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Will Google Catalogs Kill E-commerce as We Know It? 11.10.2011 Careers
The search-engine giant's new catalog app has the potential of sending middlemen retailers with no unique product packing. That's the stark prediction of one e-commerce expert at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York.
Jobs Council Zeroes in on Entrepreneurs 11.10.2011 Capital
Jobs Council Zeroes in on Entrepreneurs ropes in SAP Ventures for latest venture round 11.10.2011 GigaOM just closed additional Series D funding, netting new money from SAP Ventures--the VC arm of enterprise software giant SAP AG, as well as, Bessemer Venture Partners and NEA. This brings the total from the overall Series D round of funding to $81 million.
Cloud Storage Platform Raises $81M From Salesforce, SAP At $600M-Plus Valuation 11.10.2011 techCrunch
Cloud Storage Platform Raises $81M From Salesforce, SAP At $600M-Plus Valuation
Uni scholarship scheme to close 11.10.2011 BBC: Front Page
A hi-tech scholarship scheme run by the University of Wales is to close as the Welsh Government decides to withdrew its European funding.
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David Brooks: Who will revive innovation after Jobs? 11.10.2011 Post-Bulletin: Local Opinion
Let's imagine that someone from the year 1970 miraculously traveled forward in time to today. You could show her one of the iPhones that Steve Jobs helped create, and she'd be thunderstruck. People back then imagined wireless communication (Dick Tracy,
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When Not to Say No to a Buyer (Cached) 11.10.2011 Inc
In hindsight, would Groupon have been better off selling to Google then competing with Google Offers? What lessons can business owners learn from this cautionary tale? On the first day of June , both Floyd’s Coffee Shops in Portland, Oregon were busier than usual. The regulars were elbowed out of the way by new customers visiting the store for the first time to redeem their coupon and get $10 worth of coffee for $3. This tempting offer was made because Floyd’s had been picked as the first-ever Google Offers “deal.” Google Offers is the company’s first baby step into the world of “social buying” style promotions where a special, limited time offer is made by a business hoping that the deal will spread virally and thereby introduce a new legion of customers to their business. Google, of course, did not invent the deal-of-the-day category; they were goaded into it after their generous $6 billion dollar offer to buy Groupon was turned down. Now Groupon ...
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Business Insight: Starting a start-up on a shoestring 11.10.2011 Salt Lake Tribune
Published Oct 10, 2011 12:51PM MDT Ryan Kohler, CEO of iApplicants, a provider of software that tracks job candidates and helps small and medium-sized businesses with hiring, says the sooner entrepreneurs start pitching their start-up ideas the better. What’s your advice on strategies for making a start-up profitable? The key with any start-up, especially with software and Web-based start-ups, is to prove your concept is viable as quickly as possible. Instead of focusing on business cards and letterheads, you should get out ... ...
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How to Spur Entrepreneurship (Cached) 11.10.2011 Inc
Tomorrow AOL co-founder Steve Case will meet with Obama and his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Watch the video for a preview of his job-creation recommendations. These days AOL co-founder Steve Case invests in and mentors start-ups. He's also trying to encourage entrepreneurship--and make it easier to start a new business--throughout America. On Tuesday he'll meet in Pittsburgh with Obama and 26 other members of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Created in January, the council convenes with the president once a quarter to propose ways to create jobs. Case is also co-chair of the administration's National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and chairman of the Startup America Partnership, a public-private partnership launched at the White House in January. So what does Case think can be done? In this week's TrendWatch video, he talks with's Christine Lagorio about what the country should do for entrepreneurs to spur the economy when it ...
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How to Have Fewer Meetings (Cached) 11.10.2011 Inc
Stella and Dot founder Jessica Herrin explains how bureaucracy can bog a fast-growing company down. Jessica Herrin calls it the Dilbert Effect. It’s when a conference room seems really packed, even though the meeting should need only a couple of people. Or when an e-mail list suddenly has a long list of carbon-copied recipients. In other words, it’s when a business resembles the corporate culture from the Dilbert cartoons. Herrin experienced this first hand at a large firm. “There were literally moments of my day were I felt like I was trapped inside a Dilbert cartoon because there was so much meeting,” she told entrepreneurs at the Inc. 500|5000 Conference, a meeting of the fastest-growing companies in America. She would later leave that firm to found Stella and Dot, a jewerly company that was No. 67 on the Inc. 500 list. As a fast-growing company, “you’re hiring people and that one poor person isn’t running crazy and doing five different ...
The World's Coolest Office (and Runners Up) (Cached) 10.10.2011 Inc
There's an indoor skateboarding bowl, a converted railway station in Milan, a converted 1940s warehouse, and a tiny atelier open to the sky and earth in Japan. Which one is the coolest office in the world? When LivingSocial , a local daily deals company based in Washington, D.C., needed to accommodate its rapid staffing growth, it worked with designers at OTJ Architects to create a concept that expressed the company's energetic vision, mirrored its urban setting, and encouraged team collaboration. (Continued) Green "atrium" areas surrounded by planters serve as informal meeting hubs, and open-style seating promotes team unity. Historical aspects of the building are revealed in the atrium, antique doors to the conference room, and exposed columns throughout. The recent history of this young company is honored by its custom bathtub conference table (a nod to its first ramshackle office). What is the boundary between indoors and out? Designed with the philosophy that the comfort of outdoor ...
