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NASA blazes trail for made-in-space hardware 23.7.2012 MSNBC
Maybe it's time to shelve the old saying, "you can't leave home without it," when it comes to packing for trips to space. ...
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The Next Wave of Factory Robots 23.7.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories

Robots designed to work alongside humans could change the way we think of manufacturing.

For HTC, Beats partnership was missing a beat 23.7.2012 GigaOM
Beats Electronics, which sold half the company to Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp., for $300 million in August 2011, says it is buying back 25% of itself. For HTC it is a lesson that reinforces the importance of focus on its core business.
Inside line on 2012 Olympics track 23.7.2012 BBC: Technology
The technology behind running surfaces at the Olympics
Bill Answers More #askBillG Questions about India 22.7.2012 Delicious popular
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Deconstructing the American Dream 22.7.2012 Red State
I sat down this morning to write about teachers and bridges, about motivation and inspiration. Upon rereading the President’s Roanoke remarks , however, my focus shifted away from my planned topic of entrepreneurial outrage (“You didn’t build that!”). Reading deeper, a more alarming theme emerged: Now, we don’t need more top-down economics. I’ve got a different view. I believe that the way you grow the economy is from the middle out. (Applause.) I believe that you grow the economy from the bottom up . I believe that when working people are doing well, the country does well. (Applause.) … So we say to ourselves, ever since the founding of this country, you know what, there are some things we do better together. That’s how we funded the GI Bill. That’s how we created the middle class. That’s how we built the Golden Gate Bridge or the Hoover Dam. That’s how we invented the Internet. That’s how we sent a man to the moon. We rise or fall together as one nation and ...
The Ribbit Rollercoaster: A Founder’s Story From Concept To $105M Exit 22.7.2012 TechCrunch
The Ribbit Rollercoaster: A Founder’s Story From Concept To $105M Exit
The American election is really a battle for the future of capitalism | Will Hutton 22.7.2012 Guardian: Comment is Free
Mitt Romney embodies a system dominated by financial engineering that uses companies as casino chips 'Look, if you've been successful, you did not get there on your own. When we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative but also because we do things together." So said President Obama , campaigning in Roanoke Virginia, last week. He went on: "If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help". He listed great teachers, government research, roads and bridges and the whole fabric of the American system as various ways in which "somebody along the line" would have contributed to your success. This was the essence of the social liberalism of the great British thinker Leonard Hobhouse , but now championed by an American president. Hobhouse passionately argued that capitalist wealth was co-created by the interaction of society, social capital and the entrepreneur. Government investment, financed properly by taxation, was the precondition for a successful capitalism. ...
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The 'chemputer' that could print out any drug 22.7.2012 Guardian: Science
When Lee Cronin learned about the concept of 3D printers, he had a brilliant idea: why not turn such a device into a universal chemistry set that could make its own drugs? Professor Lee Cronin is a likably impatient presence, a one-man catalyst. "I just want to get stuff done fast," he says. And: "I am a control freak in rehab." Cronin, 39, is the leader of a world-class team of 45 researchers at Glasgow University, primarily making complex molecules. But that is not the extent of his ambition. A couple of years ago, at a TED conference, he described one goal as the creation of "inorganic life", and went on to detail his efforts to generate "evolutionary algorithms" in inert matter. He still hopes to "create life" in the next year or two. At the same time, one branch of that thinking has itself evolved into a new project: the notion of creating downloadable chemistry, with the ultimate aim of allowing people to "print" their own pharmaceuticals at home. Cronin's latest TED talk asked the ...
Facebook must buck trend to stay on top 21.7.2012 SFGate: Business & Technology
Facebook must buck trend to stay on top Facebook, a site that serves nearly a billion users and one of a handful of dominant technology companies in the world, is the undisputed king of social networking. "Entrepreneurs need to recognize that, especially in the digital domain, they are unlikely to come up with something that is going to be permanently on top, that impermanence and ephemerality is the nature of the beast," said Jamais Cascio, a research fellow with the Institute of the Future, an independent research group in Palo Alto. Later that day, computer software giant Microsoft reported a $492 million net loss for the quarter. "With the rate of technological change in the world today, the half-life of companies is shrinking," said Stowe Boyd, a New York social media consultant and chief researcher for a cooperative organization called Work Talk Research. Ubiquitous at presentSuch talk seems far-fetched given that Facebook has more than 900 million users around the world, and its ...
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New lab working on security shoe sole to ID people 21.7.2012 AP Business
PITTSBURGH (AP) -- High-tech security? Forget those irksome digital eye scans. Meet the biometric shoe....
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Drumbeat: July 21, 2012 21.7.2012 The Oil Drum
Pemex Forecasts Production Recovery to Snap Slump Petroleos Mexicanos, the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, said it expects to turn around declining output in the first half to post its first annual increase in eight years. Pemex, as the state-owned company is known, is set to meet its annual target of averaging more than last year’s 2.55 million barrels a day and have “significantly larger numbers” by the end of 2012, Chief Executive Officer Juan Jose Suarez Coppel said today in an interview at Bloomberg’s New York headquarters. The first-half average was 2.54 million barrels. Oil fell for the first time in eight days on concern that European governments aren’t doing enough to contain the worsening debt crisis, raising speculation that demand will slip. Prices dropped from a two-month high as Spain’s cost of borrowing rose to a record after euro-area finance ministers gave final approval to a bank bailout for the country. The dollar strengthened to the most in two years against the ...
