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Wisconsin unemployment drops to 4.6 percent, though private sector loses thousands of jobs 17.4.2015 Star Tribune: Local
Don't panic, college seniors: Jobs for grads likely to grow 16.4.2015 AP Business
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The consulting and accounting firm EY is aggressively recruiting on college campuses this spring. The company formerly known as Ernst & Young plans to hire 9,000 graduates from U.S. universities this year, up from 7,500 in 2014. But recruiting isn't as easy as it used to be....
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One man’s quest to meld Adam Smith and Marx – by creating an Uber for jobs 16.4.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page
Wingham Rowan wants to harness technology to make zero-hours culture less exploitative. Will his project improve our lives – or is it part of the problem? Not far from the Ritz hotel, beyond the cigar stores and shooting shops of Piccadilly, lies the secluded splendour of Lancaster House. A neoclassical mansion of honey‑coloured Bath stone, its cavernous rooms and gilded pillars are so lavish that when Queen Victoria visited, she reportedly told her hostess: “My dear, I have come from my house to your palace.” It was in this British Versailles, on a crisp morning in March, that the winners of the new economy congregated to discuss what to do about the losers. The delegates, who were there for a conference on the “future of work” (tagline: “Prepare to be disrupted”), included Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt , Microsoft’s “director of office envisioning”, and the founder of SenseCore, which produces “revolutionary human monitoring technology”. At one point, I heard a man introduce his company as “a ...
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Finland after the boom: 'Not as bad as Greece, yet, but it's only matter of time' 15.4.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

As general election looms and recession enters fourth year, once boom city of Oulu has little faith in politicians after collapse of big timber and Nokia

A sudden flurry of spring snow has dusted the steps of an evangelical church in central Oulu, northern Finland, where about 100 people are crowded together for a Friday sermon.

But perhaps the true object of their devotion is inside black binliners by the door. Once a week, food parcels and a free meal attract a mix of unemployed men, single mothers and pensioners to the church.

It will take a while for Oulu to bounce back. But there is a feeling that we have to do it, there is no other way.

