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Intel @ CES2012: Windows 8 Will Bring Us Some Wild New Form Factors 9.1.2012 techCrunch
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn addition to some new form factors, Intel showed us some interesting new Windows 8 interface ideas. Keep in mind that these are proofs-of-concept rather than working devices, so they may or may not actually appear on the market. The most interesting new UI demo was the Nikishki notebook, a clamshell with a big transparent trackpad below the keyboard. The trackpad works as a traditional trackpad and then "disables" when you press your palms on it to type. Then, when you close the laptop, some of the screen is visible and you are able to see and use the Windows 8 tiles available through the transparent portion.
Aussie Brains Move Chip Design to Quantum Realm 9.1.2012 Wired Top Stories
Aussie Brains Move Chip Design to Quantum Realm
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Flatland: Will the Bangalore Boom Help or Hinder Low-Carbon Innovation in India? 9.1.2012 Think Progres
by George Black, reposted from OnEarth Magazine It was New York Times columnist Tom Friedman who made Bangalore famous. This city of seven million is the Silicon Valley of India, its technology parks and outsourcing services the driving force behind the country’s remarkable recent boom. For Friedman, Bangalore was the key to understanding the new [...]
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Forget caps, here’s the next big thing in wireless pricing 9.1.2012 GigaOM
In 2012, a “turbo” button will appear on mobile phones, making it the first of many new options that allow customers to customize their data plans by quality of connection, rather than megabytes consumed. We may even see the resurgence of the unlimited plan, with a catch.
Introducing the One-Sector Economy 9.1.2012 Inc
Entrepreneurship can fix many of our economic woes, explains the author of The Coming Prosperity. Here's his thought-provoking metaphor for our current economy. How should you think about the relationship between established, large businesses and scrappy upstarts like the one you’re trying to build? Should you be afraid of globalization or excited about it? In general, what mental models should young entrepreneurs have for the economy and the current economic turbulence we're experiencing? Traditional answers often focus on various sectors and involve more or less hand-wringing about their rise and fall, but according to the author of a forthcoming book on entrepreneurship and economy, there is another, better way to view our economy—as one single ecosystem, a sort of one-sector economy that interacts as a unit much like a forest and which should be nurtured as it grows and recycles itself. Written by Philip Auerswald, a professor of public policy at George Mason University and ...
New technologies unleashed at CES 9.1.2012 BBC: Technology
The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, unleashes a first wave of gadgets and shows off other new tech.
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How One Man Turns Trash into Profits 9.1.2012 Inc
Waste Ventures is transforming garbage-and-recycling collection in the developing world into sustainable communities, and a growing business. Every week India's cities produce an amount of waste that would weigh twice the equivalent of the Empire State Building. But while India has struggled with keeping trash off its streets, most areas have a recycling method so well established that it's almost embedded in the culture. Radhiwallas, or recycle collectors, visit homes regularly, collecting recyclable materials for a small price and in turn, selling the items to make a meager living. Although the system works, it's a bit desultory. That's where Parag Gupta says his social enterprise, Waste Ventures , comes in. It is working to build a model in waste management that empowers the waste pickers, creates a revenue stream, and leaves a positive footprint on the environment. This past month, Waste Ventures was selected by the World Wildlife Fund as one of its worldwide "50 Green Game Changers." ...
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How to Manage Entrepreneurial Personality Disorder 9.1.2012 Inc
One side of you loves risk, the other side of you cant stand it. Heres how to use your multiple personalities to your advantage. When I was a junior in high school , I was pretty sure I wasn’t ready for college. While other kids were preparing for the SATs, I was practicing my nun-chuck skills in our back yard while dreaming of becoming a professional archer who was also an astronaut. “You’ve always had lots of sides to you, Chris,” my mom told me. “And while that may not be great for school, it will help you in life.” She was right (sort of). Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde If you’re like me (and most entrepreneurs I know) you have multiple personalities. I think they fall into two broad categories: Dr. Jekyll—the technical, buttoned-down, applied side of running a business—and Mr. Hyde—the chaotic, visionary, and creative side. They don’t always get along well together, but every good entrepreneur needs them both. And if ...
Ford Bets on the Digital Car 9.1.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories

The 108-year-old automotive company is embracing the technologies, business tactics, and spirit of Silicon Valley.

