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ERROR: Missing Story Title 8.12.2013 Boston Globe: Latest
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Dakota County school districts experiment with reinventing classrooms 7.12.2013 News

Two Dakota County school districts are discovering what learning would look like if teachers ignored the conventions of education and created a school based on students' needs.

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ERROR: Missing Story Title 7.12.2013 Boston Globe: Technology
Play-i Raises $1.4M From The Crowd For Toy Robots That Make Programming Kid-Friendly, Comes To Stores Near You Next Summer 7.12.2013 techCrunch
Play-i Raises $1.4M From The Crowd For Toy Robots That Make Programming Kid-Friendly, Comes To Stores Near You Next Summer
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Toilet of the future? You might want to sit down for this  7.12.2013 MSNBC
Toilet of the future? You might want to sit down for this 
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Leading the fight against apartheid | @guardianletters 7.12.2013 The Guardian -- World Latest
At the news of Nelson Mandela's death there must be many who feel the need to express a sense of shame for the part our country played in sustaining the apartheid regime in South Africa. From the 1960s onwards the messages that the anti-apartheid movement was bringing us – about our huge investments in the apartheid system, about our sale of weapons to South Africa that were being used to suppress and kill its citizens – were met with indifference or scorn by the Tory establishment and its allies in the press. By the 1980s apartheid was reviled throughout the world, but it was Tory Britain, along with the US, that continued to sustain the white minority regime and repeatedly vetoed UN resolutions that called for economic sanctions on South Africa. Had it not done so there would have been an earlier end to apartheid and Mandela's incarceration. What lessons have been learned? We still invest in, and sell arms to, countries that trample on human rights. Many die-hard Tories still believe that the ...
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ACLU: U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein's NSA 'reforms': bad for privacy, bad for business 6.12.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Opinion
Nicole Ozer is amazed that California's senator is supporting bad law that will cause enormous harm to American business.
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Supreme Court to review patents on software 6.12.2013 GigaOM
The Supreme Court says it will return to the thorny issue of when software-related "inventions" are eligible for review under patent law.
Nailing the Convenience Factor in Customer Service 6.12.2013 Inc
Companies must invest in technology to develop services that customers won't remember ever living without, the self-proclaimed world's most customer-obsessed online retailer, has unveiled a game-changing customer service offering called Mayday. And although it has nothing to do with the company's much-hyped plan for using drones to deliver packages, it, too, is all about convenience. Mayday is a help button on the company's new Kindle Fire HDX tablet that connects the user directly to an Amazon representative via live video. (The user can see the Amazon agent, but the agent can only hear the user--so don't worry about your bed-head.) The service is designed to provide help with any type of policy or product question within 15 seconds, 24/7, free of charge. Customers Desire Convenience Amazon's new service is just the latest example of how convenience has been at the heart of nearly every new consumer innovation we now take for granted. With iTunes and Spotify, we have every ...
Drones come to Techopolis! 6.12.2013 Daily Kos
Between the driverless car , internet balloons and Amazon's delivery drones , it seemed like high time to take a closer look at the technology industry in a cartoon. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for the internet and technology-- it's how I've made my living for the past twelve years or so-- but I definitely have some luddite-induced skepticism in my bones. Actually, it's not the various technologies and innovations themselves, but the hype that accompanies each shiny new technology that really gets my cartoon gears turning. I'm a huge fan of 60 Minutes, but their piece on Jeff Bezos and his drones made the days of Mike Wallace selling cigarettes look dignified. Technology companies seem to have perfected the art of getting various news outlets to sit up like excited puppies with each new release of some product. (See iPhone anything.) Enjoy the cartoon and share it with your friends, and watch out for drone deliveries. I'll write more about this topic and this cartoon on my website , so ...
Warning over rare metals in gadgets 6.12.2013 BBC: Technology
Modern technology is too reliant on rare materials whose scarcity could drastically set back innovation, a report warns.
Send wireless power long range with lasers and balloons 6.12.2013 New Scientists HIV
Send wireless power long range with lasers and balloons
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Mandela's unsung legacy of science in Africa 6.12.2013 New Scientist: News
Mandela's unsung legacy of science in Africa
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House Bill Raises Bar for Suits Over Patents 6.12.2013 NY Times: Washington
House Bill Raises Bar for Suits Over Patents
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Finally, Twitter Gets It: Why Your Company Needs More Women 6.12.2013 Inc
Twitter just added its first woman to its board. Here's how a woman's perspective could help the company. After widespread criticism over its all-male board , Twitter revealed Thursday that Pearson CEO Marjorie Scardino will join its board of directors, according to an SEC filing . Scardino, 66, is the first woman to fill a seat for the company, which went public last month. According to a Bloomberg report, during her time at Pearson, Scardino has doubled headcount and tripled sales--increasing the education and publishing company's share price by almost 80 percent. Experts tout her experience running a media company has a major win for Twitter. Why should you care? It's a good reminder that gender diversity can give a company--any company--a serious advantage. Women make up just 19 percent of directors on the boards of Standard and Poor’s 100 companies, according to investment management company Calvert . Meanwhile many experts agree that a lack of diversity stifles innovation. In ...
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House passes measure setting limits on some patent lawsuits 6.12.2013 San Jose Mercury News: Business
The U.S. House passed legislation to rein in some patent lawsuits that technology companies say could reduce the time they spend fighting such suits in court. The Senate has its own version of the legislation, which it may take up early next year. The Obama administration has signaled its support for the bill.
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Huge new office, research and retail complex planned for Santa Clara 6.12.2013 San Jose Mercury News: San Jose/Valley
Developers are planning a vast new office and research campus that will become a crucial piece of Santa Clara's economic fabric and bring retail into a part of the city that lacks shopping services on a site a few minutes from the future 49ers football stadium.
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Keen On…Jessica Rosenworcel: Why Silicon Valley And Washington DC Can’t Live Without Each Other 6.12.2013 TechCrunch
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 8.12.56 PMThere are, of course, many libertarians in Silicon Valley who see Washington DC as the mortal enemy of innovation. But according to Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, who was appointed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by Barack Obama in 2012, Silicon Valley needs to "participate more" in DC.
House passes Innovation Act by vote of 325-91: a small solution to a big patent problem 6.12.2013 GigaOM
The American patent system is a mess, awash in low-quality patents and abused by so-called trolls. The House passed a major bill to reform the mess that will likely become law -- it will help but not enough.
Startup Ceiva Energy wants to use your family photos to lower your energy use 5.12.2013 GigaOM
Many attempts to use dashboards to show energy consumption data and get consumers to conserve energy use have failed miserably. Will a startup's idea of using a digital photo frame to broadcast the data make a difference?
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