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The Big Move To Improve Head Start 21.9.2016 NPR News
New rules, new reviews, and new funding for young, low-income children.
Thoughtful Parenting: Little boy on Steamboat time 19.9.2016 Steamboat Pilot
Once upon a time in the mountains high lived a little boy who always asked, "why?" What: "Bright Minds, Busy Bodies: A Different Lens for Viewing High Energy Children,” a workshop by Tina Harlow about parenting high-energy children When: noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29 Where: Historic Routt County Courthouse BCC Room. More information: This event is sponsored by First Impressions and Routt County Youth Services Coalition. Free lunch will be provided. Space is limited. RSVP to First Impressions at 970-870-5270 or His thoughts always ...
Early childhood education matters to Latinos and everyone else 18.9.2016 The Hill
OPINIONS | Candidates should listen to Latino voices on early childhood educatio
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Op-ed: Utahns should confront their 'unconscious' racism 18.9.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
When I think of my Utah home, I’m reminded of the song from “Avenue Q,” “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.” As an educator, I confront racism frequently. It is not the overt, public displays of racism where individuals intend to harm or damage another, but rather the covert, “unconscious” and subtle racism embedded in the very fabric of our most treasured institutions. I know that some of you are already getting defensive and formulating how to respond. You might counter with, “Oh, no we’re not! Y...
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Trump on Clinton’s Child Care Plan 16.9.2016 FactCheck
Donald Trump falsely claimed that Hillary Clinton "has no child care plan" and "never will." In fact, Clinton's proposals for child care and paid family leave have been posted on her campaign website for months.
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Young Tracks launches local food program 11.9.2016 Steamboat Pilot
One local preschool and daycare facility is working to put more locally sourced foods into the bellies, and the classrooms, of children who attend their programs. Young Tracks preschool and infant care center began partnering last year with Yampa Valley Farms, Community Agriculture Alliance and Innovative Ag to bring fresh beef, pork and microgreens into the school cafeteria. “It started last fall, when I realized the prices in the grocery store had been going up and up,” said Hillary Ackerman, a Young Tracks employee. After talking with the Ag Alliance, she realized Young Tracks could purchase beef directly through Yampa Valley Farms at roughly the same price they’d been paying at the grocery store and use it to feed approximately 100 students and staff in the program. “You know where the food is coming from, and it’s supporting the community,” Ackerman said. A partnership with Innovative Ag has also brought microgreens into not only the cafeteria at the facility, but also the classroom. On Wednesday, ...
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How Clinton and Trump plan to tackle education as president 10.9.2016 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton has spent decades talking about the needs of children and touting the benefits of early education. It's a new subject for Donald Trump....
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Will Hillary Clinton's Education Policy Break From Obama's in a Huge Way? 9.9.2016 Mother Jones
Before Hillary Clinton gave her speech at the Democratic National Convention in July, organizers fired up the crowd with a video extolling President Barack Obama's key policies: health care reform that extended coverage to an estimated 20 million more people; the $62 billion bailout of General Motors and Chrysler that saved about 1.5 million jobs; the killing of Osama bin Laden. But one major issue was conspicuously missing from the highlight reel of Obama's achievements: education. This glaring omission is just one of many signs that Clinton is distancing herself from Obama's education policies. On her campaign website, Clinton's K-12 page avoids any discussion of testing, accountability, or expansion of charters—the main focuses of Obama's administration. Perhaps most telling, Clinton's choices of advisers signal her attempt to move Obama's test-driven K-12 agenda toward the center. Clinton's K-12 working policy group, according to a Democrat close to the campaign, comprises a mix of teachers' union ...
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No spoons allowed: Beijing is pressuring its 4-year-olds to eat only with chopsticks 8.9.2016 L.A. Times - World News

When news surfaced last month that Panda Express was considering introducing a new half-fork, half-chopsticks plastic utensil known as the chork, reaction among American patrons of the Chinese fast-food chain was swift and largely enthusiastic: Finally, a common flatware for the both the deft and...

