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What Do We Value More: Young Kids Or Fast Food? 25.7.2015 NPR News
A study shows persistently low wages for early childhood education.
Childhood-welfare agency worries proposed cigarette tax increase would reduce funding 24.7.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Dayton: No 2016 tax cut deal without more pre-K funding 22.7.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: News
DFL Gov. Mark Dayton is warning legislators that he won’t sign a tax cut bill next year unless they also use the budget surplus to provide an “equitable” funding increase for early childhood education.
Colorado makes improvements on child well-being rankings 21.7.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado moved up in national rankings on child well-being, according to a report released Tuesday.
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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's 2015 Inaugural Address (full text) 20.7.2015 Denver Post: All Political News
Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock's 2015 Inaugural Address as prepared:Good morning, Denver.
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Send underprivileged two-year-olds to school, says Ofsted chief 13.7.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

Sir Michael Wilshaw says middle classes are ‘colonising’ pre-school places and urges disadvantaged parents to take up the free hours for their toddlers

Children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds should be taught in schools from the age of two, Ofsted’s chief inspector has urged.

Sir Michael Wilshaw also warned on Monday that the majority of pre-school places in a school setting were being “colonised” by the middle classes.

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America Supports Working Moms--Just Not With Actual Policies 9.7.2015 Inc
More Americans approve of mothers working outside of the home than ever before, but politicians and employers have been slow to implement family-friendly workplace ...
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Summer reads: The kid edition 9.7.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: News
From picture books to young adult titles, here are some of our favorites to keep kids reading this summer.
Even as Congress moves to strip his power, Arne Duncan holds his ground 9.7.2015 Washington Post
Christina Waters’s cellphone rang, and she looked down to see that the number was blocked. She knew immediately it was U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, just calling to check in.It has been that way since Waters attended a 2009 church picnic in Chicago and came away with a bullet lodged in her head from stray gunfire. She suffered hearing loss in one ear, and her college dreams were delayed. But she pushed forward, with encouragement from Duncan, who has known her since elementary school. Now 24, Waters is studying kinesiology at Sam Houston State University in Texas.Read full article ...
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Senate Democrats Push Universal Pre-K Amendment For No Child Left Behind Fix 7.7.2015 Think Progres

Senate Democrats hope to include universal pre-K in the No Child Left Behind rewrite by closing a corporate loophole.

The post Senate Democrats Push Universal Pre-K Amendment For No Child Left Behind Fix appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Can the 2016 Election Be About Making It Work for US Families? 5.7.2015 Truthout - All Articles
As election season heats up, it’s encouraging to see not only education policy in general, but early childhood education, in particular, getting serious attention . With New York City leading the way , and cities from Boston to Seattle and San Antonio working toward universal pre-k, it’s becoming clear that it is, indeed, possible to scale up quality prekindergarten programs fairly quickly. We must anticipate bumps in the road, and pay close attention to ensure sustained quality. But the bottom line is that these public investments are both wise and workable. Given the rapid changes in our country’s demographics in recent years, however, and shockingly high rates of child and community poverty , conversations about early childhood investments need to be ratcheted up a few notches. Millions of parents in states across the country work jobs that provide no time off at all to take care of their new babies. It is hard to fathom how this lays the foundation for healthy child development, let alone stable ...
Working moms readily accepted now: Study 30.6.2015 New Kerala: World News
New York, June 30 : Societal acceptance of working mothers is now a given and is at an all-time high, says a new study.
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Local Briefs 27.6.2015 Durango Herald
Preschool to mark 20th anniversaryBayfield Early Education Programs is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2015. All kids, big and small, who have attended the preschool and all board members, parents, staff and community members who have helped the school flourish since 1995 are invited to walk in the Bayfield Fourth of July...
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Senate Recommends $1.7 Billion In Education Cuts 26.6.2015 Think Progres

The Senate advanced a spending bill that cuts The U.S. Department of Education by $1.7 billion but the House appropriations bill cuts much deeper.

The post Senate Recommends $1.7 Billion In Education Cuts appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Who sounds ‘gay’? 23.6.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: News
For the last few years, David Thorpe has wondered why some men 'sound gay.' I began asking people for their thoughts on the subject, and received a surprising range of answers.
More money for preschool scholarships will only go so far 19.6.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Providing double the money won't necessarily double the number of students who benefit. That's because state officials are considering increasing the amount of each scholarship to cover more of the typical cost of preschool.
Hillary Clinton champions more than just immigration to court Latino voters 19.6.2015 Washington Post: Politics
LAS VEGAS -- When Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed more than 1,200 Latino leaders here on Thursday, she drove home the importance of singing and reading to small children. She called for access to free community colleges and universal pre-school. She advocated paid sick and parental leave policies at workplaces everywhere.Read full article ...
PoliGraph: Cornish pre-K claim misses mark 18.6.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Vernon Center, says the effects of pre-kindergarten wear off after a few years. The research behind the issue is a whole lot more complicated than Cornish makes it seem.
Hillary Clinton Wants Every 4-Year-Old Child To Have Access To Pre-K 17.6.2015 Think Progres

Hillary Clinton rolled out a universal pre-K proposal on Tusday.

The post Hillary Clinton Wants Every 4-Year-Old Child To Have Access To Pre-K appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Brightwheel Brings Preschool Into The 21st Century With $2.2M In Seed Funding 17.6.2015 TechCrunch
 Brightwheel, a mobile platform for early education, is launching today with $2.2 million in seed funding to provide both teachers and parents of young children with peace of mind. Read ...
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