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Thoughtful Parenting: Remembering brain development during meltdowns 29.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Consider the following scene: It’s Monday morning. You are helping your child get ready for school, things are rushed, and it’s going to be close making it on time to the bus. At the last minute, your child wants to wear different shoes but can’t find them. She starts crying, and you sense the beginning of a big meltdown. Doesn’t she understand there isn’t time to find the shoes and make it to the bus on time? In their book, "No Drama Discipline," mental health experts, Drs. Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, describe how the brain works, especially when kids feel intense emotions. They emphasize three things to keep in mind when your child is having a difficult time. First, did you know the human brain grows through childhood and into a person’s 20s? When your child is having a hard time, remember that his brain is still growing and he’s not able to think as logically or behave as kindly as we would hope he would. With your help, he’ll learn how to manage his emotions and make logical decisions, but it ...
Community Connections: It’s easier to build a child than to fix an adult 29.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Research shows that up to 90 percent of brain development occurs in the first five years of life. As stated by the Colorado Department of Education, “In the early years of each child's life, every experience, every day creates the foundation for success in school and beyond.” However, the amount of public dollars supporting a child’s life do not typically reach a child until they enter the public school system and then increases over the years depending on how well the child is doing in school. These public dollars continue to increase if the child becomes a teenager who is involved with the juvenile detention system or becomes pregnant or an adult who is incarcerated. What is wrong with this picture? With 90 percent of brain development occurring before the age of 5, our current system is missing out on a critical opportunity to invest in children during their early years — reducing the need for investment in the later years, as well as improving outcomes for children as they grow. What can we do to ...
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Finance director warns South Routt School Board about spending 27.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
New South Routt School District finance director Mark Rydberg was stern with school board members this week about the need to be fiscally conservative. Rydberg was hired as finance director for Steamboat Springs School District and South Routt over the summer and is currently facilitating a 2014-15 fiscal year audit for the district, as well as looking over financial projections for the coming year. “Our current financial position and what I know of it — just the numbers — I wouldn’t call it strong,” Rydberg told the board Tuesday. “The budget is very tight, and you should really be very cautious about adding any expense.” Rydberg reminded the board that, in past years, the district’s fund balance had been reduced by half — to just over $700,000. “That’s not a sustainable path,” Rydberg said. During a contentious discussion, board members told Rydberg the deficit spending was intentional because of what board members felt was an excessive amount of reserves. Board members said they didn't believe deficit ...
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Derrick Taylor hired to help Pilgrim sports teams 26.8.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Derrick Taylor, the new basketball coach at Woodland Hills Taft, is also going to be taking over as the director of athletic teams' development at Pilgrim School in Los Angeles.
Thoughtful Parenting: Help wanted: Infant and toddler care in Routt County 24.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Are you a working parent with a child younger than three years old, or do you know a working parent with children younger than three? If so, you are probably aware of the struggle to find quality, licensed child care for infants and toddlers in Routt County. What: First Impressions for an Infant and Toddler Capacity Building brainstorming session When: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26 Where: Historic Routt County Courthouse (522 Lincoln Ave.) in the county commissioners hearing room Information: Stephanie Martin, 970-870-5270, According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Routt County’s average annual birth rate from 2010 through 2014 was 215 births for each year. The total licensed capacity for infants and toddlers is 82 slots. Approximately 68 percent of Routt County families with children younger than five have both parents in the workforce, according to date from the 2010 U.S. Census. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs projects Routt ...
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Why I call myself a 'coconut' to claim my place in post-apartheid South Africa 24.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Lecture delivered at Wits University in Johannesburg appropriates the term to dismantle the fantasy of a colour blind, post-racial rainbow nation

Towards the end of 1997, the year before I turned seven and went to big school, I asked: “Mama, at big school next year, can they call me Gloria?” Gloria is my second name. My mother looked at me, a little confused, and simply said, “No. Your name is Panashe, so they will call you that.”

Without the words to explain why I preferred Gloria, I went along with the name that had been so badly mangled in the mouths of my white teachers at my predominantly white pre-school – everything from Pinashe, Panache to Spinasie.

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Crying over spilled water: Raising twins during a drought 24.8.2015 AP Top News
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- On a recent sweltering Saturday afternoon, I submerged my guilt and filled the bathtub halfway for my 3-year-old twins to play in....
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Obama to Congress in weekly address: When you get back in town, try doing your job 22.8.2015 Daily Kos
... my Administration has been partnering with states and cities to help grow the middle class. Over the past few years, nearly 20 cities and counties have implemented paid sick days. Six states have enacted paid sick days or paid family leave. Seventeen states, and more than two dozen cities and counties, have raised their minimum wage. All of this will help working families. And across the country, folks are proving that preparing all our kids for the future doesn’t have to be a partisan issue. Seattle, a city with a Democratic mayor, just passed universal pre-k, while Indianapolis, a city with a Republican mayor, is starting citywide preschool scholarships. All told, 34 states have increased funding for preschool. President Obama sent a pointed message to the Republican Congress this morning in his weekly address after extolling many of the economic growth partnerships between the federal government and states and cities. It's time to knock off the obstructionism and govern, he said, for the sake of ...
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It's true: Kindergarten is optional in California 22.8.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Some kids who skip kindergarten have to play catch-up when they enter first grade: to learn how to hold a pencil, count to 100 and begin tackling spelling.
Push is on for mandatory kindergarten in California 22.8.2015 LA Times: Top News
Local Briefs 20.8.2015 Durango Herald
Early childhood topic for Kiwanis ClubThe Kiwanis Club of Durango welcomes Fred Schneider and Lisa Barrett as its guest speakers at noon Thursday in the Durango Community Recreation Center, 2700 Main Ave. Their talk will be about early-childhood education and the return on investment in young children. They will introduce the...
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The only thing missing from this early learning class is nap time 19.8.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Lisa Harmison is a 32-year teaching veteran, but on Tuesday, she was a part of something new.
Death rate for preschool children in UK almost double that of Sweden 14.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Researchers found 614 deaths per 100,000 of under-fives in UK compared with 328 in Sweden, with social inequalities partly to blame for difference

