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Cassidy: Silicon Valley is powering a change in the way we shop 30.12.2011 San Jose Mercury News: Business

Now that the brutal bull-rush of holiday shopping is over, let’s take a minute to look ahead at the way the world of consuming is changing. The truth is, you might not even recognize the art of shopping by the time you set out to fill holiday wishes in 2012.
Preserve venture capital from banks 29.12.2011 SFGate: Op-Ed
Preserve venture capital from banks
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The Most Questionable Product Launches of the Year 29.12.2011 Inc
The results are in--and they arent pretty. Here are eight cautionary tales from some of the worlds biggest brands. Recently I gave a group of my MBA students at New York University’s Stern Graduate School of Business in New York this assignment: Identify the most questionable new products of the year and analyze what made them so ill conceived. The results are in and, well, they aren’t pretty—but they’re full of product development lessons no entrepreneur can afford to ignore. 1. KFC’s Cheesy Bacon Bowl This gut bomb was made up of mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, popcorn chicken, shredded cheese, and bacon bits. The company doesn’t typically release nutritional information for limited time offers (it was only in restaurants for a month) but a spokesman estimated it weighed in at 790 calories—at least. The problem: You can’t be all things to all people. For a while, KFC seemed to be trying to shake its deep-fried image by changing its name ...
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Apple in race to keep ahead in 2012 29.12.2011 Financial Times US
Group faces mounting challenges after a year marked by record profits and the death of its founder
Can Big Data Be Outsourced? Mu Sigma's $150 Million in VC Backing 29.12.2011 ReadWriteWeb
They say Big Data is going to be big business, big innovation - a big deal. But how is it going to go down? Applied math and decision science company Mu Sigma announced more than $100 million in new venture backing yesterday, including from previous investors Sequoia Capital, bringing the company's total investment to $150 million. Mu Sigma provides big data services to some of the biggest companies in the world. How do they do it? With a combination of math, science, creative thinking and long hours of hard work. As democratized publishing, network connected devices and the instrumentation of everyday life combine to create a great blue ocean of big data all around us, the latest Mu Sigma funding is a valuable opportunity to get a taste of how one emerging leader in that market combines technology, math and art to engage with this big trend. Not everyone agrees that outsourcing Big Data work like this is the solution, though. Sponsor Can Big Data Be Outsourced? Mu Sigma says it exists ...
Is facial recognition Apple’s next big innovation refinement? 29.12.2011 GigaOM
Apple has a track record of taking something that sort of works and making it appealing enough to catch fire with the general buying public -- the iPad and Siri are prime examples. Now, there's a new patent that suggests Apple could tackle facial recognition tech next.
Plan lists steps to make Mass. more competitive 29.12.2011 Boston Globe: Business
Plan lists steps to make Mass. more competitive
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In Katrina's Wake, New Orleans Enjoys Startup Boom 29.12.2011 NPR News
New Orleans has long been known as one of America's hardest luck cities, struggling over the years with poverty, crime and corruption and tragic disaster. But the city's darkest days have sparked a surprising new entrepreneurial spirit.
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AUDIO: Does technology stop us talking? 29.12.2011 BBC: Business
The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones looks at whether technology and social media is a help or hindrance to communication.
All eyes on German renewable energy efforts 29.12.2011 AP Business
FELDHEIM, Germany (AP) -- This tiny village of 37 gray homes and farm buildings clustered along the main road in a wind-swept corner of rural eastern Germany seems an unlikely place for a revolution....
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In Katrina's Wake, New Orleans Enjoys Start-Up Boom 29.12.2011 NPR: Morning Edition
New Orleans has long been known as one of America's hardest luck cities, struggling over the years with poverty, crime and corruption and tragic disaster. But the city's darkest days have sparked a surprising new entrepreneurial spirit.
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The Year in Computing 29.12.2011 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
Computing has becoming increasingly polarized, with many hardware and software efforts focused on either small mobile devices or vast data centers. 2011 saw the personal computer continue to be marginalized . Although PCs are still the workhorse computing device in homes and offices, the most exciting innovations over the last 12 months were centered on very small-scale computing, very large-scale computing, and networked combinations of the two. ...
