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Virginia lags behind in national push for Pre-K 27.5.2017 Washington Post
Virginia lags behind in national push for Pre-K
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Is Charter School Fraud the Next Enron? 25.5.2017 Truthout - All Articles
In 2001, Texas-based energy giant Enron shocked the world by declaring bankruptcy. Thousands of employees lost their jobs, and investors  lost billions .  As a  scholar  who studies the legal and policy issues pertaining to school choice, I've observed that the same type of fraud that occurred at Enron has been cropping up in the  charter school sector . A handful of school officials have been caught  using the Enron playbook  to divert funding slated for these schools into their own pockets. As school choice champions like  Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos  push to make charter schools a larger part of the educational landscape, it's important to understand the Enron scandal and how charter schools are vulnerable to similar schemes. What Is a Related-Party Transaction? Enron's downfall was caused largely by something called "related-party transactions." Understanding this concept is crucial for grasping how charter schools may also be in danger. Related-party transactions are business arrangements ...
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Preschool, A State-By-State Update 24.5.2017 NPR: Morning Edition
The National Institute for Early Education Research has a new state-by-state report on preschool funding, enrollment and teacher quality. The findings are both encouraging and sobering.
Great North Routt Chili Cook Off fills bellies 22.5.2017 Steamboat Pilot
The community did not disappoint during the 14th Annual Great North Routt Chili Cook Off on Saturday at Hahn’s Peak Roadhouse. The event raised thousands of dollars for the Fourth of July fireworks show on July 1 at Steamboat Lake and the North Routt Preschool. “Really great turnout this year,” preschool director Kerri Ann Crocker said. This was the sixth year the cook off has been held at the Roadhouse. “This is a great event,” Roadhouse owner Carol Zamzow said. “I’m psyched we could be apart of it. It allows everyone to say hello before the crazy summer season starts.” With recent snow, winter was not over yet, but residents gathered to discuss how they weathered the season. Rancher Bill Fetcher had just checked on his seven bee hives. “They all made it through the winter,” Fetcher said. Much of the talk was centered around the varieties of chili with names like Lulu Elk Chorizo Miner’s Chili and Big “O” Chili, which Zamzow made with organic grass-fed beef from the Meyring family ranch. Vista Verde ...
Italy makes 12 vaccines mandatory for school-age children 20.5.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The new measures followed an intense public debate over vaccines after a measles outbreak and political sniping over accusations that the populist 5-Star movement had emboldened anti-vaccine advocates.
North Routt community competes for the best chili 20.5.2017 Steamboat Pilot
It’s chili time in North Routt County. Bragging rights are again at stake at the 14th annual Great North Routt Chili Cook Off from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday at Hahn’s Peak Roadhouse. “It’s sort of the first big community event after winter, and it’s still winter,” said organizer Kerri Ann Crocker, who is also the director of the North Routt Preschool. There may still be snow on the ground, but there will be no shortage of North Routt residents and visitors anxious to try varieties of red and green chilis in addition to desserts. This cook-off typically raises about $3,000. “It’s really all about us coming together, eating some chili and getting ready for summer,” Crocker said. Proceeds from the event will benefit the preschool and the Fourth of July fireworks show on July 1 at Steamboat Lake. The show is organized by Jon Davenport, who also makes a good bear chili. “Jon Davenport often has a good chili, and I think it’s a contender,” Crocker said. Dan Bubenheim won last year in the dessert category for his ...
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Peppa Pig owner Entertainment One announces new series 19.5.2017 BBC: Business
The character's owner, Entertainment One, is making 117 new episodes of the pre-school cartoon.
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"Go & Do" in Steamboat Springs this weekend May 19 to 21 19.5.2017 Steamboat Pilot
Wondering what to do and where to go in Steamboat Springs? We've got you covered with this weekend's top 10 events. Friday, May 20 Safe Routes to School Spring Bike Rodeo 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. | Strawberry Park Elementary School, 39620 Amethyst St. This day-long outdoor event includes hands-on clinics for children that teach bike smarts and riding skills to make summer cycling safer and more fun. Volunteers are needed. Visit for information . Routt County CEO Trade Show 5 to 7 p.m. | Steamboat Springs Community Center, 1605 Lincoln Ave. Routt County's first CEO class will host a business trade show. Meet these student entrepreneurs as they showcase their new businesses. The event is free. Saturday, May 20 Crash this Class! Creativity Workshops Noon to 2 p.m. | Depot Arts Center, 1001 13th St. Spread your creative wings in the Steamboat Springs Art Council's open studio workshop for all ages, kids to adults. Mix it up with materials that range from paints, pens, inks and ...
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US: 12 preschoolers injured as teacher's science experiment goes wrong 18.5.2017 New Kerala: World News
US: 12 preschoolers injured as teacher's science experiment goes wrong
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12 Texas preschoolers hurt in blast from color-changing fire experiment gone wrong 17.5.2017 Washington Post
12 Texas preschoolers hurt in blast from color-changing fire experiment gone wrong
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The worst-paying jobs for college grads boast this sneaky advantage 15.5.2017 Washington Post
The worst-paying jobs for college grads boast this sneaky advantage
Early schoolgoers more focused than their preschool peers 11.5.2017 New Kerala: World News
Early schoolgoers more focused than their preschool peers
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Mankato's English language education focuses on the whole family 11.5.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
With Mankato's growing diversity comes a growing number of students who don't speak English. That's a challenge the city's school district and community organizations are taking on with expanded English language education programs.
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Economist says early childhood education spending has big payoff 10.5.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Economist Arthur Rolnick says we're under-investing in our most vulnerable kids, and that paying for early childhood programs is not just morally right, it's economically smart. Rolnick believes it's the very best public investment we can make.
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Preschool teacher fired for dragging a child down a hallway 8.5.2017 Boing Boing
I'll bet this Youngstown, Ohio teacher didn't expect her colleague to snap a photo as she dragged a little kid down the hallway. She was fired and is probably very sorry. Via WKBN : The teacher was employed by Alta Head Start, a program that serves 845 children from birth to 5 years old. It operates Programs of Promise at Wilson School in Youngstown. Youngstown City Schools said one of their teachers saw this teacher pulling a child down the hallway by the arm, and took a picture of it. It’s not known what prompted the ...
When Elmo And Big Bird Talk To Refugees 5.5.2017 NPR News
Sesame Workshop is creating educational programming for refugee children around the world. But first, it's doing a lot of homework to make sure the lessons it teaches are the right ones.
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State to license outdoor preschools under new law 5.5.2017 AP Washington
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) -- The state will set up a pilot program to license outdoor preschool and child care programs under a bill signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee....
Pre-K: Decades Worth Of Studies, One Strong Message 3.5.2017 NPR News
What happens when a group of the nation's leading pre-K experts get together to lay out a blueprint for what parents, and educators, can learn from decades of research?
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Santa Fe voters reject soda tax, give industry win 3.5.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Santa Fe, N.M. • Voters have rejected a measure that would have raised taxes on soft drinks in New Mexico’s capital city, giving a rare victory to the beverage industry after a string of recent defeats at the ballot box. The ballot initiative failed with 11,533 votes against and only 8,382 votes in favor, the Santa Fe City Clerk’s Office announced Tuesday. Opponents warned it would increase the cost of a can of soda by nearly 25 cents. The vote came after similar taxes were adopted last year in ...
Santa Fe voters reject soda tax, hand rare win to industry 3.5.2017 AP Business
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) -- Voters in New Mexico's capital city rejected a tax increase on sweetened beverages Tuesday, handing a rare victory to the soft-drink industry after a string of recent defeats....
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