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How to avoid information overload 21.11.2012 BBC: Technology
How to be inventive in an age of information overload
Google’s Glass Gets a Competitor 21.11.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
A company already in the business of selling wearable displays will launch its own consumer gadget next year—but the format is still unproven. Google stunned the technology industry this year when it revealed its plans to sell Google Glass, eyeglass frames that put a small computer display in a person’s field of vision. But some less well-known companies have been selling wearable displays for years, with the military as a dedicated customer, and one is now launching a rival product with a similar design. The move could be seen as a validation of Google’s idea, but that still doesn’t mean consumers will warm to such gadgets. ...
Silicon Valley is still No.1 for startups, but gap is shrinking, study reports 21.11.2012 San Jose Mercury News: News
Silicon Valley remains the world's most attractive spot for technology startups, but other locations around the world are catching up, according to a report published Tuesday.
Blazing a legal trail to help improve health care 21.11.2012 Washington Post: Politics

Ariane Tschumi has spent more than a year in government as a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF), taking on challenging assignments at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) designed to develop her leadership skills and give her a window into how government operates.

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Silicon Valley, New York, Tel Aviv: Here's the World's Start-up Hubs 20.11.2012 Inc
A new report reveals that Silicon Valley outpaces all other start-up ecosystems but cities around the world are catching up. Silicon Valley still dominates all other innovation hubs, but cities around the world including Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and New York are catching up--building their own successful start-up ecosystems, according to a new report released Tuesday. Using data compiled and analyzed by the Startup Genome , a collaborative R&D project founded in 2011, the 125-page report ranks the top 20 start-up ecosystems across eight different indexes including start-up output, funding, performance, talent, support, mindset, trendsetting, and differentiation from Silicon Valley. As the report indicates, entrepreneurship is not only growing, but also growing globally in diverse start-up hubs that didn't exist several years ago. Below are a few of the study’s highlights: 1. Silicon Valley ranks first across all eight indexes. Among Silicon Valley’s biggest advantage is ...
How to License Great Technology 20.11.2012 Inc
You don't necessarily need teams of hotshot coders and scientists to bring your big idea to life. Consider licensing already-existing technology instead. There's a popular image of entrepreneurs as brilliant coders or scientists, working round the clock to perfect some seemingly-obscure bit of technology that will nonetheless change the world. It doesn't have to be that way. Another tack is to find the technology you need -- or important pieces of it -- at university research labs, which, not incidentally, are not funded by you. In 2011 alone, universities pulled in more than $1.8 billion in licensing income from faculty- and student- generated innovation. But how do you find the right university to wrok with? Are there some universities better to approach than others? How do you know who’s got the goods and who doesn’t? The perennial powerhouses such as MIT, Northwestern, and the University of California system are expert at generating licensing deals and launching startups, ...
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Obama's re-election campaign topped 2008 efforts to raise $700m online 20.11.2012 The Guardian -- World Latest
Jim Messina claims team had built 'biggest grassroots campaign in history' and says future of political operations is digital The Chicago-based team that helped Barack Obama secure a second term in the White House raised $700m online – 70% of the total – exceeding even its own record-breaking heights of 2008. Jim Messina, the campaign manager of Obama for America, the president's re-election team, said that online fundraising had surpassed the historic sums raised four years ago by more than $200m. He said that the massive cash-raising operation underlined that the future of political campaigning was digital. "Campaigns will spend more and more of their money online every cycle from now until it reaches parity with television advertising," Messina said. Speaking at a Politico breakfast , Messina boasted that his team had built "the biggest grassroots campaign in modern American history". The concept, he insisted, came directly from Obama who from "the very first day he offered me this ...
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The Future of 3-D Printing Depends on Hipsters 20.11.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
The best scenario for 3-D printing involves a market for artisanal manufacturing. It’s a good thing that 3-D printing startup MakerBot is based in Brooklyn, because the next phase of the burgeoning industry depends on the hipsters and yuppies-playing-hipster that the borough attracts. Why? Because when the rubber meets the road, most people don’t really want to create their own stuff. And so the next step for 3-D printing must include moving beyond tinkerers and nerds and toward consumers. So who will pay upfront hardware costs for the delivery of low quality but highly differentiated, artisanal goods? The same people who buy local and organic, who buy T-shirts from Threadless , and who want to know the story behind their cup of coffee. This point is meant to be agnostic on the question of whether 3-D printing will or won’t amount to a manufacturing revolution (though I have my doubts, and here are arguments for and against ). But consider this bit from Chris Anderson’s fawning  Wired  cover ...
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One Thing I Wish I Knew Before Going Global 20.11.2012 Inc
Otterbox CEO talks about a lesson he learned the hard way after expanding his business overseas. Ideally, the first steps to becoming a global brand start well before product or people are in-market. But protecting innovations across the globe is tricky and expensive, so it often does not become priority until it's too late. OtterBox is all about protection--that's what we do. When it came to going global however, we weren't as diligent in protecting our brand as we were in protecting mobile technology. We are well covered today, but that is because of a lot of hard work, long hours and not insignificant expense. If I knew then what I know now I would have invested earlier in filing for trademarks and patents in all regions we operated. With different rules, regulations and processes in nearly every country, the complexity and expense of protecting intellectual property globally can be paralyzing to a young, growth-stage company but the potential harm is much more costly. Trademark ...
How Aetna is using big data to improve patient health 20.11.2012 GigaOM
How Aetna is using big data to improve patient health
Can A Corporate Giant Help Your Startup Succeed? 20.11.2012 ReadWriteWeb
Many startups are dedicated to disrupting the businesses of established enterprises by leveraging innovative ideas, processes and strategies. Big businesses, in turn, either ignore pesky startups or consider them possible competitors to be squashed - or, best case, acquired - as quickly and efficiently as possible. But with competition keener than ever, those insular views are changing. A few far-sighted big businesses are starting to reach out to startups to fund, partner, mentor, exchange ideas and share expertise in areas such as marketing and brand awareness — especially in the field of technology. And that offers new opportunities for savvy startups willing to be frenemies with giant enterprises. These three companies - Mondelēz International, Volkswagen and SAP - are helping lead the way. Mondelēz International “We feel strongly that startup entrepreneurs are some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the mobile space,” says Ed Kaczmarek, Director of Innovation and Emerging ...
Shrinking Big Data Challenges: Enterprise Storage Startup, Qumulo, Raises $24.5M Series A Led By Highland Capital Partners 20.11.2012 techCrunch
Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 12.00.23Seattle-based enterprise data storage startup Qumulo, which was only founded back in March and has been in a quasi-stealthy state ever since, has raised its voice to announce a $24.5 million Series A financing round today, led by Highland Capital Partners. Madrona Venture Group and Valhalla Partners are also participating in the round -- Valhalla having previously contributed seed funding.
India Ink: Colleges Turn to Crowd-Sourcing Courses 20.11.2012 NYT > World
Free online courses appeal to students in India.
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Genetic Screening Can Uncover Risky Matches at the Sperm Bank 20.11.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories

A startup called GenePeeks will identify recessive diseases that could show up in children of sperm-bank clients and donors.

Within the next year, women choosing a sperm donor may be able to use a genetic-analysis service that identifies those with DNA that could cause disease if combined with their own.

Nintendo’s Wii U, Tablets, and Gaming 20.11.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
Which company can hack the nexus where Apple and Nintendo meet? I write sometimes about Nintendo, and I write sometimes (okay, often) about Apple, but rarely do I mention them in the same breath, or blog post. Both are players in hardware, to be sure, but they inhabit totally different regions in my mind. Nintendo makes gaming consoles. Apple makes iPhones. Sure, gaming consoles can connect to the web nowadays, and iPhones can play video games. But surely the companies aren’t competitors, in any direct sense, I’ve always thought. Their provinces are adjacent, but autonomous. ...
'Wise guys' turn oil into knowledge 20.11.2012 BBC: Business
Can oil really be recycled into knowledge?
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Jail Looms for Man Who Revealed AT&T Leaked iPad User E-Mails 20.11.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
The case highlights a troubling disconnect between online life and the rule of the law. AT&T screwed up in 2010, serving up the e-mail addresses of over 110,000 of its iPad 3G customers online for anyone to find. But today Andrew Auernheimer, an online activist who pointed out AT&T’s blunder to Gawker Media, which went on to publicize the breach of private information , is the one in federal court this week. ...
The Sudden Departure of Intel's CEO 20.11.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
Intel has made strides on mobile chips, but apparently not fast enough to win market share. Intel is a very well-run and methodical company that likes to carefully manage big moments like CEO transitions. So it was surprising to see today that the company appeared to be surprised by CEO Paul Otellini's decision to retire in May at age 62 . There is no clear successor. ...
Google: Don't Let Trolls Exploit Flaws in the Patent System 20.11.2012 Wired Top Stories
Google: Don't Let Trolls Exploit Flaws in the Patent System
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How Friction May Someday Charge Your Cell Phone 20.11.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
A nanogenerator made from inexpensive materials harvests mechanical energy and produces enough power to charge personal electronics. The phenomenon that causes a painful shock when you touch metal after dragging your shoes on the carpet could someday be harnessed to charge personal electronics. Researchers at Georgia Tech have created a device that takes advantage of static electricity to convert movement—like a phone bouncing around in your pocket—into enough power to charge a cell phone battery. It is the first demonstration that these kinds of materials have enough oomph to power personal electronics. Excess energy produced when you walk, fidget, or even breathe can, in theory, be scavenged to power medical implants and other electronics. However, taking advantage of the energy in these small motions is challenging. Zhong Lin Wang , a professor of materials science at Georgia Tech, has been working on the problem for several years, mostly focusing on piezoelectric materials that ...
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