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The Shelby Shakedown 6.2.2010 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
Alabama’s second-worst senator explains that the Shelby shakedown is all about national security: Sen. Richard Shelby’s (R-AL) office has confirmed to TPMDC the reports that Shelby has placed a hold on President Obama’s nominees over a pair of government programs set to be based in Alabama. He did not confirm that Shelby has taken the rare [...]
The (Missed) Second Chance 5.2.2010 Talking Points Memo
The key thing about the Shelby/hold story is that it provides the Democrats a second chance to revisit the vote blocking issue with the public. What recent polls have shown is that very few people actually have any idea how...

Huffington Post Attacks Filibuster Again 5.2.2010 Red State
The left is using every opportunity to fight the filibuster. As I have argued at Red State and Big Government numerous times, the filibuster is essential for democracy . Don’t be fooled, the left will use any excuse to message against the right of the minority to debate nominations and offer amendments to legislation. The far left would like to establish rule without dissent and have contempt for anybody that disagrees with them. The left seems intent on changing the rules of Congress to exterminate free speech and the exhange of ideas in the legislative branch of government when those ideas come from Republicans, moderate Democrats and nonconforming Americans. The latest attack is by Dylan Loewe, “Speechwriter, Author,” and ...
Administration faults GOP tactic of blocking presidential appointments 5.2.2010 Washington Post: Congress
The White House ramped up its criticism of Republican senators blocking presidential appointments Friday after the leader of the Senate complained that an Alabama member has placed a blanket hold on more than 70 administration nominees in order to secure funding for home-state projects.

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Flashback: Shelby Pledged To Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Deliver ‘Up Or Down’ Votes On Bush Nominees 5.2.2010 Think Progres
Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) is attracting a great deal of attention for putting a “blanket hold” on all 70 of President Obama’s pending executive nominations in order secure pork for his state. According to congressional experts, Shelby’s hold is both a “rare” and “aggressive” abuse of his power. Unsurprisingly, Shelby had quite a very different attitude [...]
J’Accuse! Y'all GOP of Outrage Most Faux 5.2.2010 Daily Kos
When it was question time last week, the GOP went straight to one of their patented talking points -- those awful earmarks. Why those poor goopers practically shivered over how Obama had approved all those earmarks... including the thousands they had added to the budget themselves. Not surprisingly, their outrage is completely fake. Strike that. Make it faux . Republicans are so outraged about earmarks that they will blackmail the president and hold up the Senate to get more earmarks . They hate earmarks so much, that proving billions in earmarks to a French company is the most important task on hand. And hang on a second, weren't we just told that geting jobs -- you know, good American jobs -- was so important that we couldn't even bother ...
Rochester scores big in bonding bills 5.2.2010 Post-Bulletin: Local Politics
Millions of state dollars could soon be pouring into southeastern Minnesota, if a $1 billion public works bill that is working its way through the Legislature wins approval.
Richard Shelby Shuts the Government Down 5.2.2010 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
I’ve often yearned for some high-minded, reform-oriented Senator to announce that he intends to place a hold on all presidential nominations until the confirmation process is reformed. Well it looks like Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama has stepped up to the plate with a hold on all executive nominations currently on the calendar—that’s over [...]
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Sen. Shelby Holding Up All Obama Nominees — Including Top Security Officials — To Secure Pork For Alabama 5.2.2010 Think Progres
Yesterday, CongressDaily (sub. req.) reported that Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) had “placed a blanket hold on all executive nominations on the Senate calendar in an effort to win concessions from the Obama administration and Pentagon.” In a move that is “a far more aggressive use of the power than is normal,” Shelby is holding [...]
Shelby Blocks Nominations Over Redstone Pork 5.2.2010 Outside the Beltway
Alabama’s Richard Shelby has placed a hold on all nominations until a 2008 earmark for Redstone Arsenal is released. The Mobile Press-Register: Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Tuscaloosa, is blocking Senate action on executive branch nominations, a spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said this afternoon in an e-mail. In response to a question from the Press-Register, [...]
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Why Independent Voters Are Independent Voters: A Non-Role Model Senator 5.2.2010 The Moderate Voice
Right now the Demmies are coming under a lot of (justified) criticism for some of the ugly dealmaking that occurred with the big push to try and get health care reform, their addiction to earmarks and over the years some GOPers such as Senator John McCain and talk show hosts have blasted the Democrats on [...]
Friday's Starting Lineup 5.2.2010 The Hotline
Good Friday morning. Who's ready for Snowpocalypse part II? If you're not, start hoarding quickly. Here's Friday's Starting Lineup, previewing the newsmakers who will lead the headlines this weekend: SEN. RICHARD SHELBY: The AL GOPer wants earmarks for his home state, and he's willing to make some noise to do so. Shelby has holds on more than 70 nominations , according to Senate Maj. Leader Harry Reid , in an effort to get concessions from the WH and the Pentagon over air tankers, along with other defense-related matters that would bring jobs to AL. Reid and Senate Dems can file cloture on the nominees, but doing so is a time-consuming process, and with a jobs bill on the way, the Senate has other priorities. A year into his term, many ...
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A Federal Offense 5.2.2010 American Spectator
A Federal Offense
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Avenues open for ideology and practical politics 5.2.2010 Boston Globe: Page One
Avenues open for ideology and practical politics
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Vail Valley Voices: A simpler approach 5.2.2010 Vail Colorado: Columnists
The term "Occam's Razor" comes from a misspelling of the name William of Ockham. Ockham was a brilliant theologian, philosopher, and logician in the medieval period. One of his rules of thumb has become a standard guideline for thinking through issues logically. Occam's Razor is the principle that, "non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem" i.e. "don't multiply the agents in a theory beyond what's necessary." If two competing theories explain a single phenomenon, and they both generally reach the same conclusion, and they are both equally persuasive and convincing, and they both explain the problem or situation satisfactorily, the logician should always pick the less complex one. Said another way, the theory or solution with the ...
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Senate Shark Jump Announced 5.2.2010 Talking Points Memo
You've seen the reports that Sen. Richard Shelby (R) of Alabama has taken the perhaps unprecedented step of placing holds on ALL of President Obama's nominees until he gets the money for a couple of big earmarked pork barrel projects...

PAYGO PAYGO 4.2.2010 American Spectator
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Abbreviated Pundit Round-Up 4.2.2010 Daily Kos
Your one stop pundit shop. Gail Collins takes a comical look at earmarks: My own favorite target for extinction is a $9 million annual appropriation for museums and educational programs that highlight the “shared culture and tradition” of Alaskan Natives, Native Hawaiians and “children and families of Massachusetts.” In other words, whaling. This was originally the idea of Ted Kennedy and two colleagues from Alaska and Hawaii. Perhaps they had all just finished rereading “Moby-Dick” in a Senate book club. Or maybe somebody bet them they couldn’t think of an earmark that would apply to only their three states. Timothy Egan has a scathing take on Sarah Palin and John Edwards: Palin and ...
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The raw politics of abstinence ed 4.2.2010 Politico
Since switching parties, Specter hasn’t sought a dime in earmarks for abstinence education.
$10M earmark helps Draper light rail line 4.2.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington » Plans for a light rail extension into Draper got a $10 million boost recently, thanks to the urging of Utah's senators. Sens. Bob Bennett and Orrin Hatch pushed through an earmark in a budget bill last fall that will give the Utah Transit Authority the federal funds to
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