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Hollande urges unity to win battle against terrorism 27.7.2016 New Kerala: World News
Paris, July 27 : French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday reiterated calls for the nation's unity to win a long battle against terrorism in a brief televised address after two men claiming allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) slaughtered a priest.
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Islamic State claims Ansbach suicide attack 25.7.2016 New Kerala: World News
Rome, July 25 : An Islamic State fighter carried out the suicide bombing that injured 15 people outside a music festival in German city of Ansbach, the jihadist group claimed on Monday.
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4 ways to tackle Islamic State's terror 25.7.2016 Rediff: Columns
'The use of nuclear/biological/chemical weapons by Islamic terrorists is just a matter of time.'
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What Democrats are talking about as the convention starts 25.7.2016 The Hill
Are things as bad as Trump says they are?
Biden to end long career by boosting his rival 24.7.2016 The Hill
Biden openly considered running for president against Clinton for months before concluding last fall that it was too late for him to enter the race.
Behind Turkey’s Post-Coup Crisis 23.7.2016
The political crisis in Turkey, after a failed coup and mass arrests, sees President Erdogan consolidating his power and blaming his troubles on a Turkish exile living in Pennsylvania, as ex-CIA official Graham E. Fuller explains. By Graham E. Fuller…Read more →
Donald Trump Returns To Dark, Dystopian Themes In Convention Speech 22.7.2016 Outside the Beltway
Donald Trump started out his campaign by telling us that the American dream is dead, and he returned to those dark and pessimistic themes in his acceptance speech last night.00
The Biggest Lies From Donald Trump's GOP Convention (So Far) 22.7.2016 Mother Jones
Though perhaps the biggest story of Donald Trump's Republican National Convention so far has been his wife Melania's plagiarism scandal, many of the other speeches and media interviews have been marked by falsehoods, exaggerations, and straight-out lies. Here's a roundup of some of the biggest and most brazen whoppers so far. Donald Trump to Bill O'Reilly on Fox News: "I wanted [the convention] to be here, and we had lots of choices. I wanted it to be in Ohio. I recommended Ohio, and people fought very hard that it be in Ohio…I wanted it to be here, the Republicans wanted it to be here." Fact-check: Both and PolitiFact say there is no evidence to back up Trump's claim that he had a hand in choosing the site of this year's convention. As the Washington Post reported, the Republican National Committee chose Cleveland in 2014, about a year before Trump announced his candidacy for president.  Donald Trump Jr., on his father: "A president not beholden to special interests, foreign and domestic, ...
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Lengthening shadow over South Asia 22.7.2016 Hindu: Opinion
The terror attacks in Bangladesh are proof of the Islamic State’s inroads in the neighbourhood. It is time India acknowledged that the threat is real
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US-Backed Syrian ‘Moderates’ Behead 12-Year-Old 21.7.2016
Exclusive: The grisly beheading of a 12-year-old boy by U.S.-backed Syrian rebels spotlights Washington’s creepy excuses for arming “moderate” jihadists who are barely distinguishable from Al Qaeda and ISIS, reports Daniel Lazare. By Daniel Lazare The video is appalling even by…Read more →
Brother of Bangladeshi jailed in UK for plane attack is missing 21.7.2016 New Kerala: World News
Dhaka, July 21 : A list of missing Bangladeshis with the Rapid Action Battalion contains the name of a youth, who is the brother of a Bangladeshi man jailed in the UK for plotting to blow up a British plane in 2011.
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FULL SPEECH: Newt Gingrich praises Trump, provides cover for Cruz 21.7.2016 The Hill
Tries to tamp down vitriol over Cruz's non-endorsement of Trum
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Is al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria no longer a ‘sideshow’? 21.7.2016 Washington Post
Is al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria no longer a ‘sideshow’?
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Turkey’s Nukes: A Sum of All Fears 20.7.2016
Exclusive: The post-coup chaos in Turkey is a reminder about the risk of leaving nuclear weapons in unstable regions where they serve no clear strategic purpose but present a clear and present danger, explains Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall The…Read more →
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France says 3 soldiers killed during anti-terror mission in Libya 20.7.2016 Washington Post: World
The statement was the first official word of French forces battling the Islamic State in North Africa.
Need time to prepare for Brexit, British PM to Germany, France 20.7.2016 New Kerala: World News
London, July 20 : British Prime Minister Theresa May will on Wednesday inform German Chancellor Angela Merkel that she needs time to prepare for Brexit, as the former heads to Berlin for private talks with the latter.
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Pakistan's desperate moves in Valley 20.7.2016 Rediff: Intl News
Separatists and their wide network must be neutralized for peace in the Valley
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CBS Evening News Out To Lunch On ISIS-Inspired Attack In Germany 20.7.2016 NewsBusters
On Monday and Tuesday, CBS Evening News failed to cover the ISIS-inspired knife and ax attack by an Afghan refugee on train passengers in Germany.  Instead, the newscast ended on Tuesday with a report on the celebrities who condemned Donald Trump for walking out to Queen's "We Are The Champions" at the Republican National Convention on Monday. NBC Nightly News covered the Islamist terrorism with a brief on Monday and a full report on Tuesday. ABC's World News Tonight finally covered the story with a brief on ...
Russia’s ugly treatment of Americans 20.7.2016 Washington Post: Editorials
Kremlin authorities expel a U.S. agency official and a Ukraine-based U.S. pastor of a church for gays.
An interview with Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey’s minister of foreign affairs 20.7.2016 Washington Post
An interview with Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey’s minister of foreign affairs
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