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Save the Media! 3.4.2020 NewsBusters
I confess to a certain self-interest in today's column. The media, especially newspapers, are in trouble. Conservatives like myself have been relentless in attacking their collective bias over the years, but as more of them fold or reduce staff, it is crucial the institution be saved. Margaret Sullivan, a columnist for The Washington Post, has suggested that federal bailout money should be allocated to newspapers. That is an amusing suggestion since the world's richest man, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, owns the Post. He could infuse some of his own money to prop up that reliably ...
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Liberty University: A Beacon of Enlightenment in Dark Times (Parody) 3.4.2020 The Moderate Voice

Welcome to Liberty University! Our motto is Knowledge Aflame. We invite you to consider an education at our beautiful Lynchburg, VA campus or online, where we will stoke the flames of curiosity, learning, and faith in a Christ-centered environment. Founded in 1971 in response to the godless over-reaches of the Civil Rights Movement, Liberty University […]

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Federal judge in California rejects Tulsi Gabbard’s ‘free speech’ lawsuit against Google 5.3.2020 Raw Story
In July 2019, Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging that the tech giant violated her 1st Amendment rights when it briefly suspended her presidential campaign’s ad account. But on Wednesday, March 4, a California judge dismissed the congresswoman’s case and rejected her arguments. Gabbard, in her lawsuit, asked for $50 million in damages […]
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Bill Barr’s DOJ intervenes to support lawsuit filed by Christian photographer refusing to photograph same-sex weddings 29.2.2020 Raw Story
The U.S. Dept. of Justice under Attorney General Bill Barr has intervened in a pre-emptive lawsuit filed by a Kentucky wedding photographer who claims her interpretation of her Christian religion bars her from taking photos of weddings of same-sex couples. No same-sex couple has ever tried to hire Chelsey Nelson to photograph their nuptials, but […]
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Judge restores immigrant-detention hotline featured in 'Orange Is the New Black' 13.2.2020 L.A. Times - World News

ICE is ordered to bring back the hotline for now. Rights organizations contend its cancellation is part of a pattern of retaliation.

Nancy Pelosi’s critics accused her of committing a federal crime — here’s why that’s absurd 7.2.2020 Raw Story
The tension between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was impossible to miss on Tuesday night when Trump gave his 2020 State of the Union. Trump refused to shake Pelosi’s hand, and after the president finished his speech, Pelosi tore up a printed copy of it — which some far-right Trumpistas are claiming […]
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Upcoming SCOTUS Ruling Could Starve Public Schools in Favor of Religious Ones 21.1.2020
Detractors argue that the ruling could result in a mandate for religious voucher programs in every ...
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Can the Constitution stop the government from lying to the public? 19.1.2020 Raw Story
When regular people lie, sometimes their lies are detected, sometimes they’re not. Legally speaking, sometimes they’re protected by the First Amendment – and sometimes not, like when they commit fraud or perjury. But what about when government officials lie? I take up this question in my recent book, “The Government’s Speech and the Constitution.” It’s […]
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A Navy scandal sheds light on the nature of bribery and the limits of free speech 17.1.2020 Raw Story
It seems like everyone’s talking about bribery these days – but I, and anyone else who works for the federal government, have to limit what we can say about what does or does not constitute an ethical or illegal lapse. I am an ethicist who teaches leadership, ethics and law, and I believe a recent […]
Trump to reinforce protections for prayer in schools 16.1.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
The president is expected to remind public schools that students have constitutional rights to prayer — and that they could risk losing federal funds unless those rights are protected.
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When The Government Lies, It's The Constitution That Protects Americans 15.1.2020 Crooks Liars
When regular people lie, sometimes their lies are detected, sometimes they’re not. Legally speaking, sometimes they’re protected by the First Amendment – and sometimes not, like when they commit fraud or perjury. But what about when government officials lie? I take up this question in my recent book, “ The Government’s Speech and the Constitution .” It’s not that surprising that public servants lie – they are human, after all. But when an agency or official backed by the power and resources of the government tells a lie, it sometimes causes harm that only the government can inflict. My research found that lies by government officials can violate the Constitution in several different ways, especially when those lies deprive people of their rights. Clear ...
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Jesus Candy II: It’s Proselytizing, Proud Candymaker Says! 7.1.2020 Crooks Liars
For those not living in a toxic environment of religious coercion, it might seem a bit silly to get upset over a piece of candy. That was certainly the response from a lot of righwing media outlets— Fox News , The Daily Wire , The Blaze , etc.—who relied on a rightwing lawyer who called it a “publicity stunt” when they followed up on my December 23 report here, "Jesus Candy Causes Democracy Decay At Peterson AFB" . The complaint arose from an email sent to Mikey Weinstein, founder and President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who called it, “the fundamentalist Christian straw breaking the MRFF clients' backs.” And MRFF researcher Chris Rodda explained that it had been two years since MRFF first requested a copy of Peterson’s religious climate survey—without any response except a notification of delay. “They obviously do not want us to see this religious climate survey, indicating that it must be really ...
New filing against the Justice Department from Peter Strzok uses Trump’s own words against the administration 31.12.2019 Raw Story
Peter Strzok, the former FBI agent who was fired after texts showing his deep dislike for President Donald Trump were revealed, accused the government of violating his rights to privacy and free speech in a new court filing. The allegations, which are part of his lawsuit challenging his termination, used Trump’s own words against the […]
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Minnesota Court of Appeals overturns revenge porn law 24.12.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The three-judge panel ruled the law is written too broadly and violates the First Amendment. A chief author of the law says he wants the Minnesota Supreme Court to review the decision.
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Supreme Court will decide if religious freedom shields Catholic schools from teacher suits 19.12.2019 LA Times: Nation

The Supreme Court announced it would hear an appeal by a school that pits religious freedom against anti-discrimination law.

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PewDiePie Echoes Crowder’s Warning on YouTube Concerning Free Speech 17.12.2019 NewsBusters
Some content creators are concerned about the direction platforms are taking after recent policy change announcements. Will free speech be allowed on social media? YouTube’s Vice President and Global Head of Trust & Safety Matt Halprin released a blog on Wednesday, Dec. 11, titled “An update to our harassment policy.” Halprin proclaimed in the blog that YouTube would be taking a harder stance on “malicious insults,” “veiled threats” via simulated violence and “hate speech.” Content creators ranging from gamers like PewDiePie ...
“Ag-Gag” Laws Expose Whistleblowers to Prosecution for Reporting Animal Abuse 15.12.2019
“Ag-Gag” Laws Expose Whistleblowers to Prosecution for Reporting Animal Abuse
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Russia went looking for puppets in America — and they found Trump and the Republicans 15.12.2019 Raw Story
The Russians wasted decades infiltrating the left attempting to gain purchase in American political life. There was the Communist Party USA, of course. Established in 1919, the CPUSA grew through the 1930s and boasted a membership of about 100,000 at the beginning of World War II. A hundred thousand! Whoop-de-doo! This article first appeared in […]
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Letters to the Editor: Trump parrots anti-Semitic tropes while purporting to protect Jewish Americans 13.12.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Trump has broadened the definition of anti-Semitism to include harsh criticism of Israel. He should think about what he and his supporters have said about Jews.

US court suspends naming restrictions on fake meat firms 12.12.2019 Raw Story
A US court has suspended a law banning makers of vegetarian substitute meals from using the word “meat” to describe their products, as trendy plant-based food companies push back against a wave of restrictions. Livestock farmers have seen the rise of meat substitutes as a threat to their bottom line, and have successfully pushed for […]
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