About a decade ago, Doug VanDagens, a senior executive at Ford Motor Company, raised his hand at a board meeting and asked a fundamental strategy question: Why go proprietary when the world is moving to open-source?

The green guide to CES 2012 9.1.2012 GigaOM
Every year we try to dig into some of the innovations around energy, batteries, energy-efficient homes and the smart grid at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, and deliver this green guide for your reading pleasure:
Cloud is complex—deal with it 9.1.2012 GigaOM
If you are looking to cloud computing to simplify your IT environment, I'm afraid I have bad news for you. For every problem eliminated by choosing cloud, it just creates more problems you remain accountable for— and perhaps some that you never had to face before.
Kolkata to host 100th Science Congress 8.1.2012 New Kerala: World News
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Taking a new tack to help start-ups in the Bay State 8.1.2012 Boston Globe: Business
Taking a new tack to help start-ups in the Bay State
Tech Talk - Oil production from the North Caucasus 8.1.2012 The Oil Drum
When the topic of Peak Oil is raised, one of the first responses that is often heard from those trying to explain why a peak isn’t going to happen, at least in the short term, is that technology will come up with new answers. These will allow greater production of oil through access to previously unavailable reservoirs, and an increase in the amount of oil that can be economically recovered from them. It is an argument that has had demonstrable success in the past. An earlier post showed that innovations in technology allowed the region around Baku in Azerbaijan to remain one of the centers of oil production since the time of the first Russian oil pipeline in 1878 through today. The statement is, unfortunately, not universally or ultimately true, but it does provide an introduction to today's topic. The change from cable-tool drilling to rotary drilling resurrected production in the Caucasus after the Soviet Revolution, and the growth of production to include the areas of the North Caucasus ...
John Brockman: the man who runs the world's smartest website 8.1.2012 The Guardian -- World Latest
Since the mid-1960s John Brockman has been at the cutting edge of ideas. He is a passionate advocate of both science and the arts, and his website Edge is a salon for the world's finest minds To say that John Brockman is a literary agent is like saying that David Hockney is a photographer. For while it's true that Hockney has indeed made astonishingly creative use of photography, and Brockman is indeed a successful literary agent who represents an enviable stable of high-profile scientists and communicators, in both cases the description rather understates the reality. More accurate ways of describing Brockman would be to say that he is a "cultural impresario" or, as his friend Stewart Brand puts it, an "intellectual enzyme". (Brand goes on helpfully to explain that an enzyme is "a biological catalyst – an adroit enabler of otherwise impossible things".) The first thing you notice about Brockman, though, is the interesting way he bridges CP Snow's "Two Cultures" – the parallel universes of ...
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Gray Matter: Seeing the Building for the Trees 8.1.2012 International Herald Tribune: Editorials
How insights from neuroscience are changing architecture.
Can your IT outsourcing contract coexist with the cloud? 8.1.2012 GigaOM
If your company outsources IT, you might be looking longingly at cloud-based services, waiting for the day your contract expires to switch. Don’t give up hope. Scott Bils offers some options that can help get you over to the cloud even under your current contract.
4 payment industry predictions for 2012 7.1.2012 GigaOM
It’s often difficult to separate what will shape the future of payments from what is just hype. PayPal's Scott Dunlap focuses on the "innovation clusters" to get past the hype and see where mobile payment technology will be taking us in the near future.
Kolkata to host 100th Indian Science Congress in 2013 7.1.2012 New Kerala: World News
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A Shrinking Military Budget May Take Neighbors With It - New York Times 7.1.2012 Google News India
A Shrinking Military Budget May Take Neighbors With It - New York Times
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