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Two construction workers injured in fall from scaffold in Lone Tree 27.7.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
Two workers were seriously injured when they fell about 40 feet from scaffolding erected at a construction site in Lone Tree on Thursday
Liberal academics isn't the problem, it's 'conservative nihilism' 27.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: Regarding this opinion piece, Ronald Reagan probably would not be considered conservative enough in today's Republican Party, yet Fredrik deBoer contends the problem is liberal academics. (Re “This trend won’t end well,” Opinion, July 24)

Today's conservatism is nihilism.

Trump is...

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About that scandal: what took so long, USC? 27.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: As someone who holds three degrees from USC, I believe that the board of trustees must step in immediately to gain control of the spreading scandal regarding the university's handling of the Puliafito affair. (Re: “What did USC know about dean, and when?" July 23)

Appoint an investigator...

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Essential California: USC says it ‘could have done better’ 27.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Thursday, July 27, and here’s what’s happening across California:


USC ‘could have done better’

USC President C. L. Max Nikias admitted Wednesday that the university “could have done better” in how it handled former...

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The Daily 202: Growing GOP backlash to transgender troop ban underscores Trump’s political miscalculation 27.7.2017 Washington Post: Politics
2004 called. It wants its wedge issue back.
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USC president admits university 'could have done better' in handling reports of medical school dean's drug use 27.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary

USC President C.L. Max Nikias acknowledged Wednesday that the university “could have done better” in its handling of a former medical school dean who a Times investigation found took drugs and associated with criminals and drug abusers.

Nikias didn’t detail how the university could have done more...

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NAACP report: Charter schools 'not a substitute' for traditional public schools and many need reform 26.7.2017 Washington Post
NAACP report: Charter schools 'not a substitute' for traditional public schools and many need reform
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The Daily 202: Senate Republicans still face narrow path to pass health-care bill after procedural victory 26.7.2017 Washington Post: Politics
A vote last night underscores the ideological rifts that remain.
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D.C. looks to students for ways to address chronic absenteeism 26.7.2017 Washington Post
D.C. looks to students for ways to address chronic absenteeism
Lincoln Park building loses Zuckerberg-backed AltSchool, adds Amazon 26.7.2017 Chicago Tribune: Business
A private school backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has called off plans to open in Lincoln Park this fall, but the building's owner is adding another big technology name: Amazon. AltSchool said it will not open its first elementary school in the Midwest in a two-story building at ...
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It's (Loan) Shark Week: Families Are Biting Back 24.7.2017
(Photo: Ismagilov / Getty Images) It's Shark Week , but the most dangerous predators this year aren't on TV or at the beaches -- they are in Washington DC, where they are menacing families with the help of their chums in Congress. From payday loan sharks to Wall Street bottom-feeders, financial predators of all shapes and sizes are descending on our capital to take a bite out of financial protections. Over the past six months, we've seen these sharks swarm in a feeding frenzy on our rights. GOP-backed Trumpcare wants to destroy Medicare and Medicaid, and take health care away from millions of Americans. The Trump administration's proposed budget slashes funds for public housing, food assistance and protecting the environment. Newly appointed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is refusing to to forgive loans to students defrauded by for-profit colleges, while seeking to funnel millions of dollars into for-profit charter schools. On issue after issue, the GOP, the president and his team prioritize corporate ...
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Please keep this guy away from rousing charter school debate 24.7.2017 Washington Post
Please keep this guy away from rousing charter school debate
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Florida's education system — the one Betsy DeVos cites as a model — is in chaos 22.7.2017 Washington Post
Traditional public school districts are trying to absorb the loss of millions of dollars that now must be shared with charter schools after the governor signed a new education bill into law.
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NBA All-Star Kevin Durant makes surprise appearance at Austin's IDEA 21.7.2017 New Kerala: World News
AUSTIN, Texas, July 20, 2017 : NBA All-Star Kevin Durant surprised students Thursday at IDEA Rundberg in Austin as part of BBVA Compass' Summer of Opportunity initiative to pay it forward through random acts of kindness.
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Teachers union leader bashes Betsy DeVos — and DeVos strikes back 21.7.2017 Washington Post
Teachers union leader bashes Betsy DeVos — and DeVos strikes back
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Betsy DeVos' Latest Speech Draws Protests, Even Before She Speaks 20.7.2017 NPR: Morning Edition
DeVos has longstanding ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, which backs school choice policies coast to coast.
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What's Delaine Eastin thinking? The long-shot candidate for governor explains 20.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary
Get to know California gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin, who is running a long-shot campaign against a cadre of better-known, better-funded Democrats.
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Boulder to ticket crosswalk users who fail to activate lights 20.7.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Boulder police officers will step up enforcement next week of the city's crosswalk ordinances, including ticketing people who fail to activate flashing lights at intersections.
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A civic group is advising L.A. Unified, Cal State's capacity issues, a record-setting donation: What's new in education 19.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary
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Teacher Tests Test Teachers 18.7.2017 American Prospect
The Houston teachers union scored a legal victory in May when a federal judge found that the Houston school district’s system of evaluating teachers violates due process rights . The lawsuit centered on the system’s use of value-added modeling (VAM), a controversial statistical method aimed at isolating a teacher’s effectiveness based on their students’ standardized test scores. United States Magistrate Judge Stephen Smith concluded that the metric's impenetrability rendered it unconstitutional. Because, he wrote, teachers have “no meaningful way to ensure” that their value-added ratings are accurate, they are “subject to mistaken deprivation of constitutionally protected property interests in their jobs.” More specifically, he continued, because the school district denies its teachers access to the computer algorithms and data that form the basis of each teacher’s VAM score, it “flunks the minimum procedural due process standard of providing the reason for termination ‘in sufficient detail to enable ...
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