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Trump Administration Is on an “Unprecedented” Death Row Killing Spree 25.11.2020 Truthout.com
President Trump is poised to set a grim record for overseeing the most executions during a presidential ...
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Donald Trump is racing to weaken several laws and implement other last-minute policies before Jan. 20 25.11.2020 Raw Story
Six days after President Donald Trump lost his bid for reelection, the U.S. Department of Agriculture notified food safety groups that it was proposing a regulatory change to speed up chicken factory processing lines, a change that would allow companies to sell more birds. An earlier USDA effort had broken down on concerns that it […]
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Trump Is Leaving the White House. Meanwhile, He’s Escalating His Execution Spree. 25.11.2020 Mother Jones
Last week, as President Donald Trump was mounting more meritless court challenges to the election he had clearly lost, Orlando Hall was executed at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. The day after his execution, which was the first carried out by a lame duck president in more than a century, the administration announced […]
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Life after al-Shabab: Driving a school bus instead of an armed pickup truck 23.11.2020 BBC: World
The Somali government retrains defectors from the al-Shabab militant group as barbers, drivers, mechanics and tailors.
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US executes federal inmate for 1994 murder 20.11.2020 BBC News - US & Canada
The execution was one of three planned before President-elect Joe Biden takes over in January.
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Trump administration pushes ahead with executions despite defeat 20.11.2020 Raw Story
US President Donald Trump’s administration is pushing ahead with executions of convicted criminals despite a tradition of outgoing governments refraining from the practice. On Thursday the Justice Department plans to put to death convicted murderer Orlando Hall, despite claims his trial was tainted by racism. Hall, an African American, was convicted in 1995 of participating […]
Biden Once Championed the Death Penalty. Now He Wants to Stop Trump’s Execution Spree. 19.11.2020 Mother Jones
Donald Trump may have lost the election—despite the lies he continues to spew on Twitter and the relentless assault on democracy by his usual enablers—but his administration is acting as if it’s business as usual: Regulations are being wrecked, officials fired, and the pandemic ignored in the midst of skyrocketing cases.   What might be […]
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Colorado “Hammer Killer” won’t face death penalty in 1984 slayings 17.11.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The man accused of bludgeoning four people to death in Colorado with a hammer in 1984 will not face the death penalty.
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‘The American people have spoken’: Democratic lawmakers demand Trump administration put the brakes on federal killing spree 15.11.2020 Raw Story
A group of Democratic lawmakers on Friday demanded the Trump administration halt federal executions—a practice it brought back after a 17-year hiatus—citing the threat of “irrevocable injustice.” “While you will remain in office for a few more weeks, going forward with executions in the weeks before the new administration takes office would be a grave […]
Editorial: D.A.-elect George Gascón's ban on new death sentences is a welcome change 12.11.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The election of George Gascón as L.A.'s district attorney moves us yet another welcome step away from capital punishment.

Editorial: The state Supreme Court should take this chance to end California's death penalty 2.11.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The California Supreme Court should use a death-penalty case under appeal as a vehicle to address systemic racism and end capital punishment.

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Opinion: California wants criminal justice reform, but keeps electing conservative prosecutors 30.10.2020 LA Times: Opinion

District attorneys are elected one to a county, so the power of conservative politics and rural outlooks continues to hold inordinate sway in Sacramento.

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How could bloodthirsty execution of Kansas woman ever amount to justice? 23.10.2020 Raw Story
The selectively pro-life Trump administration has brought back the federal death penalty with what I think we can safely call a vengeance during this tough-on-crime campaign season. Did Attorney General William Barr, only recently honored at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast for his “Christlike behavior,” even flinch when ordering that a Kansas woman will be […]
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Trump’s Obsession With the Death Penalty Will Culminate Just After the Election 22.10.2020 Mother Jones
With less than two weeks remaining before the election, and President Donald Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls, Trump is traveling to battleground states and holding rallies with his often unmasked and often not socially-distanced base. His closing argument appears to be more of the same: He’s been the very best […]
US woman faces first federal execution since 1953 18.10.2020 BBC: World
Lisa Montgomery is due to become the first woman to face federal execution in the US in 67 years.
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Omar Bashir: ICC delegation begins talks in Sudan over former leader 17.10.2020 BBC: World
The International Criminal Court accuses ousted President Omar al-Bashir of genocide and war crimes.
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Bangladesh to introduce death penalty for rape 12.10.2020 BBC: World
The change follows protests sparked by a brutal gang rape and rising case numbers.
What is the Democrats' strategy for Barrett's confirmation hearing and how will the GOP respond? 12.10.2020 LA Times: Health

A guide to Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearings.

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Port Harcourt killings: Nigerian serial killer of women sentenced to die 9.10.2020 BBC: World
The nine killings provoked outrage, especially in the southern city of Port Harcourt, last year.
Two IS ‘Beatles’ being brought to US to face charges 7.10.2020 Raw Story
Two members of an Islamic State cell dubbed the “Beatles” accused of killing several Western hostages are to be brought to the United States on Wednesday to face charges, a Justice Department source said. El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey are accused of involvement in the murders of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff […]
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