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New Report Details Dozens of Corrupt Border Patrol Agents—Just As Trump Wants to Hire More 24.4.2018 Mother Jones
In the first week of his presidency, Donald Trump requested that Congress give Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enough money to hire 5,000 new agents to patrol the US-Mexico border as part of his immigration crackdown. The move raised eyebrows among immigration activists and experts, who had been monitoring the agency’s poor discipline record and […]
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Three ways Republicans can still spare Trump from Trump 24.4.2018 Washington Post
Three ways Republicans can still spare Trump from Trump
The Finance 202: Wells Fargo shrinks lobbying team as it faces crisis in Washington 24.4.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Bank officials say Wells Fargo is reorganizing its approach.
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The Energy 202: Why Scott Pruitt's decision on burning wood is so high stakes 24.4.2018 Washington Post: Politics
The notion that biomass is carbon neutral is contentious among scientists.
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Embattled Wells Fargo to face protests and more calls for change at annual meeting 24.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Wells Fargo & Co.’s top brass will gather in Iowa Tuesday for the bank’s annual shareholder meeting — and they’ll be getting an earful from critics and advocacy groups over issues such as continued revelations of consumer abuses and the bank’s dealings with gun makers.

It’s the second shareholder...

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Jake Tapper’s new thriller blows the lid off corruption in Washington 24.4.2018 Washington Post
Jake Tapper’s new thriller blows the lid off corruption in Washington
Tens of thousands of cars are still on the road with a ‘ticking time bomb’: Explosive air bags 23.4.2018 Washington Post
A decade after the largest safety recall in U.S. history began, an estimated 60,000 vehicles equipped with deadly explosive Takata air bags are still being driven. Why? As older cars changed hands, owners did not receive warnings or ignored them, automakers say.
Can Dylan Ratigan Make The Jump From MSNBC to Congress? 22.4.2018 SirotaBlog
Dylan Ratigan was never a standard cookie cutter cable TV host. He was a financial journalist who won awards for his coverage of the Enron scandal, and he made his name shining a spotlight on Wall Street excesses in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. He had a highly rated MSNBC show until he called it quits in 2012 and started a business for creating more distributed, people-centered systems to bring power, water, food, and communications to communities around the planet. Now, he’s back on the public stage -- running for Congress as a Democrat from the district where he grew up in upstate New York. On this episode, I caught up with Ratigan to talk about his campaign, and why he’s running. You’ll hear him talk about America’s trade policy, and why he both opposes Donald Trump, but also believes Trump is not the central problem in American politics.
Under attack, the FBI becomes a partisan battleground 22.4.2018 Washington Post
Like much about today’s political environment, the problems began before President Trump was elected but have become far worse during his time in office. There can be no strong foundation at the FBI when the pillars of leadership are all under assault, starting at the very top with the Justice Department itself.
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Comey Memos Are Like A Pyramid Scheme But With Phony Scandals Instead Of Funny Money 21.4.2018 Crooks Liars
After a great deal of agitation by Republicans and the right-wing media, last night the Justice Department sent Congress lightly redacted versions of James Comey's memos on his meetings with President Trump -- and the memos were leaked to the press in 39 minutes. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had been threatened with impeachment if he didn't release these and other memos ... but the Comey memos, once we were all able to see them, had few new revelations, and were consistent with what Comey has said in congressional testimony, in his book, and in his recent interviews. Many people are ...
Son of Stroessner-era figure expected to win Paraguay vote 21.4.2018 Washington Post: World
The son of a top aide to late Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner is expected to easily win Sunday’s presidential election, promising to continue the country’s strong economic growth with business-friendly policies.
Wells Fargo fined $1 billion for ‘reckless unsafe or unsound practices’ 21.4.2018 Washington Post
Wells Fargo fined $1 billion for ‘reckless unsafe or unsound practices’
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Is it finally Scott Pruitt's time to go? 20.4.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Is it finally Scott Pruitt's time to go?
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The Week That The Russia Scandal River Overflowed Its Banks & Became A Flood 20.4.2018 The Moderate Voice

Several things are glaringly obvious as the river of Russia scandal developments overflows its banks and becomes a flood of historic proportions: Donald Trump is a seriously evil person who happens to be president because of Vladimir Putin and James Comey. He has surrounded himself with an extraordinary rogue’s gallery of bottom feeders. His increasingly […]

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The Daily 202: Republican judges warn of ‘tyranny’ as they block Trump on ‘sanctuary cities’ 20.4.2018 Washington Post: Politics
The president gets another civics lesson on the separation of powers from a trio of GOP appointees.
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To stop migrant caravans, we need to maintain U.S. aid to Honduras 20.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Remnants of a migrant caravan crossing Mexico are on the last leg toward the U.S. border in Tijuana, where scores of Hondurans are expected to ask for asylum. This has attracted the ire of President Trump, who not only tweeted a threat to cut off U.S. assistance to Honduras but days later deployed...

Prosecutors again accuse Guatemala president of corruption 20.4.2018 Washington Post: World
Guatemalan prosecutors and a United Nations’ anti-corruption commission again accused President Jimmy Morales of corruption Thursday related to alleged illegal campaign financing while he was secretary general of his party.
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Don’t Dream It’s Over 20.4.2018 The Moderate Voice

There has been a dangerous assumption, or perhaps just an epidemic of wishful thinking, against those opposed to President Trump since he took office that it was inevitable that he would leave office before the end of his term. Vice President Pence has been referred to, only half-jokingly, in White House circles as “46”, and […]

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Remove Trump, Defang Pence: Impeachment Is the Way 19.4.2018
Palestinians walk on a poster bearing images of Donald Trump and his deputy Mike Pence during a demonstration at the al-Quds Open University in Dura village on the outskirts of the West Bank town of Hebron on December 13, 2017. (Photo: Hazem Bader / AFP / Getty Images) As matters currently stand, the odds of Donald Trump being impeached by this Congress are so profoundly minute, they defy even the existence of mathematics. There are no numbers -- here, there or anywhere -- that say such a thing is remotely possible. The federal government is rendered powerless by its own inadequacies; after giving a trillion dollars to rich people, there isn't much else the Republicans in the majority can do, so they are content to hunker in the bunker and see what November brings. Open support for impeachment, even among Democrats, is so gossamer right now that it doesn't cast a shadow in the high noon sun. Rather than wallow in the riptides of the stormy present, cast your mind forward to the possibilities of the New ...
‘You were let down’: Senators vow to address failings of Olympic leaders after abuse scandals 19.4.2018 Washington Post
‘You were let down’: Senators vow to address failings of Olympic leaders after abuse scandals
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