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Android Director: 'We Have the First Natural-Sounding Synthesized Voice in the World' 4.7.2012 Wired Top Stories
Android Director: 'We Have the First Natural-Sounding Synthesized Voice in the World'
VIDEO: App for children who cannot speak 4.7.2012 BBC: Technology
New technology promises to give thousands of children who cannot speak a voice.
Organic growth 4.7.2012 GovernanceNow: Columns
It is very encouraging to see an upsurge of interest among various classes of consumers about organically grown food products. However, lest this interest evaporates soon, it might be useful to unders
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Patent trawler aims to predict next hot technologies 3.7.2012 New Scientist: Living World
Patent trawler aims to predict next hot technologies
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You’re the Boss Blog: A Tool to Ensure That Your College Investment Pays Off 3.7.2012 NY Times: Business
Campuszilla wants to bring clarity to the college search process — but it has a few issues to work out.

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FIFA: Soccer Refs Might Use Sensor Networks to Keep Score 3.7.2012 ReadWriteWeb
Should computer-controlled sensor arrays be used to keep referees from making bad calls? Officials of FIFA, soccer's international governing body, have called a special meeting to decide. Whether computer technology should be used to monitor goal lines has become an urgent question among soccer officials. During a match at the high-profile Euro 2012 tournament between Ukraine and England on June 19, a referee disallowed a Ukraine goal despite clear video evidence that the ball had crossed the goal line. Consequently, officals called a meeting in Zurich where, on July 5, they will discuss whether to adopt two systems that monitor goal lines and automatically issue an alert when the ball crosses. Officials Have Wavered Over Goal Line Technology Historically FIFA, which strongly influences soccer’s rules at the highest levels (including the World Cup), has opposed the use of sensor arrays to monitor goal lines. Questionable referee calls during the 2005 and 2009 seasons led the organization to ...
U.S. Patent Office Coming to Silicon Valley 3.7.2012 Inc
San Jose lands one of four new regional patent bureaus. While recent studies show that tech start-ups increasingly opt out of the historically burdensome patent process, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is finally taking action. Come 2014, Silicon Valley will get its own patent office. According to the San Francisco Chronicle , the PTO announced Monday that one of four satellite bureaus will open in San Jose. As part of the recently-passed Leahy-Smith America Invents Act , regional bureaus also will open in Detroit, Dallas, and Denver. The Silicon Valley office should be a welcome addition for tech entrepreneurs who previously have felt too far away from the time-intensive process, San Jose Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren told the Chronicle. “If you're a giant company, you've got the capacity to fly people to Washington," Lofgren said. "But if you're a start-up, it's a bigger burden." With the PTO establishing a much-needed presence in the Valley, entrepreneurs will now be able to ...
Chicago to get hyper-connected under Rahm Emanuel's grand Wi-Fi plan 3.7.2012 The Guardian -- World Latest
Emanuel plans to make entire downtown area wireless – the latest in a series of innovations from Chicago's ambitious mayor Rahm Emanuel, the hyperactive mayor of Chicago, is drawing up plans that would transform the city into one of the most wired urban centres in the world and affirm its status as the broadband backbone of America. Emanuel has instructed officials to examine the technical and financial implications of turning the whole of downtown Chicago into a wireless network zone. Under the plans, the city's traffic and street lights would be turned into smart polls, ensuring unbroken internet access throughout the city centre that would be extended underground across the entire CTA subway system. Combined with the already existing connectivity of Chicago's two great electronic trading exchanges – the Mercantile Exchange and Board of Options – the audacious plans would give Chicago, Emanuel believes, a huge strategic advantage. "We are the broadband backbone of America, right here. ...
