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John Pinto, WWII Code Talker and longtime New Mexico lawmaker, dies at 94 25.5.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

John Pinto, a Navajo Code Talker in World War II who became one of the nation’s longest serving Native American elected officials as a New Mexico state senator, has died. He was 94.

Senate colleague Michael Padilla confirmed that Pinto died Friday in Gallup after years of suffering from various...

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Colorado poll finds strong support for vocational education, concern about teacher pay 21.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
A new poll by Magellan Strategies found 83 percent of a sample of Colorado registered voters surveyed favored increasing opportunities for vocational education in high school. The idea was popular across subgroups.
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Should privilege and disadvantage play a role in SAT scores? 21.5.2019 LA Times: Commentary

When the University of California threatened to drop the SAT as a college entrance requirement more than 15 years ago, the College Board eliminated the analogy questions and introduced a new essay portion. The changes helped keep the test in business but didn’t necessarily make it a stronger predictor...

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Sanders Calls for Private Charter School Ban 18.5.2019 Outside the Beltway
I'm not sure his solution is correct or even legal. But the problem is very real.
Elizabeth Warren Slams Betsy DeVos, Vows to Pick ex-Public School Teacher 14.5.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
“I’ll just be blunt: Betsy DeVos is the worst Secretary of Education we’ve seen,” the campaign email read, while promising to nominate an education secretary with “real teaching experience."
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This L.A. district is 80% non-white, but both school board candidates are white 12.5.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Maria Villatoro had a few things on her checklist that would sway her vote for her kids’ new school board member: They should make the superintendent work harder, visit schools in her southeast Los Angeles neighborhood more often — and preferably, be a Latina, who might better understand the needs...

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These are Colorado’s top 20 high schools, according to U.S. News & World Report 7.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Schools in Denver and surrounding metro-area communities took 12 spots in the top 20 in a ranking of high school quality in Colorado.
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Chicago’s Historic Charter School Strike Wave Keeps Winning 5.5.2019
Chicago charter school teachers were the first of their kind to go on strike in U.S. history.

The post Chicago’s Historic Charter School Strike Wave Keeps Winning appeared first on Truthout.

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Some Colorado schools see less than half of students graduate, but state says that’s reality of working with challenging population 5.5.2019 Denver Post: Local
An analysis by The Denver Post of data from the 2017-2018 school year found 81 Colorado high schools graduated no more than half of their students within four years.
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Two Award-winning Teachers Boycott White House Visit to Protest Trump 1.5.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Jessica Duenas of Kentucky and Kelly Holstine of Minnesota were both awarded Teacher of the Year 2019 for their respective states.
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These Colorado Democrats are vying to take on U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in 2020 29.4.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Here's a look at who's running for the Democratic nomination for Republican Cory Gardner's U.S. Senate seat.
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Today: 'Lori Took the Bullet for All of Us' 29.4.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

A rabbi recounts this weekend’s shooting at a Poway synagogue and his friend who died in gunfire.


‘Lori Took the Bullet for All of Us’

A deadly shooting at a house of worship. An anti-Semitic manifesto. A community shaken. In an all-too-familiar scenario, a 19-year-old man entered...

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Things didn’t go well when Betsy DeVos was confronted with her department’s charter school fraud 23.4.2019 Raw Story

During a series of recent congressional hearings in Washington, D.C., U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos had to respond to a recent report finding the U.S. Department of Education has been scammed for hundreds of millions of dollars by fraudulent or mismanaged charter schools. Her responses rev...

The post Things didn’t go well when Betsy DeVos was confronted with her department’s charter school fraud appeared first on Raw Story.

Garcetti, in yearly address, stumps for a new tax while pivoting to education 18.4.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti used his annual State of the City address Wednesday to make an extended sales pitch for Measure EE, a new tax for public schools that faces sharp opposition from the region’s business groups.

Garcetti, who has invested significant political capital into passage of...

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Q&A: Gavin Newsom on his ‘mayoral mind-set’ in first 100 days in office 18.4.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Gavin Newsom’s whirlwind start as California governor has been punctuated by a contemptuous feud with President Trump, a politically risky ban on the death penalty and an occasional backtrack or stumble. But he says his first 100 days as governor have been driven by an “in the weeds” mind-set and...

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Millionaire Talks About 'Zip Code' Inequality In Public Education 15.4.2019 Crooks Liars
Stephanie Ruehl devoted the bulk of her show today to Patriotic Millionaires, and their demand to be taxed enough to address income inequality. Good for her! One guest was Peter Georgescu, Chairman Emeritus of Young & Rubicam. It was educational, and gratifying that he sees public education as the trouble spot: "Here's the situation, business must change," Georgescu said. "What we don't talk about enough is the seriousness or the crisis in the other America -- call it a zip code America. We are in deep trouble. These people are suffering. GDP is a terrible measure. It doesn't measure the health of the country, it measures how well us 20% do. That's what it does, so America is in trouble. "And, in fact, if you really look -- I was telling you how well free enterprise capitalism, for 40 years in this version of free enterprise capitalism, the top 10% grew about 120, 30% and the bottom 90% lost 3%." "Then how did you do this? Your personal story from being here in Romania without your parents, how did all ...
DeVos Failed to Have Any Positive Impact on Education 12.4.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
But here is what she could do to actually help America's students.
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Teachers Are the Underdogs in a Decades-Long Class War 11.4.2019
Activist teacher Gillian Russom discusses how teachers' unions can engage strategically with electoral politics.

The post Teachers Are the Underdogs in a Decades-Long Class War appeared first on Truthout.

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L.A. schools chief Austin Beutner says no major restructuring is in the works 10.4.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Forget about sending a shock wave through the struggling Los Angeles school system. Not going to happen, says Supt. Austin Beutner.

Beutner on Tuesday took charge of a massive rebranding of his efforts to reshape the nation’s second-largest school system. And his message to critics and the fearful...

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Teachers’ Movements Gain Community Support by Centering Social Justice 3.4.2019
Raising demands for the common good was key to the successful teachers' strikes, says activist teacher Gillian Russom.

The post Teachers’ Movements Gain Community Support by Centering Social Justice appeared first on Truthout.

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