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Trump fires the polling firm Kellyanne Conway built over leak of polls he said didn’t exist 17.6.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
Days after President Donald Trump was caught gaslighting the American people about an embarrassing campaign poll that he falsely claimed did not exist, he has taken action. Rather than change the conduct and message that has made him the most consistently unpopular president in modern times, he has instead opted to change the messenger. Trump’s […]
Meet the mysterious conservative lawyer who keeps turning up in the Russia probes 17.6.2019 Raw Story
A prominent conservative lawyer keeps showing up in dramas central to the Trump administration and its battles with Congress—and it turns out he has intimate knowledge of Felix Sater’s intelligence work for the U.S. government while he was working with Trump. The Moscow-born Sater is the financial criminal and violent felon who worked closely with […]
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California Inc.: To infinity and the box office 17.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Welcome to California Inc., the weekly newsletter of the L.A. Times Business Section.

I'm Business columnist David Lazarus, and here's a rundown of upcoming stories this week and the highlights of last week.

Who wants to run Wells Fargo? Not a lot of people, apparently. More than two months into...

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California needs a big pot of money for wildfires. But how big? And who pays? 17.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

California leaders are calling for a giant pot of money to help electricity providers pay for wildfires, a critical move to head off another utility bankruptcy and prevent Wall Street from downgrading the state’s utilities again.

But it could prove difficult to achieve in Sacramento this year.

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California’s wildfire commission delivers its reform plan, only to be promptly ignored 17.6.2019 LA Times: Commentary

The five members of the Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery were given no small task: Dive into the highly wonky issues of electric utilities, finance and insurance to come up with a fair and workable plan to spread the cost of future wildfires caused by power lines. And do it...

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Texans approve of Trump’s job performance but have questions about his character, UT/TT Poll says 17.6.2019 Raw Story
More than half of the state’s voters think President Donald Trump is doing a good job, but they’re not as pleased with some of his character traits, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. If you ask registered voters in Texas about the job performance of the people they’ve elected to high office, […]
2020 race brings free college back to the national stage 17.6.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
After receding from the national stage, the free college movement is resurfacing as a central rallying point for Democrats as they set their sights on the White House.
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren set to roll out student debt plan with Rep. James Clyburn 16.6.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
Among the myriad proposals that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has offered up while on the 2020 campaign trail is a plan to confront the nation’s growing student loan crisis by cancelling a significant amount debt currently held by tens of millions of Americans. Now, with an assist from House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), Warren will […]
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NBC Moves Forward With Propaganda Campaign for Democrats Ahead of Debate 16.6.2019 NewsBusters
For days now, NBC News has been running a series on NBC Nightly News called “My Big Idea” in which they give 2020 Democrats a chance to push their campaign propaganda with the network’s aid and largely unchallenged. Friday’s edition featured former Housing Secretary Julian Castro, who was demanding universal pre-K. And Saturday’s was about former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper who wanted yet another federal job training ...
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Mick Mulvaney has emerged as the key obstacle in the next government shutdown fight 16.6.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
Congress is drawing closer to the moment where they’ll need to reset the “Number of days since the threat of a government shutdown” sign back to zero. And as an added bonus, the next shutdown crisis may come alongside a debt ceiling crisis. According to the Washington Post’s Erica Werner and Seung Min Kim, Republicans […]
The bitter legacy of the East Chicago lead crisis 16.6.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
By Gloria Oladipo Akeeshea Daniels once lived in the West Calumet public housing complex in the shadow of a former lead smelter in East Chicago, Indiana. She worried about the pervasive lead contamination in the area and hoped that the government would fix the problem. Officials tried — and are still trying — to clean up the mess, but in many […]
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Trump’s first term: hits and misses 16.6.2019 Raw Story
“Promises made, promises kept,” goes one of President Donald Trump’s main 2020 reelection slogans. Is that true? Here are some of the key policy hits and misses — comparing his accomplishments to his promises — from a tumultuous first term. – HITS – Economy: The economy will be Trump’s major selling point. GDP grew 3.1 […]
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Meet the 4 people reportedly in the running to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders 16.6.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
There are at least four people being considered to replace outgoing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Reuters reported this week, citing an unnamed source. According to the outlet, the four potential candidates include Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley; Stephanie Grisham, first lady Melania Trump’s communications director; Heather Nauert, who stepped down […]
United Nations Agency Criticizes Carbon Offsets 15.6.2019
The UN Environment Programme is now criticizing a strategy it had supported for two decades.
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Cultivating Style: The no-fail way to live with plants 15.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

It’s all of the greenery, with none of the guilt.

The house plant craze has grown into one of this year’s hottest trends: home decor that ushers in lush, botanical themes without the worry of watering.

“A lot of people are afraid of bringing live plants inside,” said Dabito, the Los Angeles-based...

Hot Property: Tyra Banks, model home flipper 15.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Supermodel, television host and celebrity home-flipper Tyra Banks has bought a Pacific Palisades home for a little over $3 million.

The 1949 traditional house, which has been owned by the same family for 70 years, is in the Bluffs area and in need of a makeover.

Banks, who in recent years has bought...

More electric cars means more destructive mining 15.6.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
By Jeremy Deaton Climate warriors like to imagine a future where electric cars put oil companies out of business. Firms would stop injecting known carcinogens into the ground to break up the layer of hard, shale rock hiding stores of fuel, and they would no longer plumb the ocean depths for oil, letting sticky black goo leak into the […]
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Hot Property Newsletter: Rounding the diamond 15.6.2019 LA Times: Commentary

This week’s collection covers a lot of bases with celebrity home transactions involving actors, a San Diego Padres Hall of Fame reliever and a veteran hockey player.

Our Home of the Week is a New England-inspired Shingle-style house in Pasadena that dates to 1895. The 5,908 square feet of history-imbued...

Ivanka Trump is Frustrated 'All the Time' That the Media Doesn't Cover Her Work More 15.6.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"But at the end of the day, what matters to me isn't the amount of coverage," the first daughter said.
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Trump says he’d accept foreign election help. That’s just another way to suppress the minority vote. 15.6.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
Late Thursday, the usually reticent head of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) took to Twitter — President Donald Trump’s preferred communication mode — to send a message that one could only assume she wanted to be sure the president did not miss. “I would not have thought that I needed to say this,” FEC chairwoman […]
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