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False security: Trump and the Ten Commandments of the national security state 4.11.2019 Raw Story
Let us stipulate at the outset that Donald Trump is a vulgar and dishonest fraud without a principled bone in his corpulent frame. Yet history is nothing if not a tale overflowing with irony. Despite his massive shortcomings, President Trump appears intent on recalibrating America’s role in the world. Initiating a long-overdue process of aligning […]
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It’s about the oil, stupid: Trump wants to end the forever wars — except the one about oil and money 2.11.2019 Raw Story
Remember the lengths the Bush administration went to counter the argument that the real reason we invaded Iraq in 2003 was the oil? It was about weapons of mass destruction, until there turned out to be no WMDs. Then it was about bringing democracy to the Middle East, until that turned out to be harder […]
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Hugh Hewitt Hackery 29.9.2019 Outside the Beltway
An empty column with a seed of one good point buried in a bunch of nothing.
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Turkey Has U.S. Nuclear Weapons, Now It Says It Should Be Allowed to Have Some of Its Own 5.9.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"But I cannot possess missiles with nuclear warheads? I do not accept that," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.
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Iran's Opposition Groups are Preparing for the Regime's Collapse. Is Anyone Ready? 28.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Many analysts say current tensions could easily escalate into an armed conflict and the collapse of the Tehran regime. That prospect has raised the question of what kind of Iranian government might come next.
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Hackers could have breached U.S. bioterrorism defenses for years, records show. We'll never know if they did 25.8.2019 LA Times: Nation

The Department of Homeland Security stored sensitive data from BioWatch on an insecure website where it was vulnerable to attacks by hackers, records show.

White supremacist violence is a dangerous symptom — but our corrupted and corroded public life is the disease 15.8.2019 Raw Story
Whenever American civil society has been under great stress, if not indeed falling apart, self-appointed champions of conventional wisdom and traditional values have ginned up public paroxysms of alarm and rage at internal enemies who politicians, propagandists, and pundits leap to blame for the crisis. This article was originally published at Salon In the 1690s, […]
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Don't buy Tehran's propaganda that the MEK is a terrorist group 3.8.2019 LA Times: Opinion

The Mujahedin Kahlq has widespread support in Iran, and that's unsettling to the regime in Tehran, says the MEK's spokesman.

John Ratcliffe Is Not Qualified To Be Director Of National Intelligence 31.7.2019 Outside the Beltway
President Trump's nominee to be the next Director of National Intelligence is quite simply not qualified for the position he has been nominated to.
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Iran Claims Saudi Arabia Killed Over '3000 Americans' And Still Gets to 'Have Nuclear Weapons' 31.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
The Trump administration has been accused of illicitly transferring nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, which has threatened to build a nuclear bomb if Iran did.
Trump is ‘eviscerating the government’ even worse than George W. Bush: White House veteran 22.7.2019 Raw Story
Richard A. Clarke, a prominent counterterrorism expert who has served under almost every president since Reagan, has long been convinced that the worse president in his lifetime was George W. Bush — even through much of the early period of President Donald Trump’s administration. But on Monday, The Daily Beast published new comments from Clarke […]
Op-Ed: Bring our troops home from the Middle East. Now 22.7.2019 LA Times: Opinion

The time has long since come to stop sending American troops into conflicts we so evidently do not understand and whose outcome, whatever it may be, will never pose an existential threat to our country.

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Tensions Increasing Again In The Persian Gulf 20.7.2019 Outside the Beltway
Tensions are increasing in the Persian Gulf thanks to a collection of actions by Iran, the United States, and United Kingdom.
Newsletter: Is This 'Making America Safe Again'? 19.7.2019 LA Times: Nation

The Trump administration has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass destruction.

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Times Investigation: Trump administration has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass destruction 18.7.2019 L.A. Times - World News

The Department of Homeland Security has dismantled or ended multiple programs intended to counter WMD attacks, a Times investigation found.

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Times Investigation: Homeland Security has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass destruction 18.7.2019 LA Times: Nation

The Department of Homeland Security has dismantled or ended multiple programs intended to counter WMD attacks, a Times investigation found.

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Generals, Ambassadors, Security Experts, Church Leaders, Female Nobel Peace Laureates All Say ‘No War on Iran’ 18.7.2019
Ann Wright says the people and groups now calling on Washington to re-engage diplomatically with Iran are speaking up at a time of maximum urgency. By Ann Wright With tensions increasing in the Persian Gulf two groups of prominent…Read more →
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An invisible government agency produces crucial national security intelligence, but is anyone listening? 11.7.2019 Raw Story
This year marks the 40th anniversary of a little-known U.S. organization that has provided crucial intelligence and analysis to presidents for all those decades: the National Intelligence Council. Right after World War II, President Harry Truman understood that the United States was embarking into a new world order and required, in the words of one […]
Iranian Official Says 'Errors, Mistakes' Have Increased Under 'Current Weird President' Donald Trump 3.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"Trump needs to know that as long as he speaks the language of coercion with a civilized nation, they will only grow closer and more unified," Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said.
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Trump Has Few Options In Latest Iran Crisis 1.7.2019 Outside the Beltway
Realistically, President Trump has very few options when it comes to dealing with Iran and its nuclear program.
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