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Hybrids, small SUVs, sense of relief at Frankfurt 9.9.2013 Boston Globe: Technology
Hybrids, small SUVs, sense of relief at Frankfurt
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Forget roads – drones are the future of goods transport 9.9.2013 New Scientist: GM Organisms
Forget roads – drones are the future of goods transport
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Adobe Makes Life Easier For Web Designers, Adds Easy Export From Photoshop To Edge Reflow 9.9.2013 TechCrunch
photoshop_cc_logoAdobe is launching the latest update for Photoshop CC today. Besides numerous smaller feature additions, this new version adds a tool called "Adobe Generator" that is, among other things, deeply integrated with Edge Reflow, the company's tools for creating responsive web designs. Using Generator, which is also available as an open source tool, designers can now easily take assets from Photoshop - and even complete websites they mocked up in Adobe's flagship tool - and turn them into responsive sites. Any changes in Photoshop are automatically synced to Reflow in real-time.
The venture capitalist on campus 9.9.2013 Boston Globe: Technology
The venture capitalist on campus
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Alerter Is A Belt Buckle Wearable That Warns You If The Kids Leave The Yard 9.9.2013 techCrunch
alerterAlberto Garcia and Tenoch Gonzalez came all the way from Mexico City to participate in the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 Hackathon for the first time. Their hack, called Alerter, is a hardware device which when combined with a smartphone app running on iOS or Android, can alert parents when their child strays too far from the house or yard. Using Bluetooth low energy technology, a microcontroller from Texas Instruments, and some parts from Radio Shack, including a battery and speaker, the Alerter hardware will be minimized in future versions to fit on a child's belt buckle.
New pizza concept: Top This Pizza in Los Gatos, Pieology Pizzeria in San Jose 8.9.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
All of a sudden, everyone's buying those zillion-degree ovens and adapting Chipotle's quick-customization model to pizza. The first to open in the South Bay are Top This Pizza, in Los Gatos, and Pieology Pizzeria, in San Jose.
Santa Clara, Stanford compete in Solar Decathlon 8.9.2013 SFGate: Business & Technology
Santa Clara, Stanford compete in Solar Decathlon
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From Myspace’s Ashes, Silicon Start-ups Rise 8.9.2013 NY Times: Business
From Myspace’s Ashes, Silicon Start-ups Rise
It's Almost Time To Throw Out Your Books 7.9.2013 techCrunch
vanity-shelfThe near-unthinkable has happened. The dinosaurs are finally evolving. The publishing industry's long war against technology, the future, and its customers may finally be coming to a close.
Tech at Night: Kim Dotcom in trouble? Let’s bar anarchists from the country. Net Neutrality vs the Bill of Rights. 7.9.2013 Red State
Apparently Kim Dotcom is already tired of living as a fugitive in New Zealand. Tired of laying about, risking capsizing an island, he's quitting the new Mega to focus on his defense . Meanwhile, it's unfortunate that this anarchist was allowed in the country . Let's just bar him from the United States, please? The latest problem with Net Neutrality? It tramples over the Bill of Rights . Opposing the FCC's power grab is the position in favor of civil liberties. ...
IBM to transfer U.S. retirees to healthcare exchanges next year 7.9.2013 Chicago Tribune: Nation
IBM to transfer U.S. retirees to healthcare exchanges next year
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A New Red-Green Alliance: Why Workers should Join the Climate Fight (Klein) 7.9.2013 Informed Comment
The following remarks were delivered by Naomi Klein on September 1, 2013 at the founding convention of UNIFOR, a new mega union created by the Canadian Autoworkers and the Canadian Energy and Paper Workers Union, and provided to Common Dreams by the author for publication.  I’m so very happy and honoured to be able to [...]
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Report on startups versus patent trolls 7.9.2013 Boing Boing
Report on startups versus patent trolls
Why Minecraft is more than just another video game 7.9.2013 BBC: Front Page
Why do children get obsessed over blocky building game?
Has Apple lost its mojo? 7.9.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Breaking News
On the eve of Tuesday's big product announcement, many Apple watchers are wondering if Cupertino's dream-catcher has lost its knack for innovating technology that time after time would take the world's breath away.
Mulally says no plans to leave Ford early 7.9.2013 AP Business
BERLIN (AP) -- The chief executive of Ford Motor Co. says he has no plans to leave the company early after reports that he might be tipped to take a leading role at software maker Microsoft Corp....
Do You Qualify For An Obamacare Tax Credit? 7.9.2013 Inc
If you do, and you're not bothering to claim it, you could be leaving lots of cash on the table Although businesses with 50 or more employees won’t have to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate until 2015, smaller firms that choose to offer health benefits can begin reaping the benefits of an enhanced tax credit starting next year. The hard part: figuring if your company qualifies for the credit. Since 2010, certain businesses--those with 25 or fewer full-time equivalent employees; that pay average annual wages below $50,000, and that pay at least half of the premiums for single health insurance coverage for their employees--have been eligible for a tax credit of up to 35 percent of employer-paid premiums. Starting in 2014, the credit will rise to 50 percent; qualifying businesses will be able to claim the credit for up to two consecutive years. Under original ACA rules, employers only could claim the credit if they had purchased coverage through a state-run ...
Cory Booker Is Stepping Down From Waywire's Board As The Company Seeks A New CEO 7.9.2013 techCrunch
Cory_Booker_TwitterNewark mayor and Senate candidate Cory Booker is announcing today that he will be stepping down from the board of the company that he founded last year, according to a source familiar with the campaign's plans. The departure leaves just one of Waywire's three co-founders at the company, which is still in private beta and in search of a new CEO.
San Francisco to Entrepreneurs: Solve Our City's Problems 6.9.2013 Inc
The city launches a new entrepreneur-in-residence program. The hope? Get San Francisco's brightest to work on the city's gnarliest problems. San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee and the White House launched a new initiative Friday aimed at getting entrepreneurs to create tech-based solutions for some of the city's gnarliest problems. The program is a start-up accelerator, of sorts: the 16-week workshop--called Entrepreneur-in-Residence San Francisco--will select three to five teams of entrepreneurs and provide them with mentorship from private sector corporations, including McKinsey and GE. Their goal: solve a public sector problem. “Rather than someone building an app that tells you how late the buses are running, it’s a bit like an app that tells you how the entire Muni system is running,” a mayor’s office spokesperson told VentureBeat. The $142 billion public sector is, according to the announcement, a widely-underserved market when it comes to technology--ironic ...
Tech Week That Was: Encryption Disrupted; Anonymity Online 6.9.2013 NPR News
In a busy week to start September, Microsoft buys Nokia, another set of revelations comes out about government monitoring and Jeff Bezos goes to Washington.
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