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PC shipments sag in 4Q amid lackluster conditions 12.1.2012 Boston Globe: Technology
PC shipments sag in 4Q amid lackluster conditions
This Investment Advisory Upstart Manages $20 Billion 12.1.2012 Inc
Elliot Weissbluth, CEO of HighTower Advisors, has raised $165 million to pluck high-end investment advisors from established brokerage firms--and away from those inherent conflicts. View the video on at: ...
MIT Summer Research Program Seeks Diverse Candidates 12.1.2012 ICT - National
The Summer Research Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) started in 1986 to address the underrepresentation of minority students, including Native Americans, in engineering and science fields in the United States. According to, Dr. Sophia Cisneros, a Dr. Martin Luther...
Vuzix: SMART Glasses Explained 12.1.2012 TechCrunch
vuzix-smart-glasses-ces-2012The story about Vuzix's new AR/holographic enabled concept glasses broke last week, but I had a chance to catch up with Clark Dever from Vuzix (with my rouge TechCrunch ghetto cam) for a brief video explanation and demo of the technology. The short of it is that it involves some highfalutin' technolgy to get the displays to accurately display into the lens material. Their displays were quite clear and the demo devices show that accurately. Additionally, the displays will ultimately be able to work with a series of wearable gyroscopes for truly "hands on" interface interaction.
Keen On…. Ed Schmit: Can AT&T Really Innovate? 12.1.2012 TechCrunch
Keen On…. Ed Schmit_ Can AT&T really Innovate? | TechCrunchOne of the most interesting events at CES earlier this week was the AT&T Developer Summit which not only featured a guest appearance a fist pumping/back slapping Steve Ballmer, but also a really impressive hackathon for over 150 young developers.
Colorado Speaker of the House Frank McNulty's prepared opening day legislative speech 12.1.2012 Denver Post: Local
Colorado Speaker of the House Frank McNulty's prepared opening day legislative speech
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IBM sees students' Facebook time as more than waste of time 12.1.2012 San Jose Mercury News: California
The technology giant asked San Jose State students to use their social-networking savvy to come up with business ideas.
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Startups Get Short End of CES Attention 11.1.2012 News and Markets
The Consumer Electronics Show is in full-swing. And with the help of a new zone dedicated just to starups, they've set more than one attendance record.
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At CES, an area devoted to highlighting innovation 11.1.2012 SFGate: Business & Technology
At CES, an area devoted to highlighting innovation
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Who Will Survive After CES? 11.1.2012 Inc
The Consumer Electronics Show is great for getting buzz, but it's no guarantee for success for start-ups. Here's what it takes to survive after Las Vegas. LAS VEGAS—Tech companies come in droves to the Consumer Electronics Show. They announce, they demo, they dazzle the crowds. And then every year, a number of them pack up and head home only for their products to fall into obscurity or fail outright. What might have been hailed as "innovative" in Las Vegas risks loses any luster it briefly had. More than 50 percent of new technology products that enter the market fail, according to the Association of International Product Marketing and Management. Remember HP's Touchpad? Microsoft's Zune? HP's foray into the TV business? The moral of the story is: Even the big guys stumble. I don't know what the figure would be for products that debut at CES, but it's safe to say that the world probably won't know or care about of fair number of the 2,700 exhibitors after the show ends Friday. ...
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Conn. boosts spending to draw technology companies 11.1.2012 Boston Globe: Connecticut
Conn. boosts spending to draw technology companies
How a Crowdfunded Gadget Got to CES 11.1.2012 Inc
A year ago, it was just a fledgling Kickstarter project. Now Kogeto has VC funding and a spot on Apple Store shelves. LAS VEGAS—As far as Kickstarter success stories go, Kogeto, a start-up exhibiting at this year's Consumer Electronics show, has a pretty outstanding one. Back in May, this New York-based start-up was just another project in need of funding. The company makes the Dot camera lens , which snaps onto an iPhone and lets its user shoot 360-degree video. By July, Kogeto had raised $120,000 on Kickstarter and within 48 hours Apple was calling to set up a meeting. Fast forward to January: Kogeto has $1 million in venture funding and will roll out its devices in Apple retail stores by the end of this month, says CEO and founder Jeff Glasse. Glasse, who also happens to be a comedian, says he stumbled upon the world of panoramic video a couple of years ago when he was working on an education research project for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. "I felt like Steve Jobs at ...