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How Open Source Hardware Is Driving the 3D-Printing Industry 3.7.2012 ReadWriteWeb
The potential of 3D printing to transform the way we get things - the market is predicted to hit $3.1 billion in the next four years - gets a lot of press . But not much of that attention has focused on the unique role of open source hardware in enabling 3D printing to realize its promise. Open source software has been a key player in all kinds of disruptive technologies - from the Web to big data. Now the nascent and growing open source hardware movement is helping to power its own disruptive revolution. What Is Open Source Hardware? Open source hardware is a component or device that has been licensed to allow anyone to examine, duplicate and modify the hardware as they wish. The openness affects the intellectual property of the device. You can either download the specs and build the device or component yourself, or buy the hardware for a small assembly fee from a vendor. As with open source software, sharing is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. Open source hardware doesn’t get much ...
eMudhra gets certification to operate in Mauritius 3.7.2012 New Kerala: World News
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“We are awaiting cabinet nod for financing smart grid pilots” 3.7.2012 GovernanceNow: Interview
Satyanarayan (‘Sam) Gangaram Pitroda wears many hats: he is currently advisor to the prime minister on public information infrastructure and innovations (PIII) and chairman of the national in
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The Leanest Start-up in Silicon Valley 3.7.2012 Inc
Kurt Varner is like a lot of young men trying to launch a business. Except that he's living in his car. It's kind of a necessity, it's kind of a gimmick--and it's kind of working. This has been a disappointing day in Silicon Valley for Kurt Varner. Y Combinator, the elite accelerator for tech start-ups, gave him the kiss-off with a form e-mail. Poor work by the Ukrainian programmers building his product forced him to perform a transnational termination. Twitter co-founder Evan Williams canceled a meeting. And after Varner himself canceled a meeting with an iPhone app developer whose advice he had sought, the developer tweeted his irritation: "How to be a winner. Nag the crap out of somebody to get coffee with you and cancel at last minute once they agree." It is 20 minutes past midnight. At home, Varner has a new wife and a cat that love him. But Varner, 25, isn't going home. Instead, he swings his tan Honda Civic into the empty parking lane of a deserted, sparsely lit residential street in ...
Silicon Valley gets a patent office — but who will work there? 3.7.2012 GigaOM
The US Patent Office announced today that it's moving operations closer to America's innovation centers by opening new satellite offices in Dallas, Denver and San Jose. Here's a Q&A of what this means and why the new offices may face a staffing shortage.
Commerce Sciences Nabs $1.8M From Eric Schmidt, Joe Lonsdale To Make Online Shopping More Personal 3.7.2012 techCrunch
Commerce Sciences Nabs $1.8M From Eric Schmidt, Joe Lonsdale To Make Online Shopping More Personal
What Is Comprehensive Wealth Management? 2.7.2012 News
The world of financial services is built mostly around products and services. So it is often difficult for families to understand the concept of comprehensive wealth management. Advisors who offer comprehensive wealth management are like financial concierges. Their only goal is to meet your needs. If you ask for fresh strawberries, they try to find ...
The Confusing Comparison: Google vs. Amazon 2.7.2012 Wired Top Stories
The Confusing Comparison: Google vs. Amazon
Evidence of 'God particle' found 2.7.2012 CNN-IBN Top Stories
The discovery of the Higgs boson won't change people's lives, but will help explain the underpinnings of the universe.
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New European Guidelines to Address Cloud Computing 2.7.2012 International Herald Tribune: Business
The European Commission’s privacy panel will call on companies to offer audits that assure data protection.
Lead us out of our climate predicament? 2.7.2012 Guardian: Environment
Our only option is to lead from below. So what would you do to achieve the greatest progress in the fight against climate change? If you were in a burning office block and the management decided it was too much effort to evacuate, that everyone was too busy and would only be annoyed if interrupted, what would you do? I doubt you'd sit still. You'd start thinking of every possible way out. I suspect a surprising number would throw themselves unselfishly into the effort to find and save others. Fanciful? Not really. The only difference is scale. The building is so big – the earth and its atmosphere – and the fire in rooms that for some, temporarily lucky ones, are too distant for the threat to seem real. We stand in the retreating shadow of the dismal theatre played out by political leaders at the Rio+20 conference in Brazil . There is a bewildering, continuing failure of governments, the UK's own near the top of the list , to see that investment in a great, environmental transition ...
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How To Build A Successful Company From The Ground Up 2.7.2012 TechCrunch
How To Build A Successful Company From The Ground Up
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