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Fight for an independent map for Illinois 28.11.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
A broken-winged pterodactyl, lying prostrate across the center of the state. That's how a federal judge described Maryland's 3rd Congressional District, represented by Democrat John Sarbanes. Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1 in Maryland, but they hold seven of eight seats in the U.S. ...
Supreme Court justice blocks Native Hawaiian vote count 28.11.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
A U.S. Supreme Court justice on Friday issued a temporary stay blocking the counting of votes in an election that would be a significant step toward Native Hawaiian self-governance. Justice Anthony Kennedy's order also stops the certification of any winners pending further direction from him ...
Unhealthy defiance 28.11.2015 Hindu: Opinion
It is not unusual to see State governments showing reluctance to abide by court orders that rulers deem politically inexpedient or ideologically unpalatable. Maharashtra is perilously close to bei...
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Gay marriage is legal but not on tribal lands 28.11.2015 AP Washington
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- Cleo Pablo married her longtime partner when gay weddings became legal in Arizona and looked forward to the day when her wife and their children could move into her home in the small Native American community outside Phoenix where she grew up....
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60 Years Later, What Can Activists Learn From The Montgomery Bus Boycott? 27.11.2015 NPR News
Decades after Rosa Parks changed history, a new generation faces the challenge of remaking the civil rights movement for the next century. What can they learn from the past to build for the future?
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Sen. Ellen Roberts tours Dolores schools affected by her votes in Legislature 27.11.2015 Durango Herald
State Sen. Ellen Roberts was given a whirlwind tour of Dolores Schools last week.Dolores Re-4 Schools Superintendent Scott Cooper said superintendents across the state are offering tours of schools to give legislators a firsthand look at the campuses that are affected by their yeas and nays at the capitol.Rural school districts...
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Group of California girls are not the first to fight for inclusion into Boy Scouts 27.11.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

The boys-only scouting organization has faced challenges to gender policy since 1970s, with Unicorns group being the latest to fight to be included

In April 1974, nine Cub Scouts in Texas decided that they would not accept their badges until an official agreed to award them to the pack’s only female member, Carrie Lynn Morgan.

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Billionaire arrest widens Petrobras probe 26.11.2015 Financial Times US
André Esteves was the face of Brazilian finance during boom years
Can the judiciary also reflect please? 26.11.2015 Rediff: Columns
The nullifying of the NJAC Act has put the spotlight on the Judiciary. Concepts like transparency, being open to change, leading from front, management of perceptions that were reserved for the Executive earlier are now relevant for the Judiciary as well, says Sanjeev Nayyar.
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Senior Brazilian senator and billionaire CEO both arrested for corruption 26.11.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Delcídio do Amaral and André Esteves, of BTG Pactual SA, taken into custody as part of Petrobras kickback scandal

Brazilian police have arrested the ruling party’s leader in the senate and the head of Latin America’s biggest independent investment bank as part of a corruption investigation.

Banker André Esteves, the billionaire CEO and controlling shareholder of BTG Pactual SA, was arrested at his home in Rio de Janeiro.

