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Toyota concept car’s focus is high-tech 29.11.2011 Boston Globe: Business
Toyota concept car’s focus is high-tech
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Modi favours 'Modernization without Westernization' 29.11.2011 New Kerala: World News
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3 Reasons Why Startups Should Care About the Facebook IPO 29.11.2011 ReadWriteWeb
The Wall St. Journal's report today that Facebook will make an initial public offering on the stock market next year has been met with plenty of press comment on the expected size of the offering ($100B, huge) but seems to have left many other people unmoved. It's easy to feel cynical about Facebook, a lot of people do. The news may be important for more than just holders of the stock, though. It could prove very big for the whole tech startup world and for those who enjoy the innovation that startups create. Why? Because the Facebook IPO could mean more and bigger startup acquisitions, more support for more startups and an infusion of smart money and experience into radically new tech experiments. Sponsor 1. Early Facebook Employees Will Flood the Startup World With Smart Money & Experience The best thing that came out of Web 1.0 for the next generation of startups was either the Google IPO or the PayPal Mafia. Hopefully a lot of the money that early Facebook employees take from that ...
HTC told to stop selling its smartphones in Germany 29.11.2011 The Guardian -- World Latest
IPCom takes next step by demanding HTC stop selling smartphones using UMTS, as Taiwanese company struggles with wider challenges in market German patent firm IPCom has ordered HTC to stop sales and distribution of all its smartphones in Germany, saying the Taiwanese firm faces fines if it does not comply. "If HTC fails to comply, and continues to sell UMTS-capable devices, IPCom will initiate a so-called 'Zwangsgeldverfahren' under German law, which will result in fines being levied until it complies," IPCom said in a statement. HTC sells around 2m smartphones a year in Germany, according to the research firm IDC. That compares to an expected world total for the company of around 45m this year. IPCom said last week it would enforce an injunction based on a Mannheim court decision from February 2009 after HTC, the fourth largest smartphone vendor globally, withdrew its appeal, which was due to be decided this week. HTC said the legal battle would have no impact on its business in ...
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Talking apps down on the iFarm 29.11.2011 BBC: Business
Has agriculture been neglected by the technology community? Dave Lee meets farmers looking at ways to utilise apps and other software to help them become more efficient.
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No Joke. BustedTees Drives Holiday Sales 29.11.2011 Inc
CollegeHumor co-founder Josh Abramson gets serious about his next venture: funny t-shirts. In 1999, when Josh Abramson was a sophomore in college, he co-founded the website CollegeHumor, a central portal where he and his friends could post funny pictures and videos they were circulating anyway. Five years later, looking to diversify revenue streams, Abramson started BustedTees, which sells t-shirts and other knickknacks that carry many of the funny slogans from CollegeHumor. In 2006, Abramson and his partner sold a controlling stake in both sites—as well as a third, the video player Vimeo—to Barry Diller’s IAC for an estimated $20 million-plus. But, Abramson says, BustedTees fell by the wayside within IAC—which is best known for sites like,, and Newsweek Daily Beast. Earlier this year, Abramson decided to eschew PowerPoint presentations, and corporate bosses, and reembark on life as an entrepreneur. For an undisclosed sum, he bought back ...
Why Greedy Stockholders and A $100 Billion IPO Could Hurt Facebook 29.11.2011 techCrunch
Why Greedy Stockholders and A $100 Billion IPO Could Hurt Facebook
KAY HYMOWITZ: How Brooklyn Got Its Groove Back. “It’s a story that contains plenty of gumption, … 29.11.2011 Instapundit
KAY HYMOWITZ: How Brooklyn Got Its Groove Back. “It’s a story that contains plenty of gumption, innovation, and aspiration, but also a disturbing coda. Brooklyn now boasts a splendid population of postindustrial and creative-class winners—but in the far reaches of the borough, where nary a hipster can be found, it is also home to the [...]
Pizarro: Investors get a pitch and a tour of downtown San Jose 29.11.2011 San Jose Mercury News: News
Instead of taking diners on a whirlwind tour of restaurants, Tracy Lee is expanding her 'Dishcrawl' concept by taking startup founders and investors on a tour of San Jose's innovation hubs.
Microsoft Worker Builds iPhone App 28.11.2011 Inc
Mike Swanson built a wildly popular iPhone app while working at his day job at Microsoft. After more than a decade working as an evangelist for Microsoft, Mike Swanson launched a start-up specializing in... iPhone and iPad apps. Swanson calls his start-up accidental. It all began in March 2009, when he wanted to try mobile software development–but Microsoft's platform in those days lagged far behind Apple's. He set out to stay under the radar, building an app called 3D Camera that would let users create and share 3D images. “I created a ‘novelty’ app primarily because I didn’t have time to maintain servers or other back-end infrastructure, and I wanted a fun app that nobody would depend on,” Swanson wrote in a blog post. "I also needed an app that the press wouldn’t find very interesting. After all, my day job was still as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, and nobody needed that article.” He needed a company name to release 3D Camera ...
MakeMusic acquires assets of Internet music company 28.11.2011 Star Tribune: Business
Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Toyota unveils 'smartphone on four wheels' ahead of Tokyo auto show 28.11.2011 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Toyota unveils 'smartphone on four wheels' ahead of Tokyo auto show
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Back From China? 28.11.2011 American Prospect
A s in hundreds of cities and towns in the once-industrial Midwest, a ghost not only haunts but dominates North Canton, Ohio. It’s a ghost of brick and mortar, glass and steel, of a smokestack that rises directly across the street from the City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce. The ghost’s name is still painted on the smokestack, four years after the factory beneath it clanged to a halt. “Hoover,” it says—as in Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, a company founded in North Canton in 1908 that was the town’s largest employer, and leading citizen, for one year short of a century. At its height, Hoover’s North Canton empire spread over 17 factories and buildings, one of them a private hospital for local Hoover workers (as many as 7,000 during the company’s flush decades) who took sick or were injured on the job. “This was Hooverville—our own version, not Herbert-Hooverville—a company town,” says Doug Lane, a former city councilor who now heads the Chamber of Commerce. “If the city needed a fire truck, it ...
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Can customers go cold turkey on cash? 28.11.2011 BBC: Technology
How Turks are leading the way to a cash-free future
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Zogby Poll Finds Support for Tribal Sovereignty 28.11.2011 ICT - National
WASHINGTON – Results from a new poll by the IBOPE Zogby International polling firm indicate that an overwhelming majority of the American public supports tribal sovereignty—the well-established concept that tribes have the right to govern themselves. The poll, released in mid-November, found...
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How to board a non-stop train while it's moving 28.11.2011 New Scientist: Focus on America
How to board a non-stop train while it's moving
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Toyota unveils high-tech concept car ahead of show 28.11.2011 SFGate: Business & Technology
Toyota unveils high-tech concept car ahead of show
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Toyota unveils high-tech concept car ahead of show 28.11.2011 Boston Globe: Technology
Toyota unveils high-tech concept car ahead of show
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The state of cleantech venture capital, part 1: The money 28.11.2011 GigaOM
Plenty of late-stage financing will be available for cleantech start-ups over the next few years, but seed/Series A money is another matter.
Social Proof Is The New Marketing 28.11.2011 techCrunch
Social Proof Is The New Marketing
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