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Ten questions for 2020 presidential candidate Tom Steyer 21.9.2019 techCrunch
In November 2020, America will go to the polls to vote in perhaps the most consequential election in a generation. The winner will lead the country amid great social, economic and ecological unrest. The 2020 election will be a referendum on both the current White House and the direction of the country at large. Nearly […]
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California job growth was healthy in August, but the labor force is shrinking 21.9.2019 LA Times: Business

California's labor force is shrinking, but the state continues to add jobs. Unemployment remains low at 4.1%

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Trump may get much of the world’s manufacturing out of China — but it won’t be coming back to the US 21.9.2019 Raw Story
“Chimerica” is a term originally coined by the historian Niall Ferguson and economist Moritz Schularick to describe the growing economic relationship between the U.S. and China since the latter’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. In the words of Ferguson: “The Chinese did the saving, the Americans the spending. The Chinese did […]
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NYT’s Paul Krugman explains exactly why Trump is targeting California 21.9.2019 Raw Story
According to economist and New York Times opinion columnist Paul Krugman, there are two Californias: “the real state on America’s left coast, and the fantasy state of the right’s imagination.” In a piece published this Friday, Krugman says that President Trump is using the latter to take away the state’s ability to set its own […]
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Opinion: President Trump's China policy is working, but you'd never know that from media reports 20.9.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Trump's tariffs have put billions of dollars in U.S. coffers and much-needed pressure on China.

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California Likely to Pass New Protections for App-Based Employees 20.9.2019 The Moderate Voice

Is there really an app for everything? We talk about digital culture having “revolutionized” and even “democratized” many aspects of modern life. We can do our taxes, order takeout and kitchen staples, and hail a cab just by tapping a few times on the slab of glass in our pocket. But how can apps “democratize” […]

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Fed’s rate cut signals a recession may be ahead – and it may not have enough ammunition to fight it 19.9.2019 Raw Story
The Federal Reserve seems a lot more concerned about the state of the economy than it’s been letting on. The Fed lowered its target interest rate by a quarter point on Sept. 18, the second such cut since July – and the first reductions since the Great Recession more than 10 years ago. Judging by […]
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Opinion: Trump's bad faith auto emissions mandate is another example of presidential power run amok 19.9.2019 LA Times: Opinion

President Trump is showing Congress the downside of granting discretion to the executive branch.

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Fed cuts interest rates to prop up the slowing economy 18.9.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The quarter-percentage-point cut will lower borrowing costs for households and businesses. That could give a lift to the stock market but may not help the economy much amid the trade war.
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Newsom signs bill rewriting California employment law, limiting use of independent contractors 18.9.2019 LA Times: Business

Newsom's signature on Assembly Bill 5 could mean more California workers would be considered employees eligible for workplace benefits.

Fox Guest Whines: $15 Minimum Wage 'Horrifying' 18.9.2019 Crooks Liars
While CEO compensation skyrockets, Fox News wants you to think everybody is going to go broke if Democrats enact a minimum wage of $15-an-hour. A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute found that the average pay of CEOs at the top 350 firms in 2018 was $17.2 million – or $ 14.0 million, using a more conservative measure. That’s a 278-to-1 or 221-to-1 ratio to a typical worker, according to EPI. But Fox News is suggesting the economy will collapse if workers are guaranteed a living – not exorbitant – wage. On Fox & Friends this morning, guest Jon Taffer, of Bar Rescue, called the prospect of a $15 minimum wage “horrifying” and one which “no industry can sustain.” “It's a crisis mode,” Taffer claimed. “You either have to raise prices significantly or you cut labor." He also claimed, "We're going to eliminate employees and we're going to incentivize more robotics." Cohost Steve Doocy pressed for more details of pending doom. "What happened in Seattle?" he asked. "Almost a thousand restaurants ...
Two entrepreneurs explain why the health insurance industry is a direct threat to middle-class life 17.9.2019 Raw Story
Among many recent troubling headlines was this one: “Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class.” That story came on the heels of a report that consumer debt in the United States hit $14 trillion in the first quarter of the year, a level not seen since just before the financial crash […]
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Time for the 2020 candidates to go after Trump on his supposed strength 17.9.2019 Raw Story
Among many outcomes and observations following last week’s ABC News/Univision presidential debate, there were only two candidates who were willing to attack Donald Trump and the trolls who surround him: Sen. Kamala Harris and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke. That’s not to say the others didn’t mention President Trump at all. It’s just that Harris and […]
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Reality Check: Trump's Number Are Weak -- Except Against Socialism 16.9.2019 Crooks Liars
In his Reality Check segment, New Day's John Avlon explains that Trump's tweeting about "fake polls" means the numbers must not be looking so good. "But that's despite a CNN poll from June that found a majority of Americans think trump will win re-election and there's a lot of confidence coming from the White House. They point to the power of incumbency, a huge money advantage and at least, to date, a strong economy. "But go back to the data and you'll see that there is real reason for Trump to be nervous. First, he's the only president in the history of the Gallup poll never to hit 50% approval. That's despite the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years. That's not all. A new CNN poll shows a stunning six in ten voters say that Trump doesn't deserve a second term, with a dismal 39% approval rating. Dig deeper and you will see a stark enthusiasm gap. A recent Washington Post/ABC poll found 27% of folks strongly approval of Trump's performance, while 48% strongly disapprove. Another poll, 53% of ...
Trump is ‘hate-tweeting’ about polls because he is in an ‘unprecedented position of weakness’: CNN’s Avlon 16.9.2019 Raw Story
On CNN Monday, fact-checker John Avlon broke down why President Donald Trump is attacking the polls — and what it signals for his re-election efforts. “President Trump’s been hate-tweeting a lot lately about polls, calling them all fake news,” said Avlon. “Which means they’re probably not looking too good for him. But that’s despite a […]
Open Forum 16.9.2019 Outside the Beltway
Where you can't be off topic because there IS no topic.
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Why is billionaire Tom Steyer running for president — as an enemy of big corporations? 15.9.2019 Raw Story
Tom Steyer, the billionaire hedge fund manager who has become a late arrival in the field of Democratic presidential candidates, provides anti-Trump voters with an interesting challenge. His critique of wealth sometimes sounds like Bernie Sanders, but he is by far the richest person in the race (even if you include Donald Trump). This article […]
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Trump’s economy is at a ‘tipping point’ — and ‘doom loop’ could cause recession: Wall St expert 15.9.2019 Raw Story
America’s economy is in a precarious position 14-months before the 2020 re-election. Many experts believe the state of the economy could be an indicator of whether President Donald Trump is re-elected. Trump himself frequently brags about low unemployment and stock market growth during his time in office. A recession could disrupt Trump’s message on a […]
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GOP plan to cut Social Security to offset Paid Parental Leave would weaken retirement security 15.9.2019 Raw Story
Two recently introduced bills allowing workers to trade part of their future Social Security retirement benefits for parental leave benefits after the birth or adoption of a child would undercut Social Security’s benefits and structure, weakening the retirement security it offers workers. The United States needs paid leave, but it should not be financed by […]
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Denver is handing out fewer parking tickets – like it or not 14.9.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
In Denver, 2018 was the most lenient year for misbehaving drivers since at least 2005 -- and that has some people concerned.
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