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Mattel And Babytree To Launch Child-focused Learning Centers In China 26.7.2017 New Kerala: World News
EL SEGUNDO, Calif., July 26, 2017 : Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) and Babytree, the world's largest parenting portal, today launched the second phase of their strategic partnership, focused on co-developing a network of physical learning centers across China, that will extend their online partnership.
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Community gardens build habits and feed families in Denver food desert 26.7.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
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About one-third of dementia cases could be prevented by actions that begin in childhood, experts say 20.7.2017 LA Times: Science
The first Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Care has identified early-, mid- and later-life lifestyle factors that could prevent one-third of the world's dementia cases.
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What's Delaine Eastin thinking? The long-shot candidate for governor explains 20.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary
Get to know California gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin, who is running a long-shot campaign against a cadre of better-known, better-funded Democrats.
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Carolyn Hax: Raising triplets is no problem, but the advice is a different story 13.7.2017 Washington Post
Carolyn Hax: Raising triplets is no problem, but the advice is a different story
National report on easing transition from preschool to kindergarten highlights Colorado 13.7.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
When kids arrive in kindergarten, teachers often lack essential information about how they’re doing. Can they take turns? Do they know their letters? Are they given to meltdowns?
How severe, ongoing stress can affect a child's brain 12.7.2017 AP National
ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- A quiet, unsmiling little girl with big brown eyes crawls inside a carpeted cubicle, hugs a stuffed teddy bear tight, and turns her head away from the noisy classroom....
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Education will not be expensive under GST: Finance Ministry clarifies 7.7.2017 Education – The Indian Express
One high school student's journey coping with autism 5.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary
ICDS scheme to cover 15 more districts 4.7.2017 Mumbai – The Indian Express
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Long-term breastfeeding may lead more cavities, suggests study 1.7.2017 New Kerala: World News
Long-term breastfeeding may lead more cavities, suggests study
Bitcoin accepted at New York pre-school 30.6.2017 BBC: Business
The head of two Montessori schools in New York won't let parents pay by credit card - but he is accepting Bitcoin.
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Supreme Court sided with Trinity Lutheran Church. Here’s why that matters in religious freedom debate. 27.6.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
The Supreme Court’s ruling on a high-profile case involving a church’s day care playground surfaces will likely be used in church-state battles in the future, experts believe. Released Monday, the decision involving a church in Missouri was seen as a victory for many advocates and a blow to those who wanted to see a high wall of separation between church and state. The ruling has raised questions over state funding of religious institutions’ secular activity, especially what it could mean for s... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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Supreme Court playground ruling feeds school voucher debate 27.6.2017 AP Politics
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and other proponents of school voucher programs are praising a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said a Lutheran church was wrongly denied a state grant for its preschool playground. But opponents say the ruling is far from an endorsement of the use of public money for religious schools....
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Supreme Court rules church school has a right to tax funds for its playground 27.6.2017 LA Times: Nation

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a church-run preschool has a religious-freedom right to receive a tax-funded grant to improve its playground and may not be excluded from such aid on the grounds of church-state separation.

The court’s 7-2 decision is an important, but modest victory for religious-rights...

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Supreme Court rules for Missouri church in playground case 26.6.2017 AP Top News
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court ruled Monday that churches have the same right as other charitable groups to seek state money for new playground surfaces and other non-religious needs....
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Preschooler's engagement with peers linked to improved literacy 21.6.2017 New Kerala: World News
Preschooler's engagement with peers linked to improved literacy
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Threats, attacks and thrown chairs: DPS works to reduce early childhood suspensions 19.6.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
One 6-year-old Denver student told his pregnant teacher he was going to kick her to kill her unborn baby. A first-grader tried to stab her teacher in the eye with a sharpened pencil. Another young child threw a classmate against a brick wall and gave her a concussion.
Wonderschool gets $2M to help solve America’s childcare quandary 19.6.2017 TechCrunch
 In the U.S., childcare presents a nerve-wracking quagmire for parents. It’s expensive—almost a fifth of American families spend more than a quarter of their income on childcare—but that doesn’t mean it’s a lucrative business. In fact, many caregivers make so little that they can’t afford childcare for their own kids and drop out of the workforce.… Read ...
Genes, environment play roles in childhood obesity 18.6.2017 New Kerala: Health News
Genes, environment play roles in childhood obesity
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