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Swiss won't extradite Polanski til US case is done 12.2.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Swiss won't extradite Polanski til US case is done
Person of interest named in Fla. girl’s death 12.2.2010 MSNBC
Person of interest named in Fla. girl’s death
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Op-Ed Contributor: Tribunal and Error 12.2.2010 International Herald Tribune: Editorials
Terrorists like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who plotted murderous acts on United States soil, should be tried in civilian courts, not by military commissions.
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Leahy And Feinstein: Try Terrorists In Federal Courts 12.2.2010 TPM Muckraker
More than a month after Republicans started attacking President Obama for prosecuting the attempted Christmas bombing suspect in federal court, two top Senate Dems have finally come out to back Obama in strong terms.

Just How Many Terrorists Has The U.S. Convicted? 12.2.2010 NPR News
In defending his decision to prosecute alleged Sept. 11 plotters in civilian court, Attorney General Eric holder cites figures that the U.S. has won more than 300 terrorist convictions. Republicans dispute that number — though it originated with the Bush administration.
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Serbian lawyers, cabbies again win delay of tax controls 11.2.2010 Earth Times
Belgrade - The Serbian government said Thursday that it has delayed the introduction of fiscal controls for taxi drivers and lawyers by six months. Trade Minister Slobodan Milosavljevic told reporters before the cabinet decision that he proposed the ...
Details of British Resident's Brutal Torture by CIA Officers Released 11.2.2010

Three senior UK judges on Wednesday ordered the British government to publicly disclose previously highly classified information that reveals how Binyam Mohamed, a British resident, was brutally tortured by the CIA while in Pakistani custody in April and May 2002.

In one short session, the Court of Appeal brought an end to a transatlantic game of cat and mouse that for the last year and a half has prevented two high court judges from making public a seven-paragraph summary of an intelligence briefing

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Cellular User Privacy at Risk 11.2.2010 Common Dreams: Views
by Catherine Crump

If you own a cell phone, you should care about the outcome of a case scheduled to be argued in federal appeals court in Philadelphia tomorrow. It could well decide whether the government can use your cell phone to track you -- even if it hasn't shown probable cause to believe it will turn up evidence of a crime.

The American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Democracy and Technology will ask the court to require that the government at least show probable cause before it can track your whereabouts.

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Guardian Daily podcast: MI5 and government criticised in Binyam Mohamed case; plus Winnie Madikizela-Mandela on Nelson Mandela’s release from prison 11.2.2010 The Guardian -- World Latest
MI5 has been condemned for misleading the Foreign Office and courts over the torture of a British resident in Guantanamo Bay. We hear the reaction from human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith . The winter Olympics are about to begin in Vancouver, and there's no snow. Suzanne Goldenberg reports from Washington DC ... where she's snowed in. 20 years ago today, Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela - his wife during his incarceration and herself a potent and articulate advocate of freedom - told the Guardian's David Smith of her emotions on 11 February 1990. The Guardian Media Group - which owns the Guardian - cut its historic link to Manchester this week when it sold its regional newspaper business to ...
Judge bars ex-Toyota attorney from releasing documents 11.2.2010 LA Times: Top News
Judge bars ex-Toyota attorney from releasing documents
Koerber attorney seeks return of documents from feds in fraud case 11.2.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
A man accused of orchestrating a massive Ponzi scheme from Utah County has asked a federal judge to order the return of documents inadvertently provided to government investigators and to prohibit the use of any information improperly obtained from his attorneys.
Chevron says damage assessment in Ecuador pollution case is tainted by biased reports 11.2.2010 Star Tribune: Business
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Chevron says expert biased in clean-up case 11.2.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Chevron says expert biased in clean-up case
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How 400 years of legal history were cast aside in the Binyam Mohamed case 10.2.2010 The Guardian -- World Latest
Legal principle established in 1637 banned secret talks between lawyers and courts. It was broken by the government When the master of the rolls, Lord Neuberger, decided to retract paragraph 168 from his draft judgment in the case of Binyam Mohamed, he relied on almost 400 years of jurisprudence to assume that the parties in the case had agreed to its removal. The case of Ship Money, brought by Oliver Cromwell's cousin John Hampden in 1637, established the principle that there should be no secret communication between lawyers and the courts in legal proceedings. Representations from one side – in this case, the foreign secretary's barrister, Jonathan Sumption QC – should be copied to all other parties in the case, so that they have the ...
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Binyan Mohamed: timeline of torture case and the fight to keep it secret 10.2.2010 The Guardian -- World Latest
The British government's marathon legal battle to suppress what its agents knew about one man's ordeal at Guantánamo 1 May 2009: Lawyers for Miliband attempt in the high court to block the release of information contained in a CIA document showing what British authorities knew about the mistreatment of Mohamed . 5 July 2009: Mohamed launches a legal attempt to prevent the US courts from destroying crucial evidence that he says proves he was abused while being held at Guantánamo Bay. The evidence is said to consist of a photograph of Mohamed taken after he was severely beaten by guards at the US navy base in Cuba. 10 July 2009: The Metropolitan police says it has launched an investigation into Mohamed's allegations of torture . ...
McConnell plan: Divide and conquer 9.2.2010 Politico
GOP leader's 2010 strategy centers on driving a wedge between the W.H. and Dems on terrorism.
Courts: Should child-porn victims get restitution? 9.2.2010 Star Tribune: Latest
Does possessing even one photo cause $3 million worth of harm? Courts seek to answer the question.
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Patent dispute adds to Toyota’s headache 9.2.2010 Financial Times US
As if Toyota did not have enough on its plate with its recalls, the Japanese carmaker is embroiled in a patent-infringement row in the US involving a key part of the technology that drives its hybrid petrol-electric vehicles
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Myths about federal taxes 9.2.2010 San Jose Mercury News: Business
Perhaps the most well-worn fallacy '” shot down by many courts despite the best efforts of tightfisted taxpayers '” is that federal taxes are actually illegal.
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New legal issue: Payment for child porn victims 8.2.2010 Post-Bulletin: Local News
MINNEAPOLIS — It's been more than a decade since "Amy," as she's known in court papers, was first sexually abused by her uncle. The abuse ended long ago and he's in prison, but the pictures he made when she was 8 or 9 are among the most widely circulated child pornography images online.
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