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Apple may have to abandon Lightning connector cable 17.1.2020 BBC: Technology
European Parliament members want all tech giants to adopt a single universal charging method.
3D printing of body parts is coming fast – but regulations are not ready 10.1.2020 Raw Story
In the last few years, the use of 3D printing has exploded in medicine. Engineers and medical professionals now routinely 3D print prosthetic hands and surgical tools. But 3D printing has only just begun to transform the field. Today, a quickly emerging set of technologies known as bioprinting is poised to push the boundaries further. […]
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Trump stumbles as smartphone-obsessed America falls far behind in the race to roll out 5G networks 8.1.2020 Raw Story
“Should I get a Huawei phone?” That’s what friends in New York City, where ads heralding 5G are popping up all over, have asked me more than once. Apple, biding its time, has yet to release an iPhone with 5G. If the customers are tech heads with money to burn for a new toy, you […]
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Ethan Brown went vegan, but missed fast food. So he started a revolution 8.1.2020 LA Times: Business

Beyond Meat is changing the way people eat. Can it live up to its founder's wildest dreams?

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Column: Can California's new gig worker and privacy laws survive against the power of Silicon Valley? 8.1.2020 LA Times: Commentary

Patt Morrison talks with Scott Galloway, bestselling author and professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business.

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The Automation Boom is Coming. Will the Internet Be Ready? 8.1.2020 ReadWriteWeb
We live in an increasingly connected world. It’s estimated that there will be about 260 million internet-connected devices in the U.S. by 2020, and the next wave of these devices will push our data demand even further. New Bluetooth advancements, for instance, enable devices to perform within a range that’s four times greater, twice the speed, and eight times the ...
Achieving Paperless Operations and Document Automation with AI and ML 8.1.2020 ReadWriteWeb
Paper is an essential commodity for office operations. Most conventional offices rely on paper for completing the simplest tasks. Even after digitization, the dream of a completely paperless office is far from reality. Humans are used to a standard form of note-taking and documentation. Here is how to achieve paperless operations and document automation with ...
CES 2020: Sony announces electric car concept 7.1.2020 BBC: Technology
The electronics giant unveiled the "Vision S" vehicle in a surprise announcement at the tech show.
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CES 2020: LG OLED TV rolls up into the ceiling 7.1.2020 BBC: Technology
The South Korean tech giant unveils a concept screen that rolls up out of the way when not in use.
6 Industries Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize 7.1.2020 ReadWriteWeb
In line with new evolving computer technologies, a lot of issues previously found complicated are now seen as an easygoing task, for example, e-commerce, contactless payment, secured online transactions, and ride-hailing. All thanks to blockchain, a new technology that massively revitalized all-around sectors, equipping the financial industry with enhanced solutions with less or no additional ...
7 Keynote Leadership Speakers Bringing Fresh Insights to Their Industries 6.1.2020 ReadWriteWeb
Narrowing your list of options to speakers within your industry is a great way to ensure your keynote session will pack a ...
History repeats itself. That’s bad news for the 2020s 4.1.2020 Raw Story
What will happen in the 2020s? If history is any guide (and there’s good reason to think it is), the outlook isn’t great. Here are some big-picture predictions: stagnant real wages, faltering standard of living for the lower and middle classes, worsening wealth inequality, more riots and uprisings, ongoing political polarisation, more elites competing for […]
How to Ensure Your Data is Providing Trustworthy Insights 4.1.2020 ReadWriteWeb
For building owners and managers, data is the fuel behind their smart building operations. Leveraging the surplus of data that is readily available to them, owners and managers are making informed decisions for their facility that can create long-term performance enhancements and help them achieve goals such as improved efficiency and occupant comfort. Here is ...
Letters to the Editor: Why a carbon tax to fight climate change is superior to cap-and-trade 2.1.2020 LA Times: Opinion

A cap-and-trade scheme requires a massive new bureaucracy, something that implementing a carbon tax doesn't need.

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How FinTech Application Development Transforms the Finance Industry 31.12.2019 ReadWriteWeb
FinTech or Financial technology has become a popular industry for helping to innovate financial transaction services and online security. It is a broad term that works around the business transformation to innovate the traditional financial services that are inefficient, antiquated, and expensive. Innovation has made the process transparent and straightforward. We must understand how FinTech ...
Syd Mead: 'Pivotal' Blade Runner designer dies 31.12.2019 BBC: Front Page
The artist and designer was praised for his "singular ability to visualise the future".
Scotland 'open for business' in pioneering driverless vehicles 30.12.2019 BBC: Technology
A masterplan to put Scotland "at the forefront of driverless vehicle technology" has been revealed.
2020 will be the beginning of the tech industry’s radical revisioning of the physical world 28.12.2019 TechCrunch
These days it’s easy to bemoan the state of innovation and the dynamism coming from America’s cradle of technological development in Silicon Valley. The same companies that were praised for reimagining how people organized and accessed knowledge, interacted publicly, shopped for goods and services, conducted business, and even the devices on which all of these […]
Latin America Roundup: XP’s chart-topping IPO, Wildlife becomes a unicorn, SoftBank backs Konfio 27.12.2019 techCrunch
Latin America’s startup and investment ecosystem has likely more than doubled this year as compared to 2019.
Corporations are ruining the future of work — but they can be stopped 27.12.2019 Raw Story
Artificial intelligence, robots, and other advanced technologies are already transforming the world of work – and their impact is just beginning. They’ll grow the economy and make it more efficient. But unless American workers are involved, that growth and technological change will benefit only those at the top. The challenge of making economic growth and […]
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