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UMR a finalist for innovation award 3.10.2012 Post-Bulletin: Local News
The University of Minnesota Rochester is a finalist for a 2012 Tekne Award from the Minnesota High Tech Association.

UMR was recognized in the EdTech category for its innovative intelligent System for Education Assessment and
MoveEye: It’s like Google Glass for your TV remote 3.10.2012 GigaOM
MoveEye aims to revolutionize the tv remote control process, getting rid of items like keyboards and mice by using Google-esque glasses and software to let consumers direct their television or computer screens with remote hand gestures. The company has patents pending but isn't commercially available.
Inventor's Dilemma 2.10.2012 Inc
A 3D printer knew its technology would let customers' imaginations run wild. But it never anticipated anyone would come up with this. Most people who want a gun go to a dealer. Others are a little more do-it-yourself. One online group wants to "create freely available plans for 3D printable guns ." Sort of a "Have Printer, Will Travel" concept. Only, the effort has been temporarily stopped in its tracks. How the whole incident unfolded offers an object lesson for any start-up that both uses and trades in technology. The online collective, called Defense Distributed, had leased an appropriate printer from Stratasys for $20,000 and was getting ready to fire it up, when Stratasys said that printing ready-to-fire weapons wasn't an appropriate use of the printer. So the company told Cody Wilson, director of the group, that it wanted the printer returned, according to the Wired story. Wilson argued that the use wasn't illegal and that the guns wouldn't be for sale. Stratasys's legal counsel wrote ...
Design to 'harpoon satellites' 2.10.2012 BBC News - Science & Environment
UK engineers are developing a system to harpoon rogue or redundant satellites and pull them out of the sky.
Perforce Aims to Bring Git to the Enterprise 2.10.2012 techCrunch
Perforce Aims to Bring Git to the Enterprise
Pakistan plans to suspend YouTube 2.10.2012 Delicious popular
Risky Ideas to Fight Corruption! #Testing123 2.10.2012 Global Voices
The Global Integrity Innovation fund is not a typical call for projects. It is something else! #Testing123 is looking for crazy, risky, challenging and brand new ideas to fight corruption. Written by Renata Avila · comments (0) Share: Donate · facebook · twitter · reddit · StumbleUpon · delicious ·...
Hey IT Manager, We're Your Friends 2.10.2012 ReadWriteWeb
You know who you are. You are the employee who ignores mandates from the IT department. You use your own devices and apps to get the job done, company policies be hanged. The IT manager might call you a problem employee, but actually you are part of the solution. The mobile elite is what Forrester Research, in a report commissioned by Unisys , calls tech-savvy, early-adopter employees: “Mobile elite workers are those who make the most intensive use of multiple personally acquired technologies for work and who use them for improving their work with customers and business partners. Those technologies include smartphones, tablets, home computers and non-authorized software applications and web/cloud services.” This elite is an outgrowth of the fact that powerful digital technology is readily available at your local consumer electronics emporium. Consumers who buy this equipment often see no reason to use something lesser just because an employer wants them to. Indeed, Forrester found that 52% ...
Plan for X-Factor tech TV show 2.10.2012 BBC: Technology
An X-Factor for Tech TV show is reportedly being considered by Simon Cowell and musician
Inside the Obama Campaign's All-Knowing Hard Drive 2.10.2012 Mother Jones
DURING THE 736 DAYS beginning May 9, 2010 , Harper Reed walked an average of 8,513 steps, reaching a high mark of 26,141 on September 13, 2010, and a low of 110 on April 21 of this year. (His excuse: broken pedometer.) On that day, Reed, age 34.33 as of this writing, sent one tweet , 55 below his average . Reed was traveling from Chicago to Colorado, where he grew up, where he has spent 39.5 percent of his time away from home since 2002, and where, in 1990, he attended his first concert (David Bowie, McNichols Arena, row HH, seat 8). He has read 558 books in three years—roughly 1,350 pages per week at a cost of 4 cents per page. On May 11, 2011, he slept 14.8 hours before waking up at precisely 2:47 p.m. It was a personal best. FLOWCHART: How Obama for America Gets to Know Jane Q. Voter On his site, where he describes himself as " pretty awesome ," Reed painstakingly tabulates everything from his weight to his exact location. A certifiable hipster with gauged earlobes and an occasionally ...
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Men Who Stare at Votes 2.10.2012 Mother Jones
Also read a profile of Harper Reed , the Obama campaign's tech guru, and see our flowchart of how OFA gathers data on prospective voters. Last fall, a tech-savvy startup burst onto the scene with a hiring spree: "We are looking for analytics engineers and scientists in our Chicago headquarters to work on text analytics, social network/media analysis, web personalization, computational advertising, and online experiments & testing." Since then, Obama for America (OFA) quietly has added dozens of positions that never would have existed 10 years ago—titles like chief scientist, director of modeling, battleground states election analyst, and chief integration and innovation officer. Here's what they do: Joe Rospars , Chief digital strategist Howard Dean's lasting political legacy isn't the "I have a scream" speech; it's Blue State Digital , the tech consulting firm founded by Rospars and other ex-Deaniacs soon after the 2004 election that was the first serious effort by Democrats ...
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Samsung sues Apple over iPhone 5 2.10.2012 BBC: Business
Samsung sues Apple over eight patents which it says are being infringed by the US company's latest handset, the iPhone 5.
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The Cold Facts About a Hot Commodity: LNG 2.10.2012 The Oil Drum
This is a guest post by Bill White. Bill is a Researcher/Writer, The Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects (OFC) Exhibit 1. A tanker docked at the Nikiski, Alaska, LNG plant. Photo courtesy of ConocoPhillips Liquefied natural gas is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable form of methane. As fuels go, it's pretty cool. Actually, LNG is colder than Antarctica on winter solstice. Methane is chilled to about minus 260 degrees — a temperature that transforms it from a vapor to a liquid, compressing its volume 600 times to make it more economical to store for later use or to ship long distances from countries endowed with natural gas to those starved for the fuel. That's the broad story of LNG — a case of Adam Smith capitalism at work. But in the details, the LNG story is a tale of brilliant physicists, savvy government engineers and entrepreneurial risk takers. LNG's back story includes a Nobel Prize, anxiety about ...
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We Can't All Be in Google's Kansas: A Plan for Winning the Bandwidth Race 2.10.2012 Wired Top Stories
We Can't All Be in Google's Kansas: A Plan for Winning the Bandwidth Race
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Samsung Strikes Back Against Apple: Files Patent Suit Against iPhone 5 In U.S. Court 2.10.2012 TechCrunch
iPhone 5As expected, Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple's latest iPhone -- the iPhone 5 -- alleging the smartphone infringes patents it holds. Commenting on the action in a statement given to Reuters, Samsung said: "We have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights."
Russia: Philanthropy Through Advertising 2.10.2012 Global Voices
The project “A Minute of Your Day for Good” ( was launched in November 2011. Users of the platform can accrue "charity minutes," which advertisers later honor in cash. Aleksey Melnicheck, co-founder of, spoke to Evgeny Voropai of Greenhouses of Social Technologies about the problems of virtual charity in Russia and Western trends in fundraising.
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HP has limited options 2.10.2012 SFGate: Business & Technology
HP has limited options Investors, customers, and employees better hope Whitman starts channeling Lou Gerstner, the former IBM chairman who helped rescue that troubled icon. Today, HP is sitting on debt just under $30 billion with a market cap hovering around $34 billion. (This figure does not include privately held companies.) While several of these deals worked well, including 3PAR (storage management), 3Com (networking), and Mercury Interactive (testing software), many others never lived up to their hype: Bluestone (software), Verifone (electronic bill payment systems) and Indigo Systems (commercial printing), to name just a few. (Apple customers buy hardware products but they're really paying for software innovation.) Since 2000, HP has spent over $20 billion to buy more than 30 software companies, yet it has been unable to create a viable software business. With the $25 billion acquisition of Compaq in 2001, HP was able to create the illusion of scale and proclaim that it was the largest IT ...
Glitch may have led supercomputer to historic chess victory 2.10.2012 MSNBC
A computer glitch might have led to the supercomputer Deep Blue's famous upset victory over chess grand master Garry Kasparov in 1997, according to an IBM employee quoted in a new book. ...
Kaler shares university's business savvy at D.C. forum 2.10.2012 Star Tribune: Business
President tells federal officials of U's entrepreneurial successes.
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Disney: Guarding the legacy in the digital age 2.10.2012 BBC: Business
How to keep the legacy alive in the digital age
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