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The Day I Lost My Daughter To Gun Violence 14.2.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
That morning began like any other day. I kept their Valentine’s Day cards for later so we could celebrate as a family. Only one of my children came home.
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IBM artificial intelligence system debates a human and loses — but barely 13.2.2019 LA Times: Business

IBM Corp. fell short in its latest attempt to prove machines can triumph over man. But it came close.

The tech giant’s 6-year-old artificial intelligence debating system, affectionately dubbed “Miss Debater,” went head to head with one of the world’s most decorated practitioners Monday. After a...

Gov. Gavin Newsom is expanding the size and role of the California governor's office 11.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced plans to hire California’s first surgeon general hours after he took office last month. The next day he announced a new senior advisor for emergency management. Then on his third day, he created a “strike team” to reinvent the troubled Department of Motor Vehicles.


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Denver teachers strike: What to know about the planned walkout 9.2.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
As representatives of Denver Public Schools and the district's teachers union resume their contract negotiations ahead of next week's planned strike, parents and students have had a lot questions about what a walkout could mean for them.
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The U.S. is the most powerful country. Why are we so far behind Europe on children’s well-being? 30.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

The new year is off to a good start for kids and families in California. Gov. Gavin Newsom has hit the ground sprinting, proposing six months of paid parental leave and $1.8 billion in funding for early childhood programs and education.

That’s great news. But any survey of European policies will...

Billionaires Don't Solve World Problems, Even With Charity 23.1.2019 Crooks Liars
David Campbell , Binghamton University, State University of New York Billionaires made some eye-popping donations in 2018. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced plans to spend US$2 billion to help the homeless and create a network of free preschools. Media mogul and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University, his alma mater. Those were just the biggest of the nearly 800 donations of $1 million or more from very rich people over the course of the year, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports ...
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Restoring Rights for 10 Percent of Potential Florida Voters 16.1.2019 Mother Jones
He did his time. Now, 14 years after being released from prison, Desmond Meade is registered to vote. Submitting his voter registration form last week, Meade described the moment as “very, very emotional.” And he has himself to thank: Meade led Florida’s successful effort to overturn the felon disenfranchisement law and restore voting rights to most […]
Child care: 1 more way some federal workers struggle during shutdown 14.1.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Many child care centers in federal buildings affected by the partial government shutdown are also shuddered, leaving parents few options when it comes to their kids.
Gavin Newsom's $1.8 billion early education plan deserves credit, but it isn't enough 11.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Gavin Newsom got elected doing something that no California gubernatorial candidate had ever done — putting the needs of youngsters atop his agenda.

“Our role begins when babies are still in the womb and it doesn’t end until we’ve done all we can to prepare them for a quality job and successful...

Gavin Newsom sworn in as California's 40th governor 8.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Gavin Christopher Newsom took his place as California’s 40th governor Monday, christening a new political era of progressive activism in a Golden State both brimming with wealth and hollowed by poverty.

Beneath a tent outside the Capitol protecting him and thousands of well-wishers from the threat...

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Why Newsom's $2-billion pledge to early childhood education will be money well spent 6.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: Reading about Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom’s nearly $2 billion commitment to early childhood education programs was the best way to start 2019. An investment where we know it does the most good — in our youngest children — is simply the best investment we can make for our future.


Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom will propose almost $2 billion for early childhood programs 2.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary
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Parker preschool shutting down after state denies renewal for numerous violations, child abuse 29.12.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A Merryhill Preschool in Parker will be closing its doors permanently next week after the state denied the school’s license renewal based on several violations and a finding of child abuse, the Colorado Department of Human Services announced Friday.
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California's next governor and lawmakers enter a new power dynamic in Sacramento 23.12.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Single-payer healthcare. Universal preschool. Tuition-free community college.

The California Legislature and the state's next governor share a wish list of progressive policies. The big question is: Who takes the lead?

After eight years under the fiscal restraint of Gov. Jerry Brown, legislators...

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Shrewsbury pre-school group invites pensioners to festive party 14.12.2018 BBC: Front Page
A mother and toddler group invites local pensioners to its Christmas party.
Why it's a good economic bet to invest in early childhood 30.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
How do you get the biggest bang for the buck if your goal is a more robust economy? Some experts say the best way to invest for prosperity is to fund early childhood education.
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Android under-5s apps have 'unfair and deceptive' ads 30.10.2018 BBC: Technology
Campaign groups and university researchers raise concerns about the ads found in Android apps.
Where Minnesota candidates stand on the issues 29.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Minnesotans are voting in one of the most important elections the state has held in many years. Here is where the candidates stand on the important issues we face as a society.
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Minneapolis Fed tackles education this week 22.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Fifteen years after a landmark study on the benefits of early childhood education, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis convenes experts to talk about innovation in education.
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‘Genius’ behind ‘Teletubbies’ in new go-to-sleep kids show 15.10.2018 Raw Story

“Teletubbies” creator Andrew Davenport has come up with a new show “guaranteed to stop children climbing the walls”, BBC bosses claimed Sunday. Davenport, an actor and puppeteer known as the “J.K. Rowling of the under-fives”, also wrote and made the worldwide hit ...

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