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We can have safe, sustainable energy | Maria van der Hoeven 25.4.2012 Guardian: Comment is Free
With renewables we can contain consumption – and climate warming at 2C – if the big users act now The world's energy system is being pushed to breaking point, and our addiction to fossil fuels grows stronger each year. Many clean energy technologies are available, but they are not being deployed quickly enough to avert potentially disastrous consequences. This is the message the International Energy Agency will deliver on Wednesday in London at the Clean Energy Ministerial , a meeting of ministers and representatives of nations that together account for four-fifths of world energy demand. In a new report we find that achieving a more secure, sustainable energy system, in line with the goal of limiting the rise in global temperatures to 2C, is still possible but requires urgent action by the world's major governments. The present state of affairs is unacceptable precisely because we have a responsibility and a golden opportunity to act. Energy-related CO2 emissions are at historic highs; ...
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Bay Area can retain its technology crown, but challenges imperil its leadership 25.4.2012 San Jose Mercury News: Breaking News
An array of solutions will be required if the Bay Area is to retain its crown as the hub of the nation's innovation economy, political and business leaders said at the annual CEO Summit on Tuesday.
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MPAA chief: Hollywood must befriend Silicon Valley 24.4.2012 Boston Globe: Technology
MPAA chief: Hollywood must befriend Silicon Valley
Movie boss: Hollywood and Silicon Valley must jointly protect intellectual property 24.4.2012 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
LAS VEGAS -- The head of the Motion Picture Association of America says Hollywood and Silicon Valley must work together to protect intellectual property.
Why Execution (Not Ideas) Will Bring You Success 24.4.2012 Inc
The reason so many would-be entrepreneurs fails is because they get too hung up on their ideas. You know that brilliant idea you have for a new website/smartphone app? The one you're convinced is your ticket to professional and financial glory. The concept that's so special, so profound, you've limited yourself to divulging it to only a tight-knit group of confidants–the secrecy being necessary to prevent muggles from defacing, defiling, or (even more improbably) stealing your earth-shattering brain nugget. Sound like you, or someone you know? It has certainly described me at various points in my entrepreneurial development. But here's an even bigger secret than the one you're hoarding: big, powerful ideas are everywhere and the vast majority will go nowhere. So keeping your big idea in stealth mode will likely make no difference to your ultimate success. Think back for a moment to the people you've known in your life who achieved great entrepreneurial success and ask yourself how ...
Capella continues to face financial challenges 24.4.2012 Star Tribune: Business
Online education firm reports flat sales for quarter
3M reports healthy 1Q results 24.4.2012 Star Tribune: Business
Industrial and transportation businesses spurred the growth, and the company raised its predictions for this year's profits.
Cispa cybersecurity bill opposed by Obama administration 24.4.2012 The Guardian -- World Latest
White House official reiterates president's opposition to Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act ahead of vote A senior Obama administration official has stressed the White House's opposition to a controversial cybersecurity bill ahead of a vote in the House of Representatives later this week. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (Cispa) is intended to facilitate sharing of information on online threats across different federal agencies and private companies. It has been criticised by both activists and politicians of both Democrats and Republicans for vague wording and insufficient safeguards. Ahead of the bill coming in front of the House of Representatives alongside three other cybersecurity bills, Alec Ross, a senior adviser for innovation to Hillary Clinton, reiterated the administration's opposition to the proposals in more explicit language than previous White House statements. "The Obama administration opposes Cispa," he told the Guardian. "The president has ...
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Motorola scores hit against Xbox 24.4.2012 BBC: Front Page
A preliminary ruling suggests that Microsoft's games console infringes four of Motorola Mobility's patents.
