On December 31 2020, the newsrack service will be shut down permanently.

It has been a nice long run from the Sarai days in 2004 to being hosted on its own domain around 2006. Beside maintenance, there has been no real active development on the code or the features since early 2008. Since 2015, even all that maintenance was pretty bare bones. A lot of news sources no longer provide reliable RSS feeds and since mid 2018, there were growing issues with the service and I only kept it alive to assist a handful of users.

So, it is time to shut this down. The internet world in 2020 is vastly differently from 2003 when I first conceptualized this service. Thanks for using this all these years.

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Travelling at Christmas: What you need to know 28.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
How will UK transport be affected by the five-day relaxation of Covid restrictions over Christmas?
Covid: University of Surrey lowers entry grades to 'relieve anxiety' 28.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
Requirements for most courses will be reduced to "relieve the pressure and anxiety" for students.
Differing Mask Mandates in Georgia Schools Put Teachers at Risk for COVID 27.11.2020 Truthout.com
Differing Mask Mandates in Georgia Schools Put Teachers at Risk for COVID
Two School Districts Had Different Mask Policies. Only One Had a Teacher on a Ventilator. 26.11.2020 Mother Jones
This story was published originally by ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up for ProPublica’s Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox as soon as they are published. On a balmy August morning in Emanuel County in eastern Georgia, hundreds of children bounded off freshly cleaned […]
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Hundreds of Thousands of Students Traveled Home This Week Amid COVID Spike 26.11.2020 Truthout.com
Hundreds of Thousands of Students Traveled Home This Week Amid COVID Spike
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A debate is raging inside Young Life as the Colorado-based ministry faces backlash over LGBTQ policy 25.11.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Many college students are reevaluating their relationship with Young Life and the organization's stance against letting members of the LGBTQ community serve as leaders, after a viral movement this summer under the hashtag #DoBetterYoungLife.
Period poverty: Scotland first in world to make period products free 25.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
MSPs unanimously approve a bill giving a legal right to free access to sanitary products in public buildings.
Bootlicker’ Marco Rubio smacked down for attacking Biden’s cabinet picks as ‘caretakers of America’s decline’ 24.11.2020 Raw Story
‘So much racism’ Acting Senate Intelligence Chairman Marco Rubio suggested he will vote against all of the cabinet picks President-elect Joe Biden announced on Monday. The Florida Republican, an expected 2024 presidential hopeful, appeared especially disturbed by the educational backgrounds, and some are saying the racial and ethnic backgrounds, of Biden’s diverse and experienced team. […]
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Science professor calls Neil deGrasse Tyson the N-word in rant denying atom bombs and the moon landing — then insists he’s not racist 24.11.2020 Raw Story
A physical science professor at Michigan’s Ferris State University has been placed on administrative leave after posting racist and homophobic slurs in rant that called the coronavirus pandemic a “leftist stunt,” the Patriot-News reports. In a statement, Thomas Brennan said he’s being “unfairly portrayed as a racist and anti-Semite,” while adding that he believe the […]
What’s Next for the #Resistance Now That They Don’t Have Trump to Kick Around Anymore? 24.11.2020 Mother Jones
“You’ll see the signs :),” Megan Bartlett had texted me as I looked for her house in Geneva, Illinois, a 20,000-person town about an hour west of Chicago. The note seemed vague to the point of useless until I arrived. In a maze of massive greige colonials, Bartlett’s stuck out: It was the only one […]
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Two school districts had different mask policies — guess which one had a teacher on a ventilator 24.11.2020 Raw Story
On a balmy August morning in Emanuel County in eastern Georgia, hundreds of children bounded off freshly cleaned school buses and out of their parents’ cars. They were greeted by the principal, teachers and staff at Swainsboro Middle School who hadn’t seen them in four months. Before allowing the children to enter, a longtime receptionist […]
Stephen Ellison: Diplomat who saved drowning woman given banner 24.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
The banner, a Chinese gift of gratitude, reads "righteous and courageous, saving people from water".
Two tests for students in England before Christmas exit 23.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
For Christmas break, students in England will leave university within 24 hours of negative Covid tests.
The quest to save a dying Spanish dialect in Colorado’s San Luis Valley: “A treasure that exists nowhere else in the world” 22.11.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Dennis Lopez's eyes light up when he articulates the differences in this dialect, which over the years infused words from various Native American tribes, French fur trappers and American settlers into the classic Spanish brought over by early settlers into Mexico and up through the San Luis Valley.
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Op-Ed: Even the Founders hated the electoral college 22.11.2020 LA Times: Commentary

James Madison was right. The electoral college is a shoddy piece of work that keeps coming back to haunt us.

Trump’s war on democracy is bad for business — but corporate leaders are getting what they paid for 21.11.2020 Raw Story
The latest news out of Michigan — in which the current occupant of the White House has not only summoned Republican legislative leaders to meet with him but pressured two members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers into attempting to rescind their votes to certify the election outcomes, potentially disenfranchising thousands of legitimate votes […]
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Duke University schools the country on how to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic 21.11.2020 LA Times: Nation

A system of pooled coronavirus tests to catch asymptomatic infections among Duke University students helped keep the campus open in the midst of the pandemic.

How I discovered a hole in the story of a JFK conspiracy theory 21.11.2020 Raw Story
Most conspiracy theories surrounding President John F. Kennedy’s assassination have been disproven. Kennedy was not killed by a gas-powered device triggered by aliens or by actor Woody Harrelson’s dad. But speculation about Kennedy’s Nov. 22, 1963 murder in Dallas continues, fueled by unreleased classified documents, bizarre ballistics and the claim of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald […]
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Joe Biden Should Cancel Student Debt on Day One 20.11.2020 Truthout.com
In the absence of further stimulus payments, debt cancellation would offer immediate relief to millions of ...
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Biden Supports Some Student Loan Forgiveness. The Left Is Demanding Much More. 20.11.2020 Mother Jones
President-elect Joe Biden wanted to talk about “good-paying union jobs” after his meeting with some of the country’s top CEOs and union leaders on Monday. The Online Left wanted to talk about canceling student loan debt. And the internet discourse became real life after Biden finished his remarks, when a reporter asked Biden whether forgiving […]
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