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Stantis essay: Comparing Trump with Willkie 7.10.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
An upstart titan of business, who had never held elected office and was a Democrat shortly before making a most unlikely run for the Republican nomination, captures the electorate's imagination by delivering straight-from-the-hip, ad-libbed speeches that catapulted him over establishment ...
MN Supreme Court: Payday loan limits constitutional 7.10.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The Minnesota Supreme Court today upheld the state's payday lending law that curbed high-interest, short-term loans to mostly low-income people who can't stretch a paycheck.
Battle Over FCC's Net Neutrality Rules May Redefine Free Speech 7.10.2015 Truthout - All Articles
The Federal Communications Commission's defense of its rules regulating broadband services in court has a free speech element that could have wide implications for how the Internet should function and consumers' access to online content. The FCC not only faces a challenge to its authority to make the net neutrality rules. But both sides in the case are also citing First Amendment rights to free speech, potentially setting up a legal showdown on the issue. David Post, a retired Temple University law professor and a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, said the disagreement hinges on whether the net neutrality rules deprive Internet-service providers of First Amendment rights to "editorial discretion." But Post noted the impact would depend on whether the court chooses to address the issue directly. The FCC put its Open Internet Order into effect in June, after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit rejected Internet service providers' request to stop them. The order prevents ...
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Pakistan's top court upholds death sentence in blasphemy murder case 7.10.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Supreme court says Mumtaz Qadri should be executed for shooting dead Punjab governor who backed reform of country’s hardline blasphemy laws

A former police bodyguard revered as a hero by Pakistani conservatives for killing a politician who criticised the country’s blasphemy laws has had his death sentence upheld.

In ordinary circumstances there would never be any doubt about which way the supreme court decision would go: Mumtaz Qadri is unrepentent at having shot dead Salmaan Taseer, then governor of Punjar, as he left a restaurant in a busy Islamabad market in January 2011. But moderates have claimed the ruling is a sign of a change in official attitudes towards religious extremism.

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Alone in Alabama: dispatches from an inmate jailed for her son’s stillbirth 7.10.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

Since becoming one of a growing number of women in the state sentenced for ‘chemical endangerment’, Amanda Kimbrough has sent letters from prison

On 29 April last year Amanda Kimbrough sat down in her cell inside the notoriously tough Tutwiler women’s prison in Wetumpka, Alabama, and began writing a letter in which she described her feelings of loss and remorse. It was a poignant moment, as six years earlier to the day her only son Timmy had been born prematurely and had died from complications at birth after only 19 minutes.

“Tim Jr would be six years old [today],” she wrote, “and not a day goes by I don’t think of him. While I was out we keep his grave decorated and kept up, my husband and family do while I’m here.”

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With church splitting over same-sex marriage, pastor quits 7.10.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Rev. Steve Berntson, a pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in north Fargo, has quit his job to protest a Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.
The Daily 202: An inside look at Donald Trump's plan to evolve into a more traditional candidate 7.10.2015 Washington Post: Politics
The Daily 202: An inside look at Donald Trump's plan to evolve into a more traditional candidate
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Politix Update: Bush v. Gore & The Tarnished Legacy Of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor 7.10.2015 The Moderate Voice

Should Yogi Berra’s long baseball career be judged by his error in a crucial 1951 game that deprived the New York Yankees’ Allie Reynolds of a no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox? Or Dustin Hoffman’s long film career judged by the 1987 cinematic bomb known as Ishtar? Of course not. But what about judging the [...]

The post Politix Update: Bush v. Gore & The Tarnished Legacy Of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Australian court rules human genes cannot be patented 7.10.2015 New Kerala: Health News
Sydney, Oct 7 : An Australian court on Wednesday ruled the breast cancer gene BRCA-1 cannot be patented following an appeal by a patient against a US-based biotechnology company.
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At last, the data giants have been humbled | Carly Nyst 7.10.2015 Guardian: Comment is Free
Everyone who uses the internet should rejoice at the passing of this legal milestone, which will hurt the likes of Facebook and Google A staid European Union court in quiet Luxembourg has made waves in international waters by declaring that a data transfer agreement between the EU and the US fails to comply with European human rights law . The decision, issued by the European court of justice on Tuesday in a case brought by pioneering privacy activist Max Schrems against Facebook not only promises to uproot the business practices of some of the technology sector’s giants. It also contains the strongest condemnation by any court to date of the US National Security Agency’s mass-surveillance practices. The court’s decision to suspend the so-called safe harbour agreement is one of those rare beasts: a highly legalistic judgment of seemingly little public relevance whose ripples will touch – if not be felt – by everyone from the average British Facebook user to the American congressman. Just as the US ...
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Ali al-Nimr was a boy when thrown in Saudi prison. Now he's a man, and is sentenced to die. 7.10.2015 Washington Post
Ali al-Nimr was a boy when thrown in Saudi prison. Now he's a man, and is sentenced to die.
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Under a veil of darkness, Oklahoma removed the Ten Commandments from its Capitol 7.10.2015 LA Times: Nation
In the dark of night and under tight security, workers in Oklahoma began work to move a 4,800-pound monument of the Ten Commandments from the Capitol grounds. Installed in 2012, the monument has provoked arguments between those who see it as a violation of the separation of church and state and...
McCarthy in command 7.10.2015 Politico
The majority leader believes he's closing in on the 218 votes he needs to succeed John Boehner as speaker.
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Judge tosses conviction in NYC tourist killing; man freed 7.10.2015 AP National
NEW YORK (AP) -- A man imprisoned for a quarter-century in a notorious tourist killing was granted a new trial and freed on Tuesday after a judge overturned his conviction in a case that helped crystallize an era of crime and fear in the nation's biggest city....
Roberts's Supreme Court: More unpopular than ever 7.10.2015 Washington Post
Roberts's Supreme Court: More unpopular than ever
Oklahoma removes Ten Commandments monument from the state Capitol 7.10.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The Ten Commandments monument has been the subject of controversy and debate for years. Back in June, the state Supreme Court decided that the religious display on public property violated the Constitution.
Changes to justices' opinions will be highlighted 7.10.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
The Supreme Court is taking a step to address criticism that its inner workings are opaque. The court announced Monday that its website will identify and highlight changes to opinions after they are released to the public. Changes will be highlighted in the text of the opinion and both the ...
California's high court appears ready to allow voters to weigh in on Citizens United 7.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

The California Supreme Court appeared ready Tuesday to allow the Legislature to ask voters their view of a controversial U.S. Supreme Court ruling that expanded corporate and union spending in federal elections.

The court’s posture during a hearing Tuesday contrasted with its decision a year ago...

The draconian ban on prisoner voting 7.10.2015 Hindu: Columns
The Supreme Court needs to reconsider its approach to electoral reform and the right to vote. Rejecting labels of ‘purity’ and ‘pollution’ would be a start
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FACT CHECK: Are Gun-Makers 'Totally Free Of Liability For Their Behavior'? 7.10.2015 NPR News
Hillary Clinton said Monday that the gun industry isn't legally responsible for its behavior. She's (partially) right.
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