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St. Louis Public and Charter Schools Fight Over Desegregation Taxes 28.4.2016 American Prospect
(Photo: AP/Jeff Roberson) Students arrive for class at Normandy High School in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 22, 2015. The St. Louis Public Schools and the St. Louis NAACP recently filed litigation in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri against the Missouri Board of Education, claiming that state officials have diverted millions of dollars to charter schools over the past decade, in violation of a court-ordered desegregation settlement. The litigation alleges that those funds should have been allocated to traditional public school desegregation programs. Public school officials want to see more than $40 million returned to the district’s coffers. But charter school advocates argue that giving back those funds would harm their students and undermine school choice in Missouri. The St. Louis case is unique, but it also illustrates some of the broader funding issues faced nationwide by state and local education officials as they navigate the thorny challenges posed by trying to finance ...
Career education making a comeback in US high schools 27.4.2016 AP National
ANTIOCH, Calif. (AP) -- There was an emergency in Room 14. Three girls injured, one with a broken thighbone and maybe something more serious. Snapping on sterile gloves and kneeling before the worst-off patient, two 17-year-olds went to work....
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America's high school seniors' reading and math scores have hit a wall 27.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

America’s high school seniors' reading and math test scores are barely holding steady or slumping, according to national standardized test results released late Tuesday.

Between 2013 and 2015, on average, students dropped slightly in math and held steady in reading.

The National Assessment of Educational...

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Here Is ALEC's 2016 Spring Task Force Summit Agenda 26.4.2016
The lobby of the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ALEC will be holding its spring Task Force Summit at the hotel on May 6. (Photo: Nedra / Flickr ) Don't trust the corporate media? Neither do we. Make a tax-deductible donation to Truthout and support accurate, independent journalism. Ironies abound in the 2016 agenda for the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which brings together corporate lobbyists and state legislators at luxury hotels to vote side-by-side on "model bills" that then pop up in states across the country. This spring's Task Force Summit, to be held in the glittering Omni William Penn hotel on May 6 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, features a discussion on "Taxpayer Funded Lobbying Disclosure." ALEC is not worried about the corporate lobbyists stacking its board and committees, or the taxpayer money being shelled out so some politicians can afford the swank Omni, or direct government subsidies to ALEC (like Tennessee's $100,000 grant approved ...
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Teachers Look to Unionize at Another New Orleans Charter School 26.4.2016 American Prospect
(Photo courtesy of Michael Masterson) Ben Franklin High School teachers stand with teachers from Lusher Charter School. Earlier this month, teachers at Lusher Charter School, an arts-based K-12 school in New Orleans, went public with their intent to unionize. Sixty percent of teachers, teacher assistants, and other Lusher staff signed a petition in support, but over the weekend the Lusher board voted 6–5 against recognizing their union. Now the teachers will ask the National Labor Relations Board to hold an election. If the teachers prevail, Lusher would become the third charter school to unionize in New Orleans, the city with the highest density of charter schools in the country. The first two—Benjamin Franklin High School and Morris Jeff Community School—formed their unions last year. Ben Franklin staff signed the first collective-bargaining agreement for New Orleans teachers since Hurricane Katrina.  Lusher teachers began organizing in secret about a year ago. They waited until they had a majority of ...
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What White Teachers Can Learn From Black Preachers 26.4.2016 Mother Jones
When Chris Emdin , now an associate professor of math, science, and technology at Columbia University, was a senior in a Brooklyn high school, most of his teachers were quick to punish him for things like doing a little celebratory dance in his chair after he nailed a teacher's question or standing up and stretching without permission in the middle of a long assignment. Emdin's teachers often called him a "disobedient" and "troubled" student. Emdin badly wanted to go to college, he writes in his new book, For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and The Rest of Y'all Too , so he learned to suppress his "unabashed urbanness," or what he describes as his tendency to be loud, conspicuous, and prone to question authority. "I became conditioned to be a 'proper student' and began to lose value for pieces of myself that previously defined me." Years later, when Emdin started teaching in a predominantly black high school, an older teacher told him, "You look too much like them, and they won't take you seriously. ...
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Headteachers start fightback against government policy diktat 26.4.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page

The Headteachers’ Roundtable is mounting a grassroots attack on government reforms to thrash out a different vision of education for the next decade

The standoff between Nicky Morgan and backbenchers over the recent white paper rumbles on. No one now knows to what extent the government is going to back track on its contentious vision for the future of the English school system.

Inevitably much of the criticism has focused on the plan to forcibly “academise” all schools. But for one group of heads, the white paper’s flaw is in the gaps. It is as much about what it fails to address as what it proposes to do.

Continue reading...
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Cruz takes lessons on education from Milton Friedman, his faith 26.4.2016 Politico
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‘We’re At War’ Says Organizer Behind Education Protests Sweeping The Country 25.4.2016 Think Progres

This is the organizer behind the education protests that have swept the country in recent months.