Also found in: [+], nonprofit with a venture fund 21.7.2012 SFGate: Business & Technology, nonprofit with a venture fund isn't your typical nonprofit - it has its own venture fund and a growing number of supporters in Silicon Valley who want to use their tech savvy to help provide clean water to 1 billion people around the world. [...] in Haiti, is partnering with local mobile phone provider Digicel on a pilot program that will offer Port-au-Prince residents information on clean water sources nearby through the ubiquitous cell phone. [...] White said that many wells or latrines, granted by well-meaning organizations, are not even used for water and sanitary purposes. has helped dispense more than 50,000 loans with the help of local banks, microfinance institutions and water-sanitation nongovernmental organizations in India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda, affecting more than 300,000 people and maintaining a repayment rate of 97 percent. With support from the venture fund, it will be able to do the field work in adapting the WaterCredit model to ...
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People with same name as shooter hounded on social media 21.7.2012 MSNBC
One of the first places many turned to for information on Friday about the suspected movie-theater shooter James Holmes was Facebook, and a kind of lynch mob mentality took hold among some who wanted to track down the shooting suspect themselves. With many Facebook users sharing so common a name, some became victims of nasty messages — and friend requests. ...
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Kayak and Palo Alto Networks enjoy clean IPO take-offs 21.7.2012 GigaOM
Who says the IPO window is shut: successful public offerings by online travel company Kayak and networking software company Palo Alto Networks shows that investors will open their checkbooks as long as the companies have real business prospects. Both stocks ended their first day flying high.
Science, data and the public 20.7.2012 Guardian: Science
Jonathan Gray from the Open Knowledge Foundation looks at what the European Commission's recent announcement on access to scientific data could mean for science and for public engagement with science Earlier this week the European Commission released a package of documents related to their nascent policies on access to scientific information. What will these mean for science and for public engagement with science? New open access policies have been in the headlines quite a bit recently, as politicians and policy makers respond to the wave of public support precipitated by the so-called academic spring earlier this year. On Monday the UK government announced that all its publicly funded research will be open access within two years (though not everyone is convinced about plans for how this will be achieved). Open access has received a more modest upwards bump up the political agenda in the US, with a meeting between Obama's science advisor and prominent access advocates, and a flurry of ...
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Palo Alto Networks, first Silicon Valley IPO since Facebook, rises more than 30 percent in debut 20.7.2012 San Jose Mercury News: Business
Silicon Valley's first post-Facebook initial public offering seemingly faced little static from the social network's problematic public debut, rising as much as 47.8 percent in its first day of public trading.
Hotline Sort: When Campaign Mailers Talk 20.7.2012 The Hotline
Welcome back to Hotline Sort. The NRCC inches past the DCCC in June fundraising, Dill gets no love from Democrats in Washington, journalists cry foul over being used in campaign ads, and both the Obama and Romney campaigns double down on their attacks. Here's today's rundown: 10) Innovations in campaigns: Rep. Russ Carnahan , D-Mo., the underdog in his primary against Rep. William Lacy Clay , D-Mo., unveiled an unconventional campaign tool - the talking direct mail piece. But instead of a song, the audio captures Clay speaking at a 2008 convention in St. Louis of the rent-to-own industry, the St. Louis Beacon reports . 9) The return of Adrian Fenty ? A new Washington Post poll out this morning shows that the former Washington, D.C. mayor would romp over the current, scandal-plagued mayor, Vincent Gray , by a better than two-to-one margin in a rematch of their contentious 2010 Democratic mayoral primary. But the poll also shows that most of the likely candidates in 2014 (or a special ...
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Mobile Is Hot--& Only Getting Hotter 20.7.2012 Inc
By 2015, cell phone plans will outnumber people. Take a look at some of the stats behind this booming market. Mobile technology has been a hot market for years... but it's on track to get a lot hotter. According to a new report from the World Bank, the number of mobile subscriptions will exceed the human population by 2015. And that means not just big opportunities for nimble entrepreneurs, but also big changes for the global economy. "The recent rapid innovation in the mobile sector has generated significant disruptive technological change and uncertainty,” the report states. “This turmoil is also lowering barriers to entry, however, and generating fresh opportunities for small and young firms and entrepreneurs to displace legacy systems, innovate, and grow.” The study shows that recent mobile growth is happening faster in underdeveloped areas, such as Mexico and Indonesia, than anywhere else. Now that 75% of the world has access to a mobile phone, developing countries ...
Massive spam botnet shut down, say experts 20.7.2012 MSNBC
A major spam botnet that inundated email inboxes around the world with emails promoting fake prescription drugs is gone. So says the security firm that helped kill it. ...
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