Innovators share traits that set them apart 10.10.2011 San Jose Mercury News: Business
Innovation is the key to business survival and success in the 21st century. The billion-dollar question is: Can innovation be learned?
Does a New Bank Tax Save Merchants Money? (Cached) 10.10.2011 Inc
A late addition to the Dodd-Frank Act--the regulation meant to address the roots of the financial crisis--took effect this month. But it doesn't always help merchants. Recently Bank of America introduced one of its all-time most hated fees: a $5 monthly debit charge. The bank said it needed to introduce the fee to fill revenue gaps created by the Durbin Amendment, an 11th-hour addition to the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. The amendment, which went into effect on Oct. 1, essentially limits the amount of money banks are allowed to charge merchants per transaction, which is a major source of bank revenue. Specifically, the Durbin amendment lowers the banks' transaction fee to a maximum of $0.21 on all transactions for merchants, an effort to save retailers money. It also allows merchants to impose a $10 minimum on bank card transactions, as well as give cash discounts for using plastic, two practices that were banned in previous years. Within the first week, retailers started to see savings. By ...
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CIOs: Think Like CEOs 10.10.2011 ReadWriteWeb
CIOs today are in the cross hairs of every major decision companies make. In order to be your CEO's most valuable asset, today's CIO's need to think like their CEO's. Cloud computing has transformed our landscape and allowed CIO's to envision an environment of decreasing cost pressures, increasing compute, storage and network capacity with elastic flexibility. Yet, how does Opex reduction translate into revenue growth? According to IDC, trading dollars spent for IT maintenance for innovation could drive more than $1 trillion in increased business revenues between now and the end of 2014. Once you decide that the business of IT is the business, then Cloud computing can enable CIOs to concentrate on delivering higher levels of business value in the form of new IT services, while providing the agility and scalability needed to deliver IT innovations quickly and efficiently. Sponsor Jake Smith is a member of Intel's Data Center Group focused on Virtualization and Cloud Computing technologies. ...
Clay Christensen on Steve Jobs & the trouble with venture capital 10.10.2011 GigaOM
How much wisdom can one glean from a 20-minute chat with Professor Clay Christensen? A lot. Here are notable highlights from the author of The Innovator’s Dilemma. We talk about Steve Jobs, innovation and the incorrect focus on short term thinking and trouble with IRR.
How I Did It: Inc. 5000 CEOs Share Their Lessons in Live Panel in NYC (Cached) 10.10.2011 Inc
When an entrepreneur is trying to flout conventional wisdom, there are no shortage of critics and naysayers. But that didn't stop our Inc. 5000 CEO panelists from re-writing the rules to fit their business model instead of the other way around. On October 19, 2011, we've invited the owners of two fast-growing companies to Inc. Magazine HQ to share with us their thought process for doing what's best for their companies, even when it's never been done before. We'll explore: How a decision to compete with his best clients created even greater partnerships and a whole new source of revenue for Eric Albee How George Bresler tossed out the rule book for compensating his sales-driven staff and got industry-shattering results. This panel discussion is sponsored by Rothstein Kass and is for business owners and decision-makers. To register for our "How I Did It" series in New York City, click here . ...
Why Dictators Make Good Bosses (Cached) 10.10.2011 Inc
In a Q&A with, OfficeMax founder argues that consensus-building is over-rated. Sometimes a leader just has to decide. Michael Feuer started OfficeMax from scratch in 1988, and built the office-supply chain into a 1,000-store behemoth before selling it to Boise Cascade Corp. for $1.5 billion in 2003. The deal paid Feuer, 64, $60 million upfront, plus $50 million in fees that he collected as a consultant to Boise Cascade over five years. But Feuer has not devoted the rest of his days to lowering his golf handicap. (He does not play.) He has, instead, plunged into another start-up: Max-Wellness Inc., a 200-employee chain with two stores in the Cleveland area and one each in Naples, Fla., and Sarasota, Fla. Launched in June 2010, privately-owned Max-Wellness is a one-stop retailer of products and services that promote “health and wellness.” In its 7,000-item inventory are such things as vitamins, blood-pressure monitors, and yoga mats. A hallmark of the stores is the ...
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FDA outlines plan to be a more nimble agency 10.10.2011 Boston Globe: Business
FDA outlines plan to be a more nimble agency
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Rethinking Apple, without its wizard 10.10.2011 Boston Globe: Business
Rethinking Apple, without its wizard
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India Ink: Why Hasn't India Produced an Innovator Like the Apple Founder? 10.10.2011 International Herald Tribune Asia Pacific
Can India produce a Steve Jobs? Samanth Subramanian asks a question on many lips in India after the death of the iconic chief executive.

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