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Head of al Qaeda's 'Victory Committee' survived battle in Syria 19.4.2014 Bill Roggio
Sanafi al Nasr, a senior al Qaeda leader who was reportedly killed in Latakia, Syria in late March, is alive. Nasr leads an al Qaeda committee responsible for the group's strategic planning and policy.
US drone kills 21 in Yemen 19.4.2014 Hindu: Home
A US drone raid on Saturday killed 16 Al Qaeda militants and five civilians in Yemen, an army officer said. The drone hit a pickup that was carrying 16 suspected militants in Hazmiah area...
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Pak student sentenced to prison on terror charges 19.4.2014 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
WASHINGTON - A Pakistani high school honours student who reportedly helped solicit support for jihadists he met online was sentenced to five years in prison in Philadelphia on Thursday, according to US media reports. Mohammad Hassan Khalid, the youngest person ever to be prosecuted for terrorism offences in the US, had earned a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins University, an elite educational ...
A library called Osama (Cached) 19.4.2014 Telegraph: International
Islamabad, April 18 (PTI): A seminary for women run by a hardline cleric in Islamabad has named its library after the slain al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden.
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Pakistani Madrassa Names Its Library For Osama Bin Laden 18.4.2014 NPR News
The sign outside the tiny reading room at a school for girls refers to the late al-Qaida leader as a martyr. A school spokesman calls the terrorist leader a hero.
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Sunni Discontent Fuels Growing Violence In Iraq's Anbar Province 18.4.2014 NPR: Morning Edition
Fed up with what they say is years of discrimination by the Shiite-led government, ordinary Sunnis have joined Islamist fighters. There are echoes of past conflicts, with a few important distinctions.
David Cameron won't win votes by calling Britain a Christian country | Polly Toynbee 18.4.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
Like all humanity, the religious are both good and bad. The PM only pretends otherwise to try to stop the flight to Ukip A surprise "Dear Polly" message lands in my inbox from the Conservative Christian Fellowship wishing me a peaceful and blessed Easter and bringing with it a YouTube link to the prime minister's Easter message . David Cameron this week has been love-bombing the Church of England with a radio interview about his children's faith, a speech at an Easter reception for Christian leaders in Downing Street and an article in the Church Times . It's mostly toe-curling stuff. Alastair Campbell never gave better advice than in warning politicians off doing God : it's horrible to behold. Sincere or not, they become as sounding brass and tinkling cymbals, as did Cameron talking of "our saviour", claiming "My government has a sense of evangelism" and even that " Jesus invented the big society 2,000 years ago ". John Major's "back to basics" should flash warning lights. No politician can ever be ...
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Abu Hamza used 'cover of religion' to recruit terrorists, court hears 18.4.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest

Prosecutors give opening statements in New York terror trial
Hamza charged with opening al-Qaida training camp in Oregon

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Brazen Al-Qaida video promises attacks on U.S. 17.4.2014 Star Tribune: World
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Waziristan, U.S. 17.4.2014 Chapati Mystery
I gave the following remarks on 26 March 2014. There currently exists a limit in the liberal critique of the drone program: there is a discussion about the efficacy of the program – and with it an emphasis on collecting numbers of casualties, of some matrices of sorting the dead into militants and civilians; there […]
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Boko Haram abducts 100 school girls in Nigeria 16.4.2014 Hindu: Home
At least 100 school girls were abducted by suspected members of Islamist extremist sect Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, police said on Tuesday.The insurgents arrived in the early morning wi...
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Birmingham MP criticises Gove over 'Islamist school plot' investigation 16.4.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Having counter-terrorism expert investigate claims hardliners are taking over schools is provocative, says Shabana Mahmood

Birmingham's only female Muslim MP has waded into the debate about alleged infiltration of the city's schools by Islamic fundamentalists.

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The Real Threat 16.4.2014 The Moderate Voice
The events at the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada and the […]
Ex-bin Laden ally turns key witness in U.S. terrorism cases 16.4.2014 Chicago Tribune: Nation
WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - A British shoe bomb-plotter-turned-government informant, who once conspired with Osama bin Laden, has become a key witness for U.S. prosecutors seeking to give American juries a taste of life inside al Qaeda, court documents, U.S. and British officials and lawyers ...
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120 Egypt Muslim Brotherhood supporters get 3 years in jail (Cached) 16.4.2014 New Kerala: World News
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Maddow: Why Aren't Domestic Terrorists Cause For Concern? 16.4.2014 Crooks Liars
Rachel Maddow's report linking together incidents of right wing extreme violence dating back to the mid-1980s is a keeper. She brings their history right up to this week by linking Frazier Glenn Miller with other extremist and extremist groups with a long and storied history of violent rhetoric and violent acts. The only complaint I have about the report is that she didn't link up Ron and Rand Paul with, despite documented evidence of their kinship . Her report ends with a question: Why do we overlook right wing violence and refuse to call it terrorism? That is a great question to ask. What is the difference between the Fort Hood shooter and Frazier Glenn Miller's rampage against Jews? Rachel also avoided any mention of the Cliven Bundy debacle in Nevada, mostly because she was focused on neoNazi white supremacists. Still, there's not a ton of daylight between Bundy and nativist hate groups in terms of rhetoric. One group focuses on race and the other focuses on government, but they all ...
Bozell & Graham Column: Helping the Democrats Avoid the Victims 16.4.2014 NewsBusters
For a moment, imagine yourself back in 2006, at the height of liberal aggression about the “imperial hubris” of George W. Bush in the War on Terror. The left's contempt for this man was rampant. Liberals savaged him for turning the world against this country. Keith Olbermann announced “the beginning of the end of America.” Now imagine, in that milieu, if during the Bush administration we'd witnessed a mass shooting by an Islamist at Fort Hood. Or a terrorist bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Or a deadly terrorist attack on a consulate in Libya. Would liberals have granted President Bush a pass for any of these? Or would he and his policies have been ...
New Zealand, Australian men with links to terrorism killed in November drone strike in Yemen 16.4.2014 Star Tribune: World
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On Boston Bombing Anniversary, CNN Analyst Says U.S. Right-Wing Extremists Kill More Than Jihadists 16.4.2014 NewsBusters
Are “right-wing” extremists more dangerous than Al-Qaeda terrorists? According to CNN’s National Security Analyst Peter Bergen, they are . In a CNN commentary posted yesterday Bergen wrote, “U.S. right wing extremists [are] more deadly than jihadists.” He also also happens to be a director for the George Soros-funded liberal New America Foundation. What a coincidence.  Bergen claimed that “white supremacists, anti-abortion extremists and anti-government militants have killed more people in the United States than have extremists motivated by al Qaeda’s ideology.” He cited a New America study which counted 34 people killed by right-wing extremist acts and just 23 people killed by Al Qaeda -linked terrorism, after 9/11. Why start there? Wouldn’t the 2,977 people killed that day by jihadists skew those findings ...
Schoolgirls kidnapped by suspected Islamists in Nigeria 15.4.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
Officials say about 100 pupils were abducted from school, but some later escaped from open truck Continue reading...
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