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CNN host mocks Trump for pivoting to Fox News and OAN in briefing after real press asks questions about his taxes 28.9.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump had no idea that the New York Times was about to drop a bombshell report revealing his taxes for the past two decades and the lies he’s been telling about how much he’s worth and made over the years. Not only is Trump being caught as a self-described billionaire with nearly $500 […]
New York Times Reveals That Trump Paid $750 in Federal Income Tax in 2016 28.9.2020 Mother Jones
President Donald Trump is not that rich, he’s losing millions of dollars a year, and he barely pays any income tax, according to a new investigation by the New York Times.   The Times just revealed that it has obtained decades of Trump’s federal tax return data, which reveals that he paid a scant $750 income […]
BOMBSHELL: Trump's Taxes Are A Nesting Doll Of Scams, Lies And Sleight Of Hand 28.9.2020 Crooks Liars
BIG NEWS. The New York Times has Trump's tax returns and wow - they absolutely eviscerate any claim that Trump has made about being rich or successful or a good businessman. To be clear - this article is really dense and well sourced. There is a lot of historical data, going back roughly 20 years. I am going to try to hit the high points, but I encourage you to read the article itself to really take a deep dive in. The article opens with this one-two punch: Donald J. Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency. In his first year in the White House, he paid another $750. He had paid no income taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years — largely because he reported losing much more money than he made. Donald Trump apparently made so little money (or manufactured large enough losses) that he didn't even pay taxes. He has "hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming due that he has personally guaranteed" which is probably driving his push to have the federal government pay HIM ...
Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ money is running out — and he could be foreclosed on as bills come due: bombshell report 28.9.2020 Raw Story
The New York Times revealed that among the reports they have about President Donald Trump’s taxes is that he’s been making huge amounts of money off of licensing for “The Apprentice,” which he uses to support his fledging resorts and clubs. But as that money slows, about $421 million in bills are coming due. “Together […]
Trump has been writing off money he gave to Ivanka by calling her a ‘contractor’: bombshell report 28.9.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump’s taxes are being reported by the New York Times revealing ways in which his daughter Ivanka has been getting millions from her father and avoiding paying the proper amount of tax on it. The report detailed that Trump has tried to write-off things like family vacations while claiming to be a billionaire […]
Farmers Are Plagued by Debt and Climate Crisis. Trump Has Made Things Worse. 26.9.2020
Experts suggest that the U.S. must urgently look inward to address its own climate-related food security ...
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GOP investigation into Bloomberg helping Florida felons vote condemned as attempted voter suppression 26.9.2020 Raw Story
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s call for state and federal investigations into billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s effort to raise millions to pay off court fees to help Florida felons restore their voting rights was a “gross abuse” of power, “voter suppression,” “a fearmongering tactic used before” and based on a “fundamental misconception” of anti-corruption laws, according […]
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How a glitchy computer system skewed Texas’ coronavirus data and hampered its pandemic response 25.9.2020 Raw Story
A glitchy electronic system that state health officials had repeatedly warned was aging and at high risk of “critical failure” has stymied efforts to track and manage the coronavirus in Texas and left policymakers with incomplete, and at times inaccurate, data about the pandemic’s spread. The state’s public health agency asked Texas lawmakers for money […]
Endorsement: Yes on Measure RR to fund L.A. schools 25.9.2020 LA Times: Opinion

There was a time when a vote for a school bond meant the public was chipping in to build needed schools for a growing population of families.

For Years I Flagged Donald Trump as Con Artist, But Who Read the San Diego Union-Tribune? 24.9.2020 The Moderate Voice

by Don Bauder From 1973 to 2003, I was financial editor and financial columnist for The San Diego Union and, later, Union-Tribune. From 1987 through 1999, I penned 26 columns blasting Donald Trump, then a gambling casino developer, real estate entrepreneur, corporate raider and con artist who hoodwinked banks into loaning him billions of dollars, […]

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McConnell’s re-election campaign slapped with FEC flag over suspected accounting errors 24.9.2020 Raw Story
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) re-election campaign is facing scrutiny from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and he is now being required to answer questions regarding suspected accounting errors. The letter and a 60-page report, written by FEC campaign analyst Susan Worthington to McConnell’s Senate Committee, were sent to McConnell’s campaign treasurer, Larry J. Steinberg on […]
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It’s the 11th hour on COVID-19 help for Americans — but Republicans are leaving Washignton to campaign 24.9.2020 Raw Story
Americans are desperate for help to stay in their homes and pay their bills as the coronavirus pandemic has kept 30 million Americans from being able to get back to work. Despite Congress passing a bill to help in May, the bill was never taken up by the Senate and it appears they are about […]
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House Republicans propose a bizarre and brutish future for American workers in remarkably slipshod policy memo 24.9.2020 Raw Story
Ten House Republicans who fashion themselves policy wonks are out with their diagnosis of what ails the American worker. Their proposed cure is a future that would be brutish, nasty, and short. The Hobbesian, dog-eat-dog, policies the Republican Study Group proposes would enhance the power of those born to privilege, just so long as nothing […]
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Trump’s DOJ moved to block publication of tell-all book about Melania: report 24.9.2020 Raw Story
The Justice Department and lawyers worked on behalf of Melania Trump to block the release of an explosive tell-all book that was written by a close friend and adviser of hers, the Daily Beast reports. Stephanie Winton Wolkoff wrote the book “Melania & Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.” […]
Fed program meant to help workers amid pandemic prioritized Wall Street investors instead: analysis 23.9.2020 Raw Story
 “The primary beneficiaries of the program have been corporate executives and investors, not workers.” A new analysis out Wednesday reveals that the Federal Reserve bond purchasing program meant to prevent workers from losing their jobs amid the Covid-19 pandemic instead bolstered companies who laid off more than one million workers while paying massive dividends to shareholders—a […]
You’d think Mitch McConnell would use RBG’s open seat to drive election turnout — but he has a different goal in mind 23.9.2020 Raw Story
President Trump repeatedly says that he’s accomplished more than any president in history. I’ve never heard anyone ask him to lay out specifically what he means by that. He can try to take credit for signing big tax cuts for the wealthy, but that was passed by the Republican Congress with little input from him. […]
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There's a pandemic, but Southern California home prices are at record levels 23.9.2020 LA Times: Business

Southern California home prices rose 12% in August, as people sought to take advantage of rock-bottom interest rates despite the coronavirus pandemic.

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Millions raised to allow Florida felons to pay debts and vote 23.9.2020 Raw Story
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, singer John Legend and basketball star LeBron James are among donors who have raised $20 million to pay the debts of thousands of Florida felons so they can vote — a move that could affect the outcome of November’s US presidential election. The Florida Rights Restoration Commission (FRRC) said Tuesday it had […]
From portable air purifiers to ultraviolet wands that can sterilize glassware, restaurants are investing in safety. But will diners come inside during a pandemic? 22.9.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Restaurants hoping to see the other side of the pandemic are pouring money into air quality upgrades and other safety features even as business remains devastated by COVID-19. As they burn through cash, these restaurants are counting on customers taking comfort in the changes and filling seats.
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Mike Bloomberg raises $16 million to pay fines of 32,000 former felons so they can vote again in Florida: report 22.9.2020 Raw Story
Earlier this year, Vice President Joe Biden and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg were rivals in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary; now, Bloomberg is one of Biden’s most generous donors and is fighting to help him win Florida in the general election — and that includes paying the fines of almost 32,000 African-American […]
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