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An Open Letter to Smriti Irani 26.11.2014 Rediff: News
'The threat to our pre-schoolers from the worst of Bollywood is far greater than the threat to Sanskrit from German.'
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U of M study bolsters case for all-day preschool 26.11.2014 Star Tribune: Local
Research found the preschoolers, particularly poor, minority kids, scored better on readiness tests.
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Study: All Day Preschool Helps Kids Perform Better In Kindergarten 26.11.2014 WCCO: National
(credit: CBS)The more time preschoolers spend in class, the better they perform in kindergarten. That's the finding of a new study by a University of Minnesota researcher.
All-day pre-K builds better kindergarteners, U study says 26.11.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Early childhood education advocates say the results show Minnesota should invest more in preschool programs to help narrow the state's achievement gap between white students and students of color.
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Self-regulation skills prepare children for school 23.11.2014 New Kerala: World News
Washington, Nov 23 : Efforts to utilise music and games to help pre-schoolers learn self-regulation skills could help prepare at-risk children for kindergarten education, a new study says.
Sandy Hook murder: report documents system failure throughout Lanza’s life 22.11.2014 The Moderate Voice

Although hindsight can often provide a false clarity, a report on Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza suggests there were many warnings about Lanza’s mental health issues, warnings that were were ignored or dismissed by parents, educators, doctors. The report (pdf), prepared by the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate, reviews “the circumstances that pre-dated [...]

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Ben Affleck praises Jennifer Garner's effort to promote child education 21.11.2014 New Kerala: World News
Los Angeles, Nov 21 : Actor Ben Affleck praised wife Jennifer Garner for her dedication to philanthrophy at Save the Children Illumination gala.
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Israeli Arab worker ban spurs outrage 21.11.2014 Durango Herald
JERUSALEM – The mayor of a southern Israeli city sparked a national uproar Thursday by barring Israeli Arab construction workers from jobs in local preschools, citing security concerns after a rash of attacks by Palestinian assailants elsewhere in the country.The proposal was condemned as racist by Israeli leaders, but it...
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Why Working With Young Children Is (Still) A Dead-End Job 21.11.2014 NPR News
Twenty-five years after a landmark report, a follow-up study finds childcare workers still earning about the same as fast food workers.
Resolute policies on children 18.11.2014 Hindu: Home
UNICEF points out that progress to realise the objectives of the CRC has stalled due to diminishing aid flows in the wake of the financial crisis.
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At home in the House of Mouse 16.11.2014 LA Times: Top News
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At home in the House of Mouse 16.11.2014 LA Times: Business
The gig: Nancy Kanter is executive vice president of original programming and general manager at Disney Junior Worldwide, the preschool division of Disney Channels Worldwide. Based at the company's Burbank headquarters, she oversees development and production for all Disney Junior series,...
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Exclusive: 8 Images from Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page 13.11.2014 Esquire
The guitarist talks about his new photo memoir and his time with the band.
CareLulu Raises $1.7 Million For A Service That Helps Parents Find The Best Daycares 12.11.2014 techCrunch
 Ask any working parent with small children about one of their biggest challenges, and they’ll tell you it is (or has been) finding the right daycare. A new company called CareLuLu wants to help by offering an online marketplace that connects parents with local preschools and child care programs. The company has now raised $1.7 million in seed funding – capital that will be used… Read ...
Q&A: Lamar Alexander On Education In The New Congress 11.11.2014 NPR News
The veteran Tennessean is poised to take a leading role on education in the new Congress.
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10 types of friends that every mom needs 10.11.2014 Washington Post

It’s a lonely journey through play dates, potty training, and preschool without a mom friend to listen to your complaints. Er, I mean, your stories. These 10 types of friends comprise an ideal support network for every mom of small kids.

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United Way releases new 2015-17 Health & Human Services Plan 10.11.2014 Steamboat Pilot
Studies have shown that sending a child to preschool can affect the entire course of their lives, making them more likely to succeed in kindergarten, read earlier, graduate high school and go on to lead a productive, crime-free life. But when the cost of preschool rivals the expenses of community college and when too few slots exist for the children that need the extra boost the most, the community must come together to find a solution. The high cost of local child care and the lack of available slots in programs are some of the many topics studied as part of the Routt County Health & Human Services Plan for 2015 to 2017, a comprehensive document put together by more than 20 agencies under the direction of the Routt County United Way. “It’s definitely a huge problem,” said Kate Nowak, director of Routt County United Way. “It’s very expensive. It’s like $12,000 a year to put your kid in preschool.” In Routt County, only 40 full-time child care slots are available for children younger than 2 years old and ...
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Thoughtful Parenting: Temperament is just 1 aspect of your child’s design 10.11.2014 Steamboat Pilot
When I was growing up, clowns were popular. A family friend had a job as a clown and she came to one of my birthday parties. A minor glitch: I was wary of clowns — the makeup was bright and not at all like my mother’s and I wondered, "how big are those feet?" I was completely mesmerized by the balloons transformed into animals, but I’m pretty sure I approached this entire situation with some caution. I imagine the other party-goers clamored, unafraid, for attention. What made us approach this situation differently? Likely our temperaments. You’ve probably compared your child’s behavior and needs with other children’s. Maybe he needs to stick to a regular schedule for the day to go smoothly, or maybe he can go-with-the-flow. Maybe she gets upset with lots of noise and crowding or perhaps, more excited and happy. Temperament is a biologically-driven human trait — it’s how we are uniquely designed. Researchers Alexander Thomas and Stella Chess were among the first to categorize nine areas of temperament ...
Seattle votes strongly for added property tax to fund preschool 7.11.2014 Daily Kos
In another example of voters doing something local that Congress should already have done, Seattle voters voted themselves a small property tax increase to offer free or subsidized preschool to children from low- and middle-income families, while increasing pay for preschool teachers and expanding teacher training requirements. The vote will create a $58 million levy over four years , taxing the owner of a $400,000 home an additional $43 a year: The money will go to select, high-quality preschools to provide slots to families based on income. It will ramp up over time, serving 280 children in 2015, and subsidizing up to 2,000 by 2018. It will make preschool free for families earning up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level, or about $70,000 a year for a family of four. Families earning between 300 percent and 760 percent of the poverty level will get subsidies. This four years is a pilot project with a slow ramp up and a limited size even in 2018, but hopefully after 2018 it will shed its pilot ...
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Excellent Educator: Way To Grow’s Eka Nagoya 7.11.2014 WCCO: National
(credit: CBS)When it comes to teaching kids, preschool is an age that requires a lot of patience. It's an extra challenge when the majority struggle to speak English. One Minnesota teacher is dedicated to making sure all his preschoolers are ready for kindergarten, and that's what makes Eka Nagoya this week's Excellent Educator.
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