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A historian explains how America will collapse by 2025 — using 4 different scenarios 7.7.2020 Raw Story
This story first ran in December, 2010.  A soft landing for America 40 years from now? Don’t bet on it. The demise of the United States as the global superpower could come far more quickly than anyone imagines. If Washington is dreaming of 2040 or 2050 as the end of the American Century, a more […]
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Digital contact tracing’s mixed record abroad spells trouble for US efforts to rein in COVID-19 6.7.2020 Raw Story
Two public health measures – testing, to identify those infected, and contact tracing, to identify those who may have encountered an infected person – have become essential as countries around the world reopen their economies and fresh surges of COVID-19 infections appear. Even as testing ramps up, contact tracing with a wide enough net remains […]
Robotic scientists will 'speed up discovery' 6.7.2020 BBC: Science
Robotic scientists could speed up scientific discovery, while human scientists work from home, developers say.
Coronavirus: Fujitsu announces permanent work-from-home plan 6.7.2020 BBC: Technology
The programme will offer "unprecedented flexibility" to 80,000 workers in Japan, says Fujitsu.
Government plans new office to attract scientists to UK 1.7.2020 BBC: Science
The government says it wants to make immigration "easy and quick" for researchers and innovators.
Robo-dolphin creates a splash and other tech news 26.6.2020 BBC: Technology
BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at the best of the week's technology stories.
Chicago companies preach diversity and inclusion, but there’s plenty of work to do. ‘Lip service is not going to hold water.’ 25.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
The movement for social change in the wake of George Floyd’s death has not only prompted thousands to take to the streets, it has resonated with corporate America, making diversity and inclusion the watchwords of the moment for banks and burger chains alike. But experts warn progress will take more than words alone.
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Gene therapy and CRISPR strategies for curing blindness (Yes, you read that right) 25.6.2020 Raw Story
In recent months, even as our attention has been focused on the coronavirus outbreak, there have been a slew of scientific breakthroughs in treating diseases that cause blindness. Researchers at U.S.-based Editas Medicine and Ireland-based Allergan have administered CRISPR for the first time to a person with a genetic disease. This landmark treatment uses the […]
Britain's 'blindingly cool' engineering innovation 25.6.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Conceptual still-life photographer Ted Humble-Smith celebrates 50 years of world-beating technology.
Royal Navy's first crewless boat ready for testing 24.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
The first crewless boat is now ready for a trial alongside a Royal Navy warship later this year.
Coronavirus: Health minister says app should roll out by winter 17.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
Lord Bethell says the coronavirus-tracing app is "not a priority" and has no firm launch date.
Don't fund me: The most questionable coronavirus crowdfunding ideas 17.6.2020 LA Times: Business

A mask that only covers your nose, a keychain to touch elevator buttons for you, and other highly suspect new gadgets you can crowdfund.

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How Elon Musk aims to revolutionise battery technology 17.6.2020 BBC: Technology
Could the least exciting bit of Elon Musk's empire end up being the most transformative?
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Public investment key to escaping crisis: Summers 8.6.2020 BBC: Business
Former US treasury secretary Larry Summers said central banks are going to become "less relevant".
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How a new biotech rule will foster distrust with the public and impede progress in science 1.6.2020 Raw Story
In May, federal regulators finalized a new biotechnology policy that will bring sweeping changes to the U.S. food system. Dubbed “SECURE,” the rule revises U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations over genetically engineered plants, automatically exempting many gene-edited crops from government oversight. Companies and labs will be allowed to “self-determine” whether or not a crop should […]
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Make Covid-19 recovery green, say business leaders 1.6.2020 BBC: Business
Well-known firms such as Asda and Lloyds Bank are urging ministers to prioritise the environment.
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Nasa SpaceX launch: What is the Crew Dragon? 31.5.2020 BBC: Science
A guide to SpaceX's Crew Dragon vehicle, which carried astronauts to the space station.
Coronavirus: Harrods hits the shopping mall to stop congestion 28.5.2020 BBC: Business
The department store will open at a nearby Westfield centre to ensure social distancing.
Sprouts from the ashes 28.5.2020 BuzzMachine

Our house was already on fire; COVID threw gunpowder on the flames. In this piece for Tortoise, I surveyed the damage to our field. Now I will look at some hopeful sprouts rising from the ashes. First, to be clear: There is no messiah that will save us overnight; our messiahs have all been false. […]

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Op-Ed: Why democracies do better at surviving pandemics 26.5.2020 LA Times: Health

In the coronvirus crisis, authoritarian governments have shown the brittleness of their power while democracies have revealed their innate resilience.

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