State of the Art: The Pogies Celebrate Better Living Through Gadgetry 29.12.2011 NY Times: Business
The Pogie Awards are given to the best tech ideas of the year, even if the products aren’t that hot. And the winners are. ...

Keen On… Kurt Andersen: Why Nothing Much Has Changed In The Last 20 Years (TCTV) 28.12.2011 TechCrunch
Keen On… Kurt Andersen: Why Nothing Much Has Changed In The Last 20 Years (TCTV)
5 Steps to Creating More Customer Value 28.12.2011 Inc
By focusing efforts on your best customers, you can increase customer value and grow your business. Recently, we’ve explored the concept of customer value and how critical it is to driving the growth of your business: How to Hook a Life-long Customer examined the need to focus on customer value to improve profitability 4 Steps for Calculating Customer Value described how to calculate the lifetime value of your customers The Real Value of Your Business explained why customers are the most important measure of business value With these concepts in mind, think about ways you can improve customer value to grow your business. Here are 5 steps you can take: Step 1: Understand what drives value for your customers Talk to them, survey them, and watch their actions and reactions. In short, capture data to understand what is important to your customers and what opportunities you have to help them. Step 2: Understand your value proposition The value customers receive is ...
Is it time for Apple’s patent war to end? 28.12.2011 GigaOM
In its fight with Android hardware-makers, Apple almost seems to see itself as a noble hero fighting a nefarious villain bent on stealing its identity and reputation. But just or not, is the fight one that makes sense to Apple from a practical and business standpoint?
Friedrich Kittler and the rise of the machine | Stuart Jeffries 28.12.2011 Guardian: Comment is Free
Kittler, who died this year, suggested we weren't masters of our technological domain, but rather that we were its pawns There's a section of Nessie the Mannerless Monster , Ted Hughes's poem for children, that unwittingly clinches many of the main theories about the role and function of the media. The Loch Ness monster, vexed that humans don't believe in her, rises out of the water and goes on a rampage. She lays waste to Edinburgh and then heads south to Hughes's native Yorkshire. Nessie is shocked by what she sees: "Everybody sits indoors in front of the TV with a dead stare. There is nothing in the streets but cats, dogs and the odd parked car. She peers in at the windows and whistles but nobody can hear for the TV and its laughter and uproar and gunfire. There is no other sign of life in all Yorkshire." When Canadian-American media theorist Marshall McLuhan wrote " the medium is the message ", what he had in mind was that it is worth reflecting on how technological innovation ...
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Inside Johnson & Johnson's Innovation Shop 28.12.2011 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
J&J is seeding small, high-risk ventures through RedScript Ventures, a two-year-old accelerator program. A huge health-care company like Johnson & Johnson requires a steady stream of innovation, but that's getting harder and harder to create. So the 125-year-old company is getting more aggressive at mining ideas from outside. It's seeking out very early ventures that it once would have considered far too risky and seeding them with money or dishing out advice on how to nudge untested ideas out of the ...
Science charities face funding cuts 28.12.2011 Guardian: Science
'Back door' cuts could harm economy, says Labour The government has been warned that it is in danger of hindering Britain's economic growth after figures revealed that severe spending cuts are being imposed on science charities. David Cameron is accused of introducing cuts through the back door after giving an assurance earlier this year that the science budget would not face any cuts. The main cuts, announced in parliamentary written answers shortly before the House of Commons broke up for Christmas, show that: • A charity which promotes opportunities for women in science is losing 80% of its funding from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Funding to the UK Resource Centre (UKRC) for women in science, engineering and technology is being cut from £2.4m last year to £500,000 this year. • The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network (Stemnet), which promotes the teaching of science among young people, is seeing its funding from the Department for ...
In 2011, Entrepreneurs Snag Victories in Washington 27.12.2011 News and Markets
It's no surprise that Congress didn’t get much done this year. But lawmakers and President Obama were able to provide small businesses with some relief and managed to give entrepreneurs more attention in 2011.
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