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Trump’s Pathetic Lies Reach A New Low 18.10.2017 Outside the Beltway
Now Donald Trump is using the death of American soldiers to tell lies about his predecessor.
Trump doesn’t understand Iran. He’s making policy based on a caricature. 18.10.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
The president isn’t just setting the Iran nuclear deal on a path to failure, he’s ratifying a counterproductive stereotype of Iran’s people.
UK intelligence chief says terror threat is worst of career 17.10.2017 AP Top News
LONDON (AP) -- Britain's domestic intelligence chief warned during a rare public speech Tuesday that the terrorist threat the country faces has accelerated at an alarming pace and is worse now than at any time in his 34-year career....
Calls for exiled player to go to FIFA 2018 World Cup stirs storm in Egypt 16.10.2017 Football – The Indian Express
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Days after devastating truck bomb in Somali capital, death toll still climbing 16.10.2017 Washington Post
Days after devastating truck bomb in Somali capital, death toll still climbing
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Truck bombs in Somalia’s capital kill at least 189 15.10.2017 Washington Post
The deadliest attacks in the country’s decade-long war with Islamist extremists signal that the insurgency is far from defeated despite years of U.S. counterterrorism operations.
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Fact-checking President Trump’s speech on the Iran deal 14.10.2017 Washington Post
Here's a roundup of eight key claims made by President Trump in his speech on the Iran nuclear deal.
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Six soldiers killed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula 14.10.2017 New Kerala: World News
Sinai [Egypt], Oct 13 : At least six soldiers were killed on Friday when gunmen attacked a checkpoint in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.
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Trump’s Mendacious Speech on Iran 14.10.2017
President Trump, in decertifying the Iran-nuclear deal, trotted out all the tripe about the “world leading sponsor of terrorism” and ties to Al Qaeda. But his new policy is one of dangerous incoherence, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar. By…Read more →
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Transcript: Trump's Remarks On Iran Nuclear Deal 14.10.2017 NPR News
The president called the 2015 agreement "unacceptable," but he has so far not pulled the U.S. out of it. Here are his full remarks, delivered on Friday from the White House.
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Fatah, Hamas sign reconciliation accord 12.10.2017 Hindu: Home
Egypt brokers unity accord between the two rival Palestinian factions
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A Deaf Ear to Dire Russian Warnings 9.10.2017
Official Washington is so obsessed with the hyped Russia-gate allegations that it isn’t picking up on dire warnings from Russia that continued U.S. military interference in Syria won’t be tolerated, as Gilbert Doctorow notes. By Gilbert Doctorow From time to…Read more →
Egypt court asks Mufti to weigh in on death sentences for 13 8.10.2017 Washington Post: World
An Egyptian court has referred the case of 13 defendants accused on terrorism charges to the country’s top religious authority, the Grand Mufi, for a non-binding opinion on whether they can be potentially executed as the prosecution seeks.
The war in Afghanistan messed with my head. Here’s how I found peace — and hope. 7.10.2017 Washington Post
The war in Afghanistan messed with my head. Here’s how I found peace — and hope.
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Trump sends lieutenants to Pakistan with tough message 7.10.2017 Hindu: Home
Weeks after Mr. Trump angrily accused Islamabad of providing safe haven to "agents of chaos," Rex Tillerson plans to depart for Pakistan.
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Missing U.S. commando found dead in Niger desert two days after deadly ambush 7.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

After an intense two-day search, local military forces Friday recovered the body of a U.S. Army commando who was inadvertently left behind after a daylight ambush by militants killed three other Green Berets in a rugged border region in Niger.

Pentagon officials had not previously announced that...

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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl expected to plead guilty to desertion and misbehavior 6.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary
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In landmark terrorism trial, France confronts roots of homegrown extremism 6.10.2017 Washington Post
In landmark terrorism trial, France confronts roots of homegrown extremism
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Deradicalisation of terror groups won't work in Pakistan, says expert 5.10.2017 New Kerala: World News
Islamabad [Pakistan], Oct 5 : The deradicalisation of terror groups by the army would not work in Pakistan, rather it will strengthen them, an expert has said.
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Is America ready for Charlie Hebdo? French weekly launches a U.S. project. 4.10.2017 Washington Post
One of the world’s most famous and controversial satirical newspapers sets its sights across the Atlantic. “Feeling the Burn: The Left Under Trump” — a report focused on the so-called American resistance — will publish online in weekly installments.
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