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US, Canada to begin talks in 2018 on Columbia River deal 16.12.2017 AP Washington
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- Members of Congress from Washington state are praising the decision to start negotiations early next year over the future of a half-century-old agreement between the United States and Canada that governs hydropower and flood control operations along the Columbia River....
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Trump's Naming of Jerusalem Capital Brings Anger and Despair: An Interview With Richard Falk 16.12.2017 Truthout - All Articles
Trump's naming of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is not only a step backwards for the greatly flawed Israel/Palestine "peace process," it is another assault on multilateralism and the international cooperation that has underpinned world order since 1945, says Richard Falk. Palestinians shout slogans during a demonstration against President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, in Gaza City, Gaza, on December 15, 2017. (Photo: Ali Jadallah / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images) President Trump made history in naming Jerusalem the capital of Israel, as much of the world watched on with anger and despair. The moment comes as a crucial step backwards for the region's "peace process." In the background seemingly, Trump needs to sustain his base of support among Evangelicals and rich Jewish donors, but as for the effects, it seems that as usual, he couldn't care less. Liberal US Jews, such as the advocacy group J-Street, are condemning the decision and they're right, of course, to condemn ...
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Yemeni rebels slam US charges that Iran is arming Houthis 16.12.2017 Washington Post: World
A Yemeni rebel spokesman has heavily criticized U.S. charges that Iran is funneling missiles to the Shiite rebels in Yemen, known as Houthis.
Yemeni rebels slam U.S. charges that Iran is arming Houthis 16.12.2017 Hindu: International
Yemen has been embroiled in a civil war pitting the Iran-backed Houthis against a U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition.
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Spanish court allows extradition of 121 Taiwanese to China 16.12.2017 Washington Post: World
A Spanish court on Friday granted China’s extradition request for 121 Taiwanese citizens accused of belonging to Spain-based gangs that swindled people in China out of millions of euros by telephone.
American army commander says US committed to NATO, Europe 15.12.2017 Washington Post: World
The outgoing U.S. Army Europe commander says America’s continued commitment to European security in the face of Russian aggression is in Washington’s interest.
NATO concerned Russian missile system breaks Cold War pact 15.12.2017 Hindu: News
NATO said on Friday that it is concerned about a Russian missile system that could carry nuclear warheads, and which it says could violate a landmark Cold War arms treaty. The U.S.-led military alli...
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Distorted NATO Funding Figure 15.12.2017 FactCheck
The United States does not pay 80 percent of the cost of operating the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, as President Donald Trump ...
Haley unveils missile parts, says proof Iran arming Houthis 14.12.2017 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump's envoy to the United Nations says "undeniable" evidence proves Iran is violating international law by funneling missiles to Houthi rebels in Yemen....
What’s at Stake in Honduran Election 14.12.2017
Protests continue over the disputed Honduran presidential election after a solid lead by a progressive was wiped out amid gross irregularities and the right-wing incumbent was declared the winner, reports Rick Sterling. By Rick Sterling For seven months in 1969,…Read more →
How France's Macron is becoming the world's climate change leader, and 4 other global stories 14.12.2017 Washington Post: World
In this occasional series, The Washington Post brings you up to speed on some of the biggest stories of the week.
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Putin says Russia won’t be dragged into new arms race with U.S. 14.12.2017 Hindu: News
Putin, speaking at a year-end news conference, also said that Russia would not back out of its commitment to concluding a START III Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the United States.
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UN court to hear appeal in Serbian lawmaker’s acquittal 13.12.2017 Washington Post: World
A prosecutor urged United Nations judges Wednesday to overturn the acquittals of a prominent Serbian ultranationalist on atrocity charges, saying that failure to do so would inflict lasting damage to the legacy of a groundbreaking war crimes tribunal.
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Islamic countries want East Jerusalem recognised as Palestine capital 13.12.2017 Hindu: International
At the emergency summit of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas warns the U.S. no longer had any role to play in the peace process.
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There’s a deadly new threat from North Korea 13.12.2017 Washington Post: Editorials
In a deeply troubling sign, Kim Jong Un’s regime appears to be acquiring the machinery to produce germ-warfare agents.
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Trump’s Lethal Decision on Jerusalem 13.12.2017
President Trump has won praise from Christian Zionists and many staunch supporters of Israel for declaring Jerusalem Israel’s capital, but critics say it only makes peace a more distant goal, reports Dennis J Bernstein.   By Dennis J Bernstein Protests…Read more →
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Bahrain interfaith group pays unprecedented visit to Israel 13.12.2017 Washington Post: World
An interfaith group from the Gulf state of Bahrain is paying an unprecedented public visit to Israel this week, receiving a warm welcome but generating uproar across the Arab world.
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ICC: Failure to arrest Sudan’s president undermines court 13.12.2017 Washington Post: World
The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is accusing some of its members including Jordan, Uganda and Chad of undermining the tribunal’s “reputation and credibility” by refusing to arrest Sudan’s president who is accused of genocide in Darfur.
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Recovery plans for Snake River salmon, steelhead released 12.12.2017 AP Washington
BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Authorities have released recovery plans for federally protected Snake River chinook salmon and steelhead with the goal of making sure each species is self-sustaining in the wild....
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Black Snake Chronicles: Wiindigoo Economics and the Return of Keystone XL 12.12.2017
In these troubling and surreal times, honest journalism is more important than ever. Help us keep real news flowing: Make a donation to Truthout today. As the plauged Keystone Pipeline spilled 200,000 gallons of oil near the Sisseton Dakota reservation, on November 20, the Nebraska Public Service Commission issued a convoluted permit approval, allowing TransCanada to route the line through part of the state. In the meantime, the Dakota, Lakota and their allies stand strong. That same day hundreds gathered for the Gathering to Protect the Sacred -- a reaffirmation of the international agreement among sovereign indigenous nations to protect the environment from tar-sands projects. The Treaty to Protect the Sacred, first signed in 2013, was signed again. "Nothing has changed at all in our defense of land, air and water of the Oceti Sakowin," Faith Spotted Eagle told the crowd. "If anything, it has become more focused, stronger and more adamant after Standing Rock." The assembly -- sponsored by the ...
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