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10 years after the storm: has New Orleans learned the lessons of Hurricane Katrina? 27.7.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest
Special report A decade after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, David Uberti goes in search of the people who were at the heart of its recovery, to understand what the city has gone through – and where it might be heading Maggie Carroll couldn’t sleep – not after what she had read earlier in the day. It was 11 January 2006, four months after the deadly floods triggered by Hurricane Katrina had swallowed many of New Orleans’ neighbourhoods. Carroll and her husband were among the first to return after the storm and take stock of theirs, Broadmoor, a low-lying area whose raised bungalows and colourful shotgun houses had been inundated by up to 10 feet of water. The Carrolls’ home on Walmsley Avenue had been left structurally sound; its wood floors didn’t buckle. Still, the water had picked up pieces of furniture, carried them across rooms and left them ruined. It broke up the back deck and crushed the garage door, before submerging Maggie’s grandfather’s 1963 ...
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Colorado State Board of Education at crossroads after contentious run 26.7.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
The item was not even on the agenda. The Colorado State Board of Education was supposed to spend the morning recognizing award-winning teachers and digesting a routine school-finance update.
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Essential California: L.A., you are terrible at parking 23.7.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Good morning. It is Thursday, July 23. Here's what is happening in the Golden State: Subscribe to the newsletter TOP STORIES Assault charge This spring, millions of people saw the video of Los Angeles police officers shooting and killing a man on skid row. The video also showed a homeless woman...
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How The Big New Education Law Could Cut Testing Time 22.7.2015 NPR News
Several Senate amendments aim a weed-whacker at the thicket of standardized tests.
Marco Rubio was a fan of Corinthian Colleges, and they returned the favor 22.7.2015 Daily Kos
The problem with shilling for for-profit education is that sooner or later, and the way things have been going it's usually "sooner," you're going to find yourself in bed with shady characters . Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who is running for president in 2016, has a strong record of supporting for-profit colleges, namely Corinthian Colleges, which shut down all of its remaining campuses in April. Rubio has accepted contributions to the tune of $27,600 throughout the past five years. The last donation filed with the Federal Election Commission was for $2,700 on April 30, Bloomberg reported . Last year, Rubio also sent a letter requesting that the U.S. Department of Education would exercise “leniency” on Corinthian Colleges by not halting federal aid while it was being investigated. Well, sure. Because when your whole education pitch is that we need to encourage for-profit, under-scrutinized schools in order to something something something, of course you're going to ask that the government go easy on the ...
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Why John Kasich Isn’t The Moderate He’s Made Out To Be 21.7.2015 Think Progres

His record proves otherwise.

The post Why John Kasich Isn’t The Moderate He’s Made Out To Be appeared first on ThinkProgress.

To address college sexual assault issue, some say kids need more sex education 20.7.2015 Washington Post
As colleges grapple with the widespread problem of sexual assault, there is a growing consensus that the nation’s schools need to do more to educate young people about sex and relationships before they ever set foot on campus.Read full article ...
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Time for a stronger No Child Left Behind 19.7.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Here are two things that should seem obvious about the federal No Child Left Behind Act, the George W. Bush-era law that for the last 14 years has, for both better and worse, been pushing schools to improve education for disadvantaged students:
Can two federal bills finally fulfill goals of No Child Left Behind? 19.7.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Voter in L.A. school board race wins $25,000 for casting a ballot 17.7.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Ivan Rojas didn't recognize the phone number when he got the call that morning. So he went back to sleep. Later, when he listened to the message, he decided it must be a crank call or a scam.
5 Things to know about the House-Senate No Child rewrites 17.7.2015 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- No one thinks it'll be easy, but the House and Senate are embarking on negotiations to merge two differing education bills that would rewrite the nation's much-criticized No Child Left Behind education law....
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If anyone has the skill set to save CPS, it is Forrest Claypool 17.7.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
If anyone has the skill set to save CPS, it is Forrest Claypool
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Senate passes No Child Left Behind rewrite, would shrink federal role in education 17.7.2015 Washington Post
The Senate on Thursday passed a bipartisan rewrite of No Child Left Behind, the main federal education law, that would shrink the federal role in the nation’s 100,000 public schools and yield greater power to states to judge student achievement and school performance.Read full article ...
Testing Revolt In Washington State Brings Feds Into Uncharted Waters 16.7.2015 NPR News
As Congress debates the future of No Child Left Behind, one state falls short of federal testing requirements.
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Everyone Wants to Leave No Child Left Behind Behind 16.7.2015 Mother Jones
Charles Dharapak/AP In 2000, George W. Bush took the stage at the NAACP's annual convention and laid out, for the first time ever, an education policy overhaul he called No Child Left Behind. "Strong civil rights enforcement will be the cornerstone of my administration," the Texas governor and presidential candidate announced to thunderous applause. "I will confront another form of bias: the soft bigotry of low expectations." Fifteen years later, NCLB is recognized less for its civil rights origins than for the era of high-stakes testing it ushered into American classrooms. Teachers have complained about having to teach to flawed and limited tests, and schools whose test scores have failed to meet the program's test-based benchmarks have lost funding and in many cases have been closed or privatized. After years of frustration with the program, Congress is weighing two bills to revamp it. And while the general consensus is that NCLB needs to change, the proposed measures are as politically thorny as the ...
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Sen. Bennet's hand felt in revisions to No Child Left Behind Act 16.7.2015 Denver Post: All Political News
Coloradans' views on education are "threaded throughout" a revised version of No Child Left Behind that the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on Thursday.
Senate clears way for final vote on No Child rewrite 16.7.2015 AP Business
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate on Wednesday cleared the way for a vote on a bipartisan bill to rewrite the Bush-era No Child Left Behind education law, which is long overdue for an overhaul....
New report highlights cases of police brutality inside middle and high schools 14.7.2015 Daily Kos
Noe Nino de Rivera injured by police while in school In a new report written by Jaeah Lee of Mother Jones titled "Chokeholds, Brain Injuries, Beatings: When School Cops Go Bad," at least 28 cases of extreme police brutality in American middle and high schools are highlighted, including one death. With the United States now averaging four people killed by our police per day , more time and attention is being given to the cause of police brutality than ever before. Yet, another disturbing police problem has drawn far less attention: Use of force by cops in schools. According to news reports and data collected by advocacy groups, over the past five years at least 28 students have been seriously injured, and in one case shot to death, by so-called school resource officers—sworn, uniformed police assigned to provide security on K-12 campuses. Indeed, it was only a matter of time until police officers who were violent outside of schools began imposing their violence on students inside of schools. In Lee's ...
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Three Issues That Undermine Chile's Once Popular President 14.7.2015 Global Voices
How will President Michelle Bachelet weather the current discontent with her presidency, and can she effectively deal with the corruption that threatens her ability to govern?
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The Calamity of the Disappearing School Libraries 14.7.2015
From coast to coast, elementary and high school libraries are being neglected, defunded, repurposed, abandoned and closed. The kindest thing that can be said about this is that it's curious; the more accurate explanation is that it's just wrong and very foolish. A 2011 survey conducted with my graduate students of 25 separate statewide studies shows that students who attend schools with libraries that are staffed by certified librarians score better on reading and writing tests than students in schools without library services. And it is lower-income students who benefit the most. This clear empirical evidence has had little impact on budget cutters, however. They act - mistakenly - as though there is no link between libraries and educational achievement. Here are the numbers and the arguments to which they need to pay attention. A Dramatic Decline in School Libraries and Librarians The number of school libraries in New York City has dropped from nearly 1,500 in 2005 to around 700 in 2014. Over a recent ...
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