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Apple’s New Mobile OS Is All about Ive (and its Competitors) 11.6.2013 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories

With its new mobile OS, Apple looks to longtime design head Ive, and takes a few cues from competitors.

For Apple, there’s a lot riding on iOS 7, the newest version of its mobile software and the first refresh overseen by veteran industrial design head Jonathan Ive. To satisfy as many people as possible, it seems, Apple took inspiration from several different sources—including competitors.

Apple Unveils New Look for Mobile 11.6.2013 International Herald Tribune: Business
Apple Unveils New Look for Mobile
Mobile Summit 2013 - Jason Pontin Opening Remarks 10.6.2013 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
5 Secrets to Staffing an Early Stage Start-Up 10.6.2013 Inc
Building the right team is crucial. Do you know who you want on yours? Launching a great start-up is not easy. But one thing that can make it easier is a great team, writes Michael Fertik, CEO of, in The Harvard Business Review . Here are some things to keep in mind when assembling yours: Pick the right co-founder. "A good co-founder is vital, especially since co-founder issues are the reason many early start-up crash and burn," Fertik says. Partner up with someone whose strengths complement yours. If you're an expert in one field, make sure their expertise differs. Find a chief technology officer who won't break. To survive the "make it or break it" stage of launching a start-up, find someone who will work through the tough times. "Without this person, there is no product. You need someone whose intelligence exceeds your own and whose hunger to be the driving force behind bringing a product from concept to creation is overwhelming," says Fertik. Hire a forecaster. Every ...
Apple (Finally) Updates The Mac Pro 10.6.2013 techCrunch
IMG_9172In a dramatic reveal on stage at WWDC 2013, Phil Schiller brought forth a new Mac Pro saying to the assembled faithful: "Can't innovate anymore, my ass." This new Intel Xeon machine with up to 12 core configs has a central thermal core and superfast memory support. It is double the performance of the previous Mac Pro generations.
For web users around the world, everything is different now 10.6.2013 GigaOM
Decision time looms. And as painful as it seems, right now it feels like the only responsible response to the PRISM scandal would be to stop using American web services for any private communications.
How 3D printing will rebuild reality 10.6.2013 Boing Boing
How 3D printing will rebuild reality
Immigration and the ‘Best and Brightest’ 10.6.2013 American Spectator
One of the selling points for comprehensive immigration reform is the claimed benefits of granting a special kind of green card to all foreign students earning advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This argument is being made by corporate leaders, including those from the high-tech sector, who argue that it is a smart economic move for the nation. In the latest issue of Barron’s , Norm Matloff, a professor of computer science at the University of California at Davis, offers a serious critique of the proposal presently working its way through the U.S. Senate. Matloff argues that the so-called H-1B work visa and employer sponsored green-card programs “are bringing in workers who tend to be of lesser talent than their American peers. Worse, they are indirectly displacing Americans.” “The result,” says Matloff, “is a net reduction in the country’s talent level.” Yet, the tech industry wants to expand immigration for their benefit, claiming they simply want to ...
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Robo-boss; iRobot unveils new talking robot with the boss on the screen 10.6.2013 Boston Globe: Technology
Robo-boss; iRobot unveils new talking robot with the boss on the screen
Google Irks Developers with Ruling on Facial-Recognition Apps 10.6.2013 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories

Developers complain that by banning facial recognition for Glass, Google is hindering doctors, police, and others.

The popular rap on Google Glass facial-recognition technology is that it’s a tool for creeps and stalkers. But Google’s decision to ban both facial-recognition and voiceprint technology from its high-tech eyewear also puts the brakes on promising services, like those that could help medical staff rapidly retrieve patient records.

Other People's Breakthrough Technologies 10.6.2013 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories

Another take on the biggest innovations to pay attention to.

Putting together this publication’s annual 10 Breakthrough Technologies list, which comes out each spring, is a long and involved process. So I’m exceedingly curious about what other people come up with when they take on roughly the same question, which is “what are the most important technologies to watch in the coming years?” One such report is now out from researchers with the McKinsey consulting company who identify 12 technologies that they think will be the most “disruptive” over the next decade.

'Hidden' economy in Silicon Valley built without advanced degrees 10.6.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Peninsula
A new report, 'The Hidden STEM Economy,' reveals that a university degree is not required for 27.5 percent of all jobs in the San Jose area in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. The number is even higher -- 36 percent -- in San Francisco and the East Bay.
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What Android Has That iOS Has Not (Yet) 10.6.2013 techCrunch
android_series01Android is open and customizable. iOS is closed, designed for ease. But iPhone users are maturing, demanding more personalization, and Apple might give it to them at WWDC. At D11, Tim Cook said “I think you will see us open up more in the future, but not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.” Here we'll look at some Android options Apple could unlock for iOS.
Healthbox founder has passion for startups 10.6.2013 Chicago Tribune: Business
Healthbox founder has passion for startups
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Eagan: Glacier Hills Elementary School's new tech tools mix art, science 10.6.2013 Local

Glacier Hills Elementary School is taking hands-on learning to the next level.

Freeing your IT department from Stackholm Syndrome 9.6.2013 GigaOM
Many IT departments are enslaved by the very systems they have constructed. The solution doesn't require starting over, only giving business the freedom to operate outside the stack.
Last week on GigaOM Research: the IBM/SoftLayer acquisition and the future of innovation 9.6.2013 GigaOM
For a deeper dive into the topics and technologies covered on GigaOM, check out the latest in-depth analyses on GigaOM Research, our subscription-based research service. This week: the IBM/SoftLayer deal, and what's next in innovation and the IT department.
Sage ships big order of energy-saving glass 9.6.2013 Star Tribune: Business
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Innovation vs. cheating on the battleground of golf science 9.6.2013 MSNBC
Innovation vs. cheating on the battleground of golf science
Girl Loses Friends Because Her Phone Is Too Big To Carry 8.6.2013 techCrunch
Lost GirlSomewhere on the dance floor, she vanished. It would have a been no problem, except her smartphone was so large she left it at coat check. In the pursuit of a big, beautiful screen, she'd sacrificed why people carry phones in the first place. We had no way to find her in the massive nightclub, and we never saw her again.
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