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Hypocritical 'Conservative' Justices on Stolen SCOTUS Appear Set to Allow Rigged 2020 Census: 'BradCast' 4/24/2019 25.4.2019 BradBlog
On today's BradCast, Donald Trump's Administration is now barreling the nation towards one or more unprecedented Constitutional crises as he panics about the possibility of impeachment. But the fruits of the GOP's labor in violating Constitutional norms to steal a majority on the U.S. Supreme Court may now finally be ...
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Russia Warns of Wars Worldwide, U.S. Ties 'Lowest' Ever 25.4.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Russia warned of tensions spilling over across regions such as Asia and Africa and warned that a U.S. failure to repair collapsing arms control treaties could destabilize global security.
Nukes Could Stop Asteroids—but Laws May Get in the Way 24.4.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Large space rocks don’t hit Earth often, but just one could cause mass destruction.
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New CN Series: The Revelations of WikiLeaks: No. 1—The Video that Put Assange in US Crosshairs 24.4.2019
“Collateral Murder” created a media sensation in 2010 and led to Chelsea Manning’s imprisonment and to a DOJ investigation of Julian Assange, reports Elizabeth Vos. But the war crimes the video exposed got no one else in trouble. Consortium News today begins…Read more →
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Iran's Defense Minister Compares 'Trumpism' to 'Nazism' 23.4.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Iran's General Amir Hatami said President Donald Trump's policies have promoted "such traits as selfishness, cruelty and violation of humanitarian principles and international rules."
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Trump’s foreign policy will wreck international relations for years beyond his term: Former State Department officials 23.4.2019 Raw Story

On Tuesday, former State Department officials Aaron David Miller and Richard Sokolsky penned a sober assessment in Politico of the damage President Donald Trump is doing to U.S. foreign policy. The president’s extreme stances aren’t just hurting U.S. standing, they warned, they are also ...

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Church Attacks are Opposite of Islam's True Teachings 23.4.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
He prohibited the destruction of churches and monasteries, respectfully debated religion with Christians, and invited Christians to pray in his mosque.
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Kim-Putin: North Korean and Russian leaders 'to meet for first time' 23.4.2019 BBC: World
There'll be a lot of history and potential behind the North Korean leader's first Russian visit.
Pruitt, Zinke move through revolving door from government to industry 23.4.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
The revolving door between the Trump administration and the industries it is meant to regulate is whirring on, with the former heads of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Interior Department (DOI) now actively employed in efforts including fossil fuel lobbying and consulting for a mining corporation. Former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has registered as […]
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Debunking the ‘Assange is A Russian Agent’ Smear 22.4.2019
The narrative that Assange worked for or knowingly conspired with the Russian government is a hallucination of the demented Russia hysteria which has infected all corners of mainstream political discourse, says Caitlin Johnstone. By Caitlin Johnstone Not even the…Read more →
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Rudy Giuliani Accuses Mueller Team Of 'Torturing' Paul Manafort To 'Get Information' 21.4.2019 Crooks Liars
Anyone remember way back in 2007 when now Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said this about torture ? “I wanted to ask you two questions,’’ she said. “One, do you think waterboarding is torture? And two, do you think the president can order something like waterboarding even though it’s against U.S. and international law?’’ Mr. Giuliani responded: “O.K. First of all, I don’t believe the attorney general designate in any way was unclear on torture. I think Democrats said that; I don’t think he was.’’ Ms. Gustitus said: “He said he didn’t know if waterboarding is torture.” Mr. Giuliani said: “Well, I’m not sure it is either. I’m not sure it is either. It depends on how it’s done. It depends on the circumstances. It depends on who does it. I think the way it’s been defined in the media, it shouldn’t be done. The way in which they have described it, particularly in the liberal media. So I would say, if that’s the description of it, then I can agree, that it shouldn’t be done. But I have to see what the real ...
Sudan crisis: Cash hoard found at al-Bashir's home 20.4.2019 BBC: Front Page
Prosecutors launch an inquiry after cash in several currencies is found at Omar al-Bashir's residence
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420 Day: Who Started The Marijuana Celebration Ritual? 20.4.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Fancy a 420? We delve into the history, facts and current situation with cannabis and cannabis culture.
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CN Radio—Episode 7: Francis Boyle on Extradition of Julian Assange 19.4.2019
With Julian Assange facing an extradition hearing on May 2, Consortium News Radio speaks with international law expert Francis Boyle, professor at the University of Illinois. Francis Boyle on the U.S.-UK extradition treaty and the way forward for Assange. (30…Read more →
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This is the brutal truth about Trump’s grotesque vision for America 19.4.2019 Raw Story

Donald Trump is not an ideologue or a person who possesses a coherent or sophisticated understanding of political theory, history or philosophy. He is all impulse and id, a man gifted in manipulating the fears of ignorant and insecure white people in the service of expanding his power and his fortun...

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The ICC Shows Colonialism Still Thrives in International Law 19.4.2019
U.S. dominance in the global legal order does not stop at its borders.

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Sudan protesters need ‘united front’ in military talks 18.4.2019 BBC: World
Sudanese protest groups require unity to secure civilian rule, the BBC's Alastair Leithead says.
Israel Uses Animal Rights to Distract From War Crimes 18.4.2019
Israel promotes its "vegan-friendly" army and animal rights record while Palestinians suffer.

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Trump ramps up pressure on Cuba in Latin America offensive 18.4.2019 Raw Story

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ramped up pressure on Cuba with new restrictions on US travel and remittances and a green light to lawsuits over seized property as he vowed to rid Latin America of leftists. Defying European warnings on the long-festering property issue, Trump rolled back much of...

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In the Mother of Parliaments, Democracy Dies 18.4.2019 The Moderate Voice

The U.K. used to be properly regarded as a representative democracy built on broad principles of liberty. As of 8 April 2019, that is no longer the case, and Britain’s situation is now a close analogy to that of the colonists in the 1770s. The American revolution was essentially a conservative enterprise – like all […]

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