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Transcript: Obama's speech at the 2018 Nelson Mandela annual lecture 18.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The former president spoke in Johannesburg on Tuesday. Here is the full transcript.
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UK unveils new Tempest fighter jet model 16.7.2018 BBC: Business
The UK plans to invest £2bn in the new jet, which can be used with either pilots or as a drone.
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NHS still reliant on 'archaic' fax machines 12.7.2018 BBC: Technology
The outdated technology was last widely used in the 1990s.
Is insurance a rich enough game to disrupt? 11.7.2018 techCrunch
For the last decade, the largest technology companies have increasingly looked outside of tech to grow their operations. Now, companies like Apple and Google and Amazon are eyeing innovation across the insurance landscape.
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Audi signs MOU with Huawei to develop connected car technology 10.7.2018 techCrunch
After announcing plans to ship cars running Android and work with Nvidia to build automotive AI systems, Audi today put in place the latest piece of its self-driving car puzzle. The German carmaker has signed a memorandum of understanding with Huawei — the world’s third-largest smartphone maker after Samsung and Apple — to develop intelligent […]
Ground breaking tech 10.7.2018 BBC: Technology
Virtual reality, drones and automation are making mining safer and more productive.
Autodesk acquires Assemble Systems to build up its construction tech vertical 9.7.2018 TechCrunch
Autodesk has made a name for itself among designers, engineers and architects with its 3D and other modelling software. Now, as it continues to build out its business in adjacent business areas like construction, it has acquired Assemble Systems, a startup that has built a platform to help plan and run building projects — and […]
EQT acquires B2B payment transfer business Banking Circle from Saxo Bank for $300M 9.7.2018 TechCrunch
Remittances and the process of transferring money between people and organizations continues to be a huge business — worth some $613 billion globally, according to the latest figures from the World Bank. Now one of the bigger players in the world of B2B payments is itself changing hands. EQT — the investment and private equity […]
The electric aircraft is taking off 9.7.2018 TechCrunch
Evan Gaj Contributor Evan Gaj is a mechanical engineering graduate from LeHigh University currently on a Fulbright Scholarship in Warsaw studying drones. In 2008, the electric motor vehicle experienced a rebirth triggered by a rise in oil prices. Now in 2018, it is the time for another rebirth — in electrical aviation. Over the decades, […]
Serverless computing could unleash a new startup ecosystem 8.7.2018 techCrunch
While serverless computing isn’t new, it has reached an interesting place in its development. As developers begin to see the value of serverless architecture, a whole new startup ecosystem could begin to develop around it. Serverless isn’t exactly serverless at all, but it does enable a developer to set event triggers and leave the infrastructure […]
Fetch rover! Robot to retrieve Mars rocks 6.7.2018 BBC: Technology
UK engineers will design a robot in an audacious plan to bring home Mars rocks to study for signs of life.
China VC has overtaken Silicon Valley, but do aggregate numbers tell the whole story? 5.7.2018 TechCrunch
The evidence is increasingly clear: 2018 is the year of the Chinese venture deal. With half of the year now complete, China is driving ahead of Silicon Valley and the rest of the United States on venture capital dollars invested into startups, according to a number of data sources including Crunchbase, China Money Network, and […]
The Winners of The Europas Awards 2018 show Europe’s startup power 4.7.2018 techCrunch
Yesterday The Europas, the European Tech Startup Awards and Unconference once again held its annual jamboree in London, throwing together an afternoon of deep-dive panel discussions on the hottest topics in tech, a “Pitch Roulette” session of early-stage startup pitches, and a glittering Awards ceremony, honouring the hottest startups, unicorns founders, investors and blockchain projects […]
The hottest new space to disrupt is immigration 4.7.2018 TechCrunch
Tech CEOs and founders are disrupting everything from travel to food, to space, to sleep. Now it’s time to disrupt a process that so many of us have relied on to get where we are today: immigration.
Get me out of here! 29.6.2018 BBC: Technology
How instant feedback software and AI bots could make meetings more interesting and productive.
What Else Could We Do with $1.9 Trillion? 28.6.2018 American Prospect
AP Photo/Julie Jacobson Replacing the old Tappan Zee Bridge: Hundreds of other bridges, tunnels, and rail lines are outmoded. All it takes is public funds.  This article appears in the Summer 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here .  For almost 40 years, we have been living through Republican experiments with a theory of economic growth: Give tax cuts to the top and they will reward the middle and the bottom with new job-creating investments that also generate ever-greater tax revenues. In the latest tax cut, now expected to cost $1.9 trillion over a decade, it’s already clear that corporations are not spending their windfall on new investments but mainly on stock buybacks. Since about 2012, buybacks by corporations exceeded their investment in productive assets, and the trend is getting worse. If that $1.9 trillion tax cut were spent instead on infrastructure, the positive effects would ripple through the economy. Virtually all of the money would be productively spent on fixing the ...
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AI India 27.6.2018 BBC: Technology
India's vast engineering workforce and burgeoning start-up scene are among the advantages it enjoys.
Puppet raises $42M led by Cisco as its DevOps automation platform passes 40,000 businesses 27.6.2018 TechCrunch
DevOps — the branch of enterprise IT that involves both products and best-practices for developers to build, test and run apps and other software — is on track to be worth nearly $13 billion by 2025. Now, a startup that is building DevOps tools is announcing a significant funding round to capitalise on that opportunity. […]
Twilio launches its new partner program 27.6.2018 techCrunch
Twilio, the publicly traded API-first communications platform, today announced the launch of Twilio Build, its new partner program. Twilio Build is an extension of the company’s existing partner program, which originally launched back in 2014. The original program only offered a number of basic services to help partners reach more customers. Build, however, offers everything […]
IQ Capital is raising £125M to invest in deep tech startups in the UK 27.6.2018 techCrunch
The rapid pace of technology innovation and applications in recent decades — you could argue that just about every kind of business is a “tech” business these days — has spawned a sea of tech startups and larger businesses that are focused on serving that market, and equally demanding consumers, on a daily basis. Today, […]
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