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Europe and the problem of Islamic radicals 3.11.2020 Rediff: News
Europeans believe that what is under attack is their way of life, their secular faith, the long-fought right to keep religion out of the public sphere, observes Virendra Kapoor.
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Op-Ed: How James Baldwin spoke to immigrants like me 2.8.2020 LA Times: Commentary

"The tragedy of this country now," Baldwin wrote in 1963, "is that most of the people who say they care about it do not care."

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Coronavirus leaves Gulf migrant workers stranded 16.5.2020 BBC: World
For decades, migrant workers built the economies of the Gulf, but Covid-19 has left them stranded.
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Coronavirus: Airports 'at risk' of closure as flights drop 90% 21.4.2020 BBC: Front Page
Most remaining services are for freight, supplies and repatriation of people from overseas.
Coronavirus: UK launches first Bangladesh rescue flights 19.4.2020 BBC: Front Page
The Foreign Office says up to 850 Britons in the South Asian country will have the chance to get home.
EU to give migrants €2,000 to go home from Greece 12.3.2020 BBC: World
The scheme aims to ease the burden on Greece, where migrant camps are squalid and overcrowded.
EU to take in some child migrants stuck in Greece 9.3.2020 BBC: World
Unaccompanied minors and sick children will be relocated from Greece, amid tensions with Turkey.
Turkish police move to stop Greece pushing migrants back 5.3.2020 BBC: World
Thousands of migrants trying to get into the EU remain in the border zone between the two countries.
Letters to the Editor — March 3, 2020 2.3.2020 Hindu: Diet & Nutrition
Bullet pointsApropos the report “No minority in Bengal will lose citizenship due to CAA: Shah” (March 2), it is unbelievable that pro-CAA BJP workers,
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‘Fear and panic’ as virus threatens Afghanistan and Pakistan 26.2.2020 Raw Story
With porous borders, creaking hospitals and large illiterate populations, Afghanistan and Pakistan face a potentially devastating health crisis after the new coronavirus erupted in neighbouring Iran. Islamabad has closed official border crossings while Kabul has suspended all travel to the Islamic republic, which has reported 15 deaths out of nearly 100 infections — making it […]
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Natural partners, unnatural times 22.2.2020 Rediff: News
'Even as discord over US-India trade and commerce colours diplomatic relations, defence relations between the two countries remain on a firm footing,' points out Ajai Shukla.
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The greatest threat to our democracy post 1975 19.2.2020 Rediff: News
'Refusing to implement the CAA-NRC, as some states have done via resolutions in state assemblies, is a violation of the Constitution; an attempt to alter the fundamental structure of our democracy and a recipe for anarchy,' argues Vivek Gumaste.
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Remarkable journey from Afghan refugee to Oxford scholar 10.2.2020 BBC: World
Getting an education was always a matter of life or death for Summia Tora.
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Minnesota protesters slam India’s new citizenship law as biased against Muslims 28.1.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Some 400 people filled the Minnesota Capitol rotunda Sunday, calling on India’s government to end policies they say will take away the citizenship of many Muslims in India, and calling for Congress to apply pressure.
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Activists Plan Boycott of US Companies Backing India’s Anti-Muslim Policies 25.1.2020 Truthout.com
The ascendance of Modi and the BJP has depended in part on support from the Indian American ...
Operation Encore and the Saudi connection: A secret history of the 9/11 investigation 23.1.2020 Raw Story
Behind the scenes, a small team of FBI agents spent years trying to solve a stubborn mystery — whether officials from Saudi Arabia, one of Washington’s closest allies, were involved in the worst terror attack in U.S. history. This is their story. On the morning of Sept. 11 last year, about two dozen family members […]
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What's all the hullabaloo over CAA! 18.1.2020 Rediff: News
'Whatever the legal position, it is my understanding that in practice, the Indian authorities have always treated Hindu refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh far more sympathetically than Muslims,' notes Sunanda K Datta-Ray.
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Migrant crisis: Seven die as boat sinks in Turkey's Lake Van 26.12.2019 BBC: World
The boat with 71 migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan sank in Lake Van at night.
Citizenship Amendment Bill: India's new 'anti-Muslim' law causes uproar 9.12.2019 BBC: World
Critics say the Citizenship Amendment Bill is part of the government's agenda to marginalise Muslims.
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India’s plan to identify ‘illegal immigrants’ could get some Muslims declared ‘foreign’ 6.12.2019 The Moderate Voice

All voting-age Indians may soon be asked to submit government-issued ID to prove citizenship. That may be a challenge for women, religious minorities and members of oppressed castes. AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh Haimanti Roy, University of Dayton The Indian government will soon ask its 870 million voting-age citizens for documentation that they are legal citizens […]

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