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California plans to free 9,500 inmates over next 4 years 25.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

California corrections officials say they are adopting new sentencing rules that aim to trim the state prison population by nearly 9,500 inmates after four years.

The regulations released Friday include steps like reducing sentences up to six months for earning a college degree and by up to a month...

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Even if 'Snooki' bill approved, university to pay speaker 25.3.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Trenton, N.J. • Even if New Jersey’s governor approves a measure inspired by former “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to cap what state public universities can pay speakers, Rutgers University is still offering $35,000 for this year’s commencement speaker. Rutgers says that the honorarium offered to actor and musician Steven Van Zandt is paid for with money from its beverage contract with Coca-Cola and not taxpayer money. “I don’t think it will be affected, honestly, but at the least w... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
Georgetown needs a basketball coach. Just how good a job is that? 25.3.2017 Washington Post
Georgetown needs a basketball coach. Just how good a job is that?
'A sea of despair': White Americans without college degrees are dying younger 24.3.2017 LA Times: Business

In 2015, a pair of economists received widespread attention for their study showing that since the late 1990s the death rate has been rising for middle-aged white Americans.

Now a new analysis by the same Princeton University team has identified which part of that population was driving that trend:...

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Five myths about college admissions 24.3.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Yes, affirmative action diversity programs do help universities.
Chet Cunningham, author who defied writer's block by churning out 450 books, dies at 88 24.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Chet Cunningham didn’t believe in writer’s block.

The San Diego author’s catalog of 450 published books — Westerns, thrillers, military history, medical guides — included one that he wrote in less than a week because a publishing house was desperate to fill an unexpected hole in its production...

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Their university was hit by a devastating terror attack. Now these Afghan students are returning to school 24.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Seven months after an insurgent attack shattered their oasis in one of the world’s most turbulent capitals, students are expected to return to classes Saturday at a more heavily secured American University of Afghanistan.

While the main campus that was attacked won’t reopen until summer, a smaller...

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Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Leads to Diminished College Enrollment 24.3.2017
(Photo: Unsplash ; Edited: LW / TO) Anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim hate speech and incidents have contributed to a sharp decline in international student enrollment at US colleges. Some undocumented students are also staying away, administrators say. And many US-born students are struggling to support undocumented family members while staying in school. The impacts on the economy, some estimate, will run into billions of dollars. (Photo: Unsplash ; Edited: LW / TO) This story was published thanks to readers like you. Donate now to support Truthout's fearless, independent coverage. Two-and-a-half years ago, when Margarita left her home in Venezuela to study in the US, she had high hopes. No one in her family had ever attended university, let alone studied abroad, and she relished the opportunity to perfect her English and complete a Bachelor's degree. Trump's election changed that and Margarita says that she now worries about whether it is in her best interest to remain in the country. Despite having a ...
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There's a New Best Place for Startups in America (And It's Really Far from Silicon Valley) 24.3.2017 Inc
Which part of the U.S. most welcomes innovation.
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California's bad boycott law makes UCLA's Bruins jump through needless hoops 24.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Under a law passed last year, California prohibits state-funded travel to states that discriminate against the LGBT community. There are currently four states on the boycott list — and now South Dakota may be added. That’s because the Mount Rushmore State recently passed a law that allows taxpayer-funded...

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Essential California: UCLA's route to the Sweet 16 has had its challenges 24.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Good morning. It’s Friday, March 24, and here’s what’s happening across California:


Big game tonight

UCLA’s highflying and high-scoring basketball team will be on full display tonight when the squad suits up against Kentucky in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. This unit has largely...

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Whatever you do, don’t say yes when this chatbot asks, 'Can you hear me?' 24.3.2017 LA Times: Business

It’s the most cunning robocall scam I’ve encountered — and the fact that I’ve fallen for it more than once tells you how successful it can be.

The phone rings. You pick it up and say “hello.” There’s a brief silence and then a woman’s voice says, “Oh, hi there!” She offers an embarrassed laugh....

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Posters to go up at UC San Diego targeting Janet Napolitano and 'sanctuary campuses' 24.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

An organization founded by conservative activist David Horowitz said it would put up posters at UC San Diego on Friday calling for University of California President Janet Napolitano to be prosecuted over "sanctuary campuses."

The UC system announced in November that it would not assist federal...

Among white Americans, people without college degrees are driving an increase in death rates 24.3.2017 LA Times: Nation

In 2015, a pair of economists received widespread attention for their study showing that since the late 1990s the death rate has been rising for middle-aged white Americans.

Now a new analysis by the same Princeton University team has identified which part of that population was driving that trend:...

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Student stranded for 5 days near Grand Canyon grew desperate 24.3.2017 AP National
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- A Texas college student stranded for five days near the Grand Canyon says she was making farewell videos for her family as she grew desperate for help....
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Maybell Egg Lady raises eggs, pork for Ag Week breakfast 24.3.2017 Steamboat Pilot
When farmers and ranchers sat down with their urban neighbors March 22 to dine on breakfast burritos at the Steamboat Springs Community Center, the scrambled eggs, pork sausage and green chili sauce served by the master gardeners at CSU Extension all came from “The Egg Lady in Maybell.” The Egg Lady is really Kris Brannan, who, with her husband, Ed, grows leghorn chickens and white Duroc pigs on their ranch west of Craig. It was the eggs produced by the Brannans' free-range chickens and stress-free pork that were served for breakfast. The Brannans’ birds and eggs are hormone and antibiotic-free, according to their site within the Community Ag Alliance Local Food Marketplace. The Community Agriculture Alliance, which sponsors Agriculture Week here is working to strengthen the connection between town and city folk. Executive Director Marsha Daughenbaugh expressed her gratitude to local restaurants that take the extra trouble to serve locally produced foods, and she urged her breakfast guests to not only ...
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Study Reveals White Americans With Poor Job Prospects Die Younger 24.3.2017 Inc
A new report draws a clearer relationship between rising death rates and changes in the job market since the 1970s.
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Lawsuit alleges that a UC Berkeley professor sexually assaulted his researcher and cut her pay when she rejected him 24.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary
Essential Education: Cal State trustees approve tuition increase March 23, 2017, 2:08 p.m. Welcome to Essential Education, our daily look at education in California and beyond. Here's the latest:Students protested, but Cal State leaders voted to approve a tuition hike.The University of California...
Perry blasts election of 1st gay Texas A&M student president 24.3.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Energy Secretary Rick Perry, whose agency oversees the nation's nuclear arsenal, is inserting himself into an unusually small political dispute: an election for student body president at Texas A&M.
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Why lack of education raises death risk for some 24.3.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington • Middle-age white Americans with limited education are increasingly dying younger, on average, than other middle-age U.S. adults, a trend driven by their dwindling economic opportunities, research by two Princeton University economists has found. The economists, Anne Case and Angus Deaton, argue in a paper released Thursday that the loss of steady middle-income jobs for those with only high school diplomas or less has triggered broad problems for this group. They are more likely than...
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