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SDForum’s Open Innovation and Corporate Research Fair 14.9.2009 GigaOM
Sales are down, unemployment is at record levels, budgets are slashed, and investment dollars are harder to get than ever before. How do companies continue to innovate during these economic hard times and plan for the future?  At SDForum’s Second Annual Open Innovation and Corporate Research Fair, “Innovating in a Down Economy,” on Sept. 18 [...]
Bing Pops With Visual Search 14.9.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
TechCrunch50 Conference 2009 : September 14-15, 2009, San Francisco ...
WaPost Op-Ed Page Once Again Misleading Its Readers 14.9.2009 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
If Kay Bailey Hutchison wants to claim that “A few of them have formal titles, but most are simply known as ‘czars’” then fine. Maybe she’s ignorant, or maybe she’s a huge liar. Either way, Amanda Terkel points out that this is completely false. There are zero officials in the Obama administration who lack formal [...]
Athletes aren’t only champions who deserve a seat at breakfast 14.9.2009 Boston Globe: Business
Athletes aren’t only champions who deserve a seat at breakfast
At 35,000 feet, it'll all be 'haute cuisine' 14.9.2009 Star Tribune: Business
Trying to reduce waste and increase sales, airlines are improving the quality and variety of food they offer to those willing to pay.
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Advertisement: 14.9.2009 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
Mounds View businesses register objections to plan 14.9.2009 Star Tribune: Business
Officials say a proposal to require companies to register with the city will help on many fronts, but the response has been negative.
An effective strategy for introducing a new product concept 14.9.2009 Star Tribune: Business
A layoff, a move and retraining for future 14.9.2009 Star Tribune: Business
New Water-Measurement Tool Relies on Satellites to Track Consumption 14.9.2009 Washington Post: Science
Water management is serious business in the American West, where precipitation is scarce, irrigated agriculture is a major industry, new housing subdivisions spread across arid landscapes and water rights are allocated in a complicated seniority system.

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Open Wide 14.9.2009 BlogHer

This past week, Microsoft threw some of its weight into the Open Source software economy. Mary-Jo Foley reports on ZDNet:

A new, non-profit open-source foundation — one dedicated to increasing the participation of commercial-source vendors in the open-source world — is being unveiled on September 10. Microsoft is providing the initial funding and is a founding member of the new group, known as the CodePlex Foundation....

Businesses hope new promotion initiative attracts foreign tourists 13.9.2009 Duluth News Tribune
When Sen. Amy Klobuchar began supporting the Travel Promotion Act - a bill with a small surcharge on foreign travelers to help promote U.S. tourism - she said she didn't see much benefit for Minnesota.
Assessing the Internet: Great Creator or Destroyer? 13.9.2009 GigaOM
The Business Insider recently ran a well-argued, provocative piece entitled “Economy Will Be Back In Recession By Early Next Year” that takes into account the continuing job losses in the U.S. economy and the prolonged struggles within a number of industries, including finance, media, manufacturing (especially the auto industry), advertising, big box retail and real [...]
To Hopeful Makers, the Electric Car’s Time Is Here 13.9.2009 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
After years of talk and prototypes, some automobile manufacturers believe that the electric vehicle is poised to become more than just a science experiment.
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Why we've not got the ideal Fed boss 13.9.2009 Financial Times US
President Barack Obama proposes giving Ben Bernanke a second term at the Fed even though he has been consistently wrong on so many points, writes Edward Chancellor
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Nobel Prize-winning scientist Norman Borlaug, father of the 'green revolution,' dies at age 95 13.9.2009 Star Tribune: Nation
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Ag hero Norman Borlaug dies 13.9.2009 Mankato Free Press: Local News
Norman Borlaug's "green revolution" is credited with saving hundreds of millions of lives
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Free-market solutions 13.9.2009 Boston Globe: Opinion
Free-market solutions
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Unboxed: Wall Street’s Math Wizards Forgot a Few Variables 13.9.2009 NY Times: Business
In the aftermath of the financial crisis, many experts want formulas for risk that look at human behavior and how it can change rapidly.

Interview: Vinod Khosla Is On The Hunt For Great Technologies 13.9.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
TechCrunch50 Conference 2009 : September 14-15, 2009, San Francisco ...
32,463 to 32,482 of 32,495