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Careful! Hundreds of scams abound online after Boston bombing 18.4.2013 MSNBC
Careful! Hundreds of scams abound online after Boston bombing
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Q&A: How Kaplan’s TechStars ed tech accelerator plans to get to the head of the class 18.4.2013 GigaOM
Q&A: How Kaplan’s TechStars ed tech accelerator plans to get to the head of the class
Sat-nav warns of cyclist crash risks 18.4.2013 BBC: Front Page
A new sat-nav system targeted at lorry owners warns drivers when they are approaching an area where they are at greatest risk of hitting a cyclist.
Google Fiber headed to Provo, Utah 18.4.2013 Washington Post
Google said Wednesday that it plans to make Provo, Utah its third Google Fiber City. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company announced that it will take its high-speed gigabit Internet service to Provo by taking over an existing fiber-optic network there. The official launch of the service is delayed, pending a vote by the Provo City Council scheduled for Tuesday. ...
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San Mateo: Draper University welcomes first class of entrepreneurial 'superheroes' 18.4.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
Draper University of Heroes greeted its inaugural class Wednesday at the refurbished Benjamin Franklin Hotel in downtown San Mateo. From its grandiose name to an offbeat curriculum that includes go-cart racing and survival training, the quarterly school is a distillation of maverick venture capitalist Tim Draper's anything-goes personality.
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The Trouble With Crowdfunding 18.4.2013 Personal Finance News
It's about one year since President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (the “JOBS Act”), designed to help new companies raise capital and go public. For individual investors the most troublesome provisions of the law relate to crowdfunding--a term not defined in the law, but popularly used to mean raising money online for a variety of purposes. Since the JOBS Act passed, crowdfunding has been on a roll. But don't believe the hype; it is far from a start-up fundraising panacea. In the guest post below, Brian Korn, a securities lawyer with Pepper Hamilton, explains why crowdfunding is not all it's cracked up to be.
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US team's battery 'breakthrough' 17.4.2013 BBC: Science
Researchers believe they have found a way to radically shrink the size of batteries while offering the same amount of power and faster recharges than at present.
Gmail, Google Drive and Apps suffer partial outage 17.4.2013 MSNBC
Gmail, Google Drive and Apps suffer partial outage
Productivity App Wunderlist Is Launching A Paid, Pro Version Aimed At Business Users 17.4.2013 TechCrunch
Wunderlist 2 iPhone & AndroidAs the world of productivity and calendaring apps continues to get more crowded, one of the bigger players from Europe stepping up its game: Wunderlist, the to-do app with 9 million downloads to date, is planning to launch a Pro version of its currently free service. Initially aimed at helping with collaboration and task management for small businesses, Wunderlist Pro will be the first paid product from Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder, which has found a loyal following on around its concept of making an easy-to-use, super simple app -- or, in the words of founder and CEO Christian Reber, your "best buddy," not a piece of technology.
Opinionator | Fixes: A Talk With Muhammad Yunus 17.4.2013 NY Times: Editorials
Opinionator | Fixes: A Talk With Muhammad Yunus
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I bought the fastest server so why is my app slow? 17.4.2013 GigaOM
I bought the fastest server so why is my app slow?
Spain’s Siri-challenger Sherpa learns English, arrives in the U.S. 17.4.2013 GigaOM
Spain’s Siri-challenger Sherpa learns English, arrives in the U.S.
How Pixar Used Moore's Law to Predict the Future 17.4.2013 Wired Top Stories
How Pixar Used Moore's Law to Predict the Future
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Microsoft signs Foxconn patent deal 17.4.2013 BBC: Front Page
Taiwanese electronics assembly giant Hon Hai - owner of Foxconn - agrees to pay Microsoft a patent fee for devices made running Google's operating systems.
British Gas: put your questions to the head of residential energy 17.4.2013 Guardian: Environment
We are meeting British Gas on Friday to talk about its strategy and consumer relations. What would you ask? It's been a long cold winter, forcing many of us to think about our energy use and its cost. Another round of price rises late in 2012 – and warnings that more are to come – have put the spotlight on energy firms, their profits, and how they deal with customers . British Gas remains the UK's biggest energy firm, supplying around 12m homes and 1m businesses. It says it aims to deepen its relationships with "customers through value for money, better service and innovation". In recent years it has rolled out technology enabling customers to use their phones to turn their heating off and save money, and launched tariffs based on monthly meter readings. It has also attracted criticism, along with other energy firms, for increasing its profit margins . On Friday, I will be meeting British Gas's head of residential energy, Ian Peters, to talk about the firm's strategy and how it is ...
Grassroot-level innovations may hold the key to global challenges 17.4.2013 Guardian: Environment
Development professionals should help spread the ideas that are effective in solving problems but often remain in obscurity Low tech, grassroot-level innovations may hold the key to overcoming some of the resource challenges we face today; and we might be missing them. The solutions below are some exceptional examples of grassroots level innovations. The question is – how many other potential world changing solutions have remained in obscurity at source, never replicating sufficiently to make a significant change? Combating climate change, water and food security in arid regions A single farmer in Burkina Faso started an agricultural revolution in the semi-desert area where he lives , which has spread to other parts of Burkina Faso and into neighbouring countries. The 'tree farming' approach he championed (by personally travelling to around 100 other villages by motorbike) has re-greened millions of acres in the dry Sahel region; enough so that the effects can be seen from outer space. ...
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Google Ventures-Backed Messaging Startup,, Launches iOS App In 155 Countries/32 Languages, Aiming To Rattle Social's Cage 17.4.2013 techCrunch
justme_logo_mediumFollowing its beta launch at the end of January,, the mobile messaging startup from Keith Teare, co-founder of TechCrunch and partner at incubator Archimedes Labs, has launched its first app, available initially for iPhones and iPod Touch. had planned on an earlier release of the app but said today it held back so it could launch at DEMO Mobile to garner more attention.
As Boston bombing photos and videos pour in, where do investigators begin? 17.4.2013 MSNBC
As Boston bombing photos and videos pour in, where do investigators begin?
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Bitcoin challenges the status quo 17.4.2013 BBC: Technology
The activist betting on the online currency's future despite recent price swings
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Crowd funding could open doors -- and raise risk -- for small businesses 17.4.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Business
To raise $15,000 for a new business venture, Sacramento artist Danny Scheible went the route of many creative professionals: crowd funding.
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