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Saudi Arabia oil attacks: US to send troops to Saudi Arabia 21.9.2019 BBC News - US & Canada
The "defensive" deployment comes after attacks on Saudi oil installations, which it blames on Iran.
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Is Trump a master of ‘3-D chess’? Expert says nope 20.9.2019 Raw Story
Politics is often conceived as a type of game. To win, a person or group must amass more power than the other players in order to advance their own goals. Victory can be achieved through cooperation with the other players, domination over them or some combination of the two. This article first appeared in Salon. […]
MSNBC host nails Trump for hypocritical tweets attacking Saudi Arabia before he decided he loves them 19.9.2019 Raw Story
MSNBC host Chuck Todd cited President Donald Trump’s past comments that bending to the will of the Saudis was “Saudi Arabia should fight their own wars, which they won’t, or pay us an absolute fortune to protect them and their great wealth-$trillon,” Trump tweeted in Aug. 2014. Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti […]
Did Pompeo just accidentally admit the Iran crisis was a ‘direct result’ of Trump’s actions? 19.9.2019 Raw Story
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seems to be admitting that the problem with Iran is the result of President Donald Trump, said Business Insider. Trump violated the 2015 Iran nuclear treaty (also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) when he pulled out of it. The excuse at the time was that it was […]
Israel’s election outcome remains unclear — but the ‘ultimate loser’ will be Palestinians 18.9.2019 Raw Story
Israel is facing political turmoil as Tuesday’s election remains too close to call. With 92% of the vote counted, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and ex-military chief Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party appear to be nearly tied. Both leading candidates aiming to be prime minister had run on platforms vowing to take harsh […]
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Netanyahu cancels UN visit over post-poll ‘political context’ 18.9.2019 Raw Story
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cancelled his planned visit to the United Nations General Assembly due to the “political context” in Israel, sources in his office told AFP Wednesday. Initial results from Tuesday’s general election show Netanyahu’s Likud party tied with the Blue and White alliance of his main challenger, former army chief Benny […]
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Fears of ‘collateral damage to democracy’ swell as Trump weighs withdrawing from global postal pact 17.9.2019 Raw Story
Thousands of absentee ballots could be uncounted in upcoming elections thanks to President Donald Trump’s objection to a treaty which governs the international mail exchange for nearly 200 countries. Citing disapproval of shipping rates it says unfairly favor China, the White House is weighing a potential withdrawal next month from the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a United […]
‘The American military should not be for sale’: Ex-White House adviser shreds Trump’s cash-for-war deal with Iran 17.9.2019 Raw Story
President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser blasted the Trump administration’s approach to Middle East policy. Ben Rhodes, who helped steer Obama policy during the 2011 “Arab Spring,” told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that President Donald Trump’s “they pay cash” remarks about following Saudi Arabia into war with Iran were “outrageous.” “American foreign policy should not […]
‘He started this’: CNN’s Cuomo obliterates pro-Trump lobbyist for defending the decision to exit the Iran deal 17.9.2019 Raw Story
On Monday, following the attack on Saudi oil facilities that President Donald Trump says was carried out by Iran, CNN’s Chris Cuomo clashed with pro-Trump lobbyist and American Conservative Union director Matt Schlapp by pointing out that it was Trump who escalated tensions with Iran in the first place. “Now this is something of his […]
Saudi oil attacks: Nato chief 'extremely concerned' about escalation 17.9.2019 BBC: World
There are fears of escalating tensions in the region as Iran is blamed for strikes on oil facilities.
US ‘lies’ slammed after Mike Pompeo blames Iran for drone attacks without proof 16.9.2019 Raw Story
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi forcefully rejected Sunday unsubstantiated charges by by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) regarding the recent drone attacks that caused serious damage to two crucial Saudi Arabian oil installations. “It has been around 5 years that the Saudi-led coalition has kept the flames […]
Trump Adviser Navarro Commands Fox Host, ‘You Gotta Help Us Out’ 14.9.2019 Crooks Liars
Things got heated when Fox News host Neil Cavuto challenged White House trade adviser Peter Navarro for starting a new Trump offensive against international postal rates. Navarro acted as though he had a right to Cavuto’s support. Navarro was there to promote Trump’s threat to pull out of the international postal treaty known as the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and he seemed surprised at Cavuto’s skepticism. “Why not one fight at a time, the big one is with China, right?” Cavuto said. That began a testy exchange between the two. "Either we’ll get a favorable vote in Geneva, or we will exit," Navarro said about the UPU threat. He claimed Americans will not see “any difference in terms of their mail.” “You hope not, you hope not,” Cavuto shot back. "But Peter think about it. In the middle of – “ Navarro interrupted with what sounded like a command. "You cannot be against this, Neil." "It doesn't matter for or against. It’s one fight at a time,” Cavuto said. "This is apples and oranges," Navarro ...
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Here’s what John Bolton’s exit really reveals about Donald Trump’s foreign policy priorities 13.9.2019 Raw Story
Everyone who works in the Trump White House eventually outstays their welcome and John Bolton was no different. In a series of tweets on September 10, Donald Trump announced he’d fired his national security advisor – although Bolton insisted he’d offered his own resignation the day before. The immediate catalyst for Trump’s action appears to […]
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Anger at Netanyahu’s West Bank annexation pledge 12.9.2019 Raw Story
Arab and Muslim countries Wednesday led a wave of outcry after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to annex a key part of the occupied West Bank if re-elected. Netanyahu’s controversial pledge involves extending Israel’s sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea which account for one-third of the West Bank if he […]
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Did We Learn the Lesson of 9/11? 12.9.2019 NewsBusters
It's now been nearly a full generation since Sept. 11, 2001. There are people currently serving in the U.S. military who weren't born when that act of evil took place — and the military still has thousands of troops in Afghanistan, the home base of the Taliban-supported al Qaida attack on the United States that took nearly 3,000 American ...
A man in full: Raw Story interviews George Soros 11.9.2019 Raw Story
The following was originally published Sept. 18, 2006. Raw Story’s John Byrne: I know you didn’t want to get tied down on a particular presidential candidate, or individual personalities, but I’m wondering if the Democrats were to take the House in November, and you were sort of the leader of the party — or the […]
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Bolton Was A Bad Consigliere, But Trump Is A Bad Don 11.9.2019 Outside the Beltway
John Bolton was not a good National Security Adviser, but the real problem with Trump Administration foreign policy comes from the man at the top.
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Guantánamo has cost billions; Whistleblower alleges 'gross' waste 11.9.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
An NPR investigation finds that the military court and prison at Guantánamo Bay have cost taxpayers billions, with billions more expected.
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Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders Condemn Netanyahu West Bank Annexation Plan: 'The Nail in the Coffin to a Two-state Solution' 11.9.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Netanyahu made his pledge on Tuesday in a bid to win over right-wing voters ahead of next week's election, which is expected to be close.
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Arab nations condemn Netanyahu's West Bank annexation plan 11.9.2019 BBC: World
An Israeli vow to apply sovereignty to part of the West Bank is described as a "dangerous development".
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