Does randomly drug testing preschool teachers violate their Constitutional rights? 8.9.2016 Washington Post
Does randomly drug testing preschool teachers violate their Constitutional rights?
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First day of school for Mountain Village Montessori 7.9.2016 Steamboat Pilot
Inside a lower elementary classroom at Steamboat’s Mountain Village Montessori Charter School Tuesday, students sat in a circle and softly chanted the months of the year and clapped along on their laps. “June, July, August,” the class said in unison, as 7-year-old Soren stood inside the circle and walked around a small candle representing the sun, surrounded by tongue depressors marking the 12 months of the year. Tuesday was not only Soren’s first day of class at Steamboat’s new public Montessori charter school, it was also his seventh birthday, and his new class acknowledged the day with a traditional Montessori birthday celebration. After every walk around the “sun,” Soren showed his classmates a picture of himself. “It’s each year of their life,” explained Head of School Michael Hayes. The new school opened for the first day of class Tuesday, with about 140 preschool through fifth-grade aged students. In Montessori schools, students are split into mixed-age classrooms rather than following typical ...
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Mom explains why she doesn’t want her son to read in kindergarten 6.9.2016 Washington Post
The mother, who is a former teacher with a doctorate in educational policy, said that kindergarten used to be based on structured play but now requires young children to maintain focus in an intensive academic environment.
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Preschool Suspensions Really Happen And That's Not Okay With Connecticut 5.9.2016 NPR News
Connecticut has built a safety net that will send a child-behavior expert to any daycare or pre-K in the state that's having trouble with a disruptive child.
Thoughtful Parenting: Building self-directed in health habits 5.9.2016 Steamboat Pilot
With crayon in hand, each girl reached as high as she could to draw trees, birds and butterflies on the outside of the house. As they colored on the siding, the three girls, ages 4, 5 and 6, chatted with one another about how their mural would be seen by people far away, and lots of children would want to come over to play. Though it didn’t work out on the grand scale the children envisioned (their mother redirected them to draw on paper and had them wash the siding), their activity shows the children were deeply engaged in early childhood brain development. They practiced communication and problem-solving skills and showed persistence and attentiveness in beginning and finishing the activity. These skills are involved in many aspects of development, including how children learn healthy habits. Being active participants in their own learning helps them become self-directed in keeping themselves healthy in the long-term. The following tips and examples can help parents nurture this process. Create a ...
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Finally, a disturbing trend in education shows signs of reversal 31.8.2016 LA Times: Commentary

For decades, wealthy children have far outperformed poor ones in school, creating a chasm that researchers and advocates say only exacerbates society’s inequalities.

Attempts to improve school readiness and thus close the gap have occupied experts and politicians for years. In 1998, California...

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Thoughtful Parenting: Preschool for all Routt County kids 29.8.2016 Steamboat Pilot
Routt County United Way envisions a community in which our children and adults succeed through education, income stability and healthy lives. Why is Routt County United Way so passionate about preschool?  Because early childhood education has a better return on investment than the stock market. The estimated return on investment for high-quality early childhood education is 10 percent. In comparison, the average return on investment in the stock market is 7.2 percent, as quoted by Katie Hamm, director of Early Childhood Policy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Routt County United Way’s early childhood education goal is that every 3- and 4-year-old in Routt County has access to quality preschool education.  The supporting facts are telling: Preschool can help combat crime, teen pregnancy and high school dropout rates. When children have the benefit of a high-quality early childhood education, they make cognitive and social gains that prepare them to start school. According to research at ...
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Surprise! Amid Rising Inequality, One School Gap Is Narrowing 28.8.2016 NPR News
A new study shows that economic and racial school readiness gaps have narrowed significantly over a 12-year period. Score one for parental engagement and quality pre-K. But huge gaps remain.
Kids app maker Duck Duck Moose joins Khan Academy 26.8.2016 TechCrunch
 Sequoia-backed kids educational startup Duck Duck Moose is heading to Khan Academy, to add preschool learning to the non-profit’s digital education offerings. The startup’s 21 mobile apps aimed at children ages two and up are now available for free as a part of the move, which is not technically being considered an “acquisition,” due to the way the deal was… Read ...
Back to the ballot: Englewood Schools seeks $97.5M to replace elementary, preschool buildings 26.8.2016 Denver Post: Local
Englewood Schools will be back on the ballot this fall seeking nearly $100 million in bonds to replace its 6-decades old elementary and preschool buildings.
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Our misguided effort to close the achievement gap is creating a new inequality: The 'play' gap 23.8.2016 Washington Post
Our misguided effort to close the achievement gap is creating a new inequality: The 'play' gap
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