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Asian markets drop on gloomy economic data 30.1.2009 International Herald Tribune: Business
Asian stocks snapped a four-day winning streak on Friday and the yen and U.S. dollar rose as investors retreated to safety with job losses accelerating globally.
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Miserable outlooks for Toshiba and Sony 30.1.2009 International Herald Tribune: Business
Some of the biggest names in consumer electronics and technology - Sony, Toshiba, Nintendo and NEC Electronics - reported miserable earnings and gloomy outlooks.
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Shares in Japanese tech companies plunge 30.1.2009 International Herald Tribune: Business
Shares in Sony, Toshiba and Nintendo dropped Friday after profit warnings, with a record drop in December industrial production highlighting the pain facing Japan's export industry.
Meltdown 101: Temp workers lost in layoff shuffle 30.1.2009 SFGate: Business & Technology
The massive layoffs piling up in corporate America paint a harrowing picture of a maimed economy, but the job-cut numbers reported by struggling companies are really just a snapshot of the recession's carnage. As they hand out pink slips to thousands of full-... ...
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Toshiba in talks with NEC unit on merging chip operations 30.1.2009 International Herald Tribune: Business
Toshiba Corp is in talks to merge part of its chip operations with the semiconductor unit of NEC Corp., a person with knowledge of the negotiations said, as they struggle with slumping demand and prices.
A million on strike as France feels pinch 30.1.2009 The Guardian -- Front Page
More than one million French workers downed tools yesterday in the first general strike to hit a major industrialised nation since the start of the global financial crisis. Public and private sector workers took to the streets across France to protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy's handling of the economic crisis, saying too much had been done to bail out fat cats and banks and not enough to protect jobs and help workers make ends meet. Air-traffic controllers, train drivers, teachers, nurses and tax inspectors were joined by private sector workers including bank clerks and staff from the firm that runs the Paris stock exchange. Some schools were shut, flights cancelled and the Palace of Versailles closed in a rare show of unity between ...
Economy recovery to be slow, weak 30.1.2009 MSNBC
As the government advances historic measures to revive growth, analysts say the recovery — when it comes — will likely be weak and slow.
Same job, smaller paycheck 30.1.2009 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
As the economy continues to struggle, more U.S. companies are cutting employee pay. It's a business tactic rarely seen since the Great Depression.
Economic reports send Wall Street tumbling 30.1.2009 International Herald Tribune: Business
Caution returned to Wall Street on Thursday as unemployment claims reached a record high and new home sales hit a record low - two glaring signs that the economy is still in a deep slump.
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Obama Gives Keynes His First Real-World Test 30.1.2009 NPR News
British economist John Maynard Keynes believed government spending could pull an economy out of recession. After deficits ballooned in the 1970s, his ideas were widely discredited. Now, with the Obama administration's $825 billion stimulus plan, Keynesian economics gets its first real-world test.
Devil in the details? Obama's stimulus components vary in speed, efficiency 30.1.2009 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington » At first, it will trickle into paychecks in small, barely perceptible amounts: perhaps $12 or $13 a week for many American workers, in the form of lower tax withholding.
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Latest bleak economic news sinks stocks 29.1.2009 SFGate: Business & Technology
Two glaring signs that the economy remains in a deep slump sent stocks reeling Thursday. News that unemployment claims reached a record high and that new home sales hit a record low forced the major stock indexes to give back all of Wednesday's gains, and... ...
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Record number on jobless benefits 29.1.2009 MSNBC

People enter the New York State Department of Labor in Williamsville, N.Y. The government says the number of people receiving unemployment benefits has reached an all-time high as layoffs spread throughout the economy.

The 1934 Midterms 29.1.2009 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
There’s been some interest in comments regarding how I square my economic determinist accounts of politics with the 1934 congressional elections in which Democrats scored big wins despite the Depression still being sucky. Look at this chart of employment: The absolute level in 1934 was very bad, but there was sharp improvement at the time, reversing [...]
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Let's Bail Out America's Tattered Safety Net 29.1.2009 AlterNet
With the economic meltdown, more and more households are falling toward the social safety net.
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Stocks Drop On New Worries About The Economy 29.1.2009 WCCO: National
Wall Street turned cautious Thursday as weak earnings reports and record unemployment claims offered the latest evidence of the economy's struggles.
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Americans receiving jobless benefits reaches 4.78 million, a record 29.1.2009 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
The number of people receiving unemployment benefits has reached an all-time record, the government said today, and more layoffs are spreading throughout the economy.
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Reports underscore weakness of U.S. economy 29.1.2009 International Herald Tribune: Business
Thursday brought a hat-trick of grim economic news: New-home sales fell to their slowest pace on record, businesses cut their orders and jobless claims continued to rise.
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The hard edge of recession: Latest unemployment rise spares no one 29.1.2009 Salt Lake Tribune
WASHINGTON » Rising unemployment spared no state last month, and 2009 is shaping up as another miserable year for workers from coast to coast. Jobless rates for December hit double digits in Michigan and Rhode Island, while South Carolina and Indiana notched the biggest gains from the
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Unemployment Claims Hit All-Time High 29.1.2009 WCCO: National
The number of people receiving unemployment benefits has reached an all-time record, the government said Thursday, and more layoffs are spreading throughout the economy.
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