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Thoughtful Parenting: Holiday options for families in need 5.12.2016 Steamboat Pilot
Parental stress and poverty have been found to play an important role in some abusive families. Many families in our community experience increased stress and financial burdens around the holidays — higher energy costs, increased child care costs as schools are closed, an expectation of gifts, seasonal illnesses and more. Local organizations can help reduce such stressors during the holidays and all year round. Resources There are many local resources for those in need that can be found by calling 211 or visiting . 211 lists resources by county — everything from rental or utility assistance to “Christmas assistance” to early childhood education programs to domestic violence hotlines. Meals Financial hardships can make it difficult to feed one’s family. LiftUp of Routt County has food banks in Steamboat Springs, South Routt and Hayden. LiftUp also offers holiday meals for income-qualified LiftUp clients (supplies limited). Learn more at . Steamboat ...
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Op-ed: Public schools need more money, and Utahns know it 4.12.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
For years, Utah citizens have listed public education as one of their top concerns. Various polls have shown support for a tax increase, especially when targeted at areas of public education that can deliver effective long-term results. The Utah Citizens’ Counsel (UCC) — a group of nonpartisan retirees with significant public policy experience — has been following these developments. We believe it is time for voters to support a major investment in our intellectual and social infrastructure — ou... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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Can a child who starts kindergarten with few reading or math skills catch up? 27.11.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Giuliana Tapia was way behind her classmates.

She was just 5 years old, starting kindergarten at Telesis Academy of Science and Math in West Covina.

At a kindergarten screening two months before her first day, she happily chattered about her dog Toodles, her favorite color pink, her Santa Claus...

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Boosting Attendance In Preschool Can Start With A Knock On The Door 21.11.2016 NPR News
Two new reports highlight the importance of pre-K attendance and how schools are using home visits to make sure 3- and 4-year-olds are making it to class.
Thoughtful Parenting: Doubt normal for parents 21.11.2016 Steamboat Pilot
"I’m such a good parent," thought no one, ever. Following is a scenario that is very common but very real for most parents. A mother sits, head in her hands, overwhelmed by her children. She worries that, because of this, her kids will not turn out OK. She does not think she is a good parent. She had three children, ages 15, 12 and 3. The 15-year-0ld is spending more and more time in his bedroom consumed with social media. Mom wonders if he’s depressed, but Dad thinks it’s just a phase and she needs to back off. The 12-year-old has just been written up for disrespectful behavior toward a teacher at school. Mom’s best friend thinks there should be a consequence at home, and they have a very awkward conversation, which leaves her feeling judged and angry. The 3-year-old is looking spoiled and chronically moody. The preschool teacher talks about being consistent at home. Mom admits that, recently, she prefers to be a work than at home. There is no other job in which you receive so much unsolicited advice. ...
A Lesson For Preschools: When It's Done Right, The Benefits Last 17.11.2016 NPR News
The positive effects of high-quality early education in North Carolina stayed with kids into fifth grade, according to new research published in Child Development.
Cheer up mothers as depression affects your child's brain development 16.11.2016 New Kerala: Health News
Cheer up mothers as depression affects your child's brain development
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Children of alcoholic parents face risk of underage drinking 16.11.2016 New Kerala: World News
Children of alcoholic parents face risk of underage drinking
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Early childhood education advocates push for more funding 16.11.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The Children's Defense Fund of Minnesota says a funding boost would give more kids access to early childhood programs.
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One man's million dollar Hot Wheels collection 15.11.2016 Boing Boing

Bruce Pascal's Hot Wheels collection is worth an estimated $1 million. Fifteen percent of the value though is in one car: a pink VW Beach Bomb Rear-Loader. (Barcroft TV)


Young brains & anesthesia: Big study suggests minimal risks 7.11.2016 AP Top News
CHICAGO (AP) -- Anesthesia during early childhood surgery poses little risk for intelligence and academics later on, the largest study of its kind suggests....
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Thoughtful Parenting: Applied Behavior Analysis useful therapeutic tool 7.11.2016 Steamboat Pilot
Applied Behavior Analysis, the science of behavior change, is a proven effective method for changing undesirable behavior. Behavior analysis is an approach to understanding behavior and its relationship with the environment. Behavior refers to a person’s actions and skills. Environment refers to anything that has the power to change or be changed by a person’s behavior — it can be psychological, emotional, or physical. At the heart of behavior analysis is understanding how learning happens. Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, uses techniques to reduce inappropriate or unwanted behavior and increase appropriate or wanted behavior. ABA can take place in a structured classroom setting, as well as informal real life situations. It can help children and adults improve communication, relationships, school and job performance and participation in family and community events. Studies show ABA is helpful for children with autism spectrum disorders in acquiring language, self-help and play skills and decreasing ...
The world is a learning oyster: Using the US election as a learning tool 5.11.2016 New Kerala: World News
The world is a learning oyster: Using the US election as a learning tool
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How much would Clinton's, Trump's plans relieve high cost of child care? 5.11.2016 Chicago Tribune: Business
Ashley Ingram was excited to be expecting her second child. But one night when she and her then-husband were chatting about baby names, she recalls, she burst into tears at the thought of once again paying for day care. Ingram, who lives in Naperville, remembered the hefty child care bills ...
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Cubetto is a programmable robot for pre-schoolers 5.11.2016 Boing Boing I had a chance to play with a Cubetto recently. It's a little, wooden, happy face robot on two wheels. You can control which way it goes by inserting colorful plastic chips on programming board (which also has a wood top). There are four kinds of chips: turn clockwise, turn counterclockwise, move forward, and call subroutine. You unfold a mat with a grid of colorful squares and illustrations and set the robot on top of it. An included booklet presents challenges to move the robot from one square on the grid to another. My wife, 13-year-daughter, and I are not the intended users of Cubetto, but we spent a very fun hour going through the challenges in the booklet and then coming up with our own challenges. My guess is that a kindergartner or pre=schooler would love this and learn a lot from it. The overall product design is gorgeous, too. I wish the manufacturer, Primo, made consumer technology for grown-ups. Cubetto costs $225 and can be purchased directly from the ...
Study: Your Kids Need to Lose (Their Future Success Depends on It) 4.11.2016 Inc
In the game of life, winners can grow up to become losers.
Cuts In Texas Medicaid Hit Rural Kids With Disabilities Especially Hard 4.11.2016 NPR Health Science
State lawmakers cut $350 million in Medicaid funding to early childhood intervention therapists last year to help pay for tax cuts. Now rural toddlers are finding it hard to get vital treatment.
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Why Tobacco Companies Are Spending Millions To Boost A Cigarette Tax 2.11.2016 NPR: Healthcare
The tobacco giant is supporting its first cigarette tax — 60 cents more per pack. But some health groups oppose Missouri's ballot measure, as do some education groups that would benefit from the tax.
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Lack of child care ratings systems leaves parents in a bind 1.11.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
About 20 states are in the process of creating a ratings system for child care providers. But it's hard to decide which standards best measure quality and which are most useful to parents.
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Community safety means more than guns, badges and crime 1.11.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Today’s conversation on community safety is intensely focused on race relations and the police. Are officers’ practices discriminatory, their decisions biased, their use of force justified?

These are urgent issues. However, reducing police shootings alone will not make for safer neighborhoods in...

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