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Roger Stone Wants a Pardon. He Previously Tried to Get One for Assange. 21.11.2019 Mother Jones
Roger Stone’s conviction Friday on charges of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering has drawn widespread speculation about whether President Donald Trump will pardon his longtime adviser. Trump, after all, publicly cheered Stone’s promise not to testify against the president in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. And Stone himself, just before […]
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Democrats are not ‘censoring’ Donald Trump — his increasingly desperate staff is doing that 20.11.2019 Raw Story
On Friday, Donald Trump, with his usual sociopathic levels of impulsiveness, thought it wise to commit another likely impeachable offense in the middle of a hearing in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. As former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified to Trump’s bizarre, unethical and abusive behavior, he took to Twitter to lambast her in real time, […]
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Elizabeth Warren Has a New Plan to Address White Nationalist Violence 19.11.2019 Mother Jones
On Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren released a plan for combatting white nationalist-inspired violence with a simple basic premise: Make the government take the problem seriously—maybe for the first time. Warren’s plan envisions a federal bureaucracy that makes stopping white nationalist violence a priority. In April of 2009, the Department of Homeland Security issued an internal report […]
Levin Slams Press for Pose as 'Seeking Objective Truth When It's Not' 18.11.2019 NewsBusters
On Sunday’s edition of Full Measure, host Sharyl Attkisson interviewed conservative commentator Mark Levin, author of the new book Unfreedom of the Press. Throughout the interview, Levin slammed the rise of so-called “community journalism” and concluded that “the modern mass media is destroying freedom of the ...
Bill Barr’s fascist manifesto: Is this man the real threat to American democracy? 18.11.2019 Raw Story
The biggest moment in former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s impeachment-hearing testimony on Friday was when House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif., told her that President Trump was attacking her on Twitter as she was speaking. Trump’s defenders came out in force, offering various explanations for his mob-like behavior. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, has been […]
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This Pipeline Cuts Across a Reservation. Wisconsin Might Make Tribal Members Felons for Protesting It. 18.11.2019 Mother Jones
This piece originally appeared in Grist and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. For more than 60 years, one section of Enbridge’s elaborate network of pipelines carrying petroleum across Canada has taken a detour through the Bad River Reservation in northern Wisconsin. Some of the easements that allowed Enbridge to keep its Line […]
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'Madam Secretary' Once Again Lauds Press: 'Defender of the Truth' 18.11.2019 NewsBusters
CBS’s Madam Secretary has been on a roll in its final season. After achieving the liberal dream of a Hillary Clinton-like female president, the season also lectured us on free speech and brave reporters. This week, we’re back to praising the “defenders of truth” in the media, straight from the president ...
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‘Quiet! Quiet!’; Trump Spars with April Ryan on Whether His ‘Words Can Be Intimidating’ 16.11.2019 NewsBusters
President Donald Trump addressed reporters at the White House during the second break in Friday’s impeachment hearing and, unfortunately for America, American Urban Radio Networks correspondent, CNN political analyst, and showboater April Ryan briefly tangled with Trump over his tweet disparaging longtime U.S. diplomat Marie ...
‘Quiet!’ Trump erupts as reporters question him about witness intimidation — and demands ‘freedom of speech’ 16.11.2019 Raw Story
President Donald Trump on Friday got into a testy exchange with reporters after they asked him whether his angry tweet at former American ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch constituted witness intimidation. While talking with reporters, Trump falsely claimed that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee had been prevented from asking questions during Yovanovitch’s testimony. “We […]
Veteran ex-Trump supporter: ‘Real veterans who remember their oath will support impeachment’ 14.11.2019 Raw Story
In an op-ed published in The Times of Israel this Wednesday, an Army veteran who has since renounced his support of President Trump accused the President of being “unpatriotic.” According to David Weisman, “real veterans who remember their oath will support impeachment.” “When I first got into politics, as I have mentioned numerous times, I thought […]
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Column: Northwestern's student journalists apologized for doing their job. They shouldn't have 13.11.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Student journalists at Northwestern University apologized for printing the names and photos of student protesters. They shouldn't have.

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‘Highly disturbing’ Pentagon document shows US military surveilling groups protesting family separation 11.11.2019 Raw Story
“Cataloging individuals protesting government policy creates serious risk of abuse, and even without misconduct, monitoring protesters is likely to chill the exercise of First Amendment rights.” The U.S. military is reportedly surveilling rights groups and activists engaged in peaceful protests against both President Donald Trump’s border wall and the separation of migrant children from their families at […]
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Trump Jr’s claim that conservatives never disrupt leftists gets obliterated by a free speech lawyer 11.11.2019 Raw Story
During an event at the University of California at Los Angeles this Sunday to promote his new book, Donald Trump Jr. was confronted by hecklers intent on disrupting the event, ultimately prompting him to storm off the stage with his girlfriend and Trump campaign senior adviser, Kimberly Guilfoyle. But the protesters weren’t the usual Trump […]
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WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. booed off stage at UCLA book event 11.11.2019 Raw Story
An appearance by Donald Trump Jr. at UCLA was abruptly ended on Sunday when the son of President Donald Trump was attempting to promote his book “Triggered.” According to the LA Times, “Chanting ‘humanity first,” dozens of people protested outside the UCLA hall on Sunday where Donald Trump Jr. was speaking as part of a […]
'Madam Secretary:' Allowing Free Speech 'Leads to White Nationalism' 11.11.2019 NewsBusters
CBS’s Madam Secretary has been quite bold in its final season. First it starts out with a Hillary Clinton-like female president. Then, it follows up by praising reporters as fighting “the good fight.” Now, it goes one step further in promoting censorship out of fear of causing white ...
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‘Everything Trump touches dies’: President mocked for jinxing Alabama and ruining their perfect season 10.11.2019 Raw Story
President Donald Trump has avoided public events, preferring campaign rallies and spending time his time at his private golf clubs. On October 27th, Trump ventured out of his safe spaces to attend a World Series game, where he was booed. Only six days later, Trump was booed while attending an Ultimate Fighting Championship match at […]
University of North Texas legal staffer resigns after using racist slur during a free speech panel 9.11.2019 Raw Story
Editor’s note: This article contains a reference to an offensive, racist word. The assistant general counsel for the University of North Texas resigned Friday after using a racist slur to demonstrate First Amendment freedoms during a panel called “When Hate Comes to Campus.” Caitlin Sewell was discussing how offensive words are protected by freedom of speech during the […]
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The View’s Whoopi Goldberg rains hell on Donald Trump Jr’s excuses for naming the whistleblower 7.11.2019 Raw Story
President Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., appeared on “The View” Thursday to promote his recent book attacking progressives as “snowflakes” while simultaneously complaining about being under constant scrutiny for his false claims or twisted data. In a discussion about Don Jr.’s role in outing the whistleblower of the Ukraine scandal, Whoopi Goldberg flattened the president’s […]
Kentucky Republicans blasted for using FEC to boot Mitch McConnell critic off his sports talk show 7.11.2019 Raw Story
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has long regarded the Federal Election Commission’s every attempt to police corrupt campaign finance as an assault on billionaires’ right to freedom of speech. But this week, McConnell’s allies in the Kentucky GOP turned to the FEC to actually silence the political speech of an opponent. On Wednesday, the […]
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Controversial Russian law to control internet enters force 1.11.2019 Raw Story
A controversial law that would allow Russia to cut internet traffic from international servers came into force Friday, prompting fears from rights activists of online isolation. The law, which President Vladimir Putin signed in May, requires Russian internet providers to install technical devices provided by the authorities to enable centralised control of traffic. They will […]
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