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Gideon Sundback celebrated in a Google doodle 24.4.2012 Guardian: Science
Latest doodle is a giant zipper running down the search engine's homepage marking the birthday of the zip's inventor Google's latest doodle, a giant zipper running down the centre of the search engine's homepage, marks the birthday of Gideon Sundback, the Swedish-American electrical engineer most commonly associated with the development of the fastening device that revolutionised the clothing industry. Before Sundback's intervention, the idea for a fastener based on interlocking teeth had circulated among engineers for more than 20 years but no one had perfected it. His innovation was to place a dimple on the underside of each tooth and a nib on the top that would sit securely within the dimple of the tooth above it. As a result, the join between two rows of teeth was then strong because no single tooth has enough room to move up or down and come apart. He also created the manufacturing machine for the new zipper. Born on April 24, 1880, in Småland, Sweden, he moved to Germany ...
Trade Unites and Divides Germany and China 24.4.2012 NY Times: Europe
At a trade fair, Chinese and German leaders underscored their common interests but also pressed one other on tricky issues such as intellectual property rights and the export of technology to China.

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Starck says democratic design paying off 24.4.2012 Boston Globe: Latest
Starck says democratic design paying off
Oracle v. Google Shows the Folly of U.S. Software Patent Law 24.4.2012 Wired Top Stories
Oracle v. Google Shows the Folly of U.S. Software Patent Law
Read/Write Daily: Reaching Orbit 23.4.2012 ReadWriteWeb
Today's theme is reaching orbit . Most human beings have gotten used to the idea of flying through the air by now. Some aspects of human flight feel downright old and outdated. But the cutting edge of flight still demonstrates the highest heights of human technology. For most people, flying is still a dreadful slog. Here's a great breakdown of everything wrong with airport security and how to fix it. But even for hobbyists, flight still fires the imagination. Check out this footage from a remote-controlled plane . The craziest-looking aircraft you've ever seen, a 16-rotor vertical take-off and landing contraption called the VC1 , has taken the Lindbergh Prize for Innovation at an airshow in Germany. Meanwhile, in the military, behold the lamest fighter jet propaganda video ever . The Pentagon has released a detailed report on the March 20 in-flight failure of the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 . While the U.S. space program is in flux, other players are stepping up. ...
Will (Real) Open Source Rule the Cloud? 23.4.2012 Wired Top Stories
Will (Real) Open Source Rule the Cloud?
Keen On… Congresswoman Anna Eshoo: What Washington DC Can Learn From Silicon Valley [TCTV] 23.4.2012 TechCrunch
Keen On… Congresswoman Anna Eshoo: What Washington DC Can Learn From Silicon Valley [TCTV]
George Will: President Who Believes ATMs and Airport Ticket Kiosks Cause Unemployment 23.4.2012 Crooks Liars
Click here to view this media So, George Will actually said this on This Week: WILL: We have a president who believes, because he says so, that ATMs and airport ticket kiosks cause unemployment. So that gives you some sense of his grasp of how the economy works. To my amazement, not one person at that table blinked an eye or even attempted to make a correction. It was amazing to see Will get away with that little snarky meme which is entirely untrue. So here's my correction, just for the record. This is what Barack Obama said about ATMs and airport ticket kiosks in his major economic speech in Kansas last December. The one that was so powerful and true that the right wing had to focus on this one section, take it out of context, distort it, then use their Fox News tool to mock it along with the right wing blog network out there: Today, over 100 years later, our economy has gone through another transformation. Over the last few decades, huge advances in technology have allowed ...
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NYC TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon – Workshops & Judges announced 23.4.2012 TechCrunch
Disrupt NYC HackathonWe're a month away, and are very excited to reveal our workshops & judges for the upcoming NYC TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, taking place on May 19th & 20th. This will be the second Hackathon TechCrunch has organized at Pier 94 in NYC. Last years event had over 300 developers and 100 teams present, and this years event promises to be even bigger and better. But enough about the past, let's chat about the future.
Is Norway Leaving Its Tech Startups Out In The Cold? 23.4.2012 techCrunch
Is Norway Leaving Its Tech Startups Out In The Cold?
America's most damaged brands 23.4.2012 MSNBC
Highly recognizable brands can be invaluable, but they require constant attention. Often, the true causes of drops in brand value are folly and arrogance.

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