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Inspired Capital, founded by Alexa von Tobel and Penny Pritzker, just closed its debut fund with $200 million 12.11.2019 TechCrunch
Exactly 10 years ago, on stage at a TechCrunch event, Alexa von Tobel launched her startup, LearnVest, an online financial planning company that aimed to give people access to more affordable financial planning services. Much has happened in subsequent years. LearnVest went on to raise roughly $70 million from investors, then to sell for a […]
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Will Development Eventually Make Itself Obsolete? 12.11.2019 ReadWriteWeb
Nearly a decade has passed since renowned venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously declared that “software is eating the world.” The subsequent years have proven his observation was a prescient one, and the software developers driving this phenomenon have risen to the top of the proverbial food chain. Now, however, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they, too, are ...
Formula 1 launches a plan to become carbon neutral by 2030 12.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
Formula 1 launches a plan to become carbon neutral by 2030 and will "begin carbon-reduction projects immediately".
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Here's how two schools have made free college work — for decades 11.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The idea of tuition-free college isn't a new concept for some schools. Two colleges in Kentucky have been making it work for years.
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Adidas and Prada: Or should that be Pradidas or Adada? 8.11.2019 BBC: Business
Prada and Adidas are going on a "collaborative journey" with "an authentic fusion of fashion and sport".
Exploring the Convergence of the IoT and Patient Safety 8.11.2019 ReadWriteWeb
The growth and explosion of IoT technology has been astonishing to watch over the past few years. And while we often discuss the impact it’s having in tech and consumer products niches, it’s having an equally profound impact in healthcare – particularly when it comes to patient safety. 6 Ways the IoT is Impacting Patient ...
Sinclair leads $10.3M investment in rideshare advertising startup Octopus 8.11.2019 TechCrunch
Octopus Interactive, a startup bringing an interactive TV and ad experience into Uber and Lyft rides, has raised a $10.3 million funding round led by Sinclair Digital Group. Backseat TVs mixing show snippets and commercials have become a common part of the taxi experience in New York City and elsewhere. Octopus is offering something of […]
Corporate, public investments spur interest in Pacific Northwest startups 8.11.2019 TechCrunch
Why are businesses and government organizations investing so much into the the strip of land down the West Coast from Vancouver, Canada to Portland, Oregon?
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Tips for Selling Smart Supply Chain Solutions 7.11.2019 ReadWriteWeb
New technologies have the potential to make supply chains more efficient and more transparent than ever before. Unfortunately, implementing the right technologies in the right way is often easier said than done. Here are tips for selling smart supply chain solutions. Every company is filled with people who have different opinions about which technologies can boost ...
Exclusive: Tony Blair on regulating Big Tech, Facebook, Russia, China and Brexit 7.11.2019 techCrunch
As history tells us, the break-up of ‘Big Oil’ and ‘Big Telco’ in the past, led to more competition and innovation. What to do in the era of ‘Big Tech’? Living in 2019, we know more than ever before about how Big Tech, particularly in the shape of Facebook, Twitter and Google – as the […]
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Amazon is planning a $40M robotics hub near Boston 6.11.2019 TechCrunch
Amazon announced a plan today to build a $40 million, 350,000 square foot robotics innovation hub in Westborough, MA. The new facility will bring 200 technology and advanced manufacturing jobs when it opens in 2021. The new facilities will include corporate offices, research and development labs and a robotics manufacturing space. The company said that […]
Can IoT Bridge The Gaps In Modern Mental Health Treatment? 6.11.2019 ReadWriteWeb
Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. In fact, every year one-fifth of Americans experiences a clinical mental health disorder, whether or not they are diagnosed or receive treatment. That means that even if you haven’t personally experienced a mental health crisis, you certainly know someone who has, even if they don’t talk about it. Unfortunately, despite the ...
Democrats’ new online privacy bill heralded as chance to build ‘alternative road to a digital future’ 6.11.2019 Raw Story
“This legislation is a game-changer,” says Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff, whose latest book warns of “surveillance capitalism.” Backed by progressive privacy advocates, a pair of California House Democrats who represent Silicon Valley introduced sweeping legislation on Tuesday that aims to strengthen online user protections and increase accountability for major technology companies—in part by creating a […]
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Nuclear fusion is 'a question of when, not if' 6.11.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
Scientists say we are close to making fusion power a reality - but will it arrive in time to combat climate change?
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Why Your Company’s Tech Transformation Starts With the Backend 6.11.2019 ReadWriteWeb
When people think about the technology at Starbucks, free Wi-Fi, the loyalty program, mobile payments, or remote ordering usually come to mind. But it all started in a far less sexy way. Here’s why your company’s tech transformation starts with the backend. Most major technology overhauls start with a company’s backend—the tech running behind the ...
Opinion: We're out of the Paris Accords. So what's the conservative climate change playbook? 6.11.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Republicans have gone missing on climate change. Here are some ideas for a conservative approach

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Where top VCs are investing in fintech 5.11.2019 TechCrunch
Over the past several years, ‘fintech’ has quietly become the unsung darling of venture. A rapidly swelling pool of new startups is taking aim at the large incumbent institutions, complex processes and outdated unfriendly interfaces that mar billion dollar financial services verticals, such as insurtech, consumer lending, personal finance, or otherwise.   In just the past […]
America’s middle class can only survive if the myth of the ‘free market’ dies 5.11.2019 Raw Story
National industrial policy was once something you might read about in today’s equivalent of a friend’s Facebook post, as hard as that might sound to believe. It was in newspapers; it was on the radio. Taxi drivers had opinions about it. That all changed in the last 35 years, when the rise and fall of […]
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Medopad raises $25M led by Bayer to develop biomarkers tracked via apps and wearables 5.11.2019 TechCrunch
Medopad, the UK startup that has been working with Tencent to develop AI-based methods for building and tracking “digital” biomarkers — measurable indicators of the progression of illnesses and diseases that are picked up not with blood samples or in-doctor visits but using apps and wearables, has announced another round of funding to expand the […]
A Megatrend Set to Disrupt the Business World 5.11.2019 ReadWriteWeb
Today we navigate our way across cities, pull up electronic tickets, purchase items, monitor our health, and, of course, stay connected with friends and family on our smartphones. The smartphone is one of those innovations that make us think,  “how did I ever function without it?” Smartphones revolutionized our personal lives, but there’s a megatrend ...
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