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The Criminal ‘Laws’ of Counterinsurgency 23.6.2017
A new book traces how the CIA and U.S. counterinsurgency warfare operatives adopted lessons from the Nazis’ fight against the partisans and evolved into a dangerous law onto themselves, writes retired JAG Major Todd E. Pierce. By Todd E. Pierce…Read more →
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UK interior minister: Britain facing a new phase of terror 22.6.2017 Washington Post: World
Britain’s interior minister says the country has entered a new phase of global terrorism.
Fight against terror continues to be selective 22.6.2017 Rediff: News
The Al Qaeda, the Islamic State or Daesh, as it is also called, will continue to exploit the fault lines and the many contradictions in the approaches of different countries, says Hardeep Puri.
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NPR Bewails British Media 'Hate' That 'Fueled' Anti-Muslim Attack in London 21.6.2017 NewsBusters
Tuesday's All Things Considered on NPR touted how many Muslims in the United Kingdom are blaming British media outlets for the incident on Monday where a Welsh man drove his van into a crowd outside a mosque in London. In their view, "the way the media covers Muslims has fueled hatred of their community," as host Kelly McEvers put it. Correspondent Frank Langfitt let two of his talking heads hype the apparent anti-Muslim coverage. A third expert underlined that the vehicle attack might "set a really worrying precedent." McEvers introduced Langfitt's report by spotlighting how the "attack yesterday on Muslims has left many people frustrated; and among the targets of that frustration is the British news media." She continued with her "fueled hatred" statement about the supposed anti-Muslim coverage by these media outlets. The journalist for publicly-funded network led by underlining that "when reporters arrived on the scene, where a white man drove a van into Muslim worshippers, they were met by anger and ...
Family of London attack suspect ‘massively shocked’ amid outreach to Muslim victims 20.6.2017 Washington Post: World
Police have the man in custody, but few details have emerged on why he plowed a rented van into worshipers outside two mosques.
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The Daily 202: Most Republicans in the Georgia special election are willing to give Trumpcare a chance 20.6.2017 Washington Post: Politics
Polls don’t tell the full story
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London van rams worshippers at mosque, authorities investigating attack as terrorism 19.6.2017 Boing Boing
In London, an attacker drove a van into pedestrians outside a mosque in London, killing one person and injuring ten or more ...
Afghan forces clear Tora Bora of IS militants: Defense Ministry 19.6.2017 New Kerala: World News
Afghan forces clear Tora Bora of IS militants: Defense Ministry
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Journalists in Pakistan under fire from many sides 19.6.2017 AP Top News
HARIPUR, Pakistan (AP) -- Bakhsheesh Elahi was waiting for the morning bus when a lone gunman on a motorcycle pulled up beside him and shot him dead. Rana Tanveer had just taken his family to safety after radical Islamists spray-painted death threats on his door, when a car smashed into his motorcycle and sped away....
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Afghan war faces flurry of setbacks as new U.S. military policy nears 19.6.2017 Washington Post: World
Amid insider attacks and heavy insurgent pressure, Pakistan’s role is at issue.
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New playground for non-state actors 19.6.2017 Hindu: Home
‘Internet-enabled’ terrorism has introduced greater complexity in an already difficult scenario
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Jaish, LeT helped Osama escape, says new book 17.6.2017 Hindu: National
Indian officials say Al-Qaeda link to groups not actionable
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Cut off Pakistan’s military aid: Muhajirs to Trump admin 17.6.2017 Hindu: International
A group of Muhajirs have urged the Trump administration and US Congress to cut off military sales and aid to Pakistan, citing Islamabad’s support to terrorism.“The actions of Pakistani military estab...
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Two US lawmakers ask Trump admin to cut Pakistan aid for supporting terror 17.6.2017 Hindu: International
Two top lawmakers have accused Pakistan of supporting terrorism and urged the Trump administration to cut military aid to the country, saying the US should make it more difficult for Islamabad to get...
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Facebook dabbling with 'Artificial Intelligence' to remove terrorist content 16.6.2017 New Kerala: World News
Facebook dabbling with 'Artificial Intelligence' to remove terrorist content
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Tiny Qatar refuses to bend on foreign policy despite a blockade by other Persian Gulf nations 16.6.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The Persian Gulf this month has been gripped by an unprecedented crisis involving Qatar and several other countries that could see thousands of people forced to move and start new lives.

Ongoing tension in the region escalated to crisis level June 5 when a coalition of Arab states in the Gulf Cooperation...

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What we can learn from the London terror attack 15.6.2017 Rediff: Columns
Are we creating videos that can flick on the jihadi switch, asks Vaihayasi Pande Daniel.
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The crisis over Qatar highlights Trump's foreign policy confusion 15.6.2017 Washington Post
The crisis over Qatar highlights Trump's foreign policy confusion
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Musings on London Bridge 14.6.2017 Hindu: Opinion
Combating the new range of threats posed by the IS will also require political settlements in Syria and Iraq
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How Iran fights the Islamic State 14.6.2017 Washington Post
How Iran fights the Islamic State
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