Land More E-mail in Your Targets' Inboxes 11.1.2012 Inc
With the acquisition of OtherInbox, e-mail deliverability company Return Path hopes to help businesses do just that. E-mail management company Return Path, a 2006 and 2007 Inc. 500 honoree, has bought start-up OtherInbox, which also focuses on e-mail delivery. OtherInbox's software helps users automatically organize their e-mails. The company will be a wholly-owned subsidiary and remain in Austin, where New York City-based Return Path plans to expand operations. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Return Path, founded in 1999, helps commercial e-mail senders land more e-mail in its targets' inboxes. Its customers include Groupon and Twitter. The privately-held company has 300 employees, and its investors include Union Square Partners and Mobius Venture Capital. "The decision to acquire OtherInbox was based on its technology and its broad customer base, but separately we've been talking about where we might expand operations, and Austin was on that list," spokeswoman Tami ...
Bits Blog: A New ‘Law’ for the Mobile Computing Era 11.1.2012 NY Times: Business
The trend of improving power efficiency in computing — Koomey’s Law — is, if anything, even more impressive than the long-term, steady advance in computer performance called Moore’s Law.

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Open a Hot Restaurant with $12,000 11.1.2012 Inc
In New York City? Really? Former advertising exec Nicole Ponseca explains how she opened Maharlika, and got great buzz and press from Day One. Maharlika in New York City's East Village has been a word-of-mouth hit since opening in January 2011. Glowingly reviewed in The New York Times, the restaurant, which serves Filipino cuisine, was described as an "empire in the making," and recently launched two pop-up restaurants in Williamsburg. Nicole Ponseca, 35, a former advertising executive, co-owns Maharlika with fellow Filipinos, Noel Cruz and Enzo Lim. She tells us how the restaurant became a success, despite serving a cuisine unfamiliar to many diners and having very little start-up money. How did you go from ad exec to restaurant entrepreneur? The idea really started more than 10 years ago. I was working at Saatchi & Saatchi and my clients wanted to try Filipino food, but there weren’t any places I thought I could take them. At the time Filipino food was still in the shadows, ...
Construction Industry Pakistani Pak Directory 11.1.2012 Delicious popular
Joi Ito: Open-source hardware is a no brainer 11.1.2012 GigaOM
The coming wave of open-source hardware, 3-D printing and other breakthroughs will open the floodgates to tech innovation, just as open-source software sparked the last tech boom by fueling the Google, Facebook software empires, said Joi Ito, director of MIT's Media Lab.
Inside the Army's Doomed Quest for the 'Perfect' Radio 11.1.2012 Wired Top Stories
Inside the Army's Doomed Quest for the 'Perfect' Radio
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Killing America's Dreams, One Lousy Concept Car at a Time 11.1.2012 Wired Top Stories
Killing America's Dreams, One Lousy Concept Car at a Time
The Case for a Four-Day Work Week 11.1.2012 Inc
Here are six reasons to consider cutting your work week down a day while boosting company morale exponentially. After living within the confines of a four-day work week during the past four months at Slingshot SEO , my first reaction to questions about this unbelievable perk is “Why not?” Small business owners, CEO’s and executives from all over the country ask me on a weekly basis if it really works. My answer is a resounding YES! Obviously, if you have a large customer service component to your business or if you must be open for retail hours, it takes a bit of ingenuity and some scheduling prowess to adjust to this type of schedule. Perhaps after reading this blog post you will want to try a pilot version of the famous Slingshot SEO four-day work week in your business. If you do, I would love to hear how it goes or answer a question or two. First, let me explain the “why” behind this concept by beginning with a very important aspect of the ...
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