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Glenn Beck’s theatrical attack on Common Core 23.7.2014 Washington Post: Politics

Conservative media star Glenn Beck led a national strategy session to kill the Common Core State Standards late Tuesday night, using a two-hour simulcast into movie theaters across the country as a way to embolden critics of the standards and recruit more foot soldiers to the cause.

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The Fix: Common Core might be the most important issue in the 2016 Republican presidential race. Here’s what you need to know about it. 23.7.2014 Washington Post: Politics
Sometimes, a policy is so dense, so politicized or so boring that it begs for explainers and analyses and charts. It happened with the debt ceiling, it happened with Obamacare and it's happening with Common Core.  What to do when there are so many explanations that a curious individual has difficulty deciding which explanation to ...
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D.C.’s charter and public schools need to coordinate efforts in locating campuses 23.7.2014 Washington Post: Editorials
PLANS BY a well-regarded charter school organization to open a science-themed school in the District near a similarly themed traditional school has angered some school system officials. That’s not surprising since competition generally tends to make people feel threatened. But competition is also healthy, spurring extra effort and better performance. That, in fact, has been one effect of the burgeoning charter school sector on public education in the city, and it is why proposals to limit charter schools should be ...
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National League of Cities policy conference in St. Paul this week 23.7.2014 Local

More than 3,000 miles separate Ontario, California and Pinecrest, Florida, but mayors from both cities plan to meet in St. Paul on Wednesday to trade notes, debate federal legislation and consider "best practices" to take back home.

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How A Good Education Can Actually Improve Poor Students’ Health 23.7.2014 Think Progres

A new study confirms that ensuring kids' access to quality education is a public health issue.

The post How A Good Education Can Actually Improve Poor Students’ Health appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Charters, Money And Test Scores 23.7.2014 NPR: All Things Considered
The University of Arkansas says charters produce a better return on investment. Let's take a closer look.
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Michael Gove: 'bogeyman' or 'the greatest education secretary ever'? 22.7.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
As he leaves his post in a cabinet reshuffle, we have some mixed farewell remarks from the education world Gove presided over the disintegration of our school system; he opened up teaching to untrained people in state schools, because he had contempt for professional educationalists. The restoration of professional teaching in our schools must now be an urgent priority. I'll remember him as someone who tried to dumb down the teaching of history by eliminating the teaching of skills and converting it to a mindless rote learning of a slanted patriotic version of events. With the history curriculum, he set up an elaborate consultation process, then after it was complete he ditched it and came up with his own half-baked ideas. And of course everyone rejected it. Fortunately, his attempt to foist his own rather ignorant and partial version of history on to the national curriculum was one of his many ...
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New political action committee forms in L.A. school board race 22.7.2014 LA Times: Top News
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Poor teens may get more than academics at top schools; less risky health behaviors seen, too 21.7.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
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Better school, better health? 21.7.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
A study links top high schools with less risky health behavior in teens.
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Internal Affairs: Powerful husband-wife duo in Santa Clara could be splitting up 20.7.2014 San Jose Mercury News: News
For more than a decade now, the husband-and-wife team of Christopher Stampolis and Anna Song have been a power duo in Santa Clara politics.
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Teacher essay: Finland’s broader approach to special education 19.7.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Editor’s note: Patti White, who teaches sixth grade at Morningside Elementary in Holladay, was among 32 Utah educators who recently visited schools in Finland with Brigham Young University’s Center for the Study of Europe. Read the related story here. — I wanted to know what the Finnish schools were doing to help their students get the appropriate education for their abilities, both in special education and gifted programs. My own child struggled with learning disabilities in a public school...
Michael Goves legacy could die | Melissa Benn 16.7.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
The new broom may overturn some of the former education ministers reforms most unpopular with parents and teachers One could hear the gasps echoing around the political world yesterday morning. Gove demoted to the whips office? Unthinkable. Or was it? For experienced Gove watchers, there were a few signs in the air. At last months Wellington College festival of education , I sat with more than 1,000 people in a marquee waiting for the secretary of state. This was the ministers natural habitus, an annual jamboree of new-right education reformers sponsored by his old employer the Sunday Times and hosted by a key Gove ally, Anthony ...
Zorn: 6 deals most Chicagoans regret 16.7.2014 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
These bad deals are reminders why we need to demand of our lawmakers, bureaucrats and other leaders that they stop living in the ...
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Michael Gove: a controversial but influential education secretary 15.7.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Like him or not, his decision to bring in a phonics check and open up the national pupil database could have a lasting impact Michael Gove called the educational establishment the unions, teacher training colleges and local authorities " the blob ". Before the 2010 election he talked privately of his plans to destroy their influence on the system. In government he set out systematically to do it, along the way making him arguably the least popular education secretary in history. Most education secretaries either promote structural reform or push for changes to education content, with David Blunkett an example of the former and Kenneth Baker the latter. Gove was unusual in tackling both areas at once, and in four years has upended the English examination system and curriculum as well as radically altering how England's schools are ...
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GovBeat: Massachusetts is the Best State in America 12.7.2014 Washington Post: Politics
Success often starts with a good education. And no state lays that groundwork better than Massachusetts. That’s according to the Education Week Research Center, a nonpartisan group that measured indicators such as preschool and kindergarten enrollment, high school graduation rates, and higher education attainment. The yearly study also considered family income and parental employment, which are linked to educational ...
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Van Hollen: DPI, not UW, should set fee for dual enrollment 11.7.2014 Local

The state Department of Public Instruction -- and not the University of Wisconsin System -- should determine how much school districts pay for high school students to take UW System courses through a dual enrollment program, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said in an opinion released Thursday.

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Shanghai 'copied Ofsted inspection' 10.7.2014 BBC South Asia
A summit on international education reform hears how high-performing Shanghai borrowed ideas from England's Ofsted
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An education plan is mandatory for mayoral candidates 10.7.2014 Washington Post: Op-Eds
So, what’s with all the talk about which mayoral candidates would or wouldn’t keep Kaya Henderson? With all due respect, that’s a personnel matter — not an education policy issue. At-large D.C. Council member David Catania, running as an independent, has resisted pressure to make a definitive statement about whether he would retain the D.C. Public Schools chancellor if he wins the Nov. 4 general election. Democratic Party nominee Muriel Bowser and independent Carol Schwartz have both said they would keep ...
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Nation's largest teachers union calls for Arne Duncan's resignation 8.7.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Teachers are increasingly ready to fight back against the sustained assault they face. On Friday, delegates at the National Education Association's Representative Assembly passed a resolution calling on Education Secretary Arne Duncan to resign : The business item passed said it was necessary to call for Duncan's resignation because of the "department's failed education agenda focused on more high-stakes testing, grading and pitting public school students against each other based on test scores, and for continuing to promote policies and decisions that undermine public schools and colleges, the teaching education professionals, and education unions." Really, resignation is too good for Duncan, but it would be a start. Similar measures failed in past years, but clearly anger is growing, with Duncan earning the ire of teachers and other supporters of public education by his recent support for attacks on due process, in addition to his longstanding crusade for high-stakes testing. This may be an area where ...
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