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There’s an app for that 4.12.2011 Boston Globe: Business
There’s an app for that
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What's so awful about the 1%? 4.12.2011 LA Times: Commentary
Occupy Wall Street has said it's the 99% of 'us' against the 1% of 'them.' But many of 'them' started out like 'us' and have brought us great innovations that we embrace.

The class war is on. It's the 99% of "us" versus the 1% of "them."

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What's so awful about the 1%? 4.12.2011 LA Times: Opinion
Occupy Wall Street has said it's the 99% of 'us' against the 1% of 'them.' But many of 'them' started out like 'us' and have brought us great innovations that we embrace.

Occupy Wall Street has said it's the 99% of 'us' against the 1% of 'them.' But many of 'them' started out like 'us' and have brought us great innovations that we embrace.

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Mercury News editorial: Venture capital threatened by Volcker rule 4.12.2011 San Jose Mercury News: Editorials
If the Volcker rule is implemented in full, it could bar Valley banks from investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the startups that fuel the innovation economy.
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George Osborne has no idea how to rescue the economy – but then who has? | Will Hutton 4.12.2011 Guardian: Comment is Free
Anyone who believes the chancellor merely has to keep calm and carry on ignores the likely consequences Even for battle-hardened observers of the British economy, the landscape portrayed by last week's autumn statement was shocking. Now there is official acknowledgment that a country burdened by bank assets five times its GDP and chronically poor productivity is being dragged into the deepest and longest economic setback in modern times – with awesome implications. Thus the continuing weakness in tax receipts that forces another £30bn of spending cuts if the government is to meet its self-imposed targets for budget balance, but two years later than planned. Thus the promise of decade-long austerity. Thus median incomes in real terms will be lower in 2015 than in 2002, the longest period of falling real incomes ever recorded. Thus more than 700,000 job losses in the public sector. It could scarcely represent a bleaker picture. In the 1930s, Britain had an empire to fall back on as a ...
Lakeville schools betting on digital emphasis in classrooms 4.12.2011 Local

If David Mattia has a question about a lesson in his Advanced Placement chemistry class at Lakeville South High School, he has a choice: He can ask his teacher or he can turn on his laptop or smartphone and ask the "cloud."

Pakistan.KP/FATA Governance Reforms 4.12.2011 Delicious popular
Report: Keillor decides he's not retiring from 'PHC' after all 3.12.2011 Star Tribune: Latest
Turkey: Biden tells entrepreneurs that democracy spurs economic innovation 3.12.2011 Star Tribune: World
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TECHNOLOGY: Can big companies harness disruptive innovation?… 3.12.2011 Instapundit
TECHNOLOGY: Can big companies harness disruptive innovation?
Do We Really Need a New Microsoft? 3.12.2011 ReadWriteWeb
The discussion is already nearly five years old, and yet the vacancy in the public conscience persists as if something big had collapsed just last week. Microsoft is no longer the dominating, polarizing force that it was in the previous decade. The mindset of the company that once preached to its employees, "Every line of code that is written to our standards is a small victory; every line of code that is written to any other standard, is a small defeat," has exited out the back door and sneaked past the gaze of European regulators. And boy, do we ever miss it. From the moment Ycombinator co-founder Paul Graham famously proclaimed "Microsoft is Dead," our casting couches have been warmed by the seats of would-be substitutes. Like it or not, Microsoft fulfilled a latent psychological need in many folks' minds: the need for a strongly polarizing force that made it easier to decide what to like and what to hate. Sponsor Humble pie The very fact that this may be a valid question suggests, ...
Sponsor post: VLAB innovation: “Out of the labs” holiday event 3.12.2011 GigaOM
Immerse yourself in the bleeding edge of technology and spend an evening with scientists from the Valley's elite research labs; discover the next wave of innovations waiting to be commercialized by passionate entrepreneurs. Monday evening, Dec. 5, Palo Alto.
HTML5 Smart Board Attempts To Out-Surface The Surface 3.12.2011 techCrunch
Intuilabs is showing off their proof-of-concept HTML5-based multi-touch smartboard in an effort to prove a) that HTML5 is pretty rocking and b) that someday we may all have smart tabletops in our home. To see the big screen in action you can fast forward to about 3 minutes in.
Eye Tracking Could be the Next Natural User Interface 2.12.2011 ReadWriteWeb
You've seen those eye tracking heat maps that show where most people look first when they land on a web page - why not turn eye tracking technology like that into a replacement for your mouse or your finger on a touchscreen? That's what a Danish startup called Senseye claims to be doing; they say they've got software for Android that uses the front-facing camera to track a user's eye movement and then uses that to control what happens on the phone's screen. They're not alone in working on doing that kind of work, either. Eye tracking could be a big new way that users interact with their devices. Sponsor If the company can really pull this off, Senseye could join the ranks of Microsoft's Kinect, Surface and the touchscreen mobile devices in what people are calling the Natural User Interface (NUI). A Swedish company called Tobii announced in-car eye tracking technology this week as well and these aren't isolated innovations. First there was the command line for controlling computers, then ...
Jobs Report: Why Small Business Is Still Lagging 2.12.2011 Inc
The U.S. labor market added 120,000 jobs in November, but one survey found hiring among small businesses dropped slightly. The SurePayroll analysis of payroll data from 35,000 small businesses across the country reported yesterday a slight drop in hiring nationwide in November. The SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard found hiring was down 0.2 percent. This of course contrasts with the Labor Department's news yesterday that U.S. employers—of all sizes—added 120,000 jobs last month, and as a result the unemployment rate fell to 8.6 percent, after a prolonged period at 9 percent. How can we explain the discrepancy? Let's take a look at the results of the corollary SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard Optimism Survey from November. The survey, which measures the outlook of the small business economy, shows small business optimism holding steady at 53 percent, the same figure as last month. It’s encouraging that optimism remains off its September low of only 30 percent, but ...
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Autonomo Concept Is Half Car, All Driver 2.12.2011 Wired Top Stories
Autonomo Concept Is Half Car, All Driver
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Durban climate talks: meaningful progress can be made on finance | Ben Caldecott 2.12.2011 Guardian: Environment
Agreement should be reached on two innovations that would mobilise investment in adaptation in developing countries Expectations at the UN climate change talks in Durban are low and rightly so. But meaningful progress could be made. Particularly in the area with perhaps the greatest tangible effect on the real economy: climate finance for developing countries. This is where innovation and concrete action can be advanced via the new multilateral Green Climate Fund (GCF) and through bilateral initiatives, such as the UK government's £2.9bn International Climate Fund (ICF). At Durban two climate finance innovations in particular should be given the go-ahead. The first is a new way of deploying low interest rate climate finance to enhance its impact, while the second can cost effectively generate the real cashflows needed to make environmental and developmental projects viable. Loans with reduced interest rates can help address the serious problems developing countries face in getting ...
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Opinionator | Fixes: Health Care for a Changing Work Force 2.12.2011 NY Times: Editorials
With 42 million independent workers in the United States, the Freelancers Union's health plan may be a model for the future.

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Fancy building your own social network? 2.12.2011 BBC: Business
Fancy building your won social network?
Adapting is the key to India's success 2.12.2011 BBC: Business
Adapting is the key to India's success
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