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The Kids are All Right 9.12.2011 Inc
When Project Runway winner Chloe Dao's national spotlight faded, she needed help, but couldn't afford a consultant. Chloe Dao knew she needed help. But she didn't know where to find it. The owner of a Houston boutique called Lot 8 and the 2005 winner of Project Runway, Dao had just enjoyed a few flush years, thanks to a wave of postvictory publicity—including a spread in Elle and a showcase at the Smithsonian—and a lucrative contract selling women's sportswear on QVC. But by mid-2010, the national spotlight had faded, and the QVC contract had come to an end. "I was stuck with all this overhead and a fraction of the revenue," Dao says. "I needed an outside view of my business to figure out what to do next." Hiring a professional consultant was out of the question. The fees, which start at about $200 an hour, were way beyond her reach. Instead, she took a chance on some students at nearby Rice University. Like many other business schools across the country, Rice's Jones ...
Silicon Valley fighting proposed law pushed by Hollywood 9.12.2011 San Jose Mercury News: Breaking News
Silicon Valley is making one of its biggest grassroots lobbying pushes ever, with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, eBay, Zynga, Mozilla and AOL uniting with advocacy groups to fight a proposed law championed by Hollywood called the Stop Online Piracy Act.
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DreamBox Learning Closes $11 Million Round 9.12.2011 Inc
Acquired by Netflix CEO in 2010, the educational software company plans to introduce new products with the infusion of cash. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is pouring more money into online education software start-up DreamBox Learning. Hastings, a former ninth grade math teacher, bought the Bellevue, Washington-based start-up for an undisclosed price in April 2010. When the deal closed he kicked in another $10 million to the company. Hastings and Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr this month led an $11 million round for the five-year-old company, Hastings through his Charter School Growth Fund and Doerr through his private investment fund, not Kleiner Perkins. Dreambox, started by former Microsoft executive Ben Slivka and Lou Gray, former president of software company UIEvolution, plans to use the investment to expand the product and curriculum and increase distribution. Since fall 2010, half a million elementary school students used Dreambox to view more than 11 million lessons. ...
Utah business leaders want $128 million more for schools 9.12.2011 Salt Lake Tribune
By lisa schencker The Salt Lake Tribune Published Dec 8, 2011 01:56PM MDT Performance pay for teachers, more college scholarships, and ACT exams for all 11th graders are among more than a dozen items Utah’s business leaders want to see lawmakers fund this legislative session. Those items are all part of a proposal unveiled on Thursday by Prosperity 2020, a Utah business-led movement to invest in education that includes 15 chambers of commerce, among other partners. In all, the group wants to see lawmakers put an additional $128 million toward public schools and higher... ...
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Evidence Mounts to Back EPA Mercury Rules, With Annual Benefits of $50 to $130 billion 9.12.2011 Think Progres
By Daniel J. Weiss and Jackie Weidman We are a week away from the December 16th deadline for the Obama Administration to issue its final toxic air pollution reduction rules for coal fired power plants.  This comes more than two decades after President George H.W. Bush signed this public health protection into law as part [...]
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White House Release on Startup America 8.12.2011 News and Markets
Transcript of the White House's press release announcing $2 billion in resources to support job-creating startups.
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The Importance of Personal Branding 8.12.2011 News and Markets
As a startup with limited funds, it can be difficult to dominate your market. But you have something else that can help: your personal brand.
Mistakes: Your Greatest Untapped Resource 8.12.2011 Inc
Feel like a failure? Good. Check out why you should stop feeling bad about your mistakes, and start using them to be more successful. From the late Steve Jobs to Sir James Dyson, successful entrepreneurs often say repeated failure is the best (and sometimes only) way to true innovation. But according to Wharton School professor Paul Schoemaker, breaking away from the negative stigma attached to mistakes, especially in the business world, is easier said than done. In his new book, "Brilliant Mistakes", the decision sciences expert dives into what entrepreneurs and business leaders are really missing when they sweep mistakes under the rug. Here, he talks with's Nicole Carter. What is your definition of a mistake? Mistakes are defined in Webster's as, simply, a decision people regret. It's about a negative outcome. But in the real world, outcome is also influenced by chance. Take this example: A man plays the lottery and loses every week. His friends may call that repeated decision a ...
Evernote, Hello? This is an App Only Sheldon Cooper Would Love 8.12.2011 ReadWriteWeb
Evernote Hello is a fine example of a really good idea that, when executed, doesn't work at all well. In concept, Hello is brilliant. Who doesn't have a problem with remembering names, especially when you're at a party or work function and being introduced to a half-dozen people simultaneously? As I said, it's a really good idea, and the execution is almost perfect. However, Hello doesn't seem to have seen much real-world testing. While this seems like a perfect app for folks working in IT and meeting lots of people for business, it has a lot of problems that need to be sorted out first. Sponsor First Impressions of Hello Let's start with the good. Evernote Hello is easy to set up and use. Assuming you already have an Evernote account, it should take less than two minutes to download the iOS app and get it set up. The UI is pleasing, and the idea of "encounters" is interesting. I like the idea of being able to browse through faces and find someone's name. Once you have someone's ...
Helping Customers Help Themselves 8.12.2011 Inc
Your online customers need help, not template e-mails. This automated support tool learns your replies and gets smarter over time. One of the biggest challenges for any website is providing customers with help. If you're selling online, the last thing you want is for someone to abandon his or her shopping cart, start searching for your product elsewhere, or just close that browser tab because they can't get a quick answer. For a start-up, the biggest component of helping customers is usually time. If you're a lean organization with just a few people, anyone taking time to answer customer questions and e-mails—a vital part of making customers happy—is taking them away from their "other" job on the product, service, sales, or marketing end of the company. Enter nanoRep , a start-up service that starts with your own frequently-asked questions list and creates a knowledge base that it claims has 90 percent accuracy in identifying users' questions. NanoRep does this with Artificial ...
