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Sunday Replay 25.5.2010 FactCheck
This Sunday’s collection of morning talkfests produced a few points worth noting, including distortions of Rand Paul’s use of the term "un-American," a bit of cherry-picking on job growth numbers under President Obama, a false accusation that oil companies are making "record profits," and misleading innuendo that the White House has been slow to respond [...]
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Sarah Palin: You Can't Spell Hypocritical Without O-I-L 24.5.2010 Esquire
Linda Stamper Boyne: Suddenly, it's so 30 years ago 24.5.2010 Vail Colorado: Business
I had a little problem writing this week. None of my topic ideas were panning out. So in search of yet another idea, I hit "Google" on my favorites bar and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Google doodle of PAC-MAN! How fabulous! It was there to celebrate the game's 30th anniversary. PAC-MAN was invented 30 years ago? But it seems like just yesterday that the Stamper girls were hanging out in the arcade at Pony Village Mall playing PAC-MAN and Space Invaders. As I was pondering the passage of time, suddenly I heard those all-to-familiar sounds signaling the beginning of the game! Are you serious? I get to play? This is awesome! Or in the vernacular of that era, this is awesome! After 24 hours of somewhat addictive play, and after ...
Pac-Man Fever Forever 24.5.2010 The Moderate Voice
In case you missed it, Saturday was Pac-Man’s 30th birthday. To celebrate, on Friday Google put up its first-ever playable Google doodle: Google doodler Ryan Germick and I made sure to include PAC-MAN’s original game logic, graphics and sounds, bring back ghosts’ individual personalities, and even recreate original bugs from this 1980’s masterpiece. We also added [...]
Op-Ed Columnist: Obama Versus the Corporations 24.5.2010 International Herald Tribune: Editorials
The Obama administration is facing grass-roots anger, but that anger is being channeled and exploited by corporate interests.
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TWEET OF THE DAY: “Mr. Gibbs, Obama is the top recipient of British Petrolium PAC & individual … 24.5.2010 Instapundit
TWEET OF THE DAY: “Mr. Gibbs, Obama is the top recipient of British Petrolium PAC & individual money over the past 20 years. Dispute these facts.”
Money Isn't Everything 23.5.2010 The Hotline

Oh, the irony.

Last spring, the NRCC spent $552K on befhalf of NY Assemb. Jim Tedisco (R), and the National Republican Trust PAC spent an additional $820K. Rep. Scott Murphy (D) won that race.

This fall, the NRCC spent $897K on the confused race to replace Army Sec. John McHugh in NY 23. Rep. Bill Owens (D) beat a GOPer and a Conservative Party candidate.

Over the last few months, the DCCC spent $314K beating up Honolulu City Councilor Charles Djou (R), before pulling out earlier this month. Last night, Djou won 40% of the vote against 2 Dems to win ex-Rep. Neil Abercrombie's (D-HI) seat.

The NRCC's total spending in the HI 01 race: $0.

Japan: PacMan, still a hit after 30 years 23.5.2010 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
When it was released in 1980, Pac-Man captured the world's attention and transformed the video game industry. Now Pac-Man is back to celebrate his 30th birthday, and he's popping up in unexpected places. In blogs and on Twitter, Japanese reflect on the game that launched their country to the forefront of the global video game industry.
Saturday Sing-a-Long With Arizona: Read the Immigration Bill 23.5.2010 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Friday posted a highly-humorous video on YouTube mocking members of the Obama administration that have voiced negative opinions about her state's new anti-illegal immigration law without even bothering to read it. See if you can name them as you sing a long: ...
Five Questions with LaVell Edwards 23.5.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
Question: What is your opinion of the BCS system for determining college football's national champion, which was put in place in part due to BYU's 1984 national championship?
Pac-Man hits 30 without losing its way 23.5.2010 Washington Post: Technology
Pac-Man hits 30 without losing its way
Travel to Cuba Legislation Mired by Scandal, Fierce Opposition 22.5.2010 Truthout - All Articles

In 1963, following heightened tensions in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy imposed the first travel restrictions on American citizens desiring to travel to Cuba. After years of gridlock regarding the subject courtesy of Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and her ideological kinsman from the ultra-conservative Cuban American National Foundation, a growing number of U.S. members of Congress have consistently introduced legislation in an attempt to remove long-held constraints on U.S. citizens’ freedom to travel.

read more

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AT YOUR THROAT OR AT YOUR FEET: Responding to a Washington Post report that “Corporate PACs shift g… 22.5.2010 Instapundit
AT YOUR THROAT OR AT YOUR FEET: Responding to a Washington Post report that “Corporate PACs shift giving from incumbents to GOP,” John Hinderaker of Power Line writes: In today’s world, large companies are like Europeans of an earlier era, keeping various flags in their closets that they can fly, depending on which [...]
Pawlenty opens to favorable reviews in speech to Wisconsin GOP delegates 22.5.2010 Politics
MILWAUKEE — While Gov. Tim Pawlenty remains just a blip in national polls on possible 2012 presidential candidates, he was a hot ticket for Wisconsin Republican activists here Friday night.
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Q&A: 'Pac-Man' Creator Reflects on 30 Years of Dot-Eating 22.5.2010 Wired Top Stories
Toru Iwatani, creator of Pac-Man, speaks to on the eve of his groundbreaking videogame's 30th anniversary.

Pac-Man and Google 22.5.2010 Outside the Beltway
In case you didn’t notice, Google is celebrating Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary today.  Check out the playable logo before its gone. Via joystiq:  Google celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary with playable logo. If you are around my age you will, no doubt, find it at least a tad remarkable that a game for which you once plunked [...]
Dueling Headlines 22.5.2010 PowerLine
The Hill reports that Washington Democrats see things going their way, and want to put the pedal to the metal: Sensing momentum, Senate Dems don't want to ease up. Sure, that makes sense. They want to drive their approval rating down into single digits by passing cap-and-tax, the Union Thug Empowerment Act, and so on. Meanwhile, the smart money--such as it is--goes elsewhere. The Washington Post reports: Corporate PACs shift giving from incumbents to GOP : Corporate America is gambling on the minority in its political giving this year, assuming that Republicans will win big in the November midterm elections, an analysis of campaign finance reports shows. The pattern represents a distinct change from a year ago, when Barack Obama was ...
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Pawlenty draws cheers in Wisconsin 22.5.2010 News
MILWAUKEE — While Gov. Tim Pawlenty remains just a blip in national polls on possible 2012 presidential candidates, he was a hot ticket for Wisconsin Republican activists here Friday night.
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Goldman Sachs donations plummet 22.5.2010 Politico
Goldman Sachs donations plummet
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Broncos sign 7th-round draft pick 22.5.2010 Vail Colorado: News
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Cal cornerback Syd'Quan Thompson is the first member of the Denver Broncos' 2010 draft class to sign a contract.

Thompson is a seventh-round draft pick who earned first-team All-Pac 10 honors in each of his final two seasons at Cal.

Thompson started all 52 games possible over his four-year college career but a pulled right hamstring kept him from playing in the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Game.

He set a school record with 36 pass breakups and posted seven interceptions and 257 tackles for the Golden Bears. He also returned punts in college.
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