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Attention artists, inventors, and small biz entrepreneurs: apply for a GO Ingenuity Fellowship 11.9.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Attention artists, inventors, and small biz entrepreneurs: apply for a GO Ingenuity Fellowship
Op-Ed Contributor : Beyond the Crisis 11.9.2009 International Herald Tribune: Editorials
The anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers provides an opportune moment to reflect upon what has been described as the first crisis of globalized finance.
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9/11/2009 11.9.2009 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
It still rankles—a lot—that Osama bin Laden is still out there. When the attacks happened, and in the days and weeks that followed, lots of notions flew through my mind, most of them wild and fanciful or flat-out insane. But it genuinely never occurred to me to that the main architect of the attacks would [...]
Counting down 11.9.2009 BBC: Science
Leading industry figure argues for a UK space agency
EMC sees a bright future in India 11.9.2009 Boston Globe: Technology
EMC sees a bright future in India
Online investment adviser won’t deliver a sales pitch - it’s not even human 11.9.2009 Boston Globe: Business
Online investment adviser won’t deliver a sales pitch - it’s not even human
Finland to set up Innovation Centre in Delhi 11.9.2009 New Kerala: World News
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Italy political scientist likens Berlusconi to a sultan 11.9.2009 LA Times: Top News
Italy political scientist likens Berlusconi to a sultan
By Design: Competing for a Cause 11.9.2009 NY Times: Editorials
At the intersection of design and education, an opportunity to improve school facilities through competitions and the involvement of students.

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NASA's Plans Lack the Cash 11.9.2009 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
Can the commercial sector rescue the U.S. human spaceflight program?

President’s Speech Allays Some Fears in the Health Insurance Industry 11.9.2009 NY Times: Business
Analysts say that the proposed overhaul of the system is “moving away from the worst case” for insurers and that the tone has shifted.

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Do You Speak Global Innovation? 11.9.2009 ReadWriteWeb
We at ReadWriteWeb believe that innovation is a global business (as we noted in an earlier post on the Global Innovation Graph ). The "death of distance" - the notion that the Internet makes location irrelevant - may be an exaggeration. Face to face always matters, and that will happen where hubs of expertise and capital emerge. Silicon Valley will likely remain the uber-hub for a long time. But the Internet does dramatically make it possible for an entrepreneur to start from anywhere and assemble a dream team of experts, partners, and customers from anywhere else. Innovation is not just a Valley story or a US story: it is a global story. And we want to write more about this exciting story. In this post, we'll tell you a bit about how we are ...
It's a wrap -- and the money's good 11.9.2009 Salt Lake Tribune
Cooks know that food stays fresh when leftovers are wrapped with a plastic film that shrinks to fit the container. That same concept goes to shrink-wrapping a boat, an RV or a construction site to protect them from the elements.
Mobilize: For T-Mobile, It’s About Openness and Android 11.9.2009 GigaOM
More than any other U.S. carrier, T-Mobile has led the charge when it comes to bringing Android-based phones to market — the company launched the G1, the myTouch, and now the Cliq. According to T-Mobile Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Cole Brodman, who spoke to Om onstage at our Mobilize 09 conference on Thursday, that’s [...]
Seedcamp Finalists Announced for Third Annual European Startup Event 11.9.2009 ReadWriteWeb
Twenty-one entrepreneurial teams have been selected to participate in Seedcamp Week 2009, a London-based, startup-focused event now in its third year. Seedcamp also selectively funds (and subsequently accelerates) around 5 startups each year; to date, 14 teams have received funding. Read on for a full list of the finalist startups and details on a few of the teams competing for their share of this year's investments. Sponsor Here are a few of our Seedcamp picks: Shout 'Em is a co-branded microblogging service with features that allow for photos, attachments, and community-building. The team likes to think of their product as the Ning of microblogging. The concept behind Vooices is fascinating: It's a phone-controlled, multiplayer, ...
Vail Valley Partnership announces new members 11.9.2009 Vail Colorado: Editorials
Vail Valley Partnership has seven new members
Reid: Co-ops could be as effective as a government-run plan 10.9.2009 The Hill

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday that healthcare cooperatives could be as effective as a government insurance plan, a stance that could draw


Mobilize: Motorola Unveils Its First Android Phone, the Cliq 10.9.2009 GigaOM
Motorola jumped into the Android smartphone market at our Mobilize Conference in San Francisco on Thursday, unveiling its first Android phone — called the Cliq — that features a new skin for Android called MotoBlur. Co-CEO Motorola Dr. Sanjay Jha called Android a platform that would enable Motorola to innovate and solve problems that cell [...]
Obama: Death panel 'a lie, plain and simple' 10.9.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Obama: Death panel 'a lie, plain and simple'

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Drumbeat: September 10, 2009 10.9.2009 The Oil Drum
IEA Raises 2009, 2010 Oil Demand Forecasts on Growth in China (Bloomberg) -- The International Energy Agency raised its global oil demand estimate for next year for a second consecutive month, citing growth in Chinese consumption and stronger-than-expected oil use in the U.S. World oil consumption is likely to average 85.7 million barrels a day next year, 450,000 barrels a day more than previously estimated, the adviser to 28 nations said today in its monthly report. Demand growth next year, at 1.27 percent, is lower than previously forecast after the outlook for 2009 was also increased. “There is growing evidence that the global economy may be finally stabilizing, with industrial de-stocking coming to an end, coupled with the effects of ...
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