The death rate among preschool children in the UK is almost double that of Sweden, with social inequalities being partly to blame, according to researchers.

A study, published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, compared the UK with Sweden because the Scandinavian country has one of the lowest child death rates, a measure considered by Unicef to be a barometer of children’s health.

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Thoughtful Parenting: Advice for entering middle school 9.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Kids grow up fast, and parents always say they do not know where the time went. Changes — from learning to talk and walk to going to preschool, grade school, middle school, high school and college — all seem to happen in the blink of an eye. With this growth and development come new, sometimes scary adventures. The thing to remember is every child, parent and family is different. Just being there for your child to listen during these transitional times is the most important thing you can do. I asked 25 Boys & Girls Club Steamboat Springs middle school members some questions about how they feel/felt about entering middle school. It was neat to see that some kids' fears were other kids' excitements. These excitements and fears included such things as being given more freedom, having their own lockers, having multiple classrooms and teachers, losing friends, making new friends, sports and changing relationships between boys and girls. The biggest fears that no one was excited about dealt with upper ...
Indiana’s Preschool Programs May Shut Out Undocumented Toddlers 7.8.2015 Think Progres

Children can make greater academic gains when they attend preschool.

The post Indiana’s Preschool Programs May Shut Out Undocumented Toddlers appeared first on ThinkProgress.

How Reading To Children Can Transform Their Brains 6.8.2015 Think Progres

"The more you read to your child the more you help the neurons in this region to grow and connect."

The post How Reading To Children Can Transform Their Brains appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Education Briefs 5.8.2015 Durango Herald
Space is available in nurse-aide programSlots are still available in the Certified Nurse Aide program at Southwest Colorado Community College.Classes will start Aug. 24 in Mancos and run through Oct. 13. Classes will be offered from 5 to 8:45 p.m. Durango campus classes will be offered from 5 to 8:45 p.m. Oct. 12-Nov.
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Thoughtful Parenting: Encourage children to drink water 2.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
A cold drink of water tastes amazing on a hot summer day. Water is one of the most natural, healthy beverages children can drink. Encouraging children to quench their thirst with water will help them develop a taste for it, an important step toward life-long health. Children need to drink water often during warm and cold weather. It’s easier to become dehydrated at higher altitudes. Children are also more vulnerable to dehydration than adults, regardless of where they live. There are several reasons for this. Growing children metabolize food at a higher rate than adults. Water is essential to metabolizing food and producing energy for growth, physical activity and brain function. When adults are thirsty, they can help themselves to a drink of water, but children often have to ask their caregiver for help getting a drink. Children also don’t always recognize the early stages of thirst. The amount of water a child needs depends on his or her age, gender, physical activities, general health and the weather. ...
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US Education Reform and the Maintenance of White Supremacy Through Structural Violence 2.8.2015
(Image: School bus via Shutterstock) U.S public schools are more segregated today than they have been since before the desegregation efforts that followed the 1954 Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education. Coinciding with this segregation are vast racial inequities and stratification, which are being intensified through the policies known as corporate education reform. In this article, we share the voices and stories of scholars and education activists who have documented the racism and segregation of U.S. public schooling over the rise of corporate education reform. We start with the current state of our segregated schools, before stepping back and looking at the historical and ideological context of U.S. schooling under industrial capitalism, white supremacy and neoliberalism, all creating the perfect storm for the punitive and dehumanizing conditions within 21st century public education. We will then explore the formula of corporate education reform through an examination of specific ...
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Building support: A closer look at the proposed Steamboat Springs School District bond measure 2.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Steamboat Springs School District administrators and the Board of Education last summer received the results of the district’s most comprehensive demographic study in 10 years and were advised that another school must be built to accommodate sustained increasing enrollment. “You need to add another school, or you’re going to be dealing with problems,” said demographer Shannon Bingham in August 2014. After nearly a year of strategic planning and the development of a new district master plan, administrators and the school board have decided that a new high school and some calculated upgrades to buildings district-wide would best address increasing enrollment for decades to come. Younger students would fill out the district’s remaining buildings, which would all undergo some renovations and millions in deferred maintenance. The question now is whether the community has been given enough reasons and information to support what could be a $92 million bond issue to fund the project. A familiar history After ...
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