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What 'school choice' means in the era of Trump and DeVos 23.5.2017 Washington Post
What 'school choice' means in the era of Trump and DeVos
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Trump's budget plan continues his deceitful attack on the disabled — and violates a campaign pledge 23.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

We pointed out back in March that Trump budget direct Mick Mulvaney displayed an alarming ignorance about Social Security disability benefits during an appearance on the CBS program “Face the Nation.”

Now it turns out that there was method to his muttering. In effect, Mulvaney was telegraphing...

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‘West Wing’ producer sells Los Feliz home for $100,000 over the asking price 23.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Emmy-winning TV director and producer Christopher Misiano has sold his home in historic Los Feliz for $4.3 million, or $100,000 over the asking price.

Designed by Arthur R. Kelly, the residence was once owned by Earle C. Anthony, the early business pioneer who founded KFI-TV and what would later...

US Journalism’s New ‘Golden Age’? 22.5.2017
Exclusive: The Washington Post and other big media are hailing a new journalistic “golden age” as they punish President Trump for disparaging them, but is this media bias a sign of good journalism or itself a scandal, asks Robert Parry.…Read more →
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Trump reveals that his trade deficit fetish is nonsense 22.5.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Trump reveals that his trade deficit fetish is nonsense
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Bill to loosen financial rules would save $24 billion — and slash consumer protection bureau funds 22.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The House Republican legislation scaling back Dodd-Frank financial regulations would reduce federal budget deficits by $24.1 billion over the next decade — in part by slashing funding for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to an estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget...

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Supreme Court strikes down two North Carolina congressional districts as racial gerrymanders 22.5.2017 LA Times: Nation

The Supreme Court struck down two congressional districts in North Carolina on Monday because they had been gerrymandered along racial lines, with Justice Clarence Thomas joining the court’s liberals to form the majority.

The justices said North Carolina’s Republicans had packed additional black...

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She escaped Palmyra twice after Islamic State came to town. But her husband never made it out alive. 22.5.2017 L.A. Times - World News

Fariha Ziab’s family, like thousands of other residents in Palmyra, didn’t have time to get away when forces of Islamic State first stormed the town two years ago.

“They came for my husband at 4:45,” said Ziab, recalling the morning of May 21, 2015, when militants arrived at her home. “They took...

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Congressional Democrats demand answers on Trump threats to sabotage Obamacare insurance markets 22.5.2017 LA Times: Nation

With concerns rising over the future of financial aid for low-income Americans who rely on Obamacare, senior congressional Democrats have asked the Trump administration for information on talks in which health insurance officials say a senior administration official linked the aid to the industry’s...

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The forces that shut down Ringling Bros. want to end a lot more than animal abuse 22.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The “Greatest Show on Earth” — the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus — closed for good Sunday night in New York, ending a 146-year run. I was lucky enough to see one of its last performances, in early April.

They say that success has many fathers and failure is an orphan — but in the case...

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Buying second home before selling current one, while tricky, can be possible with the right contingency plan 22.5.2017 Washington Post
Buying second home before selling current one, while tricky, can be possible with the right contingency plan
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Legislature dashes to session end with lots to do 22.5.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Most of a two-year state budget had yet to be approved as the Minnesota Legislature entered the final day of its 2017 session. A special session remained a possibility.
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In praise of Donald Trump 22.5.2017 Daily Kos
From the moment Donald Trump won his surprising victory on Election Day, a new cottage industry sprung up to offer sympathetic profiles of the supposedly long-overlooked and long-suffering voters who rallied to him. The New York Times has been at the forefront, delivering on-the-ground stories from Ohio , Pennsylvania , and Michigan within days of the balloting. But as President Trump’s ever-growing cascade of calamities drove down his approval rating to just above Ebola and just below chlamydia, the Times responded with tales of his undeterred supporters for whom no sin could shake their faith in his ability to Make America Great Again. He is the enemy of their enemies ; if liberals are angry, then Trump must be doing something right. The nation’s paper of record wasn’t content to rest there. As if to codify the right-wing stereotype of effete coastal elites out of touch with salt-of-the-earth “heartland” Americans, the Times added climate change denier Bret Stephens to its growing stable of ...
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Albert R. Hunt: What Democrats like about Trump 21.5.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington • The Democratic Party’s chance to win back the House of Representatives next year, considered a long-shot only a short while ago, is soaring thanks to a crack recruiter: President Donald Trump. Trump is energizing Democrats and demoralizing Republicans. The 2018 congressional elections are almost a year-and-a-half away, but Democrats are upbeat about picking up the 24 seats they need to take control for the first time in eight years. Dave Wasserman, a political analyst for the Cook R... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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Israel Lobby Pays the Political Piper 21.5.2017
Exclusive: The Israel Lobby is so powerful that for years it insisted it didn’t exist – and Official Washington went along with the lie. Today, President Trump scrambles to secure the lobby’s blessings, Jonathan Marshall observes. By Jonathan Marshall (This…Read more →
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Health savings accounts can supercharge retirement funds, but not for this guy 21.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Dear Liz: Prior to retiring in 2015, I contributed to a health savings account. At the time my spouse and I were enrolled in my employer-provided high deductible health insurance plan. After I retired, I enrolled in an HMO plan my employer provided, which is not high deductible, and my wife enrolled...

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High water system costs a drain on housing affordability along northern Front Range 21.5.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
Embedded in the price of every new home and apartment built along the northern Front Range are some of the highest water infrastructure costs in the country.
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To Saudis, President Trump has become 'Abu Ivanka' 21.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The top trending Twitter hashtag in Saudi Arabia on Saturday wasn’t visiting President Trump or even First Lady Melania Trump. Instead, Saudis were abuzz about #binttrump — Arabic for “Trump’s daughter,” Ivanka.

Saudi Arabia’s fascination with Ivanka Trump highlights how far women have advanced...

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SLCC softball: Defensive lapses cost Bruins in NJCAA loss 20.5.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
St. George • The Salt Lake Community College Bruins knew they had a formidable foe on their hands when they faced the Butler Grizzlies in the semifinals of the NJCAA Softball World Series. When defensive lapses came, the Grizzlies knew what to do with them. Pitcher Brynn Minor singled, stole second and went to third on a throwing error that started a six-run second-inning rally, and Butler showed why they’re the defending national champions with a 9-3 victory over Salt Lake (50-7) at the Canyon... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
Fact check: Trump claims on Russia probe aren't adding up 20.5.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Some things aren't adding up in President Donald Trump's account of the investigation into his campaign's relationship with Russians, an inquiry he says "I respect" yet considers a "witch hunt."
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