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Minnesota's renewable energy revolution 24.5.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
This week on Climate Cast, we assess the state of Minnesota's renewable energy economy, infrastructure, and the potential for accelerated growth.
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I've come to believe that 'are we at full employment?' is the wrong question 24.5.2018 Washington Post
I've come to believe that 'are we at full employment?' is the wrong question
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Federal Reserve Not Worried About Economy Overheating 24.5.2018 Outside the Beltway
The Federal Reserve sees the economy staying relatively the same for the foreseeable future, which is both a good and bad thing.
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What’s on MPR News? 5/24/18 24.5.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Here are the stories, topics, and guests you'll hear today on MPR News.
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50 tech CEOs come to Paris to talk about tech for good 23.5.2018 techCrunch
Ahead of VivaTech, 50 tech CEOs came to Paris to have lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron. Then, they all worked together on “tech for good”. The event was all about leveraging tech around three topics — education, labor and diversity. At the end of the day, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe invited everyone for […]
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Stacey Abrams's historic Georgia primary victory speech, annotated 23.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
brams won in a 53-point landslide, after which she delivered a fiery victory speech looking ahead to the general election
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Here's a worthy ethnic studies requirement: Make students pick grapes to graduate 23.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

It’s high school graduation season, which means seniors are making big plans, like what their great Instagram hashtags will be and how they’ll sneak in vape puffs during the commencement ceremony. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Sacramento are debating Assembly Bill 2772, which would mandate that all high...

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Airlines prepare for an expected record number of summer passengers 23.5.2018 LA Times: Business

If you plan to fly on vacation this summer, prepare for unprecedented crowds at the airport.

A record 246.1 million passengers are expected to fly during the season, a 3.7% increase over a record set last year, according to Airlines for America, a trade group for the nation’s biggest airlines.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg begins European leg of apology tour 23.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the European leg of his contrition tour with an apology Tuesday at the European Parliament for the various controversies that have battered the social networking giant’s reputation.

“We haven’t done enough to prevent the tools we've built from...

L.A. region's 'creative economy' produced 457,400 jobs in 2016, driven by Hollywood rebound 23.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

The creative economy of the Los Angeles region saw significant job growth between 2011 and 2016, with statewide creative employment now exceeding the pre-recession highs observed more than 10 years ago, according to a new study.

The annual Otis Report on the Creative Economy, which was released...

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Trump has been silent on rule that employers verify that workers are legal 23.5.2018 Washington Post
E-Verify, a federal program for checking workplace eligibility, is effective and popular. But the president and the GOP have gone quiet about taking it nationwide amid a labor shortage.
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Jobs programs are also wage programs 22.5.2018 Washington Post
Jobs programs are also wage programs
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Mike Pompeo gives a silly speech on Iran 22.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Mike Pompeo gives a silly speech on Iran
America doesn't have enough truckers, and it's starting to cause prices of about everything to rise 22.5.2018 Washington Post
America doesn't have enough truckers, and it's starting to cause prices of about everything to rise
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Today: Demand and Reply 21.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

President Trump demands an investigation into the investigators, and the Department of Justice replies. Is an even bigger confrontation coming?


Demand and Reply

After eight tweets Sunday slamming the Russia investigation and the FBI, President Trump used his ninth to “hereby demand...

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Nicolás Maduro “Elected” To Second Term As President Of Venezuela 21.5.2018 Outside the Beltway
In an election that pretty much everyone agrees was illegitimate, Nicolás Maduro has won a second term as Venezuela's President.
California Inc.: From a galaxy far, far away ... heeere's Han! 21.5.2018 LA Times: Business

Welcome to California Inc., the weekly newsletter of the L.A. Times Business Section.

I’m Business columnist David Lazarus, and here’s a rundown of upcoming stories this week and the highlights of last week.

Good news for the Golden State on Friday with word that California added 39,300 net new...

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‘Just pure frustration’: How months of inaction led 20 Republicans to take a stand on immigration 21.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Centrist Republicans are on the verge of forcing a debate on legalizing dreamers that GOP leaders have long sought to sidestep.
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The future of work through the lens of Uber looks a lot like the past 21.5.2018 Washington Post
The future of work through the lens of Uber looks a lot like the past
The old capitalism returns 21.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Compared with those of the 19th century, many of today’s economic advances and upheavals seem mild.
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