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Cobham: National security fears threaten defence takeover 18.9.2019 BBC: Business
The government is looking into Advent's £4bn takeover bid for British defence firm Cobham.
FarmWise and its weed-pulling agribot harvest $14.5M in funding 18.9.2019 TechCrunch
Automating agriculture is a complex proposition given the number and variety of tasks involved, but a number of robotics and autonomy companies are giving it their best shot. FarmWise seems to have impressed someone — it just raised $14.5 million to continue development of its autonomous weeding vehicle.
Biology as technology will reinvent trillion-dollar industries 18.9.2019 TechCrunch
We face two major threats today: one to the health of our planet and the other to our own. Fortunately, biology and technology are creating fixes for the planet as well as for the human body.
Boston-based DataRobot raises $206M Series E to bring AI to enterprise 17.9.2019 techCrunch
Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly large role in enterprise software, and Boston’s DataRobot has been helping companies build, manage and deploy machine learning models for some time now. Today, the company announced a $206 million Series E investment led by Sapphire Ventures. Other participants in this round included new investors Tiger Global Management, World […]
Remagine secures $35M fund backed by media giants to focus on entertainment and media tech 17.9.2019 techCrunch
Remagine Ventures is a relatively new European VC fund which focuses on investments in entertainment tech, including AI, gaming, sports & eSports, AR/VR, consumer and commerce. It’s now completed $35 million in funding from a number of entertainment and media corporations, including Axel Springer and ProsiebenSat1, Japanese Adways and American Liontree LLC. Last year global […]
Police officers raise concerns about 'biased' AI tools 16.9.2019 BBC: Technology
Law enforcers fear they will be told to unfairly target some groups because of past prejudices.
Plaid announces strategic investment from Mastercard and Visa 16.9.2019 techCrunch
When Plaid announced its $250 million Series C investment, last year, it left out a couple of key investors. Today it revealed that Mastercard and Visa had also quietly participated in the round. For a company like Plaid, which builds APIs to enable customers to access their bank accounts inside applications in a seamless way, […]
Frankfurt Motor Show: Love, hate and electric cars 14.9.2019 BBC: Front Page
The BBC's Theo Leggett reports from a cavernous display of delights at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
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How Connected Communities Can Bolster Your Business 13.9.2019 ReadWriteWeb
When you hear “connected community,” it’s natural to think of the internet. While the internet is undoubtedly a conduit for connections, the actual concept goes much deeper. From public safety and transportation to civic engagement and economic development, access and efficiency are at the root of connected communities. Learning how connected communities can bolster your business. ...
Ten questions for 2020 presidential candidate John Delaney 13.9.2019 TechCrunch
In November 2020, America will go to the polls to vote in perhaps the most consequential election in a generation. The winner will lead the country amid great social, economic and ecological unrest. The 2020 election will be a referendum on both the current White House and the direction of the country at large. Nearly […]
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Boston gets a new biotech accelerator with the launch of Petri 13.9.2019 techCrunch
As biotechnology becomes more central to new innovations in healthcare, material science, and manufacturing, one of the nation’s research hubs is getting a new accelerator called Petri to launch companies focused on the commercialization of new technologies. Backed by the Boston-based venture capital firm, Pillar, Petri has a three-year $15 million commitment to back companies […]
Element AI raises $151M on a $600-700M valuation to help companies build and run AI solutions 13.9.2019 TechCrunch
While tech giants like Google and Amazon build and invest in a multitude of artificial intelligence applications to grow their businesses, a startup has raised a big round of funding to help those that are not technology businesses by nature also jump into the AI fray. Element AI, the very well-funded, well-connected Canadian startup that […]
Scientists propose ‘Spaceline’ elevator to the Moon 13.9.2019 TechCrunch
Fans of sci-fi and fringe tech may already be familiar with the idea of the "space elevator," which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — and totally impossible with today's technology. But a pair of scientists think they've found an alternative: a Moon elevator. And it's slightly less insane... technically.
Sidewalk Labs spins out urban data-gathering tool Replica into a company 12.9.2019 TechCrunch
Replica, the data-gathering tool created within Sidewalk Labs that maps the movement of people in cities, is now a company. The newly formed company, which is headed by Nick Bowden, also announced Thursday it has raised $11 million in a Series A funding round from investors Innovation Endeavors, Firebrand Ventures, and Revolution’s Rise of the […]
3 Ways to Navigate Regulations in the Robo Revolution 12.9.2019 ReadWriteWeb
Robots seem like the stuff of science fiction. NASA’s new LEMUR robot, designed to climb rock walls on Mars, is no exception. But here on Earth, the forward march of automation continues, transforming business and society. But there’s a barrier holding us back from realizing the full potential of emerging tech: regulatory bottlenecks. Regulations are ...
SmartDrive snaps up $90M for in-truck video telematics solutions for safety and fuel efficiency 12.9.2019 TechCrunch
Trucks and other large commercial vehicles and the biggest whales on the road today — are they also, by virtue of that size, some of the most dangerous and inefficient if they are driven badly. Today, a startup that has built a platform aimed at improving both of those areas has raised a large round […]
Google's smart-city plans 'tech for tech's sake' 12.9.2019 BBC: Technology
A panel of experts criticises Google's ambitious plans for a smart city in Toronto.
How a Nearly Forgotten (RIP) Physicist Shaped Your Internet Access 11.9.2019 ReadWriteWeb
MIT announced that Fernando Corbato, a pioneer in computer security, has passed away aged 93. Corbato’s death, though it is sad news, provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of his work, and specifically on one of his revolutionary ideas: the password. Here’s how a nearly forgotten (RIP) physicist shaped your internet access. Paving ...
Despite Brexit, UK startups can compete with Silicon Valley to win tech talent 11.9.2019 techCrunch
Brexit has taken over discourse in the UK and beyond. In the UK alone. The impact of Brexit has already rippled through industries all over the world. The UK’s technology sector is no exception...
Relativity Space signs its the satellite transportation company Momentus as its first customer 11.9.2019 TechCrunch
Relativity Space, the startup developing manufacturing technologies for entirely 3D printed rockets and space equipment, has signed its latest paying customer, the orbital transportation startup, Momentus. Relativity’s Terran 1 rocket will carry Momentus’ small and medium-sized satellite payloads on its rocket and Momentus will then move those satellites into geosynchronous orbit using its own in-space […]
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