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Trump accelerates border wall construction ahead of election, despite pandemic 30.6.2020 LA Times: Health

In Arizona and Texas, border wall construction has sped up over the objections of residents and environmentalists

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Colorado Supreme Court to consider how same-sex common-law marriages are recognized and defined 24.6.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
The court’s rulings could have a broad impact on how disputes about same-sex common law marriages are handled for years to come  -- the current standard for defining common law marriages in the state was established three decades ago.
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Radical Mothering for Abolitionist Futures Post-COVID-19 23.6.2020
Radical Mothering for Abolitionist Futures Post-COVID-19
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Following Supreme Court Rulings, Trump Attacks the Independence of the Judiciary 22.6.2020
The administration is showing an increased willingness to find any way around a court decision that it does not ...
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Op-Ed: Does Barr have the legal authority to dump the Manhattan U.S. attorney? 20.6.2020 LA Times: Commentary

As much as I'd like to see Berman's investigations continue, I actually think the administration has a strong constitutional case.

Why the new case against Bill Barr could be a game-changer 19.6.2020 Raw Story
No attorney general since John Mitchell has gotten away with assaulting the rule of law more than Bill Barr. But unlike Mitchell, who served 19 months in prison for his role in the Watergate scandal, Barr has yet to be held accountable for his ever-expanding laundry list of outrageous misdeeds and derelictions. To be sure, there have […]
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Supreme Court rules for 'Dreamers,' rejects Trump's repeal of immigration program 18.6.2020 L.A. Times - World News

The Supreme Court, in another rebuke of Trump, rules that his decision to cancel DACA, a program that protected young immigrants, was not justified.

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SCOTUS Hands Trump DACA Defeat 18.6.2020 Outside the Beltway
Donald Trump would be a more effective and dangerous President if he and his team were more competent.
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Interpreting Interpretation 16.6.2020 Outside the Beltway
A too-long discourse on how courts should function.
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LGBTQ Activists Celebrate Victory in Supreme Court’s Anti-Discrimination Ruling 16.6.2020
LGBTQ Activists Celebrate Victory in Supreme Court’s Anti-Discrimination Ruling
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Federal courts can ‘shine a light’ on Bill Barr’s ‘corrupt’ manipulation of Flynn case: Ex-CIA staffer 11.6.2020 Raw Story
On Wednesday, the lawyer appointed by a federal court to look into the DOJ’s handling of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s case found that the government’s move to dismiss the charges constituted “gross prosecutorial abuse.” On MSNBC’s “Deadline White House,” former CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash walked through the potential implications. “It’s a […]
Immigrants Who Defend Themselves From Sexual Violence Face Prison, Deportation 10.6.2020
Abusive partners often use the threat of deportation to prevent immigrant victims from seeking help or ...
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Capital One and other debt collectors are still coming for millions of Americans 8.6.2020 Raw Story
Since 2018, Capital One has been a looming presence in Julio Lugo’s life, ever since the company sued him, as it did 29,000 other New Yorkers that year, over an unpaid credit card. But when the coronavirus hit the city this March, it wasn’t on his mind. At Mount Sinai in Manhattan, where he works, […]
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#WeAreTired: Nigerian women speak out over wave of violence 5.6.2020 BBC: World
Thousands sign a petition and use the hashtag #WeAreTired to protest against recent rapes and killings.
Remote hearings for family courts 'horribly cruel' 4.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
Lawyers and charities say justice is impeded if sensitive cases are not held face-to-face.
Without Relief, Millions of Tenants Are Ready for a Rent Strike Revolution 30.5.2020
Decades of growing inequality, coupled with a pandemic, have left millions of tenants no choice but to rent ...
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Family separation returns under cover of the coronavirus 27.5.2020 LA Times: Health

Three children are fighting government efforts to take them from their father and deport them to El Salvador to no one. They're far from alone.

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Devin Nunes’ lawyer is warned as judge moves CNN lawsuit to NY 23.5.2020 Raw Story
WASHINGTON — A Virginia judge on Friday moved Rep. Devin Nunes’ lawsuit against CNN to New York and wrote that there was no “logical connection” for the California congressman to sue the media company in Virginia.The lawsuit is one of seven defamation cases Nunes and attorney Steven Biss filed since 2019 against news organizations, Twitter, […]
Augustin Bizimana: Remains of top Rwanda genocide suspect found 22.5.2020 BBC: World
Augustin Bizimana was defence minister when about 800,000 people were killed in 100 days.
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Coronavirus throws Texas Supreme Court justices into the spotlight — and into Democrats’ crosshairs 20.5.2020 Raw Story
In a year when four justices face reelection, the all-Republican high court has made a slate of controversy-generating decisions, including lifting a moratorium on evictions and — for now — limiting vote-by-mail in this year’s elections. Typically not top of mind for voters, the nine Republican justices of the Texas Supreme Court have come under […]
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