The post ‘We’re At War’ Says Organizer Behind Education Protests Sweeping The Country appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Feeding the black and brown poor to the maw of neoliberalism and military academies 25.4.2016 Daily Kos
When I was in high school, I wanted to join the United States Army or Marines. Raised on 1980s action movies and comic books like G.I. Joe, I saw myself jumping out of planes as a paratrooper, or maybe skulking about in a jungle like a scout sniper. The recruiters made their rounds and tried to snatch me up. I was a smart young black kid from the working class who scored, in their words, “amazingly high” on the ASVAB  test. I would never be courted by a college sports team, but I would be repeatedly called by military recruiters for months, each one trying to increase their offer in order to secure their human prize. The intimidating bald white Marine with a huge neck sat with me in his office and asked, “Do you want to be part of the country’s most elite fighting force?” The African-American Army sergeant told me that the Marines were “crazy,” and that I could “join up with the 101st or 82nd airborne as an officer one day.” My father, a World War II veteran, entertained my schoolboy dreams of military ...
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L.A. Unified magnets accepted less than half of applicants this year 22.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary
Magnet schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District accepted fewer than half of students who applied for the 2016-17 school year. The district received about 44,000 applications to attend magnets, which are themed schools that are open to all students, regardless of where they live. Magnets...
Charter schools’ equal-funding fight clears Senate Education Committee 22.4.2016 Durango Herald
DENVER – State lawmakers on Thursday advanced legislation that aims at equitable funding for charter schools, a topic that crosses political lines and has divided school districts.Two bills passed the Senate Education Committee, both on 6-3 votes. The measures head to the full Senate for consideration.One measure would...
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Chris Van Hollen is proud of his long résumé — but it may be his weakness 21.4.2016 Washington Post
The Senate hopeful's dealmaking skills and steady climb up the political ladder may not be an asset in a year that favors outsiders.
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A Union Firebrand Speaks Out On Politics, Testing And More 20.4.2016 NPR News
Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the National Education Association, looks beyond the "dark cloud" of No Child Left Behind. In the new federal law, she sees opportunity, for teachers and students.
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Essential California: UC chancellor calls for new policies on harassment 19.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Good morning. It is Tuesday, April 19. Here's what’s happening in the Golden State:


Harassment policy

The University of California system needs to overhaul its sexual harassment policies so investigations are effective and cases are consistently handled, according to UC President Janet...

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Retiree benefits become a flashpoint in the battle between charters and traditional schools 17.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

A Woodland Hills charter school recently made an unusual offer to its veteran teachers: We'll give you $30,000 if you return to the Los Angeles Unified School District before you retire.

It wasn't the teachers that El Camino Real Charter High School wanted to get rid of. It was the cost of their...

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Charitable Plutocracy: Bill Gates, Washington State and the Nuisance of Democracy 15.4.2016 Truthout - All Articles
Today's multi-billionaires are a different species of philanthropist; they keep tight control over their foundations while also operating as major political funders. They aim to do good in the world, but each defines "good" idiosyncratically in terms of specific public policies and political goals. They translate their wealth, the work of their foundations and their celebrity as doers-of-good into influence in the public sphere. Bill Gates, co-chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, addresses a United Nations press conference. ( UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré ) This article was first published in the Nonprofit Quarterly (spring 2016; vol. 23, no. 1). Once upon a time, the super-wealthy endowed their tax-exempt charitable foundations and then turned them over to boards of trustees to run. The trustees would spend the earnings of the endowment to pursue a typically grand but wide-open mission written into the foundation's charter -- like The Rockefeller Foundation's 1913 mission "to promote the well-being ...
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Anyone who still thinks Britain is a meritocracy must be deluded | Rhiannon Lucy Coslett 14.4.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page
The latest dispiriting news on graduate earnings shows social mobility is all but dead. If you believe otherwise then please show your workings Here’s something I’ve been wondering recently: is there anybody left on these isles who persists in the belief that we inhabit a meritocracy? Anyone still sold on the “work hard, get ahead” land of opportunity narrative? If so, please show me your workings. In light of yet another dispiriting social mobility survey – this one from the Institute of Fiscal Studies, Cambridge, and Harvard, finding that graduates from poorer backgrounds earn less than richer peers on the same course – you’d have to throw some contortionist intellectual shapes to make the argument. The gap between rich and poor remains a gulf. Even when you’ve been to the same university and had the same education, the disadvantages of coming from a poor family can mean earning around 20% less. As this latest study shows, there is a marked link between parental income and a child’s potential ...
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Education chief looks for more well-rounded learning 14.4.2016 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's time for a return to a more well-rounded education for schoolchildren - one that spotlights the importance of science, social studies and the arts, Education Secretary John B. King Jr. says....
Teach for America applications fall again, diving 35 percent in 3 years 13.4.2016 Durango Herald
Applications to Teach for America fell by 16 percent in 2016, marking the third consecutive year in which the organization – which places college graduates in some of the nation’s toughest classrooms – has seen its applicant pool shrink.Elisa Villanueva Beard, TFA’s chief executive, announced the figures in an...
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