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An education partnership between traditional and charter schools in D.C. 29.8.2015 Washington Post: Editorials
D.C. MAYOR Muriel E. Bowser’s (D) administration has launched an effort it says is aimed at fostering collaboration between the city’s traditional and charter public schools. We hope the result will be improved effectiveness, efficiency and student outcomes. But the mayor has sent the charter community some mixed signals, raising fears that the effort will end up diminishing the autonomy that is vital to charter school success.Read full article ...
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Shock Doctrine: A Look at the Mass Privatization of NOLA Schools in Storm's Wake and Its Effects Today 28.8.2015
Just two weeks after Hurricane Katrina, the city fired 7,500 public school teachers, launching a new push to privatize the school system and build a network of charter schools. Many accused lawmakers of trying to break the powerful United Teachers of New Orleans union. Today former President George W. Bush will return to the city to speak at the Warren Easton Charter High School. We speak to the New Orleans actor and activist Wendell Pierce, whose mother was a teacher and union member for 40 years, as well Gary Rivlin, author of Katrina: After the Flood. He recently wrote a piece for The New York Times titled "Why New Orleans’s Black Residents Are Still Underwater After Katrina." TRANSCRIPT This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And we are joined by three guests here: Monique Harden of Advocates for Environmental Human Rights; Gary Rivlin, author of Katrina: After the [Flood]; and Wendell Pierce, the actor and also author of The Wind in the Reeds: A Storm, a Play, ...
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George W Bush visits New Orleans 10 years after storm stained his reputation 28.8.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

The former president visited a charter school supported by his wife’s library foundation that is touted as a post-Katrina success story

Former president George W Bush returned on Friday to New Orleans – the scene of one of his presidency’s lowest points – to tout the region’s recovery from the nation’s costliest natural disaster on the 10th anniversary of hurricane Katrina.

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George W. Bush returns to New Orleans for 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina 28.8.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Former President George W. Bush is returning Friday to New Orleans - the scene of one of his presidency's lowest points - to tout the region's recovery from the nation's costliest natural disaster on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane ...
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Bush returns to New Orleans for 10th anniversary of Katrina 28.8.2015 AP National
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Former President George W. Bush is returning Friday to New Orleans - the scene of one of his presidency's lowest points - to tout the region's recovery from the nation's costliest natural disaster on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina....
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Business owners try to remove all voters from business district, but they forgot one college student 27.8.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Map of the new Community Improvement District in Columbia, Missouri Normally gerrymandering in a medium-sized town that doesn't even pertain to city council elections would be too down-in-the-weeds, but this story from the Columbia Tribune is too funny to ignore. Self-interested business owners successfully petitioned the Columbia, Missouri, city council to create a local Community Improvement District, which would have the authority to impose a half-cent sales tax increase with voter approval. However, the district lines were drawn in a manner that attempted to avoid containing any eligible voters, meaning that property-owners themselves would get to decide on the sales tax increase as a way to avoid further property taxes to pay for improvements. Unfortunately for them, things didn't exactly go according to plan. It soon became known that a single voter, University of Missouri student Jen Henderson, was registered to vote in the new CID. That means that she alone will get to decide whether or not to ...
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How Katrina Still Haunts New Orleans’ Juvenile Justice System 27.8.2015 Think Progres

"That is their reality, their point of reference."

The post How Katrina Still Haunts New Orleans’ Juvenile Justice System appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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The best New Orleans schools stories for #Katrina10 27.8.2015 LA Times: Commentary
This week marks the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
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27J School District in Brighton puts $248 million bond on ballot 27.8.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
The 27J School District will ask voters to pass a $248 million bond this fall, one year after a $148 million bond failed by 120 votes.
Why Are These Parents Going On A Hunger Strike For A Chicago High School? 26.8.2015 Think Progres

Concerned parents and community members are fighting for the fate of a Chicago high school that is slated to be closed.

