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Career coaching service Paragon One gets $1.9M seed funding from investors including Y Combinator 25.5.2017 TechCrunch
 College is supposed to be a life-defining experience–but that doesn’t mean students always graduate with all the skills they need to build their lives. Paragon One, an online career coaching service and mentor marketplace, wants to fill in the gaps. The startup announced that it has raised $1.9 million in seed funding from Y Combinator, Foundation Capital, Learn Capital,… Read ...
Not just looks, your scent and voice make you attractive 25.5.2017 New Kerala: World News
Not just looks, your scent and voice make you attractive
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At 43, Goodwill Helped Her Get A High School Diploma 25.5.2017 NPR: Morning Edition
Most American adults have finished high school. For those who haven't, wages are rock bottom and the unemployment rate is more than 7 percent. That's why Goodwill opened a charter school for adults.
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Judy Burton dies at 69; led school reform efforts inside and outside L.A. Unified 25.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

It was widely presumed that Judy Burton someday would become superintendent of the L.A. Unified School District, given that she rose from star teacher to star principal to leader of internal reform efforts. But timing and a near-fatal illness worked against her and instead she became the founding...

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Roger Boesche, Occidental professor who sparked Obama's interest in politics, dies at 69 25.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Roger Boesche, a beloved Occidental College professor of four decades whom President Obama cited as sparking his interest in politics, died Tuesday. He was 69.

Boesche, a scholar of Alexis de Tocqueville and tyranny, taught American and European political thought until he retired this month.


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Trumpcare will make it even harder for millions of California's kids to graduate and get jobs 25.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office once again exposes the sharp and bitter truth about the House Republican efforts to “repeal and replace” President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The American Health Care Act — now in the hands of the Senate — represents a glaring transfer of...

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Search begins for new San Diego State president as trustees announce salary for interim leader 25.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White has appointed Sally Roush the new interim president of San Diego State, marking the first time that women outnumber men as campus presidents in the nation’s largest public university system.

Once Roush takes office in July, 12 of Cal State’s...

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Facebook likes fundraising; untaken vacation; go a no-go in China 25.5.2017 SFGate: Business & Technology
Facebook is expanding its fundraising tools that let users ask friends and strangers to give them money to help pay for education, medical or other expenses. With the latest update, it has added sports and community fundraisers as options. The organization said an online survey done by GfK also found that Americans took an average of 16.8 vacation days last year, up from 16.2 in 2015 — but still way below the 20.3 days that was the long-term average from 1978 through 2000. Internet users could watch a computer defeat China’s national go champion this week, but few inside the country could see it. Censors blocked access to Tuesday’s broadcast by Google, which organized the game during a forum on artificial intelligence. The event got little coverage from Chinese newspapers and broadcasters, suggesting they may have received orders to avoid mentioning Google, which closed its China search engine in 2010 in a dispute over censorship and hacking.
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Five startling things Betsy DeVos just told Congress 25.5.2017 Washington Post
Five startling things Betsy DeVos just told Congress
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In strawberry lawsuit, jury sides with UC Davis over former professor 25.5.2017 LA Times: Business

Jurors have sided with a California research university in its dispute with a renowned plant scientist credited with developing tasty strawberries as a professor there.

Jurors in a San Francisco federal court said Wednesday that professor Douglas Shaw broke the law when he and his research partner...

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New York governor offers talks with Hungary on Soros school 25.5.2017 Washington Post: World
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday he is ready for talks with Hungary’s government on the status of Central European University, which may be forced to leave Budapest due to recent amendments to the law on higher education.
Maryland's eSports team is in the national quarterfinals. Now the Terps just have to decide if they want to win. 25.5.2017 Washington Post
Maryland's eSports team is in the national quarterfinals. Now the Terps just have to decide if they want to win.
All that we'll never know about Manchester bomber Salman Ramadan Abedi 25.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The most natural questions to ask about the Manchester terrorist attack are also the most intractable: Who was the perpetrator, and what caused him to carry it out?

His name, revealed on Tuesday, is known to us: Salman Ramadan Abedi. He was a British-born 22-year-old of Libyan descent from Manchester,...

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Months in, Betsy DeVos still has no answers on major education issues 25.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos stood for tough questioning for the first time Wednesday since her confirmation hearings.
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DeVos to review rejected college prep grants applications 25.5.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
The U.S. Department of Education will reconsider awarding grants to dozens of programs that help low-income students prepare for college after their initial applications were rejected due to formatting errors such as not being double-spaced. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told a House subcommittee on Wednesday in Washington that her agency will reconsider the 77 rejected applications from universities and other organizations that administer Upward Bound programs. The decision was made after an ... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
Fed officials appear ready for another interest rate hike and are considering how to reduce assets 24.5.2017 LA Times: Business

Most Federal Reserve monetary policymakers indicated they were ready for another small interest rate hike -- perhaps as soon as next month -- if economic data strengthened as expected following a weak winter, according to an account released Wednesday of their most recent meeting.

Fed officials...

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When the TSA got suspicious of a scientist's 3D-printed mouse penis 24.5.2017 Boing Boing
Sometimes, in the course of his work, University of Florida molecular geneticist Martin Cohn must travel with unusual items like a 3D-printed mouse penis. Similarly, University of Massachusetts biologist Diane Kelly totes around anatomical models like a mold of a dolphin vagina. They're not alone in the odd science-related items they must fly with, from bottles of monkey piss to a stash of 5,000-year-old human bones. At The Atlantic, Ed Yong explores what happens when objects of science meet airport security: The TSA once stopped Michael Polito, an Antarctic researcher from Louisiana State University, because his bag contained 50 vials of white powder. When he explained that the powder was freeze-dried Antarctic fur seal milk, he got a mixed reaction. “Some officers just wanted to just wave me on,” he says. “Others wanted me to stay and answer their questions, like: How do you milk a fur seal? I was almost late for my flight.” Airport security lines, it turns out, are a fantastic venue for scientists to ...
The Forgotten Slaughters of the Innocents 24.5.2017 NewsBusters
For now, everyone knows the sonorous name and cherubic face of 8-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos. She's the littlest known victim of Monday night's jihad attack in Manchester, England. Her doe-eyed image spread as rapidly across social media as the #PrayForManchester hashtags and Twitter condolences from ...
After legal troubles, DeVry's parent company changes its name 24.5.2017 Chicago Tribune: Business
The company that owns DeVry University, one of the nation's largest remaining for-profit college chains, is changing its name. Downers Grove-based DeVry Education Group announced Wednesday that it now will be called Adtalem Global Education. Its new ticker symbol, ATGE, debuted Wednesday on ...
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Betsy DeVos won’t say whether she’d withhold federal funds from private schools that discriminate 24.5.2017 Washington Post
Testifying before a House committee on President Trump's, the education secretary repeatedly emphasized a return to more local control over schools.
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