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US Sen. Murray aims to tackle No Child Left Behind 17.12.2014 AP Washington
SEATTLE (AP) -- Former preschool teacher U.S. Sen. Patty Murray wants to rescue the so-called No Child Left Behind Law in her new role as ranking Democrat on the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee....
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As Jeb Bush gears up for 2016, South Carolina is a case study in GOP’s shift right 16.12.2014 Washington Post: Politics
COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina has been good to the Bushes.This is where George W. Bush vanquished John McCain on his way to clinching the 2000 Republican presidential nomination. Once in the White House, Bush nurtured his family’s strong ties to the state by making frequent visits here and tapping local supporters for ambassadorships.Read full article ...
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Rep. Kline optimistic on education reform, calls torture report 'purely partisan' 16.12.2014 Star Tribune: Politics
The veteran Congressman sat down with reporters to discuss his hopes for next year
A For-Profit College Tries The Charter School Market 14.12.2014 NPR News
ITT Technical Institute sought to open high schools around the country, but it's meeting resistance.
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This week in the war on workers: Ohio charter schools do worse than public schools 14.12.2014 Daily Kos
There have been a number of cases of outright corruption and mismanagement of charter schools in Ohio, symptoms of weak oversight. But that doesn't have to mean that Ohio charter schools are bad on average. Except they are, according to a new report from the Stanford University Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO). While the study found that students in urban charter schools outperformed statewide averages, on the whole: Compared to the educational gains that charter students would have had in a traditional public school (TPS), the analysis shows on average that students in Ohio charter schools perform worse in both reading and mathematics. The impact is statistically significant: thinking of a 180-day school year as "one year of learning", an average Ohio charter student would have completed 14 fewer days of learning in reading and 36 fewer days in math. Education expert Jan Resseger flags comments on the study by CREDO director Margaret Raymond that: This is one of the big insights for me ...
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Teachers describe the terrible state of American education 12.12.2014 Boing Boing

Teachers from across America (including a Philly elementary school with a $160 annual budget for 400 students!) wrote to Gawker to explain what the No Child Left Behind, charter movement, and the overall war on teachers and education has turned America's classes into. Read the rest

Phyllis Schlafly: 'It's really dangerous for a guy to go to college these days' 12.12.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Phyllis Schlafly is confused. "Feminists" are on a tear against this whole rape thing and she doesn't get it. From a World Net Daily exclusive : “They really are a vicious group,” she said. “They don’t like men, and they want anything to discredit and destroy men." And what about the men? It's only a matter of time before those poor college chaps chat up a woman and get accused of rape! “It’s really dangerous for a guy to go to college these days. He’s better off if he doesn’t talk to any women when he gets there.” This whole war on women thing is a ruse. This whole rape thing is a scam, numbers be damned . “There is a war on men, and [feminists] are very open about it,” she said. “They don’t conceal it; they brag about it. You read all of their material – they’re always saying they want to abolish the patriarchy." Down with the patriarchy! Down with men! In case you're interested in more Schlafly wisdom, she recently published a book available at the World Net Daily Superstore: Who Killed the American ...
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Big Drop In Students Being Held Back, But Why? 12.12.2014 NPR News
The number of students being held back has been cut nearly in half, and researchers have no idea why.
Mike Pence lays out vision for a presidential campaign. But will he be a candidate? 12.12.2014 Washington Post: Politics
INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has strong ideas about what the next Republican presidential nominee should be like.A “solutions conservative” with a record of policy reform originating in the states. A candidate versed in foreign affairs who envisions a muscular role for the United States in the world. And someone who is “relentlessly optimistic” — and capable of attracting new voters to the Republican Party as Ronald Reagan did a generation ago.Read full article ...
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The real debate about Chicago schools 12.12.2014 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
Two challengers to Mayor Rahm Emanuel — 2nd Ward Ald. Bob Fioretti and Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia — have released education platforms this week. It's safe to say their priorities do not mirror what Chicago Public Schools has done during Emanuel's ...
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New Times website debuts for students covering their high schools 12.12.2014 LA Times: Opinion
Here's some exciting news for high school sports fans. A new website created by The Times, HS Insider, debuts. It will feature student journalists covering their own high schools and creating videos and stories and providing inside information about their sports teams.
Britain will learn nothing by trying to emulate China’s schools | Simon Jenkins 11.12.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
It was a myth that Beijing perfected the art of teaching. The nation’s success has little to do with maths One third of England’s secondary schools are “failing” . In some places half of them are “bad”. A total of 170,000 pupils are in “inadequate” institutions – 70,000 more than two years ago. Fifty more schools are in “special measures” than last year. This is the verdict of the nation’s schools inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw. Half a century of incessant centralised reform and upheaval, of restless fidgeting between local and Whitehall control, has come to this conclusion. It is a dreadful comment on British public ...
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Room for Debate: Keeping Only the Best Behaved 11.12.2014 NY Times: Editorials
Room for Debate: Keeping Only the Best Behaved
Minnesota does not make the cut for federal early ed grants awarded today 10.12.2014 Star Tribune: Local
Eighteen states are awarded $226 million in grants to fund early education; Minnesota does not make the cut
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Minn. fails to get cut of $226M in fed grants for early ed 10.12.2014 Star Tribune: Latest
Eighteen states are awarded $226 million in grants to fund early education; Minnesota does not make the cut
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Rating teacher preparation programs is a plus for students and teachers 7.12.2014 Washington Post: Editorials
RESEARCH HAS shown that the single most important factor in helping children learn is the quality of their teachers. So it is a big problem when graduates of teacher education programs are ill-prepared to deal with the demands of the classroom. The Obama administration’s move to develop new standards of accountability for teacher preparation programs is a step in the right direction that will help both students and ...
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Escuela Tlatelolco officials argue evaluations aren't fair, accurate 7.12.2014 Denver Post: News: Local
Denver Public Schools is canceling its contract with one of north Denver's long-standing schools, saying that after a decade, test scores at the K-12 school remain below district and state ...
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Government's last push to get legislation through – question time live 4.12.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page

Maybe it’s the last sitting day, maybe it’s not. More bad headlines for the Abbott government as the treasurer, Joe Hockey, lays the ground for the mid year economic forecast with a statement to parliament. All the developments from Canberra, live

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Steamboat Springs School District top in state for work with English language learners 4.12.2014 Steamboat Pilot
The Steamboat Springs School District was recognized Tuesday as the top performing school in the state for its work improving academic growth among English language learners. The district received an English Language Proficiency Act Excellence Award as well as its fifth consecutive Accredited with Distinction designation and numerous other awards during a ceremony in Denver on Tuesday. Strawberry Park Elementary School Principal Tracy Stoddard accepted the awards from the Colorado Department of Education on behalf of the district. “This (ELPA) award is acknowledgment that all of the work that the district has put into improving our English Language Learner Program is paying off for us,” Marty Lamansky, district director of teaching and learning, said in a news release. “It is the result of the hard work of our ELL teachers, all of our classroom teachers, the students and the parents at all of our schools.” The district was awarded as one of the top 10 districts and top 10 charter schools in Colorado that ...
How a trip to North Dakota spurred Obama to act on Native American issues 3.12.2014 Washington Post: Politics
When President Obama visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Nation in June, he and first lady Michelle Obama emerged stunned and emotional from a meeting with six students who spoke of lives affected by homelessness, alcoholism, substandard housing and ...
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