A change of government won’t make any difference – new faces, same shit

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Kids with self-control grab better jobs 15.4.2015 New Kerala: World News
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Baby boomers v the rest: is age the great new divide? 12.4.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page
Older voters have reaped the benefits of the welfare state and the housing market, but younger ones face a growing struggle. Is the generation gap replacing class as a key to voting intentions? New pensions freedoms came into force last week. Whether they want to blow their pension pot on a Lamborghini or keep it for a rainy day, the baby boomers are no longer going to be obliged to use it to buy an annuity. Under the new rules, they will also have the right to pass on what’s in their pension without paying any inheritance tax when they die, a measure likely to further reduce taxes paid by a generation that has done well out of the welfare state. Meanwhile, recently published research paints an alarming picture of how people in their 20s have been faring in the recession. They have seen real wages drop by more than 12% since 2009, more than four times that experienced by workers aged over 60. “It’s been a terrible recession for young people,” says Gavin Kelly, chief executive of the Resolution Foundation ...
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PoliGraph: Fact-checking the State of the State 11.4.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Two out of three of Gov. Mark Dayton's claims about Minnesota's economy are accurate.
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Rand Paul Revises History of Cheney Criticism 10.4.2015 FactCheck
Sen. Rand Paul dismissed comments he once made about Dick Cheney's motives for invading Iraq by claiming they were made "before I was involved in politics for myself.” That’s false.
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Signs of hope for American workers 7.4.2015 Washington Post: Op-Eds
In the 1970s, we suffered through stagflation: high inflation, soaring unemployment, stagnant economic growth. Pretty much the worst of all worlds.Today we have nearly opposite conditions, which should, in theory, make for the best of all worlds: low inflation, falling unemployment and reasonably steady economic growth. Yet somehow today’s economy feels pretty shabby. Read full article ...
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Obama’s Numbers (April 2015 Update) 6.4.2015 FactCheck
Jobs, earnings, health insurance, oil production, exports and more. Our latest installment of the Obama scorecard.
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New on the menu at McDonald's: Higher wages 4.4.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
Generally speaking, thinking about a burger and fries is fun, while thinking about the Federal Reserve is kinda dull. Here's a chance to combine topics into a happy meal of sorts: McDonald's plan to raise the minimum wage for certain workers is smart for the company and a good sign for ...
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Slowing economy seen in jobs data 4.4.2015 SFGate: Business & Technology
Was the tepid job gain a temporary blip due mainly to a harsh winter and an economy adjusting to much lower oil prices? No one will know for sure until the government’s monthly employment reports later this spring help gauge the direction of the job market. “We knew less than we thought we did,” said Tara Sinclair, a George Washington University professor and chief economist at Indeed, the job-posting website. Last month’s subpar hiring could make the Federal Reserve less likely to start raising interest rates from record lows in June, as some have been anticipating. Reflecting that sentiment, government bond yields fell Friday. The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note dropped to 1.84 percent from 1.90 percent before the jobs report was released. “Employers aren’t laying people off,” said Patrick O’Keefe, director of economic research at the accounting and consulting firm CohnReznick. Last month, the manufacturing, building and government sectors all shed workers. Professional and business ...
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Midday open thread: Off-shored profits could fix a lot, long-time joblessness still a plague 4.4.2015 Daily Kos
66 days at sea surviving on prayer and sushi : A man reported missing at sea two months ago was rescued on the overturned hull of his sailboat off the North Carolina coast, and he walked away from a hospital hours later in good condition, with no obvious sunburn, dehydration or other signs of distress. Louis Jordan, 37, said he got by by rationing his water and energy and praying for help. On April 3, 1996, the news media reported that Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski had been arrested. The Unabomber used mail bombs during the previous 17 years to kill three people and injure 29. In 1995 he agreed to desist from terrorist activities if the Washington Post or The New York Times published a copy of his manifesto. Pipeline company sues 100 in WV so they can survey their land : Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court last week to force more than 100 property owners and three corporations in 10 West Virginia counties to open their land to surveying for the Mountain Valley ...
Job growth in March slows sharply, reflecting cold weather, cooling economy 3.4.2015 LA Times: Business
After months of strong job growth, hiring in March slowed sharply to its weakest level in over a year.
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Business News Roundup, April 3 3.4.2015 SFGate: Business & Technology
The U.S. trade deficit plunged in February, as exports fell but imports dropped even more. The Commerce Department said Thursday that the deficit — the amount by which the value of U.S. imports exceeds the value of exports — plummeted 16.9 percent to $35.4 billion from $42.7 billion in January. The decline reflected a $10.2 billion drop in imports to $221.7 billion, probably due to cheaper oil prices and a since-resolved West Coast ports dispute. For a half-century, the U.S. trade embargo had blocked such businesses from entering the Cuban market. In January, however, the Obama administration loosened a series of restrictions on U.S. business in an attempt to encourage the growth of the island’s small private sector. Airbnb lists more than 1,000 properties across the island, with 40 percent in Havana and the rest in tourist destinations such as Cienfuegos on the southern coast. “We believe that Cuba could become one of Airbnb’s biggest markets in Latin America,” said Kay Kuehne, regional director ...
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The Crisis of Black Unemployment: Still Higher Than Pre-Recession Levels 2.4.2015 American Prospect
This report was produced by the Economic Policy Institute as part of the Full Employment Project of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.  By the end of 2014, the U.S. economy had experienced 58 consecutive months of job growth, and the unemployment rate had fallen to 5.6 percent from a high of 10 percent in October 2009. In fact, 2014 was by far the strongest year of the recovery, with job growth averaging over 246,000 per month, the highest monthly rate since before the recession. Economic growth also picked up, with gross domestic product rising at annual rates of 4.6 percent and 5 percent during the second and third quarters, respectively, following a first-quarter decline of 2.1 percent. Last year’s solid job growth proved to be especially beneficial to communities of color, whose unemployment rates rose well above 10 percent during the worst years of the recession. In particular, after reaching a high of 16.8 percent in March 2010, the African American unemployment rate fell to 10.4 percent ...
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Initial jobless claims fall to near post-Great Recession low 2.4.2015 LA Times: Business
Initial jobless claims unexpectedly fell sharply last week to near their post-Great Recession low in a sign that the labor market remains healthy.
Losing a job is always terrible. For workers over 50, it’s worse. 30.3.2015 Ezra Klein
At first blush, it wouldn't appear that older workers have it all that bad in today's economy. They got their start long before the economy's Troubles really began seven years ago (or even 17 years ago). They had time to sock away money while times were still good. The unemployment rate among workers over 55 is ...
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Black America Is Still In A Deep Recession 26.3.2015 Think Progres

The black unemployment rate is higher today than the national rate at the worst of the recession.

The post Black America Is Still In A Deep Recession appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Merger momentum keeps on rolling with Heinz deal for Kraft 26.3.2015 AP Business
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