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Time for Pakistan to accept reality on Kashmir 11.8.2020 Rediff: News
'The sooner Pakistan and India face these geopolitical realities, the better it will be for their own security and prosperity,' observes Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar.
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Trump blasted for naming ‘war criminal’ and Iran-Contra convict Elliott Abrams as Iran envoy 7.8.2020 Raw Story
Following the resignation Thursday of State Department Iran envoy Brian Hook, President Donald Trump named as his replacement current special representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams, a notorious warmonger and supporter of Latin American death squads who was convicted in 1991 of withholding information from Congress during the Iran-Contra scandal. “Like most Trump appointees, he is not fit for the position, and […]
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Trump’s ‘inexperienced and unqualified’ ambassadors leave US allies aghast 4.8.2020 Raw Story
A string of gaffes and scandals has cast a spotlight on President Donald Trump’s habit of staffing US embassies with campaign donors and personal friends who have irked key allies and stood out for their lack of qualifications. In Iceland – a nation so safe that the president runs errands on a bicycle – US Ambassador Jeffery Ross Gunter has left […]
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India is paying for Modi's wooing of Xi 3.8.2020 Rediff: News
'China was a relationship from which Mr Modi had expected the most it seems.' 'It showed in a string of summits, and somewhat breathless celebration of Xi Jinping.' 'It was hasty and simplistic,' observes Shekhar Gupta.
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Biden’s VP pick: A shrinking list of top contenders 2.8.2020 Raw Story
As the rumors and leaks fly, analysts are working overtime to predict who Joe Biden will pick as his running mate for the November 3 elections — a choice that could produce the first female vice president in American history. While history suggests that the Democrat’s pick will probably have a minimal impact on voters’ […]
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News Analysis: How bad could U.S.-China relations get? 26.7.2020 LA Times: Nation

Last week marked the end of U.S.-China engagement. The two powers may now be sliding toward a severance of relations and even outright military conflict.

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Mike Pompeo Lies About 1619 Project While Stoking Trump's 'Culture War' 18.7.2020 Crooks Liars
Mike Pompeo, Trump's Lap Dog Secretary of State, gave a speech at the State Department on Thursday that infuriated anyone who is remotely concerned with racial justice in America. In particular, it outraged diplomats and officials within that very State Department. The speech was focused on his "Unalienable Rights Commission" — apparently an endeavor that itself is controversial — but true to Trumpian form, Pompeo launched into an attack on The New York Times' brilliant "1619 Project," in an attempt to delegitimize the acknowledgement of racism and slavery in our ...
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A New State Department Report Cements Mike Pompeo’s Twisted View of Human Rights 17.7.2020 Mother Jones
Last July, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched an advisory panel to help the US practice “a moral foreign policy … grounded in [a] conception of human rights.” Crucially, its mission, Pompeo explained, would include reining in a dangerous proliferation of “new” human rights. “Unalienable rights are by nature universal. Not everything good, or everything granted by […]
Swedish ex-ambassador Anna Lindstedt acquitted 10.7.2020 BBC: World
Anna Lindstedt is found not guilty of holding unauthorised talks with China.
Ladakh Stand-off: Be prepared to meet fire with fire 9.7.2020 Rediff: News
'India in 2020 is a lot better prepared than in 1962.' 'It is no longer a pushover; and anything other than a crushing Chinese military victory will be a major loss of face for China,' observes Rajeev Srinivasan in the first of a three part column.
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Alarm and confusion: Inside the Trump administration’s decision to leave the World Health Organization 20.6.2020 Raw Story
Right before President Donald Trump unveiled punitive measures against China on May 29, he inserted a surprise into his prepared text. “We will be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization,” he announced during a press conference in the Rose Garden. Most of the president’s top aides — and even some of his […]
Trump warns of ‘complete decoupling’ from China despite talks 19.6.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump warned Thursday the United States had the option to separate from China’s deeply intertwined economy, despite the powers’ pledges to move forward on a trade deal. Tensions have been mounting between Beijing and Washington on a number of fronts including trade, although the two sides signed a “phase one” deal earlier this […]
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How reliant is Australia on China? 17.6.2020 BBC: World
As their relationship sours, can Australia realistically "diversify" from its biggest trading partner?
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What's behind the PM's aid department decision? 17.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
There is a tension at the heart of the plan to merge the Foreign Office and the department handling overseas aid.
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Ladakh standoff unlikely to end soon 16.6.2020 Rediff: News
Narrowing of differences on competing territorial claims along the un-demarcated LAC might take weeks, if not months, of hard-nosed negotiations. Without some give and take on both sides, the impasse will be hard to resolve, observes Virendra Kapoor.
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EU diplomat chief calls for special China dialogue with US 16.6.2020 Raw Story
The EU’s chief diplomat on Monday called for Europe and the United States to launch talks aimed at forging a common transatlantic front against an increasingly assertive China. Brussels and Washington are at odds over a range of major global issues, but EU foreign affairs high representative Josep Borrell said the two sides should make […]
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China-Sweden: Ex-ambassador Lindstedt on trial for risking security 5.6.2020 BBC: World
Anna Lindstedt is accused of going beyond her remit by holding unauthorised talks with China.
Trump ally Richard Grenell steps down as Germany envoy 2.6.2020 Raw Story
Richard Grenell, an outspoken Donald Trump loyalist, has officially stepped down as US ambassador to Germany, ending a controversial two-year stint in Berlin that fanned transatlantic tensions. A rising star in Republican circles and one of the most high-profile gays in the Trump administration, Grenell had been tapped in February to temporarily become head of […]
Pompeo blasted by ex-State Department adviser for running a ‘grift’ out of his office 23.5.2020 Raw Story
On Saturday’s edition of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” former State Department adviser Nayyera Haq excoriated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his apparent use of his office for personal gain, including the “Madison Dinners” in which he lavishly entertained businessmen on the taxpayer’s dime. “NBC News has a report on whether Mr. Linick was investigating these […]
Amanpour Mocks Trump's 'America First' as 'First' in Corona-Deaths and Infections 21.5.2020 NewsBusters
On Tuesday's Amanpour & Co. on PBS and CNN International, host Christiane Amanpour's hyperbole button was on as she essentially mocked President Donald Trump's "America First" policy by touting misleading claims that America is "first" in coronavirus infections and deaths, and also highlighted quotes calling the U.S. a "collapsing republic" and likening it to a "Third World ...
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