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Eyeing an IPO, Waltham’s Actifio takes aim at EMC 19.8.2013 Boston Globe: Technology
Eyeing an IPO, Waltham’s Actifio takes aim at EMC
Shaheen, Ayotte host business field hearing 19.8.2013 Boston Globe: New Hampshire
Shaheen, Ayotte host business field hearing
Why The App Won The Software War 19.8.2013 ReadWriteWeb
The word "app" has become ingrained into the global lexicon of software development. As time has passed and technology has evolved, people have viewed software from progressively different perspectives. Microsoft Office is a piece of software—yet so is a video game. And so is PayPal, for that matter. As Marc Andreessen, cofounder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, eloquently puts it, “Software is eating the world.” But as software rises, we use the term less and less. Andreesssen's statement, meant to describe how software companies are disrupting entire industries and challenging the norm, is best manifested in the proliferation of apps. In 2013, we’ve been inundated with the concept of apps—on smartphones, tablets and laptops, of course, but also more unusual domains like cars and refrigerators. The term's newfound ubiquity raises an interesting point about how we perceive the software that now surrounds us. What exactly is an "app"? When did a package of code meant to execute a ...
Jama Software Raises $13 Million To Bring Its SaaS-Based Product Delivery Platform To Enterprises 19.8.2013 techCrunch
jama softwareOrganizations need better tools for managing their product development, and the legacy options that they have today aren't well positioned for today's distributed teams or agile workflows. Jama Software offers a cloud-based product that is designed to help teams finish projects faster and also to keep an entire organization on the same page. It's raised $13 million to go after that opportunity.
TrekkSoft Raises $800K To Help Tour Providers Promote, Manage And Sell Their Tours 19.8.2013 techCrunch
213055v2TrekkSoft, the Swiss startup that primarily offers a B2B solution to enable tour and other activity providers to promote, manage and sell their tours online, offline and on mobile, has raised a $800,000 seed round. The new funding, which adds to the $200,000 previously pumped into the startup by its founders while bootstrapping the company, comes from Redalpine Capital II, the Innovation Fund of Schwyzer Kantonalbank, and a group of private investors.
Vancouver's GROW Conference Shines A Spotlight On Canada's Growing Startup Scene 19.8.2013 TechCrunch
grow-logoWhen it comes to the tech conference circuit outside of Silicon Valley, Canada is probably not top of mind for most people, but I've got a feeling that's slowly changing. Last week, Vancouver hosted the fourth edition of the GROW conference, a two-day event (plus one for outdoor activities around the city) that brings together startups from all over Canada and the West Coast. Four years ago, the inaugural event attracted 400 people. This year, over 1,200 made the trip to Vancouver's Convention Center, which will also play host to TED next year.
Bay Area: Tech business' project about much more than glowing plant 19.8.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Peninsula
A plan to reward donors with genetically modified seeds has kick-started legal and environmental debates.
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Silicon Valley keenly awaits latest Lego robot kit 19.8.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
Few are more excited about Lego's new Mindstorms sets rolling out next month than Silicon Valley engineers.
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3D Gesture Control Is An Area Of Focus On Innovation We Likely Don't Need Or Want 18.8.2013 techCrunch
leap-motionMinority Report was an enjoyable action flick, but it may hold the blame for getting the idea stuck in our collective heads that 3D gesture control is the next frontier for computing. The Kinect from Microsoft helped further this idea around as well, with a pretty good (though highly limited regarding needed space, applications, etc.) gesture experience. But a lot of startups and other companies are chasing this carrot – and it begs the question of whether there's even a carrot to chase.
Silicon Valley keenly awaits latest Lego robot kit 18.8.2013 Boston Globe: Technology
Silicon Valley keenly awaits latest Lego robot kit
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DO-RA Is An Environmental Sensor That Plugs Into Your Phone & Tracks Radiation Exposure 18.8.2013 TechCrunch
DO-RA_uniDO-RA is a personal dosimeter-radiometer for measuring ionizing radiation that plugs into a smartphone and works in conjunction with an app to allow you to quantify your exposure to background radiation. The device, created by a Russian startup, is due to go into production this autumn and will cost around $150.
How NASA has furthered innovation 18.8.2013 SFGate: Business & Technology
How NASA has furthered innovation
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The Idea: An Inventor Wants One Less Wire to Worry About 18.8.2013 NY Times: Business
The Idea: An Inventor Wants One Less Wire to Worry About
Aspen Technology records profit in quarter 17.8.2013 Boston Globe: Technology
Aspen Technology records profit in quarter
Mirroring summer blockbusters, military creating gadget-draped future fighters 17.8.2013 MSNBC
Hollywood’s summer of the super soldier — featuring tech-bedecked troops like Matt Damon in the No. 1 movie “Elysium” — offers a flicker of futuristic battle gear as the real U.S. military explores innovations from exoskeletons to advanced armor to outfit the next-gen combat fighter.

Schools, students growing up 17.8.2013 Durango Herald
Students returning to area schools next week will likely notice some changes, including new or improved buildings, upgrades to security and more frequent testing to monitor advancement.Change is inevitable from year to year, and 2013-14 is no exception. Herex2019s a rundown of a few of the biggest changes in place this year for La...
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New Jersey governor vetoes proposed gun ban 17.8.2013 Chicago Tribune: Nation
New Jersey governor vetoes proposed gun ban
Waywire CEO Nathan Richardson Departs As Company Shifts Focus From Content Creation To Curation 17.8.2013 TechCrunch
nathan richardsonThe CEO of Waywire -- the startup co-founded by Newark mayor and Senate candidate Cory Booker -- is stepping down, TechCrunch has learned. The resignation comes as the company is in the midst of a strategic shift from content creation to content curation, according to a source familiar with the company's strategy.
3 Steps to Protecting Intellectual Property 17.8.2013 Inc
How do you keep your IP safe from view ... and under what circumstances should you show it to others? Many start-up owners are concerned with the intellectual property (IP) of their company, and they should be. IP is a valuable asset that needs to be protected, insured, and, sometimes, even risked. Seasoned entrepreneurs understand the need to take risks with their IP, typically by sharing early-stage product ideas, concepts, or business models with potential investors. In an ideal world, you’d protect your IP with a trademark, copyright, or patent. But small businesses in the early stage don't always have that luxury. Plenty of places will explain how to file for a patent or a trademark registration, and it's true that a federal registration can help enforce your company’s rights. But there are other things you can do to protect your IP. Here are a few. Employ Internal Controls Controlling who has access to IP and other sensitive information is key. And for confidential ...
How to Leverage Your True Talent 17.8.2013 Inc
A conversation with serial entrepreneur and author David Kidder about identifying your true talent--and making the most of it. Most entrepreneurs are in search of that elusive goal called success. David Kidder knows a thing or two about it: He's founded three companies, including Bionic, a social innovation platform. He is also the author of The Startup Playbook, for which he conducted interviews with Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, and other accomplished entrepreneurs. How does Kidder define success? And how can other entrepreneurs achieve it? I recently spoke with the entrepreneur and author about using your innate talent to achieve success. What’s your definition of success? When you are working with and from your innate gift. It’s when you have discovered your innate gift or proprietary contribution to the world and you are spending all your time in that strength and almost none of your time in your area of weakness. At some point, you have to quit fixing yourself and really just ...
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