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Same-Sex Marriage, In The Justices' Words 27.4.2015 NPR News
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the question of same-sex marriage. In the meantime, though, we do know a good deal about the views of the justices already.
Q&A: Stakes, potential outcomes as the Supreme Court hears arguments on same-sex marriage 27.4.2015 Star Tribune: Politics
Pioneer for same-sex marriage among 5 lawyers taking turns in Tuesday's Supreme Court cases 27.4.2015 Star Tribune: Politics
Bali Nine: Australia 'profoundly dismayed' by 72-hour notice period 27.4.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Julie Bishop says she does not believe it is too late for a change of heart as a Bali-based lawyer says judges asked for $130,000 in return for 20-year prison terms

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Oklahoma inmates challenge lethal injection before Supreme Court 27.4.2015 Star Tribune: Nation
On Wednesday, the high court will hear arguments from Oklahoma.
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10 Things to Know for Monday 27.4.2015 AP Top News
Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Monday:...
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Indonesia gives 72-hour execution notice to foreigners, local man despite international outcry 27.4.2015 Star Tribune: World
Bali Nine: decade of turmoil for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran nears a gruesome end 27.4.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page
The youthful drug smugglers who quietly reformed themselves while Indonesia’s legal, political and diplomatic currents swirled around them now face imminent death The legal challenges have been exhausted, the pleas for mercy ignored. On Saturday, in line with the macabre bureaucracy, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were granted 72 hours’ notice , after which they will be tied to a pole on the jungle island of Nusa Kambangan and shot dead. Neither appeared in those first videos from Denpasar airport, of the young men stripped to their underwear, eyes wide with horror, as Indonesian police peeled sheets of tape and straps from their stomachs and ...
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Same-sex marriage opposition is a modern-day 'Mudsill theory' 27.4.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Sorry. Can't let you get married because straight people won't feel superior any more. This upcoming Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether it is constitutional for states to ban same-sex marriage. Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee have seen their states' marriage equality bans overturned, and they have appealed to the highest court in the hopes of re-instituting discrimination. They will probably not prevail: Justice Kennedy has long been supportive of LGBT rights and provided the decisive swing vote in the 5-4 decision in United States v. Windsor, which struck down Article 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act. He is widely expected to join with the four liberal justices (Kagan, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor) in affirming that lower courts ruled correctly in deeming marriage equality bans unconstitutional. Justice Kennedy, however, is perceived as having a weakness: abortion . He has voted to strike down only one of the 21 abortion restrictions that have come before the ...
CBS Host To Tony Perkins: You Are A Known 'Hate Group' Leader Who Doesn't 'Speak For Christians' 27.4.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
As the nation prepares for the Supreme Court to possibly decide whether same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, it was clear on Sunday that even anti-gay crusader Tony Perkins was having difficulty being taken seriously by the mainstream media. During a discussion about marriage equality on Face the Nation, CBS host Bob Schieffer began by noting that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had determined that Perkins' organization, the Family Research Council, was a "hate group." "The Southern Poverty Law Center has branded the Family Research Council an anti-gay hate group," Schieffer explained as if it were a warning to his viewers. "We have been inundated by people who say we should not even let you appear because they, in their view -- quote -- you don't speak for Christians." Perkins argued that the Supreme Court had no place deciding whether LGBT people deserved equal protection under the Constitution because "it does a disservice to both sides if the court weighs in on public policy like ...
Indonesia gives 72hour execution notice to drug traffickers 26.4.2015 Hindustan Times: World
Indonesia notified nine foreigners and a local man convicted of drug trafficking that their executions will be carried out within days ignoring appeals by the UN chief and foreign leaders to spare ...
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Prop 8 lawyers predict same-sex marriage win 26.4.2015 The Hill
“This has to do with equal rights,” David Boies said.
Whistle podu! 26.4.2015 HBL: Opinion
Why Chennai Super Kings was valued at ₹5 lakh
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Ohio in a minority among states as US Supreme Court weighs same-sex bans 26.4.2015 Star Tribune: Nation
Ohio in a minority as high court weighs same-sex marriage 26.4.2015 AP National
CINCINNATI (AP) -- While Ohio has traditionally been a national bellwether politically, the state now finds itself in the minority on same-sex marriage heading into Tuesday's U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments....
McCain: Drones should shift hands from CIA 26.4.2015 The Hill
"We will renew this discussion within the administration, within Congress," he said.
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Kasich rules out VP slot 26.4.2015 The Hill
"I don't want to do this just to go and do it," the Ohio governor said of possible 2016 bid.
National Review Waxes Melodramatic Over Walkergate 26.4.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
The Wisconsin Supreme Court is soon due to make a ruling regarding the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker and his illegal collaboration with third party dark money groups, such as the Wisconsin Club for Growth. Even though four of the seven justices are obliged to recuse themselves due to the large amount of support they received from WCfG and other such dark money groups, they have shown no indication that they will be doing the proper thing. The possibility of this going south for Walker and the dark money groups have them scared to death. If all of Walker's misdeeds come to the light of day, it will sink his presidential bid just as fast as if he was caught deflowering a virgin goat. Even if their Machiavellian scheme to bury the John Doe works, the fact that the Supreme Court is so tainted will raise doubt in people capable of independent thought. In preparation for whatever the results, the right wing is doing preemptive strikes to gain sympathy for Walker and his fellow scofflaws. The ...
Walkergate: How Partisan Is John Doe? 26.4.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
As noted earlier , Scott Walker and his right wing apologists are scared witless about an upcoming decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court about the ongoing John Doe investigations into Walker's illegal collaboration with dark money groups like Wisconsin Club for Growth. In an effort to stem the bad press that will come with the court's rulings, win or lose, the right wing has gone on the offensive to start the damage control and trying to control the spin. Among these propagandists is David French, who wrote some horrible dreck for the National Review. Besides the over the top melodrama and flights of imagination, French included another utterly false talking point from Team Walker - that the investigation and subsequent criminal convictions are the result of a partisan witch ...
New California Supreme Court surprises analysts early on 26.4.2015 LA Times: Commentary
When Gov. Jerry Brown's two latest nominees joined the California Supreme Court in January, legal analysts foresaw the creation of a more liberal majority.
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