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Brazil's ex-president Lula charged in secret Petrobras case, says report 4.5.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

Newspaper says ally and mentor of embattled President Dilma Rousseff is named alongside Senator Delcidio do Amaral in supreme court documents

Brazil’s prosecutor general has charged the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva with participating in a scheme to buy the silence of a former executive at state-run oil company Petrobras, newspaper Estado de S.Paulo has reported.

Related: Dilma Rousseff in New York declares no grounds for impeachment

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Liberty Counsel Attorney Needs A Glock .45 In Target Restroom 4.5.2016 Crooks Liars
North Carolina's Republican government deemed it necessary to protect its fringe right-wing voters from a problem that doesn't exist, so they created HB2. The bill 'protects' the god-fearing lunatics from non-existent transgender predators who might prey upon unsuspecting victims in bathrooms. Governor McCrory's asinine bill has negatively impacted his reelection campaign, and rightfully so, as there's been no incidents that would mandate such a bill. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of conservative reactionaries who fear phantom, mythological, transgender bathroom perverts. Should we expect anything any less crazy from the wife of Mat Staver, Kim Davis' lawyer, than a tweet as unhinged as this? She too is an attorney. But if you look at her Twitter profile, first and foremost, she is a 'Christian.' Anita Staver: 'I'm taking a Glock .45 to the ladies room' | @AlanColmes @AnitaStaver ...
White House poised to create first monument to gay rights 4.5.2016 Washington Post: Politics
The proposed Stonewall monument would mark New York City site of clashes in 1969, which gave rise to the modern LGBT-rights movement.
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Pom Wonderful case not wonderful enough, Supreme Court says 4.5.2016 LA Times: Business

The last chance to make a case for Pom Wonderful's health claims just got poured down the drain by the nation's highest court. 

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to review an appeals court decision that health claims in Pom Wonderful advertisements misled consumers.

The move ends a nearly...

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Deadlocked in Delhi 4.5.2016 Hindu: Opinion
The striking standalone picture (Page 1, May 3), on the gridlock in Delhi following protests by taxi owners against a Supreme Court order banning diesel taxis in the city from May 1, makes one wonder...
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Girone may walk free 4.5.2016 Hindu: Opinion
Brazil attorney general wants to investigate Silva 4.5.2016 Washington Post: World
Brazil’s Supreme Court said Tuesday that Attorney General Rodrigo Janot has asked for authorization to investigate former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva over alleged involvement in corruption at state-owned oil company Petrobras.
E.U. may levy heavy fines against member states who defy directives on migrants 4.5.2016 Washington Post: World
Hungary’s proposed referendum against resettlement policy will test Europe’s resolve.
Supreme Court vacancy watch Day 80: Senate on pace to work less than any year since 1956 3.5.2016 Daily Kos
No time like the present to do absolutely nothing, eh? Literally. Nothing’s even on the schedule  until May 5 because GOP senators are so busy explaining to voters back home why they couldn’t possibly take a vote on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Hey—it takes time, energy, and a lot of imagination to defend the indefensible. But that’s not the only part of the job Mitch McConnell’s chamber isn’t doing, reports Lauren Fox. In a presidential election year with party conventions hitting in July and the battle to preserve the fragile Republican majority on in the Senate, lawmakers will spend more time away from Washington this year than any other time since 1956, according to a report in Politico. The news outlet reports that right now the Senate is on track to work just 124 days this year. As Politico points out, it's not uncommon for lawmakers to spend time campaigning back home in an election year, but McConnell promised to make his tenure about getting the Senate back on a rigorous work schedule ...
Theft of sausage and cheese by hungry homeless man 'not a crime' 3.5.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

Italy’s highest court rules that Roman Ostriakov took food because he was in desperate need of nourishment

Italy’s highest court has ruled that the theft of a sausage and piece of cheese by a homeless man in 2011 did not constitute a crime because he was in desperate need of nourishment.

The high court judges in the court of cassation found that Roman Ostriakov, a young homeless man who had bought a bag of breadsticks from a supermarket but had slipped a wurstel – a small sausage – and cheese into his pocket, had acted out of an immediate need by stealing a minimal amount of food, and therefore had not committed a crime.

