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Citigroup’s Jane Fraser first woman to break Wall Street’s glass ceiling 11.9.2020 Raw Story
Citigroup’s Jane Fraser will become the first woman to lead a major Wall Street firm after the banking giant on Thursday picked her as its next chief executive. Fraser is set to take over the top job in February, replacing Michael Corbat who will retire. Her appointment was touted on social media for shattering Wall Street’s […]
PPP loans kept many small businesses afloat this summer. Without more funds, experts say a wave of bankruptcies is coming. 11.9.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
While Paycheck Protection Program loans could not be made to companies in bankruptcy, a handful of Illinois businesses filed for Chapter 11 after receiving PPP loans. As the PPP benefits expire, some bankruptcy experts foresee a wave of small business filings in the fall, without additional federal relief.
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America’s fast-evolving credit system shows the transition to fascism is already under way 10.9.2020 Raw Story
Viewing the GOP convention seemed a little like binge-watching the last several years’ parade of none-too-subtle signs of incipient fascism. We saw extreme nationalism, scapegoating immigrants and foreigners in general, white supremacy, “strong (narcissistic)-man” government, aggressive foreign policies, and hysterical red-baiting. Those signs reflect how capitalism’s deepening crisis undermines both the center-left (Democrat) and center-right […]
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Two mall landlords set to buy J.C. Penney out of bankruptcy 10.9.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Mall owners Simon Property Group and Brookfield Property Partners are close to a deal to buy department store chain J.C. Penney out of bankruptcy and keep the chain running.
Unemployed Texans will no longer receive an extra $300 in weekly payments 10.9.2020 Raw Story
The Federal Emergency Management Agency notified state officials Wednesday that the payments for out-of-work Texans have ended, according to the Texas Workforce Commission, which handles unemployment claims. Texans receiving unemployment benefits who qualified for an extra $300 in weekly jobless payments issued by the Trump administration will no longer receive the additional funds after claims from last […]
Actor Gary Sinise sells Calabasas farmhouse for $3.675 million 9.9.2020 LA Times: Business

Oscar-nominated actor Gary Sinise just sold his Calabasas farmhouse of 12 years for $3.675 million in the guard-gated Oaks community.

Donald Trump Is Considering Pouring $100 Million Into His Campaign. Does He Even Have the Cash? 9.9.2020 Mother Jones
Responding to a report that his campaign was a facing a possible cash crunch in the final weeks before the election, Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that, if his reelection operation comes up short, he’d put his own money into the race. According to Bloomberg, Trump is considering ponying up as much as $100 million. […]
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Breitbart's Sources Vouching For Trump Are Sketchy Ego-Feeders 8.9.2020 Crooks Liars
Breitbart is working hard to discredit Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic story about President Trump's disrespect for the military. Here's one story: Former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Zach Fuentes denied to Breitbart News The Atlantic’s account of President Donald Trump’s comments about troops in Europe. Fuentes unequivocally denied The Atlantic’s report last week, a huge blow to the establishment media narrative. Fuentes personally briefed President Trump on the weather situation that led to the trip being canceled. He is also a close personal confidante of former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. “You can put me on record denying that I spoke with The Atlantic,” Fuentes told Breitbart News on Monday. “I don’t know who the sources are. I did not hear POTUS call anyone losers when I told him about the weather. Honestly, do you think General Kelly would have stood by and let ANYONE call fallen Marines losers?” Of course I think General Kelly would have stood by and let Trump say that. He's a ...
Mulan movie boycott calls grow over scenes filmed in Xinjiang 8.9.2020 Raw Story
Disney’s “Mulan” remake is facing fresh boycott calls after it emerged some of the blockbuster’s scenes were filmed in China’s Xinjiang, where widespread rights abuses against the region’s Muslim population have been widely documented. The lavish $200 million film about a legendary female Chinese warrior was already tangled in political controversy after star Liu Yifei […]
WATCH: MSNBC cuts off Trump’s briefing to provide a ‘reality check’ on his economic growth claims 7.9.2020 Raw Story
MSNBC on Monday cut into President Donald Trump’s press briefing to provide some context for some of his boasts about the economy. During the briefing, Trump took credit for a historic rate of job growth. But NBC correspondent Jo Ling Kent warned there were signs that economic growth was slowing down. “He just said it […]
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900,000 Pennsylvanians could face eviction this fall if government fails to act 6.9.2020 Raw Story
Every day when 23-year-old Brittany Bells arrives at her apartment in Allentown — a city of around 100,000 in the Pennsylvania Rust Belt — she fears an eviction notice could be tacked to the door. Since the start of the pandemic, Bells, who says she has always paid rent on time, has been in her landlord’s crosshairs. Her […]
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Trump Is Trying to Greenwash His Appalling Environmental Record Before the Election 5.9.2020 Mother Jones
This article was originally published in HuffPost and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. During a May 2018 roundtable with more than two dozen outdoor sporting and conservation organizations, after more than a year of leading the Trump administration’s fossil fuel-centric “energy dominance” push, then-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke promised to make a “grand […]
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Hot Property: 'Big Bang' star Kunal Nayyar finds harmony in the housing market 5.9.2020 LA Times: Business

Kunal Nayyar of "The Big Bang Theory" has sold his compound in the Hollywood Hills. Also: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have upgraded in the 90210, and former UCLA football coach Jim Mora looks for a big score in the South Bay housing market.

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The most disturbing detail from The Atlantic’s bombshell report on Trump disparaging fallen soldiers 5.9.2020 Raw Story
The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg revealed the president said dead American soldiers buried in Europe were “losers” and “suckers.” On the one hand, this might finally eat into Donald Trump’s approval rating by which around 40 percent of the electorate thinks he’s doing a bang-up job, no matter what he does, no matter how he does it. On the […]
Working from home or out of work? Here’s what you need to know now for next year’s tax season. 4.9.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, next year’s tax season could bring some unpleasant surprises for Americans whose work-life has been upended by office closures and job loss.
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David Graeber Left Us a Parting Gift — His Thoughts on Kropotkin’s “Mutual Aid” 4.9.2020
Graeber, the anarchist scholar who played a prominent initial organizing role in Occupy Wall Street, has died at ...
James Cameron's prized Malibu compound lists for $25 million 4.9.2020 LA Times: Business

Blockbuster director James Cameron is asking $25 million for his longtime compound with two homes in the hills of Malibu.

In Texas, President Trump’s team hits the road to shore up support 4.9.2020 Raw Story
The president’s reelection campaign launched a bus tour of the state Thursday, though surrogates said — strenuously — that they still don’t see Texas in play. Working to shore up historically red Texas, Republican President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign launched a bus tour of the state here Thursday where Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and other surrogates went to pains […]
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Editorial: Trump's eviction ban will keep the deluge of misery at bay. For now 3.9.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The Trump administration's ban on evictions is unprecedented, sweeping and desperately needed.

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Trump eviction ban criticized as stall tactic, political ploy. But relieved renter says, ‘Sign me up!’ 3.9.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Housing advocates say the Trump administration's surprise national moratorium on evictions only delays a wave of crushing debt and homelessness, and an attorney representing landlords questions whether the measure is aimed at voters ahead of the November election.
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