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How Sears Was Gutted By Its Own CEO 18.10.2018 American Prospect
(AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File) Sears CEO and Board Chairman Eddie Lampert, pictured in 2004, could make billions from Sears's bankruptcy. By now, Prospect readers probably know the basic story of the demise of Sears. The company that pioneered the 20th-century version of e-commerce—the catalog—did not succumb to 21st-century innovations like Amazon and Walmart. Rather, it was dismantled piece by piece by Eddie Lampert, the hedge fund titan (and former Yale roommate of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin) who purchased it in 2005. Lampert and his hedge fund engaged in relentless financial engineering to suck out all the value from Sears and leave a desiccated husk, which now could face possible liquidation in bankruptcy. But just how much did Lampert vacuum out? That’s a surprisingly hard question to answer, if only because of the variety of schemes he employed. Lampert was at one point simultaneously Sears’s CEO, board chairman, transaction partner, landlord, and banker. (Upon the bankruptcy filing, he ...
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Blue wine? A tea-infused vintage? Spain startup shakes things up 17.10.2018 Raw Story

Five years ago, a group of university students in Spain’s Basque Country decided they wanted to shake up a sector — any sector — but preferably one to do with food or drink. So Imanol, Inigo, Gorka, Aritz and Taig picked the most traditional of them all — and created blue win...

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‘School for politicians’ gets a taste of power 17.10.2018 BBC: Business
Tired of corruption, business people in Brazil come together to forge a new generation of lawmakers.
Why dumping rubbish is a waste of money 17.10.2018 BBC: Business
Dumping rubbish is a waste of valuable resources, says Arthur Huang - and his company is showing why.
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How Trump Exaggerated Saudi Arms Deal To Rationalize Khashoggi Killing 16.10.2018 Crooks Liars
CNN's New Day did a John Avlon "reality check" segment on Trump's alleged Saudi arms deal. "So President Trump admits that he is reluctant to punish Saudi Arabia because he does not want to put an arms deal at risk. So how lucrative is that arms deal?" John Berman asked. "Let's dig into it," Avlon said. "First of all, this is not a freedom agenda administration. In President Trump's muddled and money-driven response to the apparent killing of Jamal Khashoggi. he said this. TRUMP: I don't like the concept of stopping an investment of $110 billion into the United States because you know what they're going to do? They're going to take that money and spend it in Russia or China or someplace else. "Forget the cost-benefit analysis he's doing with a man's life. The number alone is worth scrutiny. It was $380 billion. The military component under $10 billion. There are mostly memorandums of intent. Six items made it to Congress adding up to $28 billion. All but one predated the administration. That number drops ...
Affluent cities gained at expense of Trump’s ‘forgotten’ America study 15.10.2018 Raw Story

The economic divide between affluent U.S. cities and suburbs and the ailing, often rural, areas where blue collar and middle-tier service jobs are the norm grew wider after the onset of the Great Recession, a Washington-based think tank said on Monday. The crisis and ensuing rebound saw a “reshuffli...

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Wales' 5G advisory group criticised for being all men 12.10.2018 BBC: Technology
The appointment of eight men to the expert panel for Wales faced a backlash on Twitter.
Hundreds of professionals expected at MN's first hosting of Blacks in Technology Conference 11.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
A conference aimed at increasing the number of jobs for black men and women in the tech field opens in the Twin Cities Thursday.
Google Pixel 3 phones launch during privacy storm 9.10.2018 BBC: Technology
The search firm reveals its latest handsets shortly after revealing Google+ users' data was exposed.
India needs innovation overdrive to sustain momentum: Naidu 9.10.2018 Business – The Navhind Times
WARANGAL: (TELANGANA) With India striving to become a five trillion-dollar economy by 2025, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday said the country has to go on an innovation overdrive to sustain the momentum. Observing that the Indian growth story had taken the world by surprise and made the country an attractive investment destination, Naidu ...
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Facebook Portal video chat screens raise privacy concerns 8.10.2018 BBC: Technology
Two camera-enabled smart devices for the home are unveiled in the midst of a privacy crisis.
2 American researchers win Nobel economics prize 8.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
William Nordhaus of Yale University and Paul Romer of New York University were announced winners of the $1.01 million prize on Monday by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
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Waitrose unpacks groceries while you’re out 5.10.2018 BBC: Business
Customers will give drivers access to their homes when they are out in the first trial of its kind in UK.
Deliveroo losses deepen as investment grows 1.10.2018 BBC: Business
Revenues doubled last year, but investment in the firm's expansion pushed it deeper into the red.
Elon Musk Sued For Fraud Over Aborted Plan To Take Tesla Private 28.9.2018 Outside the Beltway
The legal troubles for Tesla's Elon Musk just got a lot more serious.
Are themed bars and pubs the future? 26.9.2018 BBC: Business
Immersive themed bars and pubs offering consumers experiences are on the rise in the UK.
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Mounds View amateur radio store prepares to sign off 21.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
After more than 30 years of selling radio equipment, dispensing advice and serving as a hub of the wireless hobby across the Midwest, owners Dan and Maline Fish say they're retiring and preparing to pull the plug on Radio City, their store in Mounds View.
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Can the city of pizza reinvent itself as a tech capital? 14.9.2018 BBC: Business
How a city best known for pizza, football and crime is embracing tech to revive its fortunes.
Elon Musk smokes marijuana live on web show 7.9.2018 BBC: Business
The tech entrepreneur was offered a joint by a podcast host during filming.
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InGAME project worth £9m to research and develop video games 7.9.2018 BBC: Business
The InGAME project will provide space for artists, designers, writers, and business specialists.
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