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Remarkable journey from Afghan refugee to Oxford scholar 10.2.2020 BBC: World
Getting an education was always a matter of life or death for Summia Tora.
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Kabul Taliban: Spies, militants and a mysterious assassination 7.2.2020 BBC: World
Two men were shot dead in the Afghan capital, Kabul. But who were they, and why were they there?
10 Ways Trump’s Aggression Against Iran Hurts Americans and the Region 20.1.2020
This is a critical moment for the people of this nation to rise up against the power of the military-industrial ...
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Obama Normalized Drone Warfare. Trump Is Escalating It. 14.1.2020
Trump’s drone war should remind us how dangerous it is when a president claims the legal authority to kill in ...
Here are 10 ways Trump’s actions against Iran hurt Americans and the region 11.1.2020 Raw Story
The U.S. assassination of General Qassem Soleimani has not yet plunged us into a full-scale war with Iran thanks to the Iranian government’s measured response, which demonstrated its capabilities without actually harming U.S. troops or escalating the conflict. But the danger of a full-blown war still exists, and Donald Trump’s actions are already wreaking havoc. […]
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Trump threatens Afghan armageddon 8.1.2020 Raw Story
On February 4, 2002, a Predator drone circled over Afghanistan’s Paktia province, near the city of Khost. Below was al-Qaeda’s founder Osama bin Laden — or at least someone in the CIA thought so — and he was marked for death. As Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld put it later, both awkwardly and passively: “A […]
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US “Plans” for the Afghan War Might Prove a Crime Against Humanity 6.1.2020
A soldier in fatigues looks at a helicopter on the dusty side of a mountain
As another war looms on the horizon, the Afghan war is in its 18th year and "progress" is as nonexistent as ever.
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WaPo’s Afghan Papers Propagate Colonial Narrative of Noble Intentions Gone Awry 28.12.2019
WaPo’s Afghan Papers Propagate Colonial Narrative of Noble Intentions Gone Awry
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Lindsey Graham: Downsized US force in Afghanistan would still pack ‘lethal punch’ 17.12.2019 Raw Story
The US military can slash its troop presence in Afghanistan and still pack a “lethal punch,” an influential American lawmaker and close confidant to President Donald Trump said Monday. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also said it would be “insane” for the US to trust the Taliban to keep Al-Qaeda and other jihadists in check, attacking […]
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Taliban release two Western hostages in Afghanistan 20.11.2019 Raw Story
The Taliban handed two Western hostages over to US forces in southern Afghanistan Tuesday, three years after they were abducted, in a swap for three high-ranking insurgent prisoners that could boost peace talks. The exchange of American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks for the militants — including Anas Haqqani, brother to the Taliban’s deputy […]
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Iran Allegedly Bombs Saudi Oil Refinery, NBC Blames U.S. for Fanning Tensions 15.9.2019 NewsBusters
Overnight, one of Saudi Arabia’s oil refineries (one of the largest was in the world) was the target of drone attacks that caused the county to shut down roughly five percent of the world’s oil output. According to the U.S., the evidence pointed to Iran. But, during NBC’s Sunday Today, the network showed whose side they stood on and defended the ...
Why is there a war in Afghanistan? The short, medium and long story 8.9.2019 BBC: World
Why is there a war in Afghanistan? America's longest war explained in 100, 300 and 800 words.
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Trump’s ignorance has touched off a new crisis in Kashmir 19.8.2019 Raw Story
South Asia is again in crisis and could be on the brink of war. For the second time in six months, the world is on tenterhooks, waiting to see what turn events will take. Because the two antagonists are armed with nuclear weapons, the possibility of a confrontation is taken seriously. And as has happened […]
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U.S. Forces Draw Back Afghanistan Operations Against Taliban As Peace Talks Conclude 13.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Newsweek has learned from senior defense officials that U.S. forces have been ordered to stop targeting the Taliban and advising Afghan allies as thousands of troops were set to withdraw from the country.
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You Never Knew You Needed a Book on Richard Holbrooke, but Goddamn Is It Good 31.7.2019 Mother Jones
Longtime US diplomat Richard Holbrooke was many things: US ambassador to Germany, an author, assistant secretary of state, and a womanizing, social-climbing jerk. While the larger-than-life statesman saw “power the way an artist sees color,” as one former military leader put it in 2009—the year before Holbrooke died at 69—another former colleague described him as […]
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Pakistan censorship: 'Hovering above the mute button' 28.7.2019 BBC: World
Journalists say they are facing ever tighter restrictions on their reporting under the government of Imran Khan.
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Taliban Called Donald Trump 'Irresponsible' for Saying He Could Wipe Afghanistan 'Off the Face of the Earth' 24.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
The group warned Trump that multiple historical empires have taken the dream of victory in Afghanistan "to the grave."
U.S. and Pakistan: Can Donald Trump and Imran Khan's Tough Ties Turn to Opportunity? 22.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Among the top subjects likely to be discussed by President Donald Trump and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan were counterterrorism, the Afghanistan war, economic aid and China.
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Donald Trump Says He 'Could Win' Afghanistan War 'In A Week' But Doesn't Want to Kill '10 Million People' 22.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"Afghanistan could be wiped off the face of the earth. I don't want to go that route," President Donald Trump said.
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Imran Khan: Pakistan PM to meet Trump in bid to mend ties 22.7.2019 BBC: World
Counter-terrorism is likely to top the agenda at Imran Khan's first meeting with Donald Trump.
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