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Protesters interrupt Supreme Court 2.4.2015 The Hill
The protesters oppose the influence of money in politics.
In the Loop: Protest at the Supreme Court. Only problem? Few reporters were there to see it. 2.4.2015 Washington Post: Politics
Timing is critical if you want to have a really, really good demonstration.Take Wednesday, when five protesters were arrested inside the Supreme Court after they disrupted the proceedings by shouting their disapproval of the court’s campaign finance rulings.Read full article ...
Analysis: Bradley books $510K in TV ads, outside group $101K; no Daley TV ads yet 2.4.2015 Star Tribune: Politics
How a hero of Obamacare became a foe of gay rights: the Steve Beshear case 1.4.2015 LA Times: Top News
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5 arrested in protest inside Supreme Court 1.4.2015 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Protesters disrupted Supreme Court proceedings on Wednesday for the second time this year with shouted criticism of the court's previous rulings on campaign finance....
In dispute over domestic abuse definition, Supreme Court orders new trial 1.4.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A split Minnesota Supreme Court today threw out a first-degree-murder conviction of a Silver Lake man who was imprisoned for killing his girlfriend in Glencoe after a day of drinking. David Bustos was convicted in the 2012 killing of Domingo Limon while she was getting ready for work. He acknowledged drinking 18 beers before going…
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In Sachin’s footsteps 1.4.2015 HBL: Opinion
This refers to Raghuvir Srinivasan’s, ‘It’s a different innings for Sachin’ (April 1) and the interview with Sachin Tendulkar on the development of Puttamraju Kandrika. Congratulations to...
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New studies link pollution to a variety of health risks 1.4.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

A raft of recent studies use 3D modeling to detail how air pollution might be linked to ailments from severe flu to ADHD

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Pakistan court sentences 7 to death in lynching case 1.4.2015 Hindu: Home
A Pakistani anti-terrorism court on Wednesday sentenced seven people to death for the murder of two brothers in a mob attack in 2010. The death warrants were issued after Lahore High Court rejecte...
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Protesters disrupt Supreme Court proceedings, 5 arrested 1.4.2015 Star Tribune: Politics
The Bright Sight of RFRA 1.4.2015 Outside the Beltway
We're down to debating whether bigots should have to sell cakes to gay people.
Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday 1.4.2015 Daily Kos
From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… I'm Not Just Polling Your Leg With the exception of that one kid at the White House Science Fair whose time travel experiment went terribly wrong, the first quarter of 2015 is behind us. And that means it's C&J number-crunching time. Every few months we revisit the results of some past C&J polls (no relation to polls commissioned by Kos) to give you a retro-snapshot of just what the hell "you people" were thinking back in the days from January through March. The total number of votes each poll received is in parentheses so you'll know it's not just me and the cat voting, but rather me and thousands of cats: • After six years in office, 37 percent of you give President Obama an A grade. 47 percent give him a B and 7 percent a C. (6,607) • As far as the Obama administration's proposal to allow offshore oil exploration and possible drilling off the mid-Atlantic coast, 83 percent of you say no way.  (3,461) • 97 percent disagree with Mitch McConnell when he claims Republicans ...
Let the army decide whom to promote! 1.4.2015 Rediff: Columns
'The government must make clear once and for all that promotions in the Indian Army are not the right of individuals, but a privilege given in accordance with role and function.'
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The GOP Has An Uphill Fight To Win Back The White House And Not Just Because Of Dangerous Idiots Like Ted Cruz 1.4.2015 The Moderate Voice

In the last two-plus decades as the Republican Party’s drift to the right morphed into a full-blown gallop and the party’s base came to be dominated by Bible thumpers and angry white men — and frequently Bible thumping angry white men — the GOP has won only two of six presidential elections, one because the [...]

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Italian court rejects wiretap case against ex-PM 1.4.2015 New Kerala: World News
Read Full story of 'Italian court rejects wiretap case against ex-PM' at
The Fix: How Arkansas’ religious freedom bill differs — and doesn’t — from the controversial one in Indiana 1.4.2015 Washington Post: Politics
On Tuesday, the Arkansas state House of Representatives approved a final version of a "religious freedom" bill similar to the one that has caused an uproar in Indiana. Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) has said he'll sign it.Read full article ...
Free to discriminate in Indiana 1.4.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
Neither side in the uproar over Indiana's religious freedom law has been totally candid about its benefits or its ...
Supreme Court says state Medicaid payments not open to private lawsuits 1.4.2015 Washington Post: Politics
The Supreme Court narrowly ruled Tuesday that health-care providers cannot sue states in order to bump up Medicaid reimbursement rates they say are unlawfully low.The justices ruled 5 to 4 that neither the Constitution nor federal law authorizes doctors and other health-care providers to go to court to enforce the law’s directive that the reimbursement rates set by states be “sufficient to enlist enough providers so that care and services are available” to Medicaid recipients just as they are to the general population.Read full article ...
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Supreme Court says doctors can't sue over Medicaid cuts 1.4.2015 Star Tribune: Nation
Supreme Court bars challenges to reimbursements.
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Supreme Court Deals Medicaid Blow To Doctors And Health Companies 1.4.2015 NPR News
The court ruled Tuesday that private Medicaid providers cannot sue to force states to raise reimbursement rates in the face of rising medical costs.
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