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Local DC reporter: ‘Major movement of military hardware and personnel’ into downtown Washington 3.6.2020 Raw Story
A local Washington, D.C. reporter posted video of a huge military vehicle emblazoned with the word “flammable” on its side, which he says is driving on the streets of the nation’s capital. This comes just one day after President Donald Trump told the nation’s governors to “dominate” the streets and increase the presence of the […]
Lobbyists losing jobs in droves as Trump’s economy collapses: report 23.5.2020 Raw Story
According to a report from Politico, the economic collapse that is a direct result of the botched White House response to the coronavirus pandemic is leading to mass firings of lobbyists in Washington whose services are no longer needed as money gets tight. The report notes that the pandemic has hit K Street hard and […]
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How a Lobbying Campaign Pushed the CDC to Relax Protective Gear Guidelines 17.5.2020
How a Lobbying Campaign Pushed the CDC to Relax Protective Gear Guidelines
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Democrats’ Relief Bill Would Let Lobbying Giants Access Small Business Aid 15.5.2020
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America could qualify for the aid ...
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McConnell's coronavirus business liability pledge sparks lobbying frenzy 7.5.2020 LA Times: Health

Mitch McConnell has promised that the next coronavirus bill would protect business owners from lawsuits related to COVID-19.

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U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Endorses Steve King's Republican Primary Opponent 6.5.2020 Crooks Liars
The business lobbying group rarely endorses against Republican incumbents, underlining just how dire things are for Steve King. Good. The equally obnoxious Randy Feenstra is probably the Republicans' only chance at retaining the conservative, mostly rural congressional district Iowa-04, as Democrat J.D. Scholten has been breathing down Steve King's neck, with close elections in 2016 and 2018. Source: Des Moines Register The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business lobbying group in the country, is endorsing state Sen. Randy Feenstra for the Republican congressional primary nomination against U.S. Rep. Steve King. Feenstra, of Hull, is one of four Republicans challenging King in Iowa's June 2 primary. King, of Kiron, has represented northwest Iowa in Congress since ...
Wisconsin Is Literally Fighting For Its Life 29.4.2020 Crooks Liars
The very lives of Wisconsinites hang in the balance of a pending case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as Republicans are putting money before the lives of the people. On April 16 , Wisconsin Tony Evers extended the Safer at Home Order (think stay at home) until May 26, due to a new increase in the daily count of COVID-19 cases. With the extension of the order came such things as the closing of schools for the remainder of the school year and guidelines for the easement of the order which closely parallel those issued by Trump. Major corporate lobbying groups like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce and Wisconsin Tavern League had a conniption and started putting pressure on their bought and paid for servants, Republican legislators. In turn, the Republicans, led by Robin "Full PPE" Vos and Scott "I'm running for Congress" Fitzgerald, had their own conniption fit and filed a lawsuit directly with the special interest-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court. The basis of ...
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Despite COVID-19, Trump Keeps on Gutting Protections for Workers 25.4.2020
Despite COVID-19, Trump Keeps on Gutting Protections for Workers
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Trump uses coronoavirus crisis to push other policy priorities 24.4.2020 LA Times: Nation

Trump is using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity — or as political cover — to make sweeping changes to regulations and push controversial new policies.

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Trump Wants to Shield Companies Against COVID-19 Lawsuits From Sick Workers 21.4.2020
Trump Wants to Shield Companies Against COVID-19 Lawsuits From Sick Workers
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Trump says he’s aiming to shield corporations from legal liability for workers who contract Covid-19 on the job 21.4.2020 Raw Story
“Businesses are asking for the right to expose their workers to fatal risks with no consequences. It’s bad economics and bad policy.” President Donald Trump said during a press briefing Monday evening that his administration is aiming to shield corporations from legal responsibility for workers who contract the novel coronavirus on the job, a move […]
Amnesty slams Trump for classifying gun stores as ‘essential businesses’ during pandemic 1.4.2020 Raw Story
“With hospitals at critically low capacity due to the pandemic, we cannot afford more injuries or deaths from gun violence.” Human rights defenders on Tuesday demanded that the Trump administration reverse its decision to designate gun stores as “essential businesses” during the coronavirus pandemic and warned that increased gun violence during the national public health […]
Tom Perez Put Corporate Lobbyists in Charge of the DNC’s Budget 30.3.2020
Headed into a historically expensive election, there remains no independent oversight of the DNC chair’s ...
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Chamber of Commerce ripped for lobbying against Trump using Defense Production Act for coronavirus 24.3.2020 Raw Story
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was blasted on Monday for lobbying against President Donald Trump using the Defense Production Act to respond to critical shortages during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Trump allowed himself to use the Act’s extraordinary powers but has apparently not yet used the new authority. “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the […]
Will the dispute over Israel damage Bernie Sanders? No — he’s got bigger problems 8.3.2020 Raw Story
Mike Bloomberg was still a presidential candidate last Monday when he accused Sen. Bernie Sanders of attempting to “weaken the U.S.-Israel relationship” while speaking to the annual conference hosted by AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobbying group — a conference Sanders pointedly refused to attend. This article first appeared in Salon. Bloomberg’s remarks highlighted a visible divide […]
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Trump Has Shattered the Bipartisan Consensus on Israel — and That’s a Good Thing 7.3.2020
Trump Has Shattered the Bipartisan Consensus on Israel — and That’s a Good Thing
How Michael Bloomberg Bought the Gun Control Movement 4.3.2020 Mother Jones
Twenty first graders had just been killed in their classrooms in Newtown, Connecticut, and Michael Bloomberg wasn’t in the mood to pull punches. During a December 16, 2012, appearance on Meet the Press, he criticized President Barack Obama, who, he argued, had failed to keep those children safe from gun violence. Obama hadn’t “fought hard” […]
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DC Lobbyists Panic Over Possibility of Sanders Win 28.2.2020
DC Lobbyists Panic Over Possibility of Sanders Win
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Pelosi Slammed for Backing Koch-Backed Texas Democrat Over Progressive Contender 23.2.2020
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is joining Charles Koch and the NRA in backing an anti-choice candidate for ...
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Blue America Endorses Mckayla Wilkes To Replace Steny Hoyer 17.2.2020 Crooks Liars
There's a big primary on April 28-- a kind of Northeast mini-Super Tuesday-- featuring New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and Maryland. For the sake of argument say Bernie sweeps all 6 states. That could be the biggest news of the day, unless there's a major upset in Maryland's 5th district. The 5th, the southern part of the state, one big DC suburb is very blue-- D+16. McCain, Romney and Trump, all won around a third of the vote. So what's the upset that could outshine the presidential race? First, keep in mind that whoever wins the primary on April 28, will be the next congresswoman from Maryland-- and Maryland has no woman in Congress. MD-05 has been the home base for the congressman from K Street since 1981. That would be Steny Hoyer and that would be far too long for anyone to be in ...
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