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Supreme Court Refuses To Block Arizona Drivers Licenses For 'Dreamers' 18.12.2014 NPR News
Arizona's appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court failed to prevent the state from having to issue driving permits to undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children.
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Report: New death sentences at 40-year-low, fewest executions since 1994 18.12.2014 Star Tribune: Politics
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Arizona 'Dreamers' happy but wary of Supreme Court ruling on licenses 18.12.2014 LA Times: Nation
For now, Carla Chavarria plans to keep taking the bus. And Julio Zuniga will remain cautious every time he drives past a police car.
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Supreme Court says Arizona must issue driver's licenses to immigrant 'Dreamers' 18.12.2014 LA Times: Nation
The Supreme Court on Wednesday dealt Arizona another setback in its battle with the Obama administration over immigration policy, deciding the state must offer driver’s licenses to young immigrants who entered the country illegally as children but were later shielded from deportation as...
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Texas takes aim at the First Amendment 18.12.2014 Washington Post: Op-Eds
The Battle of Palmito Ranch near Brownsville, Tex., on May 13, 1865, is called the last battle of the Civil War, but the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) might consider that judgment premature, given its conflict with the state’s Department of Transportation and Department of Motor Vehicles. This skirmish is of national interest because it implicates a burgeoning new entitlement: the right to pass through life without encountering any disagreeable thought.Read full article ...
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Supreme Court could decide in January to add gay marriage to term's calendar 18.12.2014 Star Tribune: Politics
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Freedom From Religion Foundation sues state over contraception enforcement records 18.12.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
About That Judge Who 'Ruled' Immigration Order Unconstitutional 18.12.2014 Crooks Liars
On Tuesday, a federal judge "ruled" that President Obama's executive actions on immigration are unconstitutional. He wasn't ruling on a case, just issuing his opinion. Judge Arthur J. Schwab of the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania has a controversial history. TPM says he is " No Stranger To Controversy ". Schwab was nominated by President George W. Bush. The Senate vote to confirm Schwab to be a U.S. District Judge was 92-0 . Not a single Senate Democrat objected. So the past actions of Democrats again come back to haunt them. Not doing their duty to carefully screen nominees they put into important positions, thereby letting ideologues and kooks like Schwab become judges. It should be noted that Democratic senators already knew better. Bush was put into office by Supreme Court justices who were put on the bench with votes from Democratic senators. Remember that scene in Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, when not one Democratic senator would join House ...
Even John Yoo Says The Court Decision Rejecting Obama’s Immigration Policy Is Problematic 18.12.2014 Think Progres

When even the torture lawyer thinks you've gone too far, it might be time to rethink.

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US Supreme Court denies appeal from former officer convicted of excessive force in 2006 death 18.12.2014 Star Tribune: Politics
Rubio: Obama 'conceded everything' 18.12.2014 The Hill
“It is a victory for the repressive Cuban government," said the potential 2016 candidate.
Will Obama visit Cuba? 18.12.2014 The Hill
If Obama had the chance "I'm sure he wouldn't turn it down," said Josh Earnest.
Sargent: Morning Plum: Ted Cruz’s call to arms carries long-term risks for GOP 17.12.2014 Washington Post
Ted Cruz and other conservatives are enraged by what they see as the GOP leadership’s cave in the face of President Obama’s supposed lawlessness on deportations, and they are insisting the GOP mount an epic struggle against it next year. Republican leaders have been gamely promising such a struggle, but it doesn’t appear they want one, perhaps out of fear of damaging the party’s standing among Latinos heading into 2016.Read full article >>
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Could GOP leaders be undercutting the legal argument against Obamacare? 17.12.2014 Daily Kos
There's few things incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants more next year than for the Supreme Court to do the GOP's bidding on Obamacare in King v. Burwell. That's the case that will decide whether the statute actually affords tax credits to residents who buy insurance through the federally run exchange, which covers 36 states and roughly 7 million customers. But the GOP leadership may already be sabotaging the effort by declaring the law dead on arrival if the Supreme court rules against the subsidies. For instance, McConnell said such a ruling on Obamacare would "take it down" and offer the chance "for a major do-over" on the law, while GOP Sen. John Barrasso said a decision against the White House "alone is enough to bring down the health care law." Those declarations, however, are at odds with the point of the lawsuit, writes Sahil Kapur at Talking Points Memo. The problem is that this message — that a ruling against Obamacare would assist Republican efforts to weaken Obamacare — ...
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Most Doctors In The United States Now Support ‘Death With Dignity’ Laws 17.12.2014 Think Progres

For the first time, more than 50% of doctors favor letting terminally ill patients end their lives.

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PA Supreme Court Awards $151M To Pennsylvania Walmart Workers 17.12.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Nice! I hope Walmart doesn't appeal, because these workers probably need the money. But at least the ruling is one for the little guys: Workers at Walmart and Sam's Club stores in Pennsylvania who worked off the clock and when they were supposed to be on break, or who were forced to skip their breaks, will receive $151 million in unpaid wages and damages, Pennsylvania's Supreme Court ruled Monday, upholding lower- and appellate-court decisions. The case affects nearly 187,000 people employed by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. from March 1998 through April 2006. "This demonstrates that [this] type of shortchanging of workers at a mammoth employer should not be tolerated and that the justice system should provide some form of relief for low-wage workers, particularly through class actions," said Michael D. Donovan of Donovan Axler L.L.C., in Philadelphia, the workers' lawyer. "We disagree with the decision, and continue to believe that these claims should not be bundled together into a class-action lawsuit," Wal-Mart ...
Man's release is latest test for Minn. sex offender program 17.12.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A rapist held indefinitely in the Minnesota Sex Offender Program will begin living in a supervised group home in Le Center. It's the program's first release outside the Twin Cities.
Supreme Court says Arizona must issue driver's licenses to immigrants 17.12.2014 LA Times: Opinion
The Supreme Court decided Wednesday that Arizona must offer driver's licenses to young immigrants who entered the country illegally as children but were later shielded from deportation by President Obama.
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Stephen Colbert's 12 Biggest Adversaries 17.12.2014 Esquire
From Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck to Daft Punk and Super PACs, a look back at Colbert's many ...
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Here They Go Again!! 17.12.2014 The Moderate Voice

The political yahoos finally left for home. But before they did, the House and Senate passed a “compromise” spending bill last week. That had the pundits talking about how Washington was finally working again and that legislation that would not cause a presidential veto in the next session might be possible. But look what these [...]

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