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Verizon Envisions 4G Wireless in Just about Anything 28.3.2012 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories
At an "innovation center," Verizon adds wireless to cars, ATMs, and jukeboxes. Tucked away in a new office block in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a kind of wireless Tomorrowland. Inside several colorfully lit chambers, visitors can marvel over a Buick that displays a live video stream from the owner's living room, ATMs that allow wireless video chats with bank representatives, and head-mounted displays that might someday deliver live security camera video feeds to patrolling security guards. ...
A “crazy idea”: Tiny solar mirrors controlled by actuators 28.3.2012 GigaOM
The kind of flat solar mirrors that BrightSource Energy is erecting in California’s Mojave Desert run 7.2 meters by 10.5 meters. The kind that Saul Griffith is working on stretches all 5 centimeter by 5 centimeter and sit on trackers that are no taller than a toothpick.
Audi Showcases 3 Next-Gen Technologies Coming to a Car Near You 28.3.2012 Wired Top Stories
Audi Showcases 3 Next-Gen Technologies Coming to a Car Near You
Congress sends bill to help small businesses attract investors to the president 28.3.2012 Star Tribune: Politics
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StartUp Health Launches First Class Of Healthcare Transformers [TCTV] 28.3.2012 techCrunch
StartUp Health Launches First Class Of Healthcare Transformers [TCTV]
Congress sends startup investment bill to Obama 28.3.2012 SFGate: Business & Technology
Congress sends startup investment bill to Obama
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‘Avatar: The Legend of Korra’ Tackles Class and Urbanization, Is Amazing 27.3.2012 Think Progres
“Bending is the coolest thing in the world!” Avatar Korra, a rebellious teenager who’s just arrived in Republic City, the metropolis founded by her predecessor Avatar Aang, declares towards the middle of the premiere episode of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Fans of the first show in this series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, about a [...]
More Patent Legal Woes: T-Mobile Sued By OTI Over Use Of NFC in Nokia, HTC Smartphones 27.3.2012 techCrunch
11-T-Mobile-HTC-Amaze-4GHere we go again: today brings another mobile patent infringement suit filed -- this time against T-Mobile USA, and over a technology that has had very little use to date, but a lot of potential. On Track Innovations says that the carrier is selling NFC-enabled phones that violate an OTI patent. NFC is the technology that is the centerpiece for a number of contactless mobile payments services and data sharing other applications.
Today in Congress: House tries again on transportation, Senate tries to try on oil subsidies 27.3.2012 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
The House ran through four of its five planned suspension bills yesterday, but ended up pulling the curious one we noted in our last installment—the surface transportation extension bill. See, the Republican leadership probably figured at first that if they just extended current authorization levels for a little while, they'd get Democratic support for passing the bill quickly under suspension of the rules, which requires a 2/3 vote. But Dems wanted the House to take up the Senate-passed version instead. That's already been through the trial-by-fire of the Senate filibuster. Without any indication that there would be Dem support, the bill was doomed, and the Republicans pulled it from the floor. Not for long, it seems. But we'll deal with that down below, in our look ahead. The Senate debated and then voted to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to the Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act. The vote was a whopping 92-4 , which might make you wonder why they needed a cloture vote at all. Well, ...
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Honest Tea's Seth Goldman Addresses Congress 27.3.2012 Inc
Does the U.S. Government help, or hinder entrepreneurship? I spoke with Congress to let them know how they did, and didn't help Honest Tea's growth. Last week I put on a tie for the first time in a very long time. The occasion was the opportunity to testify on Entrepreneurship and Job Growth before the House Small Business Committee. As you can imagine, this is a topic I’m quite passionate about.Here are a few highlights from my remarks: Good Afternoon. Whenever there’s a discussion of fast-growth businesses, the focus is usually on the internet, computer and biotech businesses.So I’m happy to represent a fast-growing part of our economy that is a little more traditional, by which I mean everyone can understand what we do.My company Honest Tea, makes and markets lower-sugar, organic beverages.Our fourteen years of continuous double-digit growth have helped create 112 jobs in 22 states–jobs that create and support manufacturing jobs across the United States, and just as ...
Seaport adding innovation center 27.3.2012 Boston Globe: Business
Seaport adding innovation center
Technology transforming theatre 27.3.2012 BBC: Technology
Video designers fight resistance to get their work on stage
Motoring heritage: Hype or history? 27.3.2012 BBC: Business
Genuine nostalgia or pure marketing hype?
4 Ways Big Data Can Trick You 27.3.2012 Inc
Analyzing heaps of data can give you an edge... or make you fall flat on your face. It all depends on how you use the results. The newly popular concept of Big Data—essentially the ability to analyze millions or even billions of pieces of information and pull out nuggets of insight—has the tech world salivating. For example, look at how researchers at HP showed that Twitter could predict Hollywood box office sales . Mine that data and a movie studio could find a gold mine of business results. So could any other business with the right tools to parse big data from social networks. Just a couple of things wrong with this observation. One, there is nothing new about analyzing large data sets. Companies have done it for decades. The difference is that now technology not only speeds up the process and further expands how much you can consider, but makes such techniques available to even the smallest business. And the other, bigger, mistake? Twitter doesn't really predict box office ...
China's Huawei among world's top tech innovators 26.3.2012 SFGate: Business & Technology
China's Huawei among world's top tech innovators
Facebook can forecast when you'll find love (or lose it) 26.3.2012 MSNBC
Given how much information Facebook has about its users, it's no surprise that members of the social network's data team can infer all sorts of details about human behavior. They even know when people are generally most likely to begin — or end — a relationship. ...
FTC wants Congress to adopt data security law 26.3.2012 MSNBC
The Federal Trade Commission is asking Congress to pass legislation to better protect consumers' digital data from being misused or shared without their knowledge. ...
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SyFy Needs to Move Beyond ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and Find a New Science Fictional Franchise 26.3.2012 Think Progres
The SyFy network’s announced that they won’t be moving forward with Blood and Chrome, a prequel to their critically acclaimed hit Battlestar Galactica, which would have flashed back to the first war between humans and their robot creations, the Cylons. For Battlestar Galactica fans who have missed the space opera, which drew parallels to everything [...]
BRICS global spending on health increasing: Report 26.3.2012 New Kerala: World News
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It’s Better Than Nothing: Nokia Play To App Brings DLNA To Lumia Phones 26.3.2012 TechCrunch
nokiaplayNokia is beefing up its Lumia handsets with a bit of DLNA baked into its Nokia Play To app for Windows Phone. The app is currently in beta and available for download at Nokia's Beta Labs. The company debuted the app last summer for Symbian handsets (demo video below). Do you know what's great about DLNA? Nothing. It's Apple's AirPlay done wrong. The two sharing protocols embody a similar concept in that they allow media to be streamed from a device to a screen. But one implementation works flawlessly and for various reasons the other often does not.
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