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Trump was a proponent of ‘cancel culture’ before he was against it: CNN reporter 8.7.2020 Raw Story
President Trump has declared himself to be a champion against the “cancel culture” phenomenon, railing against it as a tactic utilized by the left to silence conservative voices and crack down on dissent, but according to Daniel Dale writing for CNN this Tuesday, Trump has employed those very same tactics throughout his public life. Dale […]
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COVID-19 is hastening a cash-free culture. People ‘don’t want to have to touch anything.' 6.7.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
The pandemic is propelling a shift toward a cashless society in ways that no other single event has. Experts say that’s not necessarily a good thing.
Tribal Clash: Refunds row beach fitness firm 'facing bankruptcy' 5.7.2020 BBC: Front Page
Tribal Clash says there is "no cash" after cancelling events around the world because of coronavirus.
New Front On White Privilege: Cashless Payment Systems 2.7.2020 Crooks Liars
Axios morning email thingie tells us that we are turning into a cashless society: We’ve suddenly cut back on using cash for fear it may spread the virus, and some worried shopkeepers have stopped accepting it, Axios managing editor Jennifer Kingson reports . Why it matters: The virus has changed our buying and payment habits forever. Online shopping is through the roof, and consumers are rushing to get “contactless” credit and debit cards, which are tapped at a merchant terminal rather than inserted or swiped. The coronavirus has made us scared to touch anything, and there’s a perception that money is dirty and payment terminals carry germs. ATM use is down 32%, according to Visa, and 63% of consumers say they’re using less cash. The next big thing: contactless cards. They’re pervasive in Europe and elsewhere, and are just starting to hit the U.S. in a big ...
Twitter Howls With Laughter Over LA Fox News Reporter's LAPD Tampon Story 24.6.2020 Crooks Liars
Bill Meligun, a reporter from FOX News in Los Angeles, posted a really weird thread alleging that an LAPD officer found a tampon in a frappuccino that he bought at a Starbucks Friday. He says he used his police credit card (is that a thing?) and that the Sheriff's Department is investigating. Here is the thread: BREAKING: Sources tell me an off duty LAPD officer allegedly found a tampon halfway thru his Frappuccino at a Starbucks in Diamond Bar on Friday. I’m told he used his police credit union debit card. Sheriff’s Dept. confirms they took a report & they’re now investigating. @FOXLA — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) June 23, 2020 Now first of all, that is NOT a tampon. Any woman (and frankly, most men), know this. That thing is 6 inches long. It is shredded. It is threads. But, let's just roll with it and see what else Bill has to ...
Women call BS after LAPD cop claims someone put a tampon in his Starbucks’ Frappuccino 23.6.2020 Raw Story
An off-duty Los Angeles Police Department cop stopped by Starbucks at a Target to grab a Frappuccino and found something inside he claimed was a used tampon. Reporter Bill Melugin from FOX LA, said in a Twitter thread that he and the LAPD are investigating the situation and getting video of the incident. “This disgusting […]
Twitter apologises for business data breach 23.6.2020 BBC: Business
The social media firm says personal information of business advertisers' clients may be affected.
Coronavirus: Energy firms permitted to chase unpaid bills again 22.6.2020 BBC: Business
Bailiffs are still banned from knocking on doors to collect unpaid parking fines or council tax.
Coronavirus: Credit card freeze extended for three months 19.6.2020 BBC: Business
Credit card, store card, catalogue credit and personal loan customers can defer repayments.
Government loans helped save millions of jobs, but the money is running out for many 19.6.2020 LA Times: Business

Small businesses worry about future layoffs as funds from the Paycheck Protection Program, part of Congress' coronavirus relief package, run out.

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Column: Edison warns SoCal customers not to fall for 'fat-finger dialing scam' 11.6.2020 LA Times: Business

Telemarketers purchase numbers that are nearly identical to those of well-known companies and organizations in hopes you'll misdial.

Capital One and other debt collectors are still coming for millions of Americans 8.6.2020 Raw Story
Since 2018, Capital One has been a looming presence in Julio Lugo’s life, ever since the company sued him, as it did 29,000 other New Yorkers that year, over an unpaid credit card. But when the coronavirus hit the city this March, it wasn’t on his mind. At Mount Sinai in Manhattan, where he works, […]
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Gambling loophole 'must be shut down' 5.6.2020 BBC: Business
Charities and MPs warn of a loophole that gets around a ban on people using credit cards to gamble.
Coronavirus: 'I may lose it all, but there’s no help for me' 4.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
Layla Barnes is one of thousands of small business owners who are getting no government support in the pandemic.
More than half of all payments made by card even before coronavirus 3.6.2020 BBC: Business
Banks say the UK was "inadvertently" prepared for paying for items in lockdown as our habits had changed.
Coronavirus: What are the rules on weddings? 30.5.2020 BBC: Front Page
There is a lot of uncertainty around when and how weddings are allowed to take place. What are your rights?
Coronavirus: New mortgage holiday should affect credit rating, says Nationwide boss 29.5.2020 BBC: Front Page
The UK's biggest building society says struggling applicants should be flagged to lenders.
‘Lot of scam artists in the water’: CNN financial expert gives tips for surviving the COVID-19 economy 26.5.2020 Raw Story
A financial expert on Tuesday gave CNN viewers a crash course in how to handle their personal finances in the middle of the COVID-19 economy. In an interview with host John Berman, CEO Jean Chatzky warned that many scammers right now are trying to take advantage of people’s dire credit situations caused by the […]
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Netflix stops charging customers who never watch 22.5.2020 BBC: Technology
It says hundreds of thousands of people have been paying for something they don't use.
In a pandemic, no one wants to touch it. Why cash has become the new Typhoid Mary 22.5.2020 LA Times: Health

Many retailers and consumers fear handling dollars and cents during the coronavirus pandemic. Some experts say it will accelerate the transition to a cash-free U.S. economy.

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