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Rep. Steve King: Muslim immigrants are 'incompatible' with Americanism 26.11.2015 Daily Kos
If you want to know what all the respectable racists will be saying tomorrow, look to Rep. Steve King. He milked a demand for English-Only laws into a career in the House. He was certain brown-skinned immigrants were all drug-runners long before Donald Trump piped up with it. Now he's shifted into proclaiming Muslim-Americans to be the true menace, because to Steve King, racism is like fashion sense. You gotta keep up with the latest trends. And so now it is Muslim-Americans who will never, ever "assimilate" into American culture, because, Steve King says, just look at them . "[N]o one has shown me an example of large groups of people that have settled into America from that part of the world that have assimilated into the broader American society," King responded. He listed places like Dearborn, Michigan, and Little Mogadishu in Minneapolis and said that those communities appear to be similar to Middle Eastern cities. Will somebody get Steve King a damn ticket to Dearborn, Michigan, already? According ...
GOP rider would boost party spending 26.11.2015 Politico
Mitch McConnell plans to slip campaign cash rider in omnibus spending bill.
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Marco Rubio, The Holy One 26.11.2015 Crooks Liars
In a bid to increase his creds with the religious right community, Senator Marco Rubio, who has converted to Catholicism, went on the CBN to decree that God's law trumps the Supreme Court or any other court in America. And those sinful liberals should be damned for forcing Pat Robertson to marry the gays on national TV!!! Does that sound like a man who wants to be the American Pope or the U.S. president? In an interview today with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Sen. Marco Rubio said that the Supreme Court’s rulings on marriage equality and abortion rights in the Obergefell and Roe decisions, respectively, are “not settled law.” The Republican presidential candidate said that states should “do everything possible within the constraints that its placed upon us” to curtail abortion rights, before insisting that government officials “ignore” Supreme Court rulings if they believe they conflict with “God’s ...
Rubio says gay marriage ruling isn't 'settled law' cuz it conflicts with 'God's rules' 26.11.2015 Daily Kos
Marco Rubio continued his charm offensive with social conservative homophobes Wednesday when he told David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network that the Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage and abortion are "not settled law" and that we are "called" to try to change them. Brian Tashman of Right Wing Watch has the details : The Republican presidential candidate said that states should “do everything possible within the constraints that its placed upon us” to curtail abortion rights, before insisting that government officials “ignore” Supreme Court rulings if they believe they conflict with “God’s rules.” “We are clearly called, in the Bible, to adhere to our civil authorities, but that conflicts with also a requirement to adhere to God’s rules,” he said. “When those two come in conflict, God’s rules always win. In essence, if we are ever ordered by a government authority to personally violate and sin, violate God’s law and sin, if we’re ordered to stop preaching the gospel, if we’re ordered ...
The horrifying behavior of Anita Alvarez, Chicago's head prosecutor 25.11.2015 Daily Kos
Over the next year I'll be writing about the prosecutors up for election in 2016. Some of them have been tyrants in office—breaking laws, over prosecuting, and doing whatever they can to secure a conviction. I'm starting with one of the very worst ones: Anita Alvarez. And because she's been so terrible, I'm going to split her story into two posts. There are just that many examples of misconduct coming out of Alvarez's office.   Alvarez is the Cook County state's attorney, which is just another way of saying that she's the DA of Chicago. She has been working in the state's attorney's office as a prosecutor for nearly 30 years and has been the head of the office since 2008. She's up for re-election next November, and the March primary is coming up quickly. Kim Foxx, a Chicago native and a believer in criminal justice reform, is challenging her in the primary. (There will be more on Foxx in the next post.) Alvarez is known as one of the worst prosecutors in the country. Here are just a few of the dozens ...
Human services chief eyed for MN appeals court post 25.11.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Minnesota Department of Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson is one of four candidates under consideration for state appeals court judge.
The very practical reason the Court should consider the DAPA case this Term 25.11.2015 Balkinization
The very practical reason the Court should consider the DAPA case this Term
Donald Trump: Evidence of Our Degeneracy 25.11.2015 American Prospect
(Photo: AP/Willis Glassgow) GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on November 24. Just a few days before, a black civil-rights protester was beaten by Trump supporters during a rally. When my grandfather’s grandparents arrived on the shores of Jersey City, having fled famine in Ireland, the city was joined in an epic battle waged against the immigrants by a nativist party nicknamed the Know-Nothings. The Irish were not to be trusted, the Know-Nothings said, especially because of their strange religion—Roman Catholicism. Cast as an army of infiltration sent into America by the pope, the Irish were, for a time, barred from employment in the police force and other government offices through the connivance of Know-Nothing state legislators, who conferred a new charter on the city, which was later struck down by the New Jersey Supreme Court. It’s difficult to imagine today the discrimination faced by the starving Irish at the time of their mass migration to the U.S. ...
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In Supreme Court case, university defends race-based policy giving middle-class minorities an edge 25.11.2015 LA Times: Nation

With the constitutionality of race-based affirmative action hanging by a thread at the Supreme Court, University of Texas officials are struggling to explain a policy that gives an extra edge to Latino and African American students from middle-class households and top-performing high schools.


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These Children Are Suing The Federal Government Over Climate Change 25.11.2015 Think Progres
Twenty-one children are taking the federal government to court over its inaction on climate change.
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