State helps SD companies seek research grants 8.12.2011 SFGate: Business & Technology
State helps SD companies seek research grants
Twitter Redesigns Around Four Concepts: Home Timeline, Connect, Discover, Me #LetsFly 8.12.2011 TechCrunch
Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 9.49.55 AMTwitter is starting to push out a significant redesign of its service that makes the interface simpler for all users across all of its platforms. The goal is to resolve complexity around concepts like the hashtag or the 'at' symbol. We're about to get a closer look here at the press event, but in the meantime Twitter has a new page up about the changes ( and a video, below. The four key elements are a new homepage timeline, an interface for easily finding context for hashtags, a better way to see anything related to you, and a slicker user profile (as well as a fuller-featured one for brands, apparently).
Blog - Much-Needed Perspective on the GM Volt Battery Fires 8.12.2011 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
250,000 vehicles catch fire on America's roads every year, and exactly none of them are electric. No electric car has ever caught fire under real-world conditions, but the battery packs of two Chevy Volts have in test crashes . The controversy that followed could have been predicted, unfortunately. For all our talk of embracing innovation, there is always someone ready to declare that the growing pains of disruptive new technologies are in fact their death knell. ...
Results of publicly funded research will be open access – science minister 8.12.2011 Guardian: Science
New policy announced by David Willetts to make research freely available challenges business models of academic publishers The government has signalled a revolution in scientific publishing by throwing its weight behind the idea that all publicly funded scientific research must be published in open-access journals . The policy is in the government document Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth published on Monday, which also includes plans for a series of cash prizes for teams to solve specific scientific challenges and a new £75m fund for small businesses to develop their ideas into commercial products. The commitment to making publicly funded research free to access is a direct challenge to the business models of the big academic publishing companies, which are the gatekeepers for the majority of high-quality scientific research. Previous attempts by open access publishers to break this stranglehold over the dissemination of scientific results have largely failed. The ...
Latest MapR 1.2 Distribution Prepares for a New Hadoop 8.12.2011 ReadWriteWeb
The astonishing speed at which the "big data" processing industry is evolving dwarfs anything we've ever seen with regard to software. Problems that stymied the best engineers just 18 short months ago are now commonplace tasks for modern data centers. Already, the systems envisioned by Google's and Yahoo's engineers are being prepared for the history books, as 2012 should bring forth the second generation of open source, scalable, big data processing. Which is why MapR Technologies' release this week of the next distribution of MapR - which includes a commercial implementation of Hadoop called M5 - is important, not for what it will do today, but for what it will enable tomorrow: Hadoop is gearing up for a kind of liver transplant, if you will, in the upcoming version 0.23. Sponsor The Hadoop system splits huge database tasks across multiple nodes in a data cluster. In this system, it's MapReduce's job to process data in parallel batches, and return results that are effectively ...
How An NBA Ban Fueled Our Business 8.12.2011 Inc
Last year, the NBA banned start-up APL's innovative basketball shoes and sales took off. Now what? One afternoon last October , Adam Goldston met with his twin brother, Ryan, in their company's Beverly Hills, California offices to draw up marketing plans. Back then, their sporting goods start-up, Athletic Propulsion Labs, faced a problem. It only sold one product. It was a basketball sneaker that the brothers branded as the Concept 1. The shoe came in two color schemes—green and black or green, white, and black. Priced at $300, it cost more than three times a basketball shoe's average price, according to data from the National Sporting Goods Association. But, as clinical tests had proven, the sneaker could elevate the average athlete's vertical leap by one to three inches because of a compression-force technology that the brothers—former USC basketball players—spent four years inventing. Since the sneaker's debut in March 2010, APL had sold a couple thousand of the shoes. ...
Novartis complex to fuse art, technology 8.12.2011 Boston Globe: Business
Novartis complex to fuse art, technology
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Invest the 4G auction windfall in British science and technology 8.12.2011 Guardian: Comment is Free
We are still a world leader when it comes to scientific discovery. Let's use the 4G proceeds to get the knowledge economy going The government has just published its Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth , promising some technological steps designed to help rebalance the UK economy. The gilt-edged opportunity to do this, however, rather than just talk about it will fall into the coalition's laps next year. The forthcoming roll-out of fourth generation (4G) mobile telephony – an auction of airwaves to the phone operators – will mean a multibillion pound windfall for the government. And if Messrs Cameron and Osborne are serious about an economy built on discovery and invention, rather than just debt and finance, that windfall should be reinvested in British science and engineering. The shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, was on record this week discussing Labour's decision to use the proceeds from the 3G auction in 2000 to help pay down the national debt, recalling it as a sensible decision ...
Hollywood star whose invention paved the way for Wi-Fi 8.12.2011 New Scientist: News
Hollywood star whose invention paved the way for Wi-Fi
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Understanding the economic crisis 8.12.2011 Le Monde Diplomatique
What are the stories right now that you think people either aren't paying enough attention to, or about which we have the wrong view?
On this side of the Atlantic, we are mesmerized by the fiscal dimensions of the global economic crisis and not nearly attentive enough to what will be required to ensure the U.S. remains competitive and capable of robust economic growth over the longer term.  Above all, that will require large investments in human capital and public infrastructure, since these (...) - Open page
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