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Column: That Wells Fargo accounts scandal was even worse than you can imagine 28.1.2020 LA Times: Business

New government charges reveal how bad the Wells Fargo scandal really was.

How a teenager had 30 cosmetic procedures without showing ID 26.1.2020 BBC: Front Page
A 17-year-old girl had £15,000 worth of cosmetic procedures without ever having to prove her age.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife says fraudulent sites are selling fishing licenses 23.1.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Colorado Parks and Wildlife was alerted about a fraudulent website claiming to sell Colorado fishing licenses.
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Problem gambling: Why do some people become addicted? 23.1.2020 BBC: Front Page
Over half of Britons gambled in the past year, so why does it become a problem for some?
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Column: Is a supermarket discount coupon worth giving away your privacy? 21.1.2020 LA Times: Business

Ralphs customers are being told that joining the company's rewards program could result in extensive data gathering, including your job, your education, your health and your insurance coverage.

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Doncaster property training debt soldier killed himself 18.1.2020 BBC: Front Page
Before his death, Danny Butcher paid £13,000 for training with Samuel Leeds' Property Investors firm.
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NHS tells betting firms to stop 'vicious gambling cycle' 16.1.2020 BBC: Health
Free bets other incentives should be banned to make gambling safer, a letter to companies says.
Gambling on credit cards to be banned 14.1.2020 BBC: Business
The ban, which starts on 14 April, comes after reviews of the industry by the commission and the government.
Iran can cripple the US with cyberattacks — and interfere with the 2020 election: CNN 4.1.2020 Raw Story
On CNN Saturday, reporter Donie O’Sullivan broke down what it would be like if Iran retaliated against the killing of military leader Qassim Suleimani by turning the full force of their cyberwar capabilities on the United States. “I think a lot of people are sitting at home and wondering, what, exactly, does a cyberattack look […]
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Colorado Springs brewery building combination taproom-food hall near Garden of the Gods 3.1.2020 Denver Post: Entertainment
Red Leg Brewing Co. founder and army veteran Todd Baldwin is no stranger to risk. Last month he took another one when his company broke ground on an $8 million new facility complete with an outdoor food hall.
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Hack affecting Aurora water may have involved stolen personal data 1.1.2020 Denver Post: Local
Some Aurora residents may have had personal information compromised by a hacker when making water payments to the city.
7 science-based strategies to boost your willpower and succeed with your New Year’s resolutions 30.12.2019 Raw Story
It’s that time of year when people make their New Year’s resolutions – indeed, 93% of people set them, according to the American Psychological Association. The most common resolutions are related to losing weight, eating healthier, exercising regularly and saving money. However, research shows that 45% of people fail to keep their resolutions by February, […]
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Stocks soared this year. Half of millennials missed out 27.12.2019 LA Times: Business

The 2008 financial crisis hit during millennials' formative years — creating habits and fears that have kept many away from 2019's stock-market gains.

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Like Voldemort, ransomware is too scary to be named 23.12.2019 Raw Story
Wary of alarming investors, companies victimized by ransomware attacks often tell the SEC that “malware” or a “security incident” disrupted their operations. On Aug. 21, Lumber Liquidators’ corporate and store-level computer systems began to shut down. Without them, the flooring company’s retail employees couldn’t check product prices or inventories. They had to send in orders […]
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Opinion: How credit card companies reward the rich and punish the rest of us 20.12.2019 LA Times: Opinion

The U.S. tax system considers credit card rewards untaxable, which ups their value considerably.

Goldman Sachs leads $15M investment in Indian fintech startup ZestMoney 19.12.2019 TechCrunch
One of America’s largest banks has just poured some money to help millions of Indians without a credit score secure loans and make purchases online for the first time in their lives. Bangalore-based ZestMoney announced today it has raised $15 million from Goldman Sachs and existing investors Naspers Fintech, Quona Capital, and Omidyar Network. Lizzie Chapman, […]
Last-minute gift buying can drain your wallet 18.12.2019 LA Times: Business

Drunk clicking, rush shipping, FOMO and other pitfalls add serious expenses to the holiday tab.

Column: How a locksmith's quoted price of $60 soared to a final charge of $457 17.12.2019 LA Times: Business

The California Department of Consumer Affairs warns that "unscrupulous technicians can damage locks, charge exorbitant fees and sell security information about customers' houses to burglars."

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Why so many gas pumps still have less-secure credit card readers 17.12.2019 LA Times: Business

Most U.S. retailers switched to chip-card readers long ago. Now Visa is warning of fraud risks at gas pumps' swipe-card readers.

Klarna CEO says “maybe” of taking public Europe’s most valuable fintech next year (but he’s not ruling out another round, either) 12.12.2019 TechCrunch
Yesterday, at TechCrunch Berlin, we sat down with Sebastian Siemiatkowski, the cofounder and CEO of Klarna, a 15-year-old company that’s currently the most highly valued privately held fintech in Europe, following a $460 million investment that pegged the company’s worth at $5.5 billion back in August. (Asked yesterday to confirm that the company has raised […]
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