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A Norwegian preschool is under fire for its latest field trip — to a reindeer slaughterhouse 16.1.2017 Washington Post: World
The head of the school defended the trip as a way to teach children about the indigenous Sami culture and to show where food comes from.
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More than 50 new students join Steamboat Springs School District following winter break 15.1.2017 Steamboat Pilot
The Steamboat Springs School District welcomed 54 new students from 13 states and five countries during a larger-than-normal enrollment boost following winter break. District officials reported Friday that, of the new students, six are in preschool, 18 are in elementary school, 11 are in middle school and 19 are in high school. Soda Creek Elementary, 573 Steamboat Springs Middle School, 615 Steamboat Springs High School, 757 Yampa Valley High School, 23 North Routt Community Charter School, 93 Total, 2,544 More than half the new students are offset by students who have left the district during the past three months, but district enrollment has still increased since Oct. 5, when school districts across the state reported enrollment in order to collect state per-pupil funding. The district now has 2,544 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, up from 2,526 reported in October. “We received at least one student at every grade level, from preschool through 12th grade,” said Superintendent Brad Meeks. ...
Correction: Norway-Reindeer Slaughter story 15.1.2017 Washington Post: World
In a story Jan. 13 about Norwegian children viewing the slaughter of reindeer, The Associated Press misspelled the name of the town where the preschool is located. It is Steinkjer.
How should Trump help Chicago companies? Execs share ideas 13.1.2017 Chicago Tribune: Business
Defund the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Appoint more outsiders to the administration. Expand funding for electric grid modernization. Those were among the suggestions offered by Chicago-area business people when the Chicago Tribune asked them to offer one idea for President-elect ...
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Preschool takes Norwegian kids out to watch reindeer get slaughtered 13.1.2017 LA Times: Commentary

A preschool in Arctic Norway is facing online criticism for taking 5-year-old children on an outing to view the slaughter and skinning of reindeer at a nearby farm.

The criticism erupted on Facebook after the school posted photos of eight children looking at reindeers, a culled animal hanging above...

Critics upset after Norwegian kids watch reindeer slaughter 13.1.2017 AP Top News
OSLO, Norway (AP) -- A preschool in Arctic Norway is facing online criticism for taking 5-year-old children on an outing to view the slaughter and skinning of reindeer at a nearby farm....
Obama's Impact On America's Schools 13.1.2017 NPR News
After eight years in office, his list of accomplishments is as long as it is controversial.
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Norway preschool children sees reindeer slaughtered at farm 13.1.2017 Washington Post: World
A preschool in Arctic Norway says that it brought a group of 5-year-old children to see the slaughter and skinning of reindeer at a nearby farm.
UNICEF #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign promotes investments in early childhood development 11.1.2017 New Kerala: World News
UNICEF #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign promotes investments in early childhood development
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Philly launches pre-K program funded by soda tax 7.1.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Philadelphia • Thousands of Philadelphia toddlers have started 2017 in a citywide pre-kindergarten program as a new sugary beverage tax created to fund it hit store shelves. The city launched the pre-K program this week with more than 2,000 children enrolled at 90 locations. The 3- and 4-year-olds don’t have to come from families of certain income levels, but the free program targets high-need neighborhoods. During the enrollment period this fall, officials received more than 3,700 calls. Over 2...
Head Start works — Congress should keep it moving forward 6.1.2017 The Hill
OPINION | The data doesn't lie...
For some workers, pay raise comes with loss of cheap child care 6.1.2017 LA Times: Commentary

When the minimum wage in California rose to $10.50 an hour Jan. 1, more than a million people got a raise. But for an untold number of families across the state, that pay bump could price them out of child care.

This year, for the first time, two parents working full time at minimum wage jobs,...

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Open enrollment through January for Mountain Village Montessori Charter School 5.1.2017 Steamboat Pilot
Open enrollment is taking place through January for families interested in attending Mountain Village Montessori Charter School , a tuition-free public school just west of Steamboat Springs. The preschool through fifth-grade school opened in fall 2016 and will add two classrooms and sixth grade to the campus this year. A series of informational events are planned during January for interested families. “We’re adding sixth grade so that our fifth-grade families, if they choose, can continue with us if they want to,” said Michael Hayes, head of school. The school is adding one lower and one upper elementary classroom next year, for a total of three primary (preschool through kindergarten), three lower (first- through third-grade) and two upper (fourth- through sixth-grade) classrooms. Mixed-age classrooms are a traditional part of the Montessori philosophy of education. For new families interested in enrollment, a dual language prospective family open house is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11 and ...
5 Education Stories To Watch In 2017 3.1.2017 NPR News
The election of Donald Trump has changed the landscape for K-12 and higher education. In his annual New Year's predictions, NPR's Claudio Sanchez tells us what he thinks it all means.
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Routt County Board Of County Commissioners meeting agendas for Jan. 2 and 3 2.1.2017 Steamboat Pilot
10:30 a.m. Call to order A. Pledge Of Allegiance B. Approval of accounts payable, manual warrants and payroll 10:35 a.m. Consent agenda items Items of routine and non-controversial nature are placed on the consent agenda to allow the board of commissioners to spend its time and energy on more important items on a lengthy agenda. Any commissioner may request that an item be pulled from the consent agenda and considered separately. Any member of the public may request any item to be pulled from the consent agenda. A. Approval of county commissioners minutes: Regular meeting of Nov. 22, 2016. B. Approval of and authorization for the chair to sign an Early Childhood Colorado Partnership mini-grant award of $7,500 to support capacity building for Routt County Early Childhood Council. C. Approval of and authorization for the chair to sign a Temple Hoyne Buell grant award in the amount of $57,000 for the First Impressions best practices program. D. Approval of and authorization for the chair to sign a Temple ...
Undaunted by GOP control, Dayton plots how to seal a legacy 1.1.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Dayton says he's ready to move past differences and hopes legislative leaders follow through on a promise to approve financial help for health insurance shoppers on the individual market in the session's first week.
Family friendly 31.12.2016 BBC: Business
Parents in Denmark enjoy an enviable standard of childcare, but it costs the state a lot of money. Can the system survive cuts and a potential move towards lower taxes?
Income Inequality Is Off the Charts. Can Local Policies Make a Difference? 30.12.2016 Truthout - All Articles
Occupy Wall Street protesters sleep on the sidewalk near the New York Stock Exchange, April 16, 2012. (Marcus Yam / The New York Times) The income gap between the classes is growing at a startling pace in the United States. In 1980, the top 1 percent earned on average 27 times more than workers in the bottom 50 percent. Today, they earn 81 times more. The widening gap is "due to a boom in capital income," according to research by French economist Thomas Piketty. That means the rich are living off of their wealth rather than investing it in businesses that create jobs, as Republican, supply-side economics predicts they would do. Piketty played a pivotal role in pushing income inequality to the center of public discussions in 2013 with his book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. In a new working paper, he and his co-authors report that the average national income per adult grew by 61 percent in the United States between 1980 and 2014. But only the highest earners benefited from that growth. For those in ...
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We learned a lot in 2016 about how preschool can help kids 27.12.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Several new studies pointed to lasting gains for students. But there's a catch: Over and over, the research showed the importance of providing high-quality preschool.
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We Learned A Lot In 2016 About How Preschool Can Help Kids 27.12.2016 NPR News
Several new studies pointed to lasting gains for students. But there's a catch: Over and over, the research showed the importance of providing high-quality preschool.
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