The post Why Are These Parents Going On A Hunger Strike For A Chicago High School? appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Why the 'children first' mentality is making teachers quit 26.8.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Juniper School a go 26.8.2015 Durango Herald
Durango School District 9-R Board of Education approved its first charter school since closing Excel and Community of Learners, began a program of linkage with the community by hearing from business leaders and began discussion of a possible mill levy or bond issue for additional funding.The Juniper School, a charter elementary school...
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Two Polls Span Two Poles On Testing 25.8.2015 NPR News
Does the public support or oppose federal standardized tests? Depends how you ask.
Why so many teachers quit, and how to fix that 24.8.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Every year, thousands of young and enthusiastic teachers all over the country start their first day of work. Within the following five years, at least 17 percent of them will leave the profession. Teacher attrition is especially high in poor, urban schools, where on average about a fifth of the...
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Abbreviated pundit round-up: Obama's climate change disclaimer; myth of NOLA's school makeover 24.8.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Paul Krugman at The New York Times writes A Moveable Glut: Whatever the precise mix of causes, what’s important now is that policy makers take seriously the possibility, I’d say probability, that excess savings and persistent global weakness is the new normal. My sense is that there’s a deep-seated unwillingness, even among sophisticated officials, to accept this reality. Partly this is about special interests: Wall Street doesn’t want to hear that an unstable world requires strong financial regulation, and politicians who want to kill the welfare state don’t want to hear that government spending and debt aren’t problems in the current environment. But there’s also, I believe, a sort of emotional prejudice against the very notion of global glut. Politicians and technocrats alike want to view themselves as serious people making hard choices — choices like cutting popular programs and raising interest rates. They don’t like being told that we’re in a world where seemingly tough-minded policies will ...
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"Sorry, I'm Not Taking This Test" 24.8.2015 Mother Jones
One hot morning in May, Kiana Hernandez came to class early. She stood still outside the door, intensely scanning each face in the morning rush of shoulders, hats, and backpacks. She felt anxious. For more than eight months she had been thinking about what she was about to do, but she didn't want it to be a big scene. As her English teacher approached the door, she blocked him with her petite, slender frame. Then, in a soft voice, she said, "I'm sorry. I'm not going to take the test today." The multiple-choice test that morning was one of 15 that year alone, and she'd found out it would be used primarily as part of her teacher's job evaluation. She'd come into class, she said, but would spend the hour quietly studying. From our September/October 2012 issue: "Everything You've Heard About Failing Schools Is Wrong" The teacher stared at her dark-brown eyes in silence while students shuffled past. "That's a mistake," he said with a deep sigh. By her own estimate, Kiana had spent about three months during ...
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How The U.S. Is Neglecting Its Smartest Kids 24.8.2015 NPR News
The authors of a new book argue that efforts to raise achievement for students at the bottom have come at the expense of the most gifted and talented.
Poll: Low marks for grading teachers based on kids' tests 24.8.2015 AP National
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Many Americans, especially public-school parents, give low marks to rating a teacher based partly on how students perform on standardized tests, according to a survey....
Five Questions Every Presidential Candidate Needs to Answer About Education 23.8.2015 Truthout - All Articles
Standards-based teaching, high-stakes testing and value-added methods of teacher evaluation haven't worked. What do the presidential candidates plan to do about it? (Image: Student test via Shutterstock) Want to challenge injustice and make real change happen? That's Truthout's goal - support our work with a donation today! Since the early 1980s, education platforms have been essential to political campaigns for governorships and the presidency, with education policy increasingly defining elected officials' political legacies. With the passing of No Child Left Behind  in 2001, education legislation shifted even further to national prominence, as NCLB came to represent the "power" of bi-partisan commitments to education reform. In the 2016 presidential election, education may once again emerge as a major point of debate, in part because of Jeb Bush's legacy in Florida and in part because of the lingering political controversies around Common Core. Yet in addressing education issues candidates are likely ...
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New Orleans rises decade after Katrina _ but gaps remain 22.8.2015 AP National
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- As people search for words to describe New Orleans' recovery a decade after Hurricane Katrina, they sometimes use words verging on the Biblical - an economic and cultural resurrection, a rising from the ashes....
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