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Q&A on possible extradition for dentist who killed lion 2.8.2015 AP National
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Zimbabwe has called for an American dentist who killed a lion that was lured out of a national park and caused international outrage to be extradited and face as-yet filed charges. But it isn't clear whether Walter James Palmer, a 55-year-old from Minnesota, can be extradited or, if so, can fight having to go back to the African nation. Palmer has said he relied on his guides to ensure the hunt was legal....
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Anurag Thakur steadily gaining control of cricket board 1.8.2015 New Kerala: World News
New Delhi, Aug 1 : The winds of change continue to blow across the Indian cricket board. Its secretary Anurag Thakur is in a hurry to dismantle the old order and prove that he is in complete command of the situation.
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Hushed voices 1.8.2015 Hindu: Magazine
Are only the poor and the marginalised criminals in our society? Do the rich and the powerful not commit any crimes?
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Paul Bonnifield: Iran deal criticized 1.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
To date I’ve not heard any responsible person comment on the role of England, France, Germany, Russia and China in relation to the Iran Nuclear Agreement; however, the success of any attempt to continue or increase sanctions against Iran depends upon the full cooperation of each of the nations. Russia is of special concern. Russia has the power to normalize trade relations with Iran and make meaningless any effort to continuing sanctions. It can either produce, import and transport all the goods and services Iran needs. Currently, the United States and Europe are imposing serious sanctions against Russia. It is not realistic to think Russia will continue sanctions against Iran as long as the United States has sanctions against it. By waiting until the Congress rejects the treaty before normalizing Iranian trade, Russia will be able to make the United States look ridiculous and helpless to enforce its policy towards Iran. There is little doubt that Russia’s leaders would enjoy “putting the United States ...
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Palestinian youth killed after arson attack sparks violence in West Bank 1.8.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

The 17-year-old was shot by Israeli troops at Atara checkpoint near Ramallah, Palestinian officials said, amid unrest over death of 18-month old boy

A Palestinian youth has been killed by Israeli forces in Ramallah in the wake of violent West Bank clashes that erupted after an 18-month-old toddler was killed in an arson attack in Duma yesterday morning.

According to Palestinian medical officials Laith Fadel al-Khaladi, 17, from Jifna, a village near Ramallah died early on Saturday after he was shot by Israeli sniper fire during clashes at Atara checkpoint near Bir Zeit .

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In ISIL-controlled territory, 8 million civilians living in ‘state of fear’: UN expert 1.8.2015 New Kerala: World News
New York, Aug 1 : The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has engaged in widespread and systematic human rights violations of the most serious kinds in Syria and Iraq, brutally forcing some 8 million people to "assimilate, flee or face death," according to a United Nations expert.
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Germany shelves Nazi crimes probe of U.S. man 1.8.2015 Hindu: Home
The decision came more than two years after The AP published a story establishing that Michael Karkoc commanded a unit in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defence Legion.
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Decades Of Limbo Ends For Some Indians, Bangladeshis Along Border 1.8.2015 NPR News
The fate of pockets of Bangladeshis and Indians living on opposite sides of the border was left unresolved after the partition of the former British colony in 1947. A new agreement has changed that.
What Does The New Environmental Chapter Mean For The TPP? Not Much, Activists Say 1.8.2015 Think Progres

As the negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership wind down, key environmental provisions might be the difference in congressional approval.

The post What Does The New Environmental Chapter Mean For The TPP? Not Much, Activists Say appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Kafka-like Persecution of Julian Assange 1.8.2015
In an era when powerful institutions demonize decent people – and the mainstream media joins in, piling on the abuse – legal proceedings have become another Kafka-esque weapon of coercion. Few cases are more troubling than the persecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, as John Pilger describes. By John Pilger The siege of Knightsbridge is…
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Indians abducted in Libya: From dictatorship to lawlessness 1.8.2015 Hindu: News
The kidnappings of Indians in Libya are yet another example of the...
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How a flood of money just made cricket poorer | Kamila Shamsie 31.7.2015 Guardian: Comment is Free
The joy of this summer’s Ashes only serves to highlight the rotten state of the game’s governance When the Ashes are in progress in England and Wales, it becomes possible, for a while, to imagine that cricket is a game of continuity rather than change, with traditions, uniforms and rivalries dating back well over 100 years. If you grew up with cricket in the subcontinent, though, chances are you always saw the game as part of a story about the exuberant casting off of the shackles of empire. But the new documentary Death of a Gentleman suggests that this tale is no less outmoded than the one about continuity. Cricket arrived on the subcontinent with colonialism. “East will always be east and west, west, but the crease is not a very broad line of demarcation – so narrow, indeed, that it ought to bring about friendly relations,” wrote Lord Harris , whose name is synonymous with the introduction of cricket to the ...
Germany suspends Nazi war crimes investigation of Minnesota man 31.7.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest
  • Michael Karkoc exposed as leader of SS affiliate and lying to US immigration
  • 96-year-old’s case shelved due to undisclosed health issues, says prosecutor

German prosecutors have shelved their Nazi war crimes investigation of a retired Minnesota carpenter whom the Associated Press exposed as a former commander in an SS-led unit, saying Friday that the 96-year-old is not fit for trial.