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When it comes to politics, corruption is subtler than you think 3.5.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
When it comes to politics, corruption is subtler than you think
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Obama presses case for Merrick Garland in vulnerable GOP senators' media markets 3.5.2016 Daily Kos
Just in time for the Senate recess, President Obama is taking his case for a vote on Merrick Garland to voters in TV markets where Democrats hope to pick up seats in November. Several recent polls have shown GOP senators suffering based on Mitch McConnell’s total blockade of hearings and a vote for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Obama sought Monday to make sure those GOP senators get an earful from constituents who want the Senate to do its job, reports CNN. In Milwaukee, Obama's target was Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, who has not yet sat down with Garland during the judge's meet-and-greet tour of the Senate. "What we're seeing is unprecedented which is the notion that you wouldn't meet with or provide a hearing or a vote for a nominee that everybody agrees is eminently qualified. I'm glad that Senator Johnson now has finally agreed to meet with him but he says he's not gonna give him a vote before the election and yet you haven't heard a good reason for it," Obama said on WISN. […] Obama also ...
Colorado's battle over fracking shifts to ballot 3.5.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Denver • Colorado’s battle over who should regulate fracking — and how much — now shifts to the November election after the state Supreme Court overturned attempts by local governments to impose their own rules. The court ruled Monday that a ban on fracking in Longmont and a five-year moratorium in Fort Collins are invalid because they conflict with state law. State officials and the industry argued the state has the primary authority to regulate energy, not local governments. It wasn’t the end ...
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Italian marine Girone home 'in a few weeks', says minister 3.5.2016 New Kerala: World News
Rome, May 3 : One of two Italian marines facing trial for the killing of two Indian fishermen will return home "in a few weeks", Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti said on Tuesday.
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BCCI statute can't provide transparency, accountability: SC 3.5.2016 New Kerala: World News
New Delhi, May 3 : The Supreme Court said on Tuesday the Indian cricket board's constitution is unworthy of providing transparency, objectivity and accountability, and added the values can only be attained by making wholesale changes in it.
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The Supreme Court Just Refused To Shield Corporate America From A $15 Minimum Wage. What Happens Now? 3.5.2016 Think Progres

Minimum wage opponents still have other, more nefarious weapons to beat back the Fight for $15.

The post The Supreme Court Just Refused To Shield Corporate America From A $15 Minimum Wage. What Happens Now? appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Supreme Court Tells Industry Group Attacking The $15 Minimum Wage To Go Away 3.5.2016 Think Progres

One of the most ambitious minimum wage ordinances in the country is safe -- at least for now.

The post Supreme Court Tells Industry Group Attacking The $15 Minimum Wage To Go Away appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Supreme Court Justice Breyer: California embodies the death penalty's 'fundamental defects' 3.5.2016 Washington Post
Supreme Court Justice Breyer: California embodies the death penalty's 'fundamental defects'
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How Limiting Access to Birth Control and Abortions Hurts the Economy 3.5.2016
Our nation's economic health and reproductive health are linked. (Photo: UCI UC Irvine ) Reproductive health isn't just about abortions , despite all the attention they get. It's also about access to family planning services, contraception, sex education and much else. Such access lets women control the timing and size of their families so they have children when they are financially secure and emotionally ready and can finish their education and advance in the workplace. After all, having children is expensive , costing US$9,000 to $25,000 a year. And that's why providing women with a full range of reproductive health options is good for the economy at the same time as being essential to the financial security of women and their families. Doing the opposite threatens not only the physical health of women but their economic well-being too. The Supreme Court acknowledged as much in 1992, stating in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey: The ability of women to participate equally in the ...
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Inside a Supreme Court case on cheerleader uniforms, a profound question about copyright 3.5.2016 Boing Boing
Copyright protects creative expression, but not utilitarian forms: that's why the silkscreened art on your t-shirt is copyrightable, but the t-shirt's design itself is not. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Star Athletica v Varsity Brands, a case that could change the fundamental relationship of Americans to the everyday physical objects in their lives. In 2015, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Star Athletica, a company that made generic cheerleader uniforms, infringed on the copyrights of Varsity Brands, a company that dominates the industry. The 6th proposed a novel legal logic for asserting a copyright over the shape of a dress and the position of the stripes and lines on dresses: they said that because a cheerleading uniform could exist as a plain white dress, that anything that isn't a plain white dress isn't utilitarian, it's creative, and thus entitled to copyright. This precedent means that everything from fireplace pokers to pillows (not to mention toothbrushes, sink-plugs, and ...
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