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Disputed Toyota documents could shed light on safety accusations 3.2.2010 LA Times: Top News
Disputed Toyota documents could shed light on safety accusations
'FBI cracked bomb suspect through family' 3.2.2010 Hindustan Times: News

The Nigerian man accused of trying to use a bomb hidden in his underwear to bring down a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas has been cooperating with investigators since last week and has provided fresh intelligence in multiple terrorism investigations, officials said on Tuesday.

Auction of classic cars seized in fraud case can go forward 3.2.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
A federal magistrate has given the green light to an auction of more than 200 classic and muscle cars that Jeffrey Lane Mowen bought with $6 million allegedly obtained in a swindle.
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U.S.: Airline terror suspect cooperating 3.2.2010 MSNBC
The FBI and family members have been talking to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab for a week and he's provided fresh intelligence for FBI terrorism investigations. ...
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Officials: With family's help, FBI cracked Christmas bomb suspect, gained fresh terror intel 3.2.2010 Star Tribune: Nation
Questions of judicial access 3.2.2010 Hindu: Opinion
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U.S. man faces Haiti child sex charges 2.2.2010 MSNBC
A Colo. man charged with sexually abusing boys at a school he founded for street children in Haiti pleaded not guilty to new charges that raise the number of alleged victims to 18. ...
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Malaysian Leader to Call Premier in Sodomy Case 2.2.2010 NY Times: Asia-Pacific
The Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on the first day of his second trial for sodomy said charges were political and that he would subpoena the prime minister.

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Madoff’s ex-finance chief to give up home 2.2.2010 MSNBC
Madoff’s ex-finance chief to give up home
U.S. attorney leaves Landrieu phone caper case 2.2.2010 MSNBC
U.S. attorney leaves Landrieu phone caper case
Neighbor: Peterson knew he’d be a suspect 2.2.2010 MSNBC
Neighbor: Peterson knew he’d be a suspect
Utah County Attorney's Office disqualified from retrying rape case 2.2.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
Provo » A 4th District judge said Monday he will disqualify the Utah County Attorney's Office from handling the retrial of a defendant accused of a 1988 rape.
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For scofflaws, a public mea culpa 1.2.2010 Boston Globe: Latest
For scofflaws, a public mea culpa
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For scofflaws, a public mea culpa 1.2.2010 Boston Globe: Page One
For scofflaws, a public mea culpa
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Crime victim wants $3.4 million, but is that fair? 1.2.2010 Local
Federal prosecutors Friday conceded that a Duluth man convicted of possessing child pornography should pay restitution to a girl he had photos of, but they don't know how much he should pay.
Lifting of Terry super-injunction sets tougher standard for privacy 1.2.2010 Financial Times: Media
Celebrities, sports stars and the super-rich will have to take a more rigorous approach when using the courts to safeguard their privacy after a High Court judge...
Could Trafigura and Terry signal the demise of the superinjunction? 1.2.2010 The Guardian -- World Latest
Friday's ruling may mean that courts are less willing to issue them 'John Terry dumping toxic waste?" went one of the many wisecracks circulating on the internet after it was revealed that the Chelsea and England captain had failed in an attempt to gag reporting of his personal life. Until the widespread uproar over Trafigura's attempt to gag pretty much everybody last year, few people knew about superinjunctions. In fact, we still don't. At a meeting of parliament's joint committee on human rights last year, politicians asked the assembled journalists, lawyers and human rights workers how widespread the problem was. How could we possibly know, given that neither the courts nor any public office keeps records? We can ask individual media ...
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John Terry case sparks government intervention 1.2.2010 The Guardian -- Front Page
• Concern that double gagging orders being used too freely • John Terry's legal failure 'won't mark end of injunctions' The government is consulting the media and the judiciary after becoming "very concerned" that super-injunctions, such as the double gagging order which was obtained by the England football captain John Terry but lifted last week , are being used too often. Although it is hard to determine the frequency of the orders, as they come to light only if successfully challenged in court, ministers have become increasingly worried about the effect they have on the principles of open justice. On Friday, the super-injunction preventing newspapers from reporting allegations that Terry had had an affair with an ex-girlfriend of ...
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Rueful Vivendi counts cost of past ambitions 1.2.2010 Financial Times: Media
The recent US court ruling lays bare the extent of the French media and communications group's debt
Krauthammer On Abdulmutallab: ‘The Guy Is Nigerian,’ So You ‘Have To Assume’ He Wasn’t ‘Acting Alone’ 31.1.2010 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Today’s Fox News Sunday panel looked at Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to hold terrorist trials in federal courts rather than military commissions. The discussion quickly shifted to Holder himself, and whether he should be fired. NPR’s Juan Williams argued that Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer were lobbing “unjustified” [...]
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