Munich prosecutor Peter Preuss told the AP that Michael Karkoc’s attorney had refused to allow him to be examined by a medical expert from Germany, and that his office’s decision was based on “comprehensive medical documentation” from doctors at the geriatric hospital in the US where he is being treated.

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The Failure - and Future - of Democracy in Europe 31.7.2015
There’s at least one reason we should be grateful to the Greek people for exposing the European Union’s democratic dysfunction this summer: Their recent referendum showed that majority rule is impossible in a multinational union. Creating the illusion of democratic decisions within the EU, even when there is no clear will among the member states, has returned like a boomerang with the recent Greek vote — the Greek people voted overwhelmingly against more austerity, but their European neighbors forced it on them anyway. This is especially relevant for a group of states with a single currency, a single financial pillar that supports not only a vast economic-monetary-regulatory platform, but the destiny of multiple countries and millions of human lives. Thomas Jefferson was right when he claimed that “banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties then standing armies.” With the Greek government’s reluctant decision to accept a proposed bailout plan in which nobody believes, Greeks are heading ...
The Americans With Disabilities Act Is a Model for the World - Literally 31.7.2015
July 26 marked the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Its passage harkens back to a bygone era when Americans with disabilities could count on bipartisan efforts in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Congress passed the ADA in 1990, and President George H.W. Bush signed it into law. Some years later, in 2008, President George W. Bush signed the ADA Amendments Act into law, seeking to restore the drafters’ intentions against a judicial onslaught that had effectively gutted the law. Breaking with this bipartisan tradition, the Senate could not garner enough votes to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2012. The first human rights treaty of the 21st century, the CRPD is also the first legally binding international instrument with the power specifically to protect the rights of the world’s largest minority: the 1 billion persons with disabilities. The Senate voted down the treaty against the advice of two esteemed World War II veterans who ...
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A ban on autonomous weapons is easier said than done 31.7.2015 Guardian: Science
Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and artificial intelligence researchers published a letter calling for a ban on autonomous weapons. This is an easy first step. A ban that works in practice will be much harder. To coincide with a major Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference in Buenos Aires this week, leading scientists, world-renowned philosophers and technology investors signed a letter that urges a ban on weapons that use artificial intelligence technology. We have added our names to the sixteen thousand (and rising) signatures. We are not in favour of automated weapons that make the decision to kill someone. As reported in the Guardian yesterday , the researchers that drafted this letter think that autonomous cars already include the technical capacities required to do this. But signing up to the letter is the easy part. The history of global technology regulation warns us that making this kind of statement is much easier than realising what it asks for. It can be difficult to to work out ...
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Zimbabwe wants dentist who killed Cecil to face law 31.7.2015 New Kerala: World News
London, July 31 : Zimbabwe has sought from the US extradition of the dentist who killed Cecil the lion, the most famous creature in the country's national park.
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Germany shelves Nazi crimes probe of Minneapolis man 31.7.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: News
German prosecutors said the 96-year-old Michael Karkoc is not medically fit for trial.
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Zimbabwe to seek extradition of dentist who killed Cecil the lion 31.7.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Zimbabwe intends to seek the extradition of an American dentist who killed a lion that was lured out of a national park and shot with a bow and a gun, and the process has already begun, a Cabinet minister said ...
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Iran has signed a historic nuclear deal – now it’s Israel’s turn | Javad Zarif 31.7.2015 Guardian: Comment is Free
If the Vienna deal is to mean anything, the whole of the Middle East must rid itself of weapons of mass destruction We – Iran and its interlocutors in the group of nations known as the P5+1 – have finally achieved the shared objective of turning the Iranian nuclear programme from an unnecessary crisis into a platform for cooperation on nuclear non-proliferation and beyond. The nuclear deal reached in Vienna this month is not a ceiling but a solid foundation on which we must build. The joint comprehensive plan of action, as the accord is officially known, cements Iran’s status as a zone free of nuclear weapons. Now it is high time that we expand that zone to encompass the entire Middle ...
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