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Republican Billionaire’s Group Pushes Unproven COVID-19 Treatment Trump Promoted 28.3.2020
Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus's Job Creators Network wants Trump to greenlight treatment not backed by ...
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How Trump’s chaotic incompetence — and the ‘deconstruction’ of the ‘deep state’ — got us here 27.3.2020 Raw Story
In February of 2017, in the very early days of the Trump administration, Steve Bannon, then the White House strategic adviser, appeared at the annual gathering of the Conservative Political Action Committee and described the new administration’s three “lines of thought.” The first had to do with sovereignty or “America First.” The second was what […]
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Trump’s team is furious with his super PAC as it stays silent and lets Democrats pound the president on air 27.3.2020 Raw Story
According to Politico, the chief super PAC that campaigns on behalf of President Donald Trump has been silent over the past several days, as super PACs aligned with Democrats have blitzed the airwaves with ad after ad attacking the president for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. And strategists in Trump’s orbit are furious about […]
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GOP billionaire who co-founded Home Depot pushing unproven COVID-19 treatment via ‘Job Creators Network’ 27.3.2020 Raw Story
by Jake Pearson A conservative business group founded by a prolific Republican political donor is pressuring the White House to greenlight an unproven COVID-19 treatment, saying in an online petition that the country has plants in the U.S. ready to produce a drug but can’t because of “red tape, regulation, and a dysfunctional healthcare supply […]
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Read the letter Trump’s campaign sent to TV stations threatening the FCC could pull their licenses over anti-Trump ad 26.3.2020 Raw Story
Lawyers for President Donald Trump’s official Super PAC, America First Action, tried to get TV stations in key battleground states to stop airing an anti-Trump ad that focuses on his horrific mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis. The TV stations refused to pull the ad, placed by the pro-Biden Super PAC Priorities USA (PUSA), which rightly […]
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Lawyers for official pro-Trump super PAC ‘formally demand’ TV stations stop airing anti-Trump ad 26.3.2020 Raw Story
They bill themselves as “the only Official Pro-Trump Super PAC,” and they’re closely tied to President Donald Trump. America First Action’s chairwoman is former Trump cabinet member Linda McMahon, who was the Small Business Administrator. Its Communications Director, Kelly Sadler, served in the Trump White House as Special Assistant to the President. And former White […]
Fox News Refuses To Run Ad On Trump's COVID Failures 25.3.2020 Crooks Liars
Fox News is right-wing propaganda, but you knew that. You also know that Fox News, like every cable news outlet, is very interested in selling ads. But it turns out they rejected this ad, from the pro-Biden super PAC "Unite The Country." Wonder why? Last night, @FoxNews rejected our latest ad called “Crisis Comes." Here’s the ad they don’t want you to see. #covid19 #coronavirus — Unite the Country (@UniteCountryPAC) March 25, 2020 You can tell when a political ad hits the sweet spot and tells the truth about Donald Trump. Fox won't run those ...
Soros PAC, Big Donor Gave Combined $13,000,000 to Group Launching Anti-Trump Coronavirus Attack Ads 25.3.2020 NewsBusters
It looks as though the left will exploit any crisis in order to take a shot at President Donald Trump, and they’re being fueled by liberal billionaire cash. Liberal billionaire George Soros’ Democracy PAC and liberal billionaire Donald Sussman are bankrolling a lefty group launching attack ads against President Donald Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic with at least $13,000,000 so far this ...
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Liberal Fact-Checker Lead Stories Fails to Fact-Check Dem Debate Clash 24.3.2020 NewsBusters
If liberal fact-checker Lead Stories finds a fact that's inconvenient, it just ignores it. Lead Stories, one of Facebook’s official third-party fact-checkers, failed to fact-check the contentious Democratic debate between former Vice President Joe Biden (D) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on March 15. Lead Stories ignored the debate and its many controversial statements entirely. The Washington Post published an entire article of fact-checks on issues ranging from super PACs to abortion support. The New York Times accused Biden of “struggling to explain — and ...
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Belatedly battling the coronavirus, Trump tries to save the country — and his reelection campaign 19.3.2020 LA Times: Nation

President Trump, who once hoped to coast to a second term on a strong economy, now faces economic chaos and a stock market down to when he first took office. Will the coronavirus crisis sink his reelection bid? Or will it let him portray himself as a "wartime president," as he declared Wednesday.

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Critics rebuke Trump’s racist coronavirus remarks as ‘dangerous’ 17.3.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump referred to COVID-19 as “the Chinese virus” on Tuesday, prompting critics to accuse him not only of “a mean spirited distraction” but also intensifying racism and xenophobia. This article was originally published at Salon “Cuomo wants ‘all states to be treated the same,'” Trump tweeted Tuesday. “But all states aren’t the same. […]
Super PACs Are Pouring Millions Into Backing Joe Biden 15.3.2020
Michael Bloomberg, who spent $409 million on a presidential bid, is also planning to use his resources to back ...
The RNC Gave Big Contracts to Companies Tied to Its Chair’s Backers and Husband 14.3.2020
The RNC Gave Big Contracts to Companies Tied to Its Chair’s Backers and Husband
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BUSTED: RNC gave big contracts to companies linked to its chairwoman’s husband and political backers 14.3.2020 Raw Story
The Republican National Committee has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to contractors closely connected to the organization’s chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel. One contract went to her husband’s insurance company. Two others went to businesses whose executives recently donated to Ronna for Chair, a largely inactive political action committee that McDaniel controls. She had set it […]
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March Madness: NCAA Tournaments canceled due to coronavirus 13.3.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The NCAA has canceled its men's and women's basketball tournaments because of the spread of coronavirus, putting an abrupt end to the season less than a month before champions were to be crowned.
Joe Biden Pays Lip Service to Climate But Has Fallen Short on Action 12.3.2020
If Biden is nominated, climate activists will face the challenge of persuading a moderate to do a revolutionary’s ...
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Bernie Sanders to stay in the race despite key losses 12.3.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The Vermont senator lost Democratic primaries in Michigan and Idaho Tuesday, states he won in 2016. Joe Biden has consolidated support so rapidly that Sanders is facing calls to drop out of the race.
Soros’ Democracy PAC Gave $7,000,000 Between Pro-Biden PAC & Liberal Senate Majority PAC 11.3.2020 NewsBusters
The liberal billionaire Godfather of the left is definitely not sitting on the sidelines this electoral cycle. The left’s “flagship 2020 super PAC,” Priorities USA, is going to be providing cover via ads for the presumptive Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden. Politico reported March 9 that the PAC is “arguing that as the party’s likely nominee for president, Biden needs to be defended from attacks being waged by President Donald Trump and his ...
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Biden Receives More Funding From the Legal Industry and DOJ Staff Than Trump 11.3.2020
Biden Receives More Funding From the Legal Industry and DOJ Staff Than Trump
Trump’s Businesses Are Profiting From His Reelection Campaign 10.3.2020
How Trump’s campaign took over the GOP while funneling money to the president’s family ...
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