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Apprenticeship programs increasingly put workers on track for jobs in finance 25.4.2017 Chicago Tribune: Business
Victor Gutierrez graduated from high school with a clear career goal: to become an actuary. What he didn't have was a clear path to get there. Juggling community college with jobs at McDonald's and a Holiday Inn, Gutierrez had little time for his studies. He worked nearly every day, leaving ...
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FULL REMARKS: In Chicago, Obama discusses future goals with youth 25.4.2017 The Hill
Former President Obama: "Are there ways in which we can knock down some of the barriers that are discouraging young people about a life of service? ... Because if that happens, I think we're going to be just fine."
Obama lifts lid on post-presidency career with civic engagement forum at U. of C. 24.4.2017 LA Times: Nation

President Barack Obama lifted the veil on his retirement Monday at a University of Chicago forum, engaging students with a message calling on them to use empathy and listen to those with whom they disagree.

"I have to say that there's a reason why I'm always optimistic when things look like they're...

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Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter sue school 24.4.2017 The Hill
Coulter tweeted that the suit "demands appropriate and safe venue" for her speech Thursday.
The Hill's 12:30 Report 24.4.2017 The Hill
Sign up to receive the 12:30 Report right to your inbox: --> A midday take on what's happening in politics and ...
In Chicago, Obama tells young leaders that 'special interests dominate the debates in Washington' 24.4.2017 Washington Post: Politics
On Monday, in his first public appearance since leaving the White House in January, the former president told young leaders that he had failed to realize his "aspirational" goal of uniting Americans in red and blue states.
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15 Trumpists who did not survive the first 100 days 24.4.2017 Washington Post
Subpar vetting and the high price of loyalty contributed to historic turnover in the young administration.
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News roundup: Lawmakers and leaders use cable news to get messages across to Trump 24.4.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
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Letter: Firing of Beckerle was cowardly 24.4.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
I personally do not know Mary Beckerle. I have read many articles about her and her position with the Huntsman Cancer Institute. I also do not know what precipitated her firing. What greatly disturbs me is the way the firing was handled by those in power at the University of Utah. To send an email telling her she is fired and then sending an email to all other employees is just wrong in every sense. Why not meet with her face to face and explain your actions. It is cowardly not to do so. We ex...
Animation pioneer Ed Catmull wants the boss to get out of the way of creativity 24.4.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
At 72, Ed Catmull has no plans to retire from his tower atop the world of computer-animated movies. While leading Pixar Animation Studios, which he co-founded with the late Apple leader Steve Jobs and others, Catmull has won five awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, including a 2001 Oscar. He also led Pixar through a string of huge successes after its release of the first full-length computer-animated motion picture, “Toy Story.” Those include “Cars,” “Wall-E,” “Finding... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
Kashmir students, Indian forces clash as protests continue 24.4.2017 Washington Post: World
Anti-India protests on Monday triggered clashes between students and government forces in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, as authorities reopened schools after a weeklong suspension of classes.
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In Pakistan, a student’s lynching for alleged blasphemy was a new low — but no surprise 24.4.2017 Washington Post: World
Officials are struggling to stem a rising tide of false accusations and vigilante violence.
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A 10-year-old Virginia girl without a hand wanted to play violin. Now she can. 24.4.2017 Washington Post
A 10-year-old Virginia girl without a hand wanted to play violin. Now she can.
AP journalist covering Kashmir protest helps injured teen 24.4.2017 Washington Post: World
He was documenting a protest by dozens of Kashmiri students confronting armed Indian government forces wearing riot gear. But when an 18-year-old was hit in the head and began bleeding profusely, the Associated Press photographer put down his camera and rushed in to help her.
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Anti-Semitic incidents have reached levels unseen in recent years, Anti-Defamation League report says 24.4.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. skyrocketed by 86% in the first three months of the year, according to a new report released Monday by a prominent Jewish civil rights organization.

The Anti-Defamation League's audit of anti-Semitic events counted 541 anti-Semitic attacks and threats...

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The college graduate’s guide to saving for retirement 24.4.2017 Washington Post
The college graduate’s guide to saving for retirement
U.S. citizen trying to leave North Korea detained 24.4.2017 New Kerala: World News
U.S. citizen trying to leave North Korea detained
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Bell stolen from Colorado State University a century ago returned to campus 24.4.2017 Denver Post: Local
Almost 100 years after a bell that hung at Colorado State University's Old Main was stolen, the nearly 500-pound piece of history is back, and will soon peal from a tower at the new on-campus football stadium.
Buena Vista man killed in pre-dawn pickup truck crash near Salida 24.4.2017 Denver Post: Local
A 34-year-old Buena Vista man driving near Salida early Sunday morning died when his green Chevy pickup veered off the road, went airborne, smashed into an embankment, rolled twice, hit a road sign and crashed into three parked trailers.
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84-year-old Gloria Siekmeier runs her 30th Cherry Creek Sneak in Denver 24.4.2017 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Gloria Siekmeier was in her 50s when she laced up for Cherry Creek Sneak for the first time. On Sunday, the 84-year-old substitute teacher was back at the starting line for the 30th time.
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