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Opinion: I paid my fee at the DMV with $24 and a book of my poetry. Miracles do happen 21.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

I tried to use a book as currency in modern-day Los Angeles, and it worked. I feel like celebrating that there are people in a big city who choose to be kind to strangers and think outside the box.

Supreme Court will hear challenge to autonomy of consumer agency spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren 19.10.2019 LA Times: Nation

Conservative justices may rein in the consumer agency touted by Elizabeth Warren and launched under President Obama.

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Trump supporters cry bitter tears after bus company they never bothered paying leaves them stranded 18.10.2019 Raw Story
Hundreds of Trump supporters this week were left stranded by bus company U.S. Coachways after the organizers for a “March for Trump” rally in Washington D.C. failed to pay them. The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer reports that the Trump supporters had expected U.S. Coachways to pick them up and bring them to D.C. where they […]
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The battle to become the Mexican Nubank just started 18.10.2019 TechCrunch
Although the market is still in its early stage with just a handful of neobanks with running services, the stage is set for an amusing upcoming battle.
Venmo to launch its first credit card in 2020 17.10.2019 TechCrunch
Venmo announced today its plans to launch its first-ever credit card. The card is being issued partnership with Synchrony, already the issuer behind Venmo parent company PayPal’s Extras Mastercard and Cashback Mastercard, in an expanded relationship. The move is meant to help Venmo, a still unprofitable arm of PayPal’s larger business, generate more revenue. PayPal’s […]
Galileo Financial raises $77 million for its fintech services that were 19 years in the making 17.10.2019 TechCrunch
Clay Wilkes had already been retired for six years when he launched Galileo Financial Services in 2000. The serial entrepreneur who had been an early pioneer in telecommunications technologies (like voice over internet protocols) saw the need for better connectivity between secondary services and financial institutions 19 years ago, just as new digital services around […]
This brilliant app waits on hold for you 16.10.2019 TechCrunch
DoNotPay helps you get out of parking tickets, cancel forgotten subscriptions, and now it can call you when it’s your turn in a customer service phone queue. The app today is launching “Skip Waiting On Hold”. Just type in the company you need to talk to, and DoNotPay calls for you using tricks to get […]
Brazilian unicorn Ebanx will hit $2 billion in payments processed by the end of the year 16.10.2019 techCrunch
Ebanx, the newly minted Brazilian financial services unicorn, expects to process $2 billion in payments by the end of the year and is looking to expand its offerings into domestic payments as it grows. Since its launch in 2012, Ebanx has primarily focused on helping international merchants sell locally in Brazil. The Brazilian business accounts […]
Column: Yahoo offers data breach victims up to $358 each in settlement. But don't bank on it 15.10.2019 LA Times: Business

Yahoo has set aside more than $117 million to settle claims in two major data hacks. But, needless to say, there's a catch. A few of them, actually.

Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski to speak at Disrupt Berlin shortly after raising $460 million 11.10.2019 techCrunch
Klarna is quietly becoming a fintech giant. Following its latest founding round, the company is now valued at $5.5 billion. That’s why I’m excited to announce that Klarna co-founder and CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski will join us at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin. If you live in Europe and regularly purchase stuff online, chances are you’ve used Klarna […]
Upgrade, the newest company by Renaud Laplanche, has a new credit card that it swears is good for you 11.10.2019 TechCrunch
Three years ago, the founder of LendingClub, Renaud Laplanche, took the wraps off his second act, a consumer lending venture called Upgrade that now employs 350 people, has lent roughly $2 billion to 200,000 people, and has raised $142 million from outside investors. At the time, it was jumping into a crowded market that has […]
GoCardless CEO Hiroki Takeuchi is coming to Disrupt Berlin 10.10.2019 techCrunch
GoCardless has been around for 8 years. But the company has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple of years. It now has a shot at becoming a global leader when it comes to payments via direct debit. Its co-founder and CEO Hiroki Takeuchi has become a fintech expert, and that’s why I’m excited to […]
MSNBC Cues Pro-Abort PAC Flack to Argue Warren's Fired-Teacher LIES 'Hold Water' 9.10.2019 NewsBusters
The Washington Free Beacon exposed just how fact-averse cable "news" networks can be when it comes to liberal darlings. On Tuesday's MSNBC Live, host Hallie Jackson addressed Elizabeth Warren's now-disproven claim that she was dismissed from a teacher job in 1971 for being pregnant. Jackson aired old video of Warren telling a much different story -- that she left voluntarily to stay home with her new baby. Jackson put on the communications director for EMILY's List, a  PAC for "pro-choice Democratic women candidates," explain away ...
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Cookie monster eats data from Sesame Street store 9.10.2019 BBC: Technology
Malicious software has been stealing credit card details from thousands of online stores, say researchers.
With a possible Apple tag waiting in the wings, Tile unveils Sticker, an adhesive device for tracking objects 8.10.2019 TechCrunch
We are still waiting to see if Apple officially unveils a new spin on the business of tracking tags — the small devices that you put on ‘dumb’ objects like keys, wallets and other objects you have a habit of losing or leaving places to be able to pinpoint their location — but in the […]
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‘I didn’t think gaming could lead to compulsive gambling’ 8.10.2019 BBC: Front Page
As the NHS opens a clinic for young gaming and gambling addicts, the father of one tells his story.
Column: $10,000 a week in sweepstakes winnings? First talk to Mark, who isn't human 4.10.2019 LA Times: Business

National Magazine Exchange uses a sweepstakes and advanced voice-recognition technology to steer callers toward buying subscriptions.

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Lyft launches a driver rewards program 3.10.2019 techCrunch
Lyft is rolling out rewards for its drivers to give them access to things like cash bonuses, ride credits, and free or discounted tax services. Initially, the rewards program will be available to drivers in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, New Orleans, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. Drivers earn points for […]
Thomas Cook staff forced to turn to family for cash 3.10.2019 BBC: Business
Crew and shop workers are borrowing from friends and family to pay bills after the firm's collapse.
Brex wants to replace startup bank accounts with Brex Cash 3.10.2019 TechCrunch
Brex announces its newest product, Brex Cash, onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt.
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