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Bridging the narratives in Sri Lanka 19.4.2014 Hindu: Home
Instead of victory memorials, Sri Lanka needs a monument to commemorate all casualties of the war
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North Korea criticizes 'human rights racket' of US, allies after UN report blames regime 19.4.2014 Star Tribune: World
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Young Christian women facing greater risk of kidnappings, tortures in Egypt (Cached) 18.4.2014 New Kerala: World News
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Ukraine urges ICC to probe deaths of protesters (Cached) 18.4.2014 New Kerala: World News
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Arrest Warrant Sought For S. Korea Ferry Captain 18.4.2014 Crooks Liars

(Credit: misskoco)

Prosecutors said Friday that preliminary investigations showed that captain Lee Joon-Seok had handed the helm to his third officer before the ferry capsized.
Northern Minnesota oil pipeline opposition led by Winona LaDuke 18.4.2014 Local

ST. PAUL -- An American Indian environmental group led by nationally known Winona LaDuke is fighting a northern Minnesota oil pipeline.

A run for freedom (Cached) 18.4.2014 Le Monde Diplomatique
Palestine held its second annual marathon last week in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. There was not one loser in the bunch of roughly 3,000 local and international participants. Personal goals were achieved, categories of prizes awarded, and records broken. The greatest win, however, was a group effort - a win not against oneself, one another, or even a clock, but against occupation. There was no stopwatch to record this win or finishing line to mark it or trophy to honor it. The evidence (...) - Blog posts /
Why Jeb Bush's Greatest Political Achievement Could Sink a White House Run 18.4.2014 Mother Jones
I met Jeb Bush's biggest nightmare during a breakout session at March's Conservative Political Action Conference held outside of DC. In a side room, Phyllis Schlafly, the octogenarian den mother of the religious right, was explaining why attendees should be afraid of a set of national educational standards, little noticed by the national political press, called Common Core. The standards are arguably Bush's biggest political legacy. They are also the source of a rising tide of activism on the political right. One after another, conservative activists in the standing-room only audience stood up to express their alarm. "If you are a white male boy—God forbid you're Jewish!—you're being targeted and it's very scary," fretted a woman from Texas. "Very ...
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In Case You Missed… 18.4.2014
In Case You Missed…
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UN security council urged to target North Korean officials over atrocities 18.4.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page

Inquiry head Michael Kirby says leaders should be hit with sanctions and referred to international criminal court

The United Nations security council should slap targeted sanctions on North Korean officials responsible for grave human rights abuses and refer them to the international criminal court (ICC), the head of a special UN inquiry said on Thursday.

The retired Australian judge Michael Kirby told an informal meeting of the security council convened by Australia, France and the United States he wanted leading members of the reclusive regime hauled before the ICC for prosecution.

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Israeli arrest of Arab citizen over Lebanon visit angers rights groups 18.4.2014 L.A. Times - World News
RAMALLAH, West Bank – An Arab Israeli citizen was arrested on charges of visiting an enemy state after the man returned from a trip to Lebanon, the Israeli government announced.
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UN Security Council meets on 'long and grim' North Korea human rights report 18.4.2014 Star Tribune: World
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Russia agrees to 'de-escalation' plan for Ukraine at Geneva talks 17.4.2014 L.A. Times - World News
Russia staved off further Western sanctions over its support for separatist militants in eastern Ukraine by reaching an agreement with the top U.S., European and Ukrainian diplomats that aims to "de-escalate" tensions between the former Soviet republics without committing Russia to stay out of its neighbors domestic affairs.
International rights bodies ask Nepal to reject TRC 17.4.2014 Hindu: Home
Maintaining that the draft bill on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) violated international law, three international human rights bodies on Thursday called on Nepal's legislators to re...
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Nigeria: Fate of 115 abducted girls unknown (Cached) 17.4.2014 CNN-IBN: World
The fate of 115 female students abducted by Islamic extremists was thrown into uncertainty when their school principal denied report claiming almost all the pupils had been freed.
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Steve McQueen: Anti-Slavery's 175th anniversary is nothing to celebrate 17.4.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
For me, 12 Years a Slave offered too many modern parallels for the 175th birthday of Anti-Slavery International of which I am a proud patron to prompt anything other than renewed effort It was 175 years ago, on 17 April 1839, that a group of abolitionists gathered to found the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. Today that organisation is known as Anti-Slavery International ; it is the oldest international human rights organisation in the world, and I am proud to be a patron. At the time the society was founded, slavery had just been abolished in the British colonies and the plan was to campaign for the abolition of slavery in the rest of the world. But the founders soon realised that the formal abolition of slavery did not prevent people being forced to work against their ...
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Ukraine accepts limited jurisdiction for Intl Criminal Court to probe Kiev sniper deaths 17.4.2014 Star Tribune: World
Nepal urged to reject reconciliation bill (Cached) 17.4.2014 New Kerala: World News
New York, April 17 : Nepali legislators should reject problematic provisions of the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) bill introduced in parliament, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Commission of Jurists said Thursday.
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Four-way talks on Ukraine commence (Cached) 17.4.2014 New Kerala: World News
Geneva, April 17 : The European Union (EU), Russia, the US and Ukraine Thursday began talks in Geneva to discuss the ongoing crisis in the former Soviet republic.
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Nigeria: UN seeks immediate release of abducted school girls (Cached) 17.4.2014 New Kerala: World News
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