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Infringement case: Jury rules for Apple, orders Samsung to pay $1.05B 25.8.2012 Salt Lake Tribune
By PAUL ELIAS The Associated Press Published Aug 24, 2012 05:46PM MDT San Jose, Calif. • After a year of scorched-earth litigation, a jury decided Friday that Samsung ripped off the innovative technology used by Apple to create its revolutionary iPhone and iPad. The jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion. An appeal is expected. Apple Inc. filed its patent infringement lawsuit in April 2011 and engaged legions of the country’s highest-paid patent lawyers to demand $2.5 billion from its top smartphone competitor. Samsung Electronics Co. fired back with its... ...
What Apple's victory over Samsung means 25.8.2012 The Guardian -- World Latest
US firm may now go after Motorola and HTC, while Android considered likely to continue to dominate smartphone market For Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, who took over from Steve Jobs a year ago, the court victory over Samsung will have been sweet. Normally, patent disputes rarely produce clean victories. But the decision by the nine-member jury in San Jose, just a few miles from Apple's headquarters, is dramatic. Apple had been suing Samsung for $2.5bn in damages, claiming Samsung's phones and tablets copied its devices' behaviour and appearance; Samsung counter-claimed about $200m, saying the iPhone and iPad used its wireless 3G standard technologies, and methods for tasks such as sending a photo by email from a phone. Apple won on almost every count it claimed; Samsung, on absolutely none. It was a dramatic demonstration of the home court advantage. Samsung Electronics can bear the $1.05bn in damages – in the second quarter of this year alone its operating profit was $5.86bn – but ...
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Bits Blog: Responses to the Trial 25.8.2012 NY Times: Business
Early reactions evaluate the landmark trial between Apple and Samsung: How enormous a win is this? And what could it mean for the tech industry overall?

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Apple crushes Samsung in quest for global tech domination | Dan Gillmor 25.8.2012 Guardian: Comment is Free
A US jury has rubberstamped Apple's exploitation of the patent system. But Samsung's $1bn loss will cost consumers dear A home-town jury has given Apple the world , or at least the United States, in its campaign to control smart phone and tablet market. Samsung, which decisively lost the highest-profile case to date in Apple's sue-everywhere strategy against the Android operating system, will surely appeal the verdict handed down the San Jose, California, federal court on Friday afternoon. And even if Samsung ultimately has to pay the $1bn judgement , the company can afford it. But we're likely to see a ban on many mobile devices from Samsung and other manufacturers in the wake of this case, as an emboldened Apple tries to create an unprecedented monopoly. If so, the ultimate loser will be competition in the technology marketplace, with even more power accruing to a company that already has too much. The jury's quick decision – just two days of deliberations in an immensely complex ...
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Apple awarded over $1bn in Samsung patent infringement trial 25.8.2012 The Guardian -- Front Page
Jury finds that critical features of smartphone and tablet design were copied and dismisses South Korean firm's counterclaims Apple has been awarded more than $1bn in damages after its rival smartphone and tablet manufacturer Samsung was found to have copied critical features of its iPhone and iPad. The US jury stunned observers by returning a decision after just two and a half days' deliberation following four weeks of legal argument. The jurors rejected every single one of the South Korean company's patent claims, and backed Apple's claim that Samsung had breached US antitrust laws by trying to keep its wireless patents as a monopoly. The decision means that Apple has gained a major weapon in its fight against Samsung, which is the biggest maker of smartphones and mobile phones in the world, and the biggest of the Android handset makers. The verdict will also be a key platform in Apple's ongoing court battles with other Android smartphone companies, including HTC and Motorola. ...
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Apple wins $1 billion victory over Samsung 25.8.2012 San Jose Mercury News: News
Federal jury declares South Korean competitor's smart phones, tablets copied Apple patents, and experts say Apple could see up to $3 billion award.
Jury rules for Apple in its huge smartphone patent infringement case involving Samsung 25.8.2012 Star Tribune: Business
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Verdict reached for Apple in Samsung case 25.8.2012 Star Tribune: Latest
After a year of scorched-earth litigation, a jury decided Friday that Samsung ripped off the innovative technology used by Apple to create its revolutionary iPhone and iPad.
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Verdict reached in epic Apple vs. Samsung case 25.8.2012 Nation
SAN JOSE, Calif.—A verdict was reached Friday in the epic smartphone patent infringement case involving Apple and Samsung and will be announced
TV & Video Are Hooking Up 24.8.2012 Inc
A new offering from Roku could make smart TVs mainstream. Anthony Wood predicts that four years from now, the bulk of television viewing will come through the Internet. And his new product could help put Internet TV over the top. Wood's company, Roku, which is based in Saratoga, California, sells set-top boxes that stream online movies and shows to customers' TV sets. This fall, Roku is launching the Streaming Stick, which Wood hopes will lead the charge to make Internet TV--and his company's technology--ubiquitous. Although Internet-connected, or smart, televisions have been on the market for years, they haven't caught on as quickly as anticipated. One obstacle is that people hang on to their televisions for six to eight years. Plus, Internet-connected TVs are often more expensive and complicated to use. Even among those who purchase smart TVs, only about half use them to connect to the Internet, according to Forrester Research. With the Streaming Stick, which costs as little as $50, ...
Top Black Entrepreneurs of the 2012 Inc. 5000 24.8.2012 Inc
These 10 fast-growing, private companies are led by black entrepreneurs, most of whom are forging a decisive path in the government services industry. These 10 fast-growing, private companies are led by black entrepreneurs, most of whom are forging a decisive path working with the government. Many take lessons they learned in the military and apply them to running a successful business. --Abigail Tracy Integrated Finance and Accounting Solutions (IFAS) Woodbridge, Va. No. 705 2011 Revenue: $4.1 million Three-Year Growth: 501% A former financial officer in the military, Tabatha Turman always envisioned herself as her own boss and became a consultant right after her service. She took the next big step in 2007 when she launched IFAS, which uses finance and accounting strategies to help companies build business models. She has commercial and government clients, including the U.S. Air force. "I needed to do what the army had trained me to do," says Turman. "Provide services to the war fighter and ...
Indian-American selected as Presidential Innovation Fellow 24.8.2012 Hindu: International
Indian-American entrepreneur Karl Mehta has been selected among the 18 ‘Presidential Innovation Fellows’ who will work on five ‘high-impact’ projects in the US capital.Selected from an appl...
CEO: Medtronic's focus paying off 24.8.2012 Star Tribune: Business
The company must move beyond making devices, Omar Ishrak said, to providing technology and services across health care.
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U. of Utah holds out hat for tech transfer 24.8.2012 Salt Lake Tribune
By Brian Maffly The Salt Lake Tribune Published Aug 23, 2012 04:59PM MDT At a time when the University of Utah is tapping the philanthropic community to fund scholarships and buildings for research, academics, athletics and cultural amenities, the school this week added another request: funding for technology commercialization. Money donated to a new Gateway Crimson Innovation Fund will help push university inventions, such as medical devices and treatments, drugs, energy technologies and software, into the marketplace. Officials are seeking “venture philanthropists... ...
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Cloning the MakerBot Is Legal, But Does That Make It Right? 24.8.2012 Wired Top Stories
Cloning the MakerBot Is Legal, But Does That Make It Right?
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I Didn’t Build That: Ryan Event Host Touts Federal Support Of His Business 24.8.2012 Think Progres
Vice Presidential pick Paul Ryan was put in an awkward position on Thursday when one of the speakers at his own campaign event bragged about getting government funding to help build his business. Scott Perry is President of the Partnership for Defense Innovation, which recieved $7.5 million in earmarks over three years — under both [...]
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Location privacy bill passed by California Assembly - 24.8.2012 privacy - Google News
Location privacy bill passed by California Assembly A bill that would require law enforcement agencies to obtain a search warrant when they want to collect location information from electronic devices, such as data from GPS devices and GPS on cellphones, was passed by the California Assembly this week. Landmark California Location- Privacy Bill Nears Governor's Desk Wired News California approves Location Privacy Act: 'Get a warrant' ZDNet California state legislature approves Location Privacy Act Ars Technica LSU The Reveille Reason all 11 news ...
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Rhode Islander picked as innovation fellow 24.8.2012 Boston Globe: Rhode Island
Rhode Islander picked as innovation fellow
114 Entrepreneurs On 1 Train For 8 Hours Pitching Ideas 23.8.2012 ReadWriteWeb
Think an elevator pitch is hard ? Try selling your vision with a beer in each hand, balancing in the aisle of a train barreling north at 80 mph. That's exactly the challenge posed by Geeks on a Train , a veritable Nerd Express from Portland, Ore., to Vancouver, where passengers "rethink business" among like-minded entrepreneurs and investors. The destination was Dealmaker Media's GROW 2012 conference , a summit of startup rock stars and wannabe-rock stars raring to pitch, invest and innovate their hearts out in Vancouver. Sprinkled among the travelers were some stand-out personalities that had ample opportunity to shine in the close quarters, including Silicon Valley super angel Dave McClure; Scott Kveton of Urban Airship; Rick Turoczy, curator of the Portland Incubator Experiment and lolcat king Ben Huh, CEO of I Can Haz Cheezburger. The final headcount was a raucous, adventuresome 100+ founders, investors, entrepreneurs, bloggers, developers and designers. All (geeks) aboard, the #PDX ...
What's it cost for government to tell us what it's up to? 23.8.2012 LA Times: Opinion
What's it cost for government to tell us what it's up to?
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