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MI5: Ken McCallum appointed new boss 30.3.2020 BBC: Front Page
He led counter terrorism investigations during the London Olympics and the Skripal case response.
Boko Haram kills troops in 'deadliest' Chad raid 25.3.2020 BBC: World
The militants launched a devastating attack on an island in Lake Chad, killing 92 soldiers.
Mozambique jihadists seize key town in Cabo Delgado. 23.3.2020 BBC: World
Security forces are trying to retake the town where militants raised their flag at an army base.
The coronavirus epidemic is revealing America’s fundamental weakness 22.3.2020 Raw Story
The United States of America is a weak country. All the flag-waving, patriotic speeches and obtuse declarations of superiority have long seemed overly conspicuous — and history has no sympathy for the delusional. It continually exposes the vulnerability, fragility and inanity of a nation that has the wealth, resources and human intelligence to cultivate a […]
Trump speaks with Taliban leader, says they share goal of ending war in Afghanistan 4.3.2020 LA Times: Nation

Trump's call with a top Taliban leader Tuesday was the first known direct contact between a U.S. president and the militant movement in the 19-year-old Afghan war.

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Former Trump Adviser Explored Business Opportunities With Son of Libyan Warlord 3.3.2020 Mother Jones
When Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive last spring to oust the Libya’s internationally recognized government in Tripoli, he sought US support with simple pitch. Haftar—a renegade general who controls the eastern part of the country—sold himself as an opponent of a terrorist-backed Tripoli government and as the best hope for stabilizing the war-torn nation. Within days, […]
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Taliban Treaty: Pakistan's biggest victory since 1947 3.3.2020 Rediff: News
'Pakistan's trump card is that it is the only credible guarantor on the horizon who can reasonably assure the Western world that Afghanistan will not again become the revolving door for international terrorism.' 'Trust Pakistan to play this card optimally,' explains Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar.
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Prevent: Muslim 'support' for 'toxic' anti-extremism scheme 2.3.2020 BBC: Front Page
British Muslims would be more likely to tip off Prevent than the wider public, survey suggests.
UK military gears up for deployment in Mali 2.3.2020 BBC: Front Page
Troops will join a mission in Mali to help combat the world's fastest growing Islamist-led insurgency.
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Afghans caught between hope and fear over U.S.-Taliban deal 2.3.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Afghans are caught between hopes and fears over U.S.-Taliban deal

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A big, bad deal: On U.S.-Taliban agreement 2.3.2020 Hindu: Rx
The U.S. deal with Taliban leaves the Afghan people at the mercy of violent, tribal Islamists
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Afghan conflict: President Ashraf Ghani rejects Taliban prisoner release 1.3.2020 BBC: Front Page
Ashraf Ghani says he has not pledged to free 5,000 militants, as stated in a key US-Taliban deal.
Taliban start diplomatic outreach after U.S. deal on Afghanistan 1.3.2020 Hindu: Diet & Nutrition
Taliban political chief Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar met Foreign Ministers from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Norway in Doha along with diplomats from Russia, Indonesia and neighbouring nations.
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US Signs Deal with Taliban 29.2.2020 Outside the Beltway
It's not clear what has been achieved.
U.S. and the Taliban sign accord to end war in Afghanistan, draw down American forces 29.2.2020 LA Times: Nation

Taliban militants and the Trump administration take another step forward in a risky bid to end nearly two decades of fighting in Afghanistan.

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US, Taliban sign historic deal on Afghanistan’s future 29.2.2020 Raw Story
The United States signed a landmark peace agreement with Taliban militants on Saturday aimed at bringing an end to 18 years of bloodshed in Afghanistan and allowing U.S. troops to return home from America’s longest war. Under the agreement, the US would draw its forces down to 8,600 from 13,000 in the next 3-4 months, with […]
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U.S, Taliban sign peace deal; American troops to leave Afghanistan in 14 months 29.2.2020 Hindu: Diet & Nutrition
US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said if Taliban renege on their guarantees, US ‘will not hesitate to nullify’ agreement.
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U.S., Taliban sign deal aimed at ending war in Afghanistan 29.2.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The United States signed a peace agreement with Taliban militants on Saturday aimed at bringing an end to 18 years of bloodshed in Afghanistan and allowing U.S. troops to return home from America's longest war.
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US-Taliban deal could see US pullout in 14 months 29.2.2020 BBC: World
The US vows to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan if the Taliban uphold a deal to be signed soon.
U.S., Taliban set peace signing for America's longest war 29.2.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
America's longest war may finally be nearing an end. More than 18 years after the Afghanistan conflict began in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the United States and the Islamists it toppled from power in Afghanistan are poised to sign a peace deal on Saturday.
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