrick on 'Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS' 4.1.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Journalist Joby Warrick won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for his book, "Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS." He says ISIS is the wealthiest and best-armed terrorist group of all time, and it uses tactics that even al Qaeda finds disgusting. Harnessing the power of social media, ISIS cells are spreading around the world. But Warrick says there are a few reasons for hope.
Civilian Attack In Istanbul Marks Shift In Turkey-ISIS Dynamic 3.1.2017 NPR News
The nightclub shootings are the first time ISIS has claimed an attack on civilians in Turkey. In the past, Turkey turned a blind eye to ISIS. But now, it's increasingly a political and security issue.
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Fox 'News' Distorts Data To Advance 'Radical Islamic Terrorist' Meme 3.1.2017 Crooks Liars
In addition to its patented persecuted Christian narrative , Fox News is heavily invested in fomenting fear of " radical Islam ." On this morning's Fox & Friends, data from a study on worldwide persecution of Christians was distorted in order to combine both memes in